Biker Chick endorses Sloan for Mayor of Key West and other feminine persuasions, plus some chimes from the weaker (other) sex :-) – all work and no play is a drag

Biker Chick 2

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mud dog

Mud Dawg Mike, co-owner of Daddy Bone’s yummy BBQ on North Roosevelt Blvd behind Checkers in Key West, sent yesterday:

Subject: Biker Chick

Looks like she endorsed you on Coconut telegraph []

Biker Chick endorses Sloan for Mayor! Please watch out if you do absentee voting because the bubbas cancelled both of our family Democrat votes several times due to our signatures — which matched perfectly. Sloan is highly intelligent and truly cares about the Keys. Him and his Angels know how to rock n roll. Thanks again Sloan and good luck

I wrote to Mud Dawg:

Interesting, have not heard from her for maybe 3 years. I wonder how the CT Sloan lovers will respond? Will look back there tomorrow.

Mike wrote:

u made a impression! You sly old devil! So first order of biz! gotta dispose of widow makers dumbass BF and get her in a sloan for mayor HUBBY BEATER preferably wet! Damn just thinking of that image brings on a need for NITRO! That girl gonna be Death of me yet! But I will go smiling!

widow maker

Widow Maker, Mike told me she’s a 4th generation Conch. I wrote a while back how she transformed her lying, cheating no-longer husband, by ramming the car he was in a few times, her car, with her pickup truck, causing him to jump out of her car and call 911 and be told by a KWPD cop there was nothing he could do about her ramming her own car with her own truck. I bet Biker Chick would have liked meeting Widow Maker.

I did a Biker Chick search in the “Today’s FlaKey Drivel” archives, and found several drivels instigated by Biker Chick’s and my meeting each other. Below is what I extracted from those posts for old time’s sake 🙂

Know the Candidates Before You Vote
Posted on July 31, 2010 by Sloan

Found this nice troll bait from Biker Chick on yesterday’s Coconut Telegraph page of She had told me of something she had emailed to ED of the CT, and of his sending something back asking if she was serious? Yep, she said she wrote back; she was serious.

holy stud angel

[Sloan the Holy Stud] Totally true. Yes, I had great sex with Sloan! Afterwards, while we were cuddling, two of his Angels made my body physically shake uncontrollably. His Angels made themselves known to me and this paranormal experience has prompted me to tell you that these entities really do exist around Sloan. I am not Keys Diseased; we were not drinking or on anything but Sloan really does have special powers which he uses for good. This will be exciting to see what he does for the Keys after he gets elected.

When I showed Biker Chick’s post to Sandy Downs last night, Sandy nearly cracked some ribs laughing; then she nearly cracked some more ribs laughing over people writing to the CT saying it was her who wrote it. Sandy don’t have a motorcycle; ergo, no way she is Biker Chick. Rose Dell at Coco’s Kitchen in the Big Pine Key shopping mall met Biker Chick yesterday. I made the introductions. The health food chicks at Good Food Conspiracy on US 1 on Big Pine met Biker Chick yesterday. Lots of Big Pine and some No Name Key folks saw us tooling around on her bike, me in the bitch seat, hanging on for dear life to whatever I could grab. On the federal highway, she wouldn’t let me hang on to her boobies. Didn’t want to end up in a federal prison, she said. What a ride!

Biker Chick Demolition Derby – Keys Politics
Posted on August 1, 2010 by Sloan

Demolition and other collateral damage ensuing from Biker Chick’s recent post (reproduced next below) to the Coconut Telegraph of, the gossip center of the universe surrounding Big Pine Key and the second most sought-after web page in the Florida Keys behind the who’s-been-arrested-and-mug-shotted-and-jailed page on the sheriff’s website.

[Sloan the Holy Stud] Totally true. Yes, I had great sex with Sloan! Afterwards, while we were cuddling, two of his Angels made my body physically shake uncontrollably. His Angels made themselves known to me and this paranormal experience has prompted me to tell you that these entities really do exist around Sloan. I am not Keys Diseased; we were not drinking or on anything but Sloan really does have special powers which he uses for good. This will be exciting to see what he does for the Keys after he gets elected.

