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Sloan at wakeuppance rally

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Heard yesterday from an old Wisconsin amigo, whom I met in the early 1980s, after his job moved him to Birmingham, Alabama for a while – my home town. He took the photo of us early last year on my place on Little Torch Key, he’s on the left. I sold it later last year and moved back down to Key West.

Mark and Sloan

Mark wrote:

Key West and the Keys in general are DAMN FORTUNATE to have you fighting for the environment!!!

I replied:

Hi, Mark – how is your frozen self up there next door to the big frozen lake doing underneath all that global warning, er, warming? Not my line, more or less was recently in Citizens Voice in the Key West Citizen.

Maybe three nights ago in a dream, I heard, “Last Stand is running for Mayor of Key West.” There is a non-profit down here called Last Stand, which for a long time has advocated and even litigated against anything adverse to the Florida Keys environment. Some years ago, Last Stand seemed to go through a metamorphosis into being a bunch of weenies, socially politically correct weenies, as far as I could tell. I wrote about that a few times already.

During a City Commission meeting about a month ago, Last Stands current President spoke curing city comments at the first reading of the new city ordinance, which would require a super majority on vote (5 out of 7 – 6 commissioners and 1 mayor) to override the nearly 74% referendum vote last fall against a “study” on whether the channel should be widened so bigger cruise ships than those already calling on Key West (they are huge) could get into Key West. The Last Stand president asked if perhaps the city could look into exercising some control over cruise ships calling on Key West, which might not be injuring the local environment?

When my time came to speak, I said I was going to speak for Last Stand … I covered a liturgy of cruises ship insults to the environment, and during closing citizen comments at the end of that commission meeting I threw more coals on that weenie roast.

When I awoke from hearing “Last Stand is running for Mayor of Key West,” I understood that referred back to my saying I was going to speak for Last Stand in that city commission meeting. That was the only possible meaning, given Last Stand, being a non-profit organization, does not and cannot run for public office, nor, to keep its federal tax exempt income status, can Last Stand endorse and campaign for (or against) candidates for public office.

Tomorrow, probably in the afternoon, after all the publishing is out of the way, I will go to the Supervisor of Elections Office in Key West and file to enter the mayor’s race this year. All because of that dream and a number of other dreams of late, and more dreams back a ways in time, telling me I would enter the mayor’s race this year, and I would go at it differently than in the previous three attempts.

Hope all okay up your way, no help for living next door to Siberia but move to a warmer clime.



Mark replied:


A miserable winter here in Wisconsin for sure. Snow is easy and fun, but extreme bitter cold day after day after day is not… At one point, Lake Michigan was 82% iced over. We’re talking over 18,000 square miles of lake surface frozen! We had a warm-up to 40 last week, but the polar vortex is dipping down again and we’ll be headed below zero again this week. Global warming my arse, we’re entering an Ice Age here…

The silver lining is that ski hills and resorts catering to snowmobilers are having absolute banner years. And the annual sturgeon spearing on Lake Winnebago was excellent with great water clarity, thanks to the 30” ice thickness and heavy snow cover;) I don’t know the biggest fish taken this year, but probably somewhere in the 150# range. Caviar anyone?

sturgeon stampede sturgeon stampede 2sturgeon stampede 3

If you can’t beat it, embrace it… I just hope the ice melts by the 4th of July!

I wrote back:

Maybe I should get a real estate broker’s license and start advertising in Wisconsin frost-free living in the Florida Keys, for now. That’s lot of fucking ice, Lake Michigan 82 percent iced over. I imagine Lake Superior and Lake Huron and Erie and Ontario a bit solidified, too. Maybe the sturgeon should get unionized, go on strike for lower bag limits during deep freeze conditions, or maybe they should get themselves some RPGs and shoot back :-).

Down Key West way,  two recent Facebook threads started by Gweko Phlocker, of Key West:

Thread 1

Like Page


Key West Mayor Craig Cates 2014 State of the City address


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  • Gweko W. Phlocker oh my is the that the Replay Anthony J. Yaniz ?
  • Sloan Bashinsky Gweko, didn’t about 3 weeks or so ago you said you really hope Sloan Bashinsky would run for mayor this year?
  • Patricia Nagy Glad you’re running again! ! PJ 
  • Ray Berard Craig Cates for President!!!
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  • Damian Vantriglia Great speech!
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  • Sloan Bashinsky I learned during last Wednesday’s city commission, when Mayor Cates gave his state of the city speech, that it became required last year via a new city ordinance. The ordinance requires the mayor to report on city operations, it’s somewhat mechanical, kind of like an accounting or infrastructure report. Mayor Cates obviously spent a lot of time talking with department heads, who had more important things to be doing, he kept saying, than take time out to bring him up to speed. He had to spend a lot of time going over his notes and transferring them into this speech. He clearly worked very hard on it, and he presented it well. Nothing hot was aired in the speech. If that’s all someone heard, it would seem the state of the city was terrific. However, listening to everything else said that night in Old City Hall by city commissioners, the mayor, city staff, and citizen speakers, about items on the meeting agenda and during closing citizen comments, which can be on anything, painted an entirely different state of the city. That happens at every city commission meeting – you don’t get anywhere close to a real sense of what is going on if you rely on the local newspapers and other media. Nor does watching on TV, because a lot that happens does not get onto the TV or heard by the TV audience. During closing citizen comments last Wednesday night, I told the mayor and commissioners that Charles Eimers’ death under KWPD officers at South Beach on Thanksgiving Day was the direct result of the city’s all-out effort to persuade homeless people to leave the area altogether. Eimers was profiled as homeless, living in his PT Cruiser, by the officer who stopped him on North Roosevelt for switching lanes, a common occurrence with that road all messed up. That profiling incited other officers, after they heard it. Shortly, Eimers was dead. I said to the commissioners and mayors that Eimers most likely still would be alive, but for having been profiled as homeless. The city’s karma was awful over that. They needed to stop hiding in silence and get involved and start talking, even if their lawyer told them that was crazy. I sent this letter to the editor to the Citizen today:
  • Sloan Bashinsky Letter to the editor to the Key West Citizen:

    A while back, I received an out of the blue email from someone out west, who once had lived in Key West, about the video of the Thanksgiving Day apprehension by KWPD officers of Charles