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John Donnelly

John Donnelly (photo) of Key Largo replied to yesterday’s Bermuda Triangle West: Key Weird’s homeless quandary, noise ordinance and mayor’s race post at www.goodomorningkeywest.com. I think I recall reading in something John wrote in the past that he was in the Marines and was in military police/law enforcement. He frequently has letters to the editor and is a regular contributor to Key West the Newspaper – www.thebluepaper.com – which blew the Charles Eimers’ story wide open.

Magnificent edition on your website 3/21/14). Beautifully constructed and well-written. The stream of posts and comments were superb.
Thank you,

I replied:

Thanks, John, hope you are thinking seriously about running this year for the Key Largo district School Board seat. The School District sorely needs a School Board member who thinks like you do about teaching, getting next to and looking out for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual welfare of school school children. Sorely lacking currently. Sloan

John has this Charles Eimers letter to the editor in today’s Key West Citizen – www.keysnews.com:

Saturday, March 22, 2014
Eimers’ death deserves independent investigation

The wheels of justice grind slowly. Rushing to judgment often brings about a self-fulfilled and inaccurate outcome. Bias and prejudice, along with a predetermined perspective of guilt and innocence, have wrongfully sentenced many individuals to death.

Conditioned and inflamed “mind-sets” frequently give way under the weight of emotional appeal.

Having died in the custody of the Key West Police Department, Charles Eimers’ death deserves parallel and independent investigations. Requesting the Justice Department to generate its own investigation will further the due process interests regarding this tragedy.

Key West is a small city. There is not the scope and separation to clear and liberate one’s mind of the political influences and pressures, to arrive at a particular outcome.

Why combine familiarity, partisanship and homage into the mix of an already difficult investigation? It’s not the wise nor prudent action to take. Only after a valid, accurate and complete investigation is done will we be able to determine the how and why of Eimers’ death, and if appropriate, assign culpability.

This investigation will be viewed by millions. It behooves the authors of said investigation to be “spot on” with everything they touch.

Strong, bold and courageous leadership are required to supervise and train our heavily armed police departments. Flaccid and feeble political appointees are never up to the task.

A competent leader will have their hands on the pulse of the department. They will know what is going on and in what direction their department is heading. They will know the personalities, temperaments and skills of their officers. For in the final analysis, they are responsible for the conduct of the men and women under their command. Rogue police officers have engaged in murderous conduct. Do the names Arthur McDuffie and Janet Reno ring a bell? Corrupt, weak and complicit leadership has opened the door for this type of insanity to take hold. Some state attorneys have been duplicitous in these crimes. These miscreants have desecrated and dishonored the names of those “officers” who gave their “last full measure of devotion.”

John Donnelly

Key Largo

Sloan note:

Charles Emiers was suspected by the KWPD of living in his PT cruiser (being homeless). But for that, the KWPD officers would have treated Eimers very differently. But for that, Eimbers would not have died in Key West on Thanksgiving Day, the day after he arrived hoping to start his retirement years here. He had money, a pension, and he was not living in his PT Cruiser.

This email thread below, part of which appeared in yesterday’s Bermuda Triangle West: Key Weird’s homeless quandary, noise ordinance and mayor’s race post at this website, ended up wading deep into the relationship between Key West Mayor Craig Cates and the city’s homeless people.

Craig CatesCates

For many years, of all elected city officials, Cates easily was the most vocal about getting homeless people out of Key West, out of sight, out of sound. Perhaps you will see why toward the end of this email thread started by Key West’s Gary Ek, alias Gwecko Phlocker:

NOTHING But Bullshit is published in that paper we call the Key West Citizen – they got the dates wrong for the meetings, they call a SOUND ORDINANCE a Noise Ordinance – MUSIC is NOT NOISE!
So what are we ordinancing ?
the mayor lost it, by the way I was There, If the “Paper” wants to feature the main part of the story as Commissioner Anthony J. Yaniz and the current Mayor Craig Cates for Mayor ‘going at it’ over ‘Robert’s Rules of Order’ then so be it, although incorrect – UNFORTUNATELY They missed the story where- 80 or so Residents, Musicians, Bar Owners and City Officials all sat down and had a conversation for 5 hours. we are beginning to see the size of the problem. |
And we will do it again.