From a North Carolina developer, who enjoys vacationing in Key West and whose grandson is soon to wed the daughter of my oldest Bashinsky first cousin:

SLOAN – was the Hickory House on Stock Island? do you know who the owner was ?

My bride and I went to a wild turkey banquet on Stock Island in 2004. It was in a fish camp type of place…fried seafood… good fried seafood. The place was owned by a Cuban ex.pat. and his wife. for some reason the Hickory House name sticks in my brain. over the next couple of months, we would drive over to the back door of the restaurant and buy stone crab claws, fresh off of the boat. he was in the fish wholesale biz and she was in the eatery biz. Seemed to be nice folks.

I have my doubts that your opening bit today is going to go a long ways toward getting you elected. somehow… i think you know that… a man has got to have his priorities.

regards, Ron

Hi, Ron. You probably have heard of Capt. Tony, who, after several attempts, got himself elected mayor of KW, even though he undisputed had fucked more women, had sired more children (most illegitimate), had drunk more booze and smoked more cigarettes, and had smuggled more drugs and probably guns than anyone in the history of the Keys; and he made out to be good mayor, wasn’t fond of development, and was revered in KW and dearly missed after he passed over a couple of years ago. What I posted today was rubber ducky compared to Capt. Tony, but perhaps it provided some comic relief and showed some of the doubting Thomases that I’m not just into talking to imaginary beings (in their view); nothing imaginary about what Biker Chick experienced after we had at it then the angels started having at her. A bit unnerving for her, but I’d seen it happen to damsels before and wasn’t entirely caught napping. While sometimes I start wondering to myself, usually while wondering if I’ve lost my mind to be wondering what if maybe the angels some day actually do put me into office, I have understood for quite a while now that I am used wherever I am hanging out as a demonstration of an entirely different way of being and living than what this world views as the way things are, should be. I suppose there are people who will never believe I didn’t invent Biker Chick, but then, I’m pretty sure there still are places even in Alabama where people still do not believe people have walked on the moon. Biker Chick is real. I’m real. The angels are real. Who can say what they have up their sleeves, if they have sleeves to have something up?

Yes, I think the place on Stock Island you described was the Hickory House. I ate there once in 2004 with a friend who took me out there one evening. Had a great mutton snapper meal on the waterfront. It was said back then that the owners, or one of the owners, was buddy-buddy with one of the county commissioners, Dixie Spehar, I think I recall hearing was that commissioner. Quite a ruckus was raised over it in tongue-wagging circles. Then, after the bottom, then the roof and the rest of the living quarters fell out of the Keys real estate market and harpooned into the heart of Davy Jones’ locker, thank you Hurricane Wilma, what some had hoped might be an asset for the County turned out to be a rotten egg. Efforts to sell the Hickory House have garnered very low bids that weren’t even worth the time it took to read them. Such is life. Weird, if I had been on the County Commission when the place was first brought before the Body, I would have been told in a dream it was a lousy deal for the County and to leave it alone. After announcing that at a Commission meeting, I can imagine the warm, friendly reception I would get from the other commissioners. I can imagine other commissioners, who didn’t like the deal, would fear siding with me and gaining the ridicule of constituents who were convinced I was crazy and even the devil, and would vote to buy the place just to save their own reputations.

What do I know. Maybe this email from a Key West member of ka Résistance [Naja Girard] about today’s post represents a tangent the angels are taking:

“After this publication I wouldn’t be surprised if you found yourself fighting off “the babes” (wink wink).”