~By the Way i didnt read that piece of crap. so, this is just what i hear from people that do.

Key West Citizen – Wednesday, March 19, 2014 Citizen Staff Standing toe-to-toe on a corner of the dais at Old City Hall, Mayor Craig Cates and Commissioner Tony Yaniz traded heated words Tuesday night during a recess called by Cates when…
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  • Gweko W. Phlocker ONE LINE???

    “Once reassembled, before a large crowd gathered in part for the proposed changes to the city’s noise ordinance, the two appeared to have settled down.”
  • Gweko W. Phlocker I may be forward but “The mayor is DEAF to his People!”
  • Clayton Huffman lol where have you been the city has been calling it a noise ordinance for years. Yeah can tell you didn’t read the article that is clear. I was there supporting my friends who are musicians and bar owners so saw the whole drawn out bullshit of polit…See More
  • Anthony J. Yaniz I have lived my life and earned my reputation, good, bad, or indifferent–by telling it like it is! Thanks for all of the love and support!
  • Gweko W. Phlocker “Yaniz for mayor” – cause everything else is bullshit !
  • Gweko W. Phlocker “Rock and roll ain’t noise pollution…”
  • Gweko W. Phlocker GOING lIVE to night with MORE Great Music and alot to bitch about !
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  • William Dail 5:30 p.m. I got there to get a good seat, (second person in the door as I held the door open for the lady behind me to enter first) 12 a.m. by the time I left! I started growing a beard while I was there! First time I ever got to see a city commission…See More
  • Parks Curtis Gwecko Gweko W. Phlocker you are right journalism has become the pits The The five Ws and H are basic journalistic principal that somehow gets lost tossed and squandered in the local papers questions 





  • Parks Curtis aAs I understood many people came but due to a lot of Arguing never had a chance to speak , perhaps some sort od moderation is in line ?
  • Mike Tolbert you kidding? Sloan for mayor!!
  • William Dail There was supposed to be a meeting of the LRA after that meeting but it got cancelled as the city hit their midnight limit. 12 people had waited all night for that one and got nada!
  • William Dail I wonder if they would pay me to show up in a referee shirt and whistle for the next meeting? 
  • Parks Curtis That’s what I’m talking about William Dail
  • Sloan Bashinsky Well, if you folks want to read different reporting of that meeting, you can check out my report the next day, and the following day atwww.goodmorningkeywest.com. The Citizen report of the noisy sound ordinance part of the meeting was seriously deficient; as was my own reporting, although I did report my own citizen comments. I repeated what I had said at the previous commission meeting; that this ordinance is aimed at people who make egregious noise, the terrorists, the sociopaths, who don’t care a twit for anyone else. I told the many musicians in the audience that it behooves them to become verbal vigilantes and have heart to hearts with musicians and joints making too much noise; a few bad apples ruin all of their reputations. I said I felt the enforcement provisions of the new ordinance will spawn lots of litigation, and I still like just closing down offenders for the rest of the day and night, and let them reopen for business the next day, having lost that much revenue. Maybe they will learn something from that. No lawyers, no arrests, no fines, no courts, no judges. The citizen audience applauded.


    Although Sloan Bashinsky’s thoughts about what to do with the drunk/addict homel…
  • Mike Tolbert Sloan You are a Very Honerst person! That’s a really bad thing in key west poltics! We keep electing self serving liars and cheats to office in this small town. Hell the island is a mess and the same folks get elected over and over!
  • Sloan Bashinsky The angels made me a real honest person, before that I may have had a great future in politics. I listened to Mayor Cates say at the recent city commission meeting that he was tired of hearing that he is pushing for where the new homeless shelter could be, and I wondered to myself, if he told a story about that, what else has he told stories about? Not to single him out, I wonder that about anyone who tells a story which I know is not true.
  • Sloan Bashinsky one too many tired of hearings in above, I see.
  • Parks Curtis Sloan hard to read on this phone but from what I see your insights make alot of sence almost TOO much sence for key west that has to make simple issues complicated . What do you think about tax dollars paying to house child molesters ?
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  • Parks Curtis I am confused about your comment about Cates you feel that he is not being honest and honorable ?
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  • Mike Tolbert Sloan makes enough sense to be our next mayor! Hell I for one would like a little honesty in city hall for a change! And Fat Tony Yaniz should take his own advice and MAN UP file the papers for mayors race! then we get a half way decent shot at filling that commission seat with fresh new blood! Enough of KW politics as usual!
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  • Sloan Bashinsky Re your question, Park – Cates blew up during Tuesday nights city commission meeting about being accused of trying to steer/say where the new homeless shelter will be; he angrily denied he was doing that, said he was tired of hearing the accusations; even as is doing everything he can in plain view to the the new homeless shelter put on the Easter Seals property. Cates said at the city commission meeting that he and Sheriff Ramsay are talking about putting a senior living facility on the Sheriff’s land, knowing some commissioners, Yaniz is one, Wardlow another, perhaps others, want to leave the Easter Seals building open for a senior living facility. Put the senior living facility on the Sheriff’s land, that closes the door all the way to putting the new homeless shelter there, which is the only sane and safe place to put it. Any other place is crazy, if you know anything about homeless people. Cates was in the thick of it at the homeless summit,in the Harvey Government Center last Wednesday, narrowing where the new homeless shelter would be down to one location, the Easter Seals property. Yesterday on US 1 Radio I heard a news announcement saying Mayor Cates and Sheriff Ramsay are talking about putting a new senior living facility on the Sheriff’s land and the new homeless shelter on the Easter Seals property. Cates told me the night he was elected in 2009 that he wanted me to be on his Mayor’s Homeless Advisory Committee because I knew so much about homelessness. I said I’d be happy to be on it. I never heard another word from him. Later, Father Steve Braddock, who runs Florida Keys Outreach Coalition told me that he’d had about the same experience with Mayor Cates, and I talked with Cates about that and he denied, said he had invited Steve to be on the committee but Steve had not responded, and Steve was hard to get along with. When I shared that with Steve, he send me copies of two emails he had sent to Cates asking to be included in the homeless advisory committee, which Steve said had gone unanswered. I published all of that atwww.goodmorningkeywest.com. It was not published anywhere else, as far as I know. Before all that, when I learned of Cates conducting a mayor’s homeless tour, I called him (I had his cell phone number in my cell phone directory) and said I would see him at the meeting spot, which was the Police Station. Cates said he did not want me along, he didn’t want any trouble.mI said I would be there anyway. When I got to the police station, I saw the tour besides Cates were Police Chief Donnie Lee, his officer in charge of homeless affairs, a lieutenant, as I recall, someone from Southern Assistance Homeless League (SHALL), and a journalist, a woman as I recall. Maybe there was someone else. I followed them in my car over over to Bayview Park, and they not even get out of their van, while I got out of my vehicle and walked into Bayview Park and talked with homeless people and Pastor Omar who just happened to be there talking with homeless people, Omar fed