Not all that different from what Biker Chick told me might happen after women read what she sent into the Coconut Telegraph of When I asked if it would make her jealous, if I started being chased by women?, she said not in the least; she hoped it happened. Besides, she said she is moving back to the mainland soon, but hoped to be able to come down for vacation romps in the jungle. She advised me to get a lot of condoms. The political scene down here is so dreary and disenchanted, who knows, perhaps a tide is coming in demanding change, any kind of change, to shake up the local stagnant quo. Perhaps I should be thinking about getting me a lifeboat with oars? Although I’d rather have one of those Navy SEAL rubber runabouts with a 250 Merc or Yamaha on its hindquarter. I’m also getting a hankering for my own motorcycle. After spending an hour-plus on Biker Chick’s bitch seat yesterday, I know why women like to ride motorcycles. Me, I just like the feel the wind and the illusion of freedom accelerating up/down US 1 temporarily brings. I knew a biker chick in KW, we never tango-ed but there was discussion of it, who liked to run her Lady Harley all the way up to the mainland and get on the Florida Turnpike and let it rip. She said she’d never let a man ride her bitch seat. I told her she didn’t know what she was missing. Maybe the local populace don’t know what it’s missing, not having me on the County Commission. Maybe I’m being put to give them a preview.

From yesterday’s Coconut Telegraph (next below), sent in by my fifth wife apparently, although how she found out where I am and about the CT, I can’t begin to imagine. Well, I can begin to imagine it, because she heard more than she ever cared to hear from the angels when she and I were together. Weird attitude about angels, hers, given how devoted she was to reading the Bible and going to church. Double weird, after she had told God that, “I cannot believe you are going to let me live out my life without experiencing passion,” and then God told her, “A man is being brought to you who will put God first and you second.” Way it finally turned out, she liked reading the Bible and going to church better than having unimaginable sex with me and angels, but it sure was fantastic while it lasted.

[Sloan the Holy Stud]. I’ve tried to forget it, but the truth is that, I had fabulous, toe curling sex with Sloan for several months! I was addicted to the way he touched me and rocked my body. Sloan took my body to places that I had never dreamed of. During multiple orgasms I saw God over and over again! His Angels too made themselves known to me. Sloan and his angels are healers, they cured me of my Keys Disease; I no longer drink or use drugs. Sloan has special powers when it comes to sex and that is why he is addicting. Since my experience with Sloan I’ve been able to get my life in order and I’m now employed full time in a job I love. I believe that I owe my good fortune to Sloan, he is a very special man. Even though I miss him sexually, it would be exciting to see him get elected, but the reality is that he will get elected when ducks have lips. Thank you Sloan!

I have known some ducks myself, having raised ducklings I won at a state fair at a young age, and having hunted wild ducks a bit at a later age, and having seen the lips of Mick Barnes of Duck Tours infame move more than a bit and a much later age; enough duck time so I know there might be quite a few ducks, beyond the AFLAC variety, who just might take high offense at being accused of not having lips.

Biker Chick said she thought maybe the when-ducks-have-lips post was a spoof, sent in by maybe George Neugent or David Rice ’cause I’m getting to them. When Biker Chick asked, “What happens if you get elected?” I said, “Already I feel I’m on the County Commission; I will continue to work as hard for the County as I’m working for it now.” That outcome would make for some serious duck karma for the wise ass who made that post to the Coconut Telegraph, don’t you think?

But then, maybe the when-ducks-have-lips post was from any one of several women who once upon a time rolled in the hay with me. Besides, what’s the big deal with so many women in my life, when in the Bible men had a whole bunch of wives and lots of concubines too. Dangerous book, the Bible, especially in the hands of an ex-lawyer trained by angels. I told a Big Pine amiga yesterday, after she told me to get prepared to be chased by women, for all I know, maybe my having a harem at this late age is part of the PhD curriculum in Women’s Studies I’ve been enrolled in for most of my adult life. Holding my breath, I’m not.

Sloan Bashinsky

Lovers and Studs – Florida Keys
Posted on August 3, 2010 by Sloan

I survived the dreary Hometown! PAC candidate forum last night by turning my participation into a comic farce. When asked if I thought there was an alternative to tourism to drive the Keys economy, and what was one example of an alternative industry, I said the first question was the stupidest question I had ever heard, and as for the second question, we could legalize marijuana farming in the Keys, it grows great down here, and become a MJ exporter to Columbia, Cuba the Bahamas, the mainland and the Netherlands.