homeless people on Sunday mornings at Higgs Beach, until the city and county stopped that. I wondered if this was just going to be a drive up and look and drive on homeless tour? But at Higgs Beach, they all got out of the van and were walking but not engaging homeless people on the city side of Atlantic Avenue, so I walked over to several homeless men and pointed at Cates and said he was their Mayor Craig Cates, and he was doing a homeless tour and wanted to meet homeless people. Boy was I causing trouble. Cates started talking with the homeless men, and it turned out he knew one of them from childhood and that really got Cates all choked up, for he wasn’t expecting that kind of trouble, I don’t imagine. The entourage then crossed Atlantic Blvd and Cates and Chief Lee and the others engaged more homeless people. Then, the tour went toward on to other places. When the Citizen reported it, none of the trouble I had caused, which you just read was reported, except the one homeless man was a Conch and an childhood friend of Mayor Cates was mentioned, as I recall. When FKOC later turned in its resignation for running KOTS, after getting sued by the condo association at the marina across the way from KOTS, Cates called me all upset about what Steve had done. I asked, what did Cates think Steve would do? He had done nothing wrong, It was the city’s homeless shelter, not FKOC’s. FKOC was running KOTS at very little profit for FKOC. Did Cates call Steve and tell him the city would hold FKOC harmless in the litigation? Pay FKOC’s attorney fees? Cates went off on Steve again. Cates and I went back and forth maybe ten minutes, and finally I said, on homeless issues I no longer could trust him. Cates, in turn, said, in that case, he had no further use for me, he was done with me. Another time I talked with Craig, don’t recall the time sequence, I told him his police were harassing and even jailing homeless people for sleeping outside at night when KOTS was full. Craig said it wasn’t happening, I said he should not insult himself, everyone who knew anything knew his police were doing that. Cates said only when homeless people were sleeping where they were not supposed to be sleeping. I said then tell me where homeless people can sleep when KOTS is full and not be bothered by his police, so I can tell homeless people where that place is. Silence. It is my opinion that Cates should have no say so in anything having to do with homeless people in Key West, or anywhere. I do not trust him on anything homeless. Perhaps it is rooted in one of his daughters, shortly after he was elected in 2009, running over and killing a homeless man near Checkers on North Roosevelt. Mike Tolbert told me maybe three months ago that he was at Daddy Bones that terrible night. Daddy Bones is just behind Checkers. Mike said apparently the homeless man was part of the fault and Cates’ daughter was part of the fault. When I read of it in the Citizen right after it happened, I called Craig and said how sorry I was. He said his daughter was all torn up, as was the family. I said I could not imagine his daughter’s trauma, but I had known similar trauma, and I had been homeless, and I had a lot of experience counseling people in trauma, and I would be glad to meet with his daughter and talk with her and try to help her as someone who had been homeless; perhaps that would help. Craig thanked me, said he would talk with his daughter and wife and get back to me. Later, he told me they would not be needing me to do that. I felt terrible for Craig’s daughter and their family. I thought the homeless man was totally at fault, based on what I’d heard and seen in the Citizen. Only when Mike Tolbert shared his impression with me maybe three months ago, did I have a different perspective of how that homeless man died. I will include all of this thread above in today’s post at www.goodmorningkeywest.com. And a blue paper article on the local homeless man Frisbee Dave and my reply to that article. 
    • Sloan Bashinsky Parks Curtis, re child molesters getting tax dollars for housing, I can’t say that makes me happy to hear, but then, nor does tax dollars being spent on stupid ruinous American foreign wars, nor does what the taxpayers are having to pay the Sheriff to warehouse Key West’s homeless drunks/addicts, so they won’t be wandering around Key West like all the other drunks/addicts, who are not homeless and who greatly outnumber the homeless drunks/addicts. I could get really wound up about where tax dollars are spent, instead of where they should be spent, and having been a tax lawyer in another life would have nothing to be with my getting wound up.
Frisbee Dave 3
Frisbee Dave
From the current issue of KEY WEST THE NEWSPAPER – www.thebluepaper.com:


The Frisbee King Returns To High School



At my 50th this weekend in Pittsburgh, we looked older. Some of us looked old. Several now use canes. I heard a lot of talk about cancer and hearts, along with the usual wear-and-tear stories about knees and backs.

Whatever sexual, semi-sexual or pseudo-sexual vibes might have been slinking around at earlier gatherings were not in evidence this time. Or maybe my vibesight is not as good as it once was.

More than one person observed that we looked like our grandparents.

One, however, didn’t. One stood out. […full article]

[The full article contain’s a video of local TV journalist Jenna Stauffer’s interview with Frisbee Dave.]


  1. I met Frisbee Dave maybe in late 2000, when I arrived homeless in Key West. In 2004, his and my tents were adjacent on the Bridal Path, across from Smathers Beach. That’s when I really got to know Dave better. Since then, we have been chummy, although sometimes Dave seemed off in another world when I saw him, in this world other times and of late. He told me in 2004 that he was bipolar, but was not taking meds. He seemed level then.

    After Curtis Seltzer and I started conversing by email a few months ago now, and I wrote about that and Curtis’s and my emails at http://www.goodmorningkeywest.com, I saw Dave and told him Jenna Stauffer was interested in interviewing him, and he contacted her and they did the interview, which is included in the blue paper’s article by Curtis.

    Around that time Dave told me that when he went out for the baseball team at Michigan State, he felt he was one of the better players on the team, but when he was not getting to play, he asked the head coach about it, and the coach said Dave was too small, and even though some of the other and larger players were not as good then as Dave, the coach would make them into good players. Dave then quit the baseball team, seeing no future there. He said he had been the star on his high school team, the clutch player. It was a casual conversation we had, but I felt, and later told Curtis, that what Dave experienced with the Michigan State baseball team is when he actually started heading in a different direction, for up to then this life had centered around organized sports and being a star, and then he was cut adrift from that at Michigan State.

    I have known quite a few homeless people pretty well, and each of them had his/her own story which started out pretty ordinary, by American standards, but this and that happened and they ended up homeless and not ordinary by American standards. Something was the final straw, which turned them away from trying to cope, live, in mainstream. Some were mentally ill, some were addicts, some just gave up. Many had two or more of those characteristics. All seemed to be in post traumatic shock rooted in past rough experiences, if not physical, say war veterans, physical and/or sexual child abuse, or spouse abuse, then mental and emotional trauma dating back into childhood. There always seemed to be a trigger, a time bomb ticking away, which eventually went off. People who have been homeless a while, like Dave has, seem to be institutionalized to being homeless. It’s not easy for them to turn that around, it’s not easy, as Curstis and others of Dave’s friends have found, to persuade Dave to turn around. So far, he has declined their offers to become more like them, again. I see Dave from time to time. He seems far less concerned for himself than do Curtis and others who knew Dave in another time. A woman who came to me on Facebook, who had contacted Curtis, has tried to get Dave inside, she said she and her husband have the financial means to do so. Dave declined their offer, but they still correspond by land mail. Far as I know Dave does not use the Internet. He still loves throwing frisbees. I see him lately throwing frisbee with his friend and frisbee partner Phil who owns the Sugar Apple health food store in Key West.

    I really am enjoying Curtis’ articles on Dave, and look forward to the third and, Curtis said, final installment. Perhaps those three articles will indeed lure up a writer or film-maker, to document Dave’s truly interesting story and life, sort of like what happened to Key West’s colorful and beloved “Captain Kid” in the homeless documentary, “Have You Seen Clem,” which premiered in Key West’s Tropic Cinema some years back now.

    Dave for a fact came to where a road divided in the wood, and he took the path less traveled by, and who among us is to say that did not make all the difference? Who among us can say we are happier and more content and even more successful than Dave? Perhaps our standards of measure need a new look? Perhaps there is a different table of weights and measures, which we, as Arlo Guthrie said in “Alice’s Restaurant”, have not yet considered as a possibility?

  2. Awesome article about my friend David. Looking forward to playing some frisbee with him in July and solving more of our world problems with him.

writing quill

From a North Carolina developer yesterday, who used to vacation frequently in Key West:

BASH – Wow…!!! The Bumsteins burnt down Christmas Tree Island. Wondering what the US Navy has to say about the attack on their island? Really a bad situation for those souls on the island and those souls anchored adjacent to the island. But now that the deed has been done, how about a real homeless facility on the island, with morning and evening water taxi service by Cates and the Conch Train guy. If you can, please post a picture of the de-nude burnt island. I always like Christmas Tree Island, and thought the campers and live aboards added to the fabric of KW. It was always interesting to see the young folks come ashore next to the Hyatt on Front Street, in dingys that would barely stay afloat. Most of the young folks were cleaned up and dressed for work in the eating and drinking establishments along Duvall, Front Street and the harbor area over around the Tower Bar, Turtle Kraals and Half-shell. I always wondered how they were able to get so spiffed up, living the way they were. I guess dipping in the ocean did the job.
I have been following with interest the ongoing spat over the homeless facility. Some one needs to get Yantis and Cates by the ear and sit them down with you so they can hear the truth and also pick up some excellent ideas.
I will do the land plan for the Outer Mole Navy property for $250K, and make certain that the Bahama Village gets full use and benefit of their 6.6 acres. The way the elected officials have handled that gift borders on being criminal neglect.
Further to the issue of Peery Court. My development soul craves that opportunity, but the way the dis-barred attorney and his employers are approaching that wonderful opportunity is what gives all developers a bad name. The local residents need to stand up for their rights. Quit dealing with those that are stealing.
I hope people that vote in KW are paying attention. You have been and are on the right side of every major issue that comes up in KW. The community needs a Mayor like you. In addition to being as smart as a whip, you are colorful. KW needs a smart colorful Mayor, for a colorful Town. KW better get its act together… the opening of Cuba is not too far down the road.
Regards, and All The Best, Ron Kennerly

I replied:

Hi, Ron –

The blue paper report left me feeling the flares which set fire to the island were fired by one disgruntled side of a squatters or locals squabble. I didn’t see anything to implicate the Bernsteins in what I read, although in the past I had heard of them using other people to do their dirty work out there. And, I had heard of aircraft flying over the island after Hurricane Wilma, I think was the timing, dropping whatever color agent, if not orange, chafe, and then most of the Australian pines died.

I was talking to my banker friend this morning, who made his debut in today’s Bermuda Triangle West: Key Weird’s homeless quandary, noise ordinance and mayor’s race post, about the possibility of using flares, or RPGs, or maybe a drone to sink a cruise ship in the channel and turn it into a reef, now that we know nobody seems to be responsible for policing and removing derelict vessels. Besides improving close-by diving and fishing, that ought to stop further cruise ship entries into Key West’s piers, as well.

Mud Dawg Mike at Daddy Bones yummy BBQ told me yesterday evening, as we watched MMA men and women beating each other up on the TV there, men beating up men, women beating up women, that there was some joke, or maybe it wasn’t a joke, he said, of passengers on cruise ships off the coast of Africa being armed with AK 47s and other nice toys, repelling pirates trying to take over their cruise ships. Reminded me of the movie “Captain Phillips” – if his crew had been armed with AK-47s instead of lateral water exhausts, maybe that movie would have ended before it got started good.

I’m headed up to Regal Center in a bit to see “Divergent”, which arrived today; I been seeing the previews for a few weeks and feeling kinda mutant divergent-ed myself, maybe it will feel like a long overdue intergalactic reunion. Dang, if A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy ain’t captured me good. How I never got around to reading it before now might remain one of the greatest mysteries of my stranded on Earth life, so far.

I gave Mayor Cates and City Commissioner Yaniz many invitations to sit down with me and they didn’t accept, so I had to take to attending city commission meetings and telling them in plain view and hearing before live audiences and TV audiences what I would have told them face to face. They gonna be getting more of that as time flies past, or strolls, or crawls.

Given you are a developer yourself, and given all the time you and the Princess spent in Key West when she was still alive in the human sense, she still lives in your heart and you in hers, I wonder if you can allow what you would do, if you were King of Key West, on Truman Waterfront, including the outer mole pier, and at Peary Court?



P.S. During the 2008 county commission race, I started saying County Commissioner Cuban-American Key West Conch Charles “Sonny” McCoy should be relieved of that duty and made Key West’s ambassador to Havana. He once had slalomed nonstop to Havana behind a runabout filled with pretty damsels urging him on by flashing their boobs. He still is remembered in Havana. He was an architect who had designed buildings in the Caribbean. He was a natural Key West ambassador to Havana.

Stay tuned …

Divergents in the future-earth movie are rare people who don’t think and react to dangerous situations like normal people, and therefore are dangerous and must all be killed to protect normal people, whose ancestors had caused all the problems in the first place, which led to the movie being conceived and filmed. Might be a knock-off of “The Hunger Games,” and most likely, given the divergent ending, there will be divergent sequels.

Sloan at Coco'smoi

Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West

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