Maybe I’d been spending too much time with Miss Kitty (my mouser cat), the iguanas and Key deer around my trailer in the jungle. Maybe I would have given different answers if Biker Chick had been around back then. I told the audience last night that the most important thing on this year’s ballot, I meant including candidates, is Amendment 4. Vote YES for it, or Biker Chick will send a band of angels to torment you in your dreams for the rest of forever. Meanwhile, Biker Chick and I are slated for a spin in her tandem kayak later today. She said she will provide the sunscreen. Cheers!

[Alas, Biker Chick called that day to say something had come up, so we didn’t go kayaking. Amendment 4, which was killed at the polls, would have required voter approval for comprehensive plan changes. It would have strangled development in the Florida Keys.]

Meanwhile, this comment on yesterday’s Coconut Telegraph page of

[Sloan the Sex Machine] Sloan is a very considerate lover. When you are with him it is all about you. What you want. What do you need. He is there for you. His “everything” are there to please you and only you. I was skeptical, but decided to try him because I was tired of all the selfish guys on this island that just come and run out the door. I was also tired of battery powered toys. To my surprise Sloan was worth it and I am sorry that I did not take a chance sooner.

Sloan saved my life. I wish him the best, including a chance to be part of the BOCC, but I know the people in this County and they won’t vote for him because he is miles ahead of them.

Smitten, I called Biker Chick only to learn she did not send this comment above in to the Coconut Telegraph, but had just sent something in for publication today. What, I did not ask. She likes to surprise me. About the sex machine post above, she said “they are messing with you again.” I supposed so, but who on earth could have written it? And who on earth could have known I was mulling over making a post explaining that Deer Ed of the Coconut Telegraph comes up with the titles for his comments, titles like “Sloan the Holy Stud,” “Sloan the Sex Machine.”

[In hindsight, I think Biker Chick really did write that, because it was in keeping with stuff she had told me about other men in the area.]

I never have viewed myself as a stud or sex machine, holy or unholy. I have had women tell me, though, that I was a good lover, while others probably didn’t feel that way. How it was for me with women depended entirely on how well we were getting along and the angels being okay with it. If the angels were not okay with it, there wasn’t any point in even trying to roll in the hay. If the angels were okay with it, well, that probably is best to left for the imagination, although anyone who read my last novel, HEAVY WAIT: A Strange Tale (, got a pretty good sense of what it might be like for me and a woman the angels liked and wanted to be with me. Anyone who read that tale also got a pretty good sense of what it’s like for a man and a woman to be abducted by angels and taken on a high adventure nobody else around them can remotely fathom.

[HEAVY WAIT: A Strange Tale now also available at, in English and Spanish, trade paperback and kindle]

I don’t know what any of that has to do with running for office, but apparently some people find it interesting reading, based on comments I’ve been receiving since Biker Chick made the scene. Comments from men as well as from women.

Meanwhile, for what I would bet the conch farm are Coconut Telegraph readers who are convinced I made Biker Chick up, she knows Deer Ed and called me one day after he told her maybe I could advise her about a legal problem she was having. I went over to her house, listened to her tale of woe, told her how I thought she should handle it. No, I said, I would not accept payment. I don’t practice law anymore, don’t even have an active law license. And I don’t charge people for trying to help them in any event. I’m a priest now. Everything is in service.

She offered to buy my lunch. I said, well, I’d never eaten at the Square Grouper. And I’d never ridden on the bitch seat behind a biker chick, although I had long wanted to give that a try. So onto her bike we got, me hanging onto her boobies at her insistence as we tooled through her neighborhood to US 1. We had a lovely lunch and, well, I suppose the rest is best left to the imagination, other than I will say it involved us going over to my place for a while, where she mercifully ended my 5 1/2 years of monkdom and showed me I was still very much alive.

Today’s FlaKey Drivel: Deer Abby Love & Sex Advice – Coconut Telegraph
Posted on August 4, 2010 by Sloan

A high local official told me yesterday that the recent Sloan the stud and sex machine theme in my posts is making for very interesting reading, and I should open a “Dear Abby” consulting service for troubled, lonely women. I said I already been there, done that in another life, and I don’t want to go there, do that again.

I recently met a Lower Keys woman, with whom I spent a few hours one day; we made love. She posted something about it to the Coconut Telegraph of Then, the vultures and weirdos came out and played with it.

I make love with one woman in 5 1/2 years, and all of a sudden I’m a stud and sex machine on the Coconut Telegraph. You people make me sick to my stomach. You have no clue what is going on. As one of the fakes who claimed to have been healed by having sex with me wrote in to the Coconut Telegraph, I am miles ahead of you.

The angels made an experiment of me and of some other people I knew, and came to know, to see if a human being, or human beings, could be changed so they would evolve instead of devolve. Of the guinea pigs in the experiment, I was the only one who was not allowed to bail out, which is what all of the other guinea pigs did. I don’t know what happened to them, except for two, who died.

Although I am neither a stud nor a sex machine, I am capable of being very intimate, passionate and loving with a woman, and she is capable, with me and the angels assigned to us, of having experiences unlike she has ever had before.  I am permitted to be with one woman. I do not play the field. If no woman is provided, I am a monk. I am a monk again. Biker Chick rode off into the sunset.

About the only thing to change since back then was I started using a lot more pics and my own art in my dailies.

Higgs Beach party

I’m still not from this planet, I’m still a monk, I’m still run by angels, and I’m just as serious now as I was back then. The only way to know that, though, is to live in my skin, or live with me.

Ahoy, Biker Chick – thanks, hope all well with you and yours, fondly, Sloan 🙂

God willing and if the creek don’t rise, I’ll be at Daddy Bones’ open mike tonight. Starts about 7. Ya’ll come!

open mike Daddy Bones

Daddy Bones

Meanwhile, other ministering angels (campaign managers) …

Feather Talk

comme un loup drawing



Fantasy Fest feline



about time

Mary Poppins


Lady Hawke

ice cream

Heart Throb



ET wife

Welcome home, Kali

dark horse

Devil or Angel

Back to the weaker sex:

“Am I serious about running for Mayor of Key West? Deadly serious” -today at

Look! No cruise ships!

Photo: "Am I serious about running for Mayor of Key West? Deadly serious" -</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>today at</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Look! No cruise ships!
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Grand Ole Opry

Nashville J wrote:


First, let me congratulate you on your decision to run for Mayor of Key West! Or should that be condolences?? Regardless, your being in the race will certainly bring up more discussion on many topics that other people had just as soon not be discussed in polite company! RUN SLOAN RUN !!

Secondly, you have often said that Jesus was homeless and I knew you would like to see this sculpture of homeless Jesus in North Carolina.;_ylt=AwrBJSAeeA5Tn3UAkJLQtDMD

I will let the article and picture speak for themselves.


Outside St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Davidson, North Carolina rests a sculpture, so realistic that from not too far a distance, it appears to be an actual, living homeless man sleeping on a bench. It’s a piece by sculptor Timothy P. Schmalz entitled, “Homeless Jesus.” As WCNC NBC Charlotte reports, it’s getting quite a bit of attention.

Reverend Dr. David E. Buck sitting next to “Homeless Jesus” (WCNC)

Distant in-law Ron, a North Carolina real estate developer, who in a past life vacationed frequently in Key West, wrote:


SLOAN – Best of luck in your run for the Mayor’s job. I observe that you are keenly interested in issues that need attention in Key West. Also, over the years, you have put forward proposals that would improve the quality of life for most people in Key West. It is true that you do not coat your opinions with sugar, but your proposals and ideas to improve Key West always seem spot on target.
The voters in Key West would do well to embrace your positions on the Naval Property, Wisteria Island, Homeless people issues, Excessive Noise issues, Police for the people (as opposed to Police against the people), Clothing Optional Beaches, out of control Tree Commission and a number of other issues.
I wish you and the good people of Key West the best of luck. I hope the voters share God’s good common sense and allow you to shed the true light on the governing and operations of one of the best places in the world, Key West. Florida.
Warmest Regards, Ron Kennerly

Paid political advertisement by Sloan Bashinsky, candidate for Mayor of Key West

Sloan at Coco's

About Sloan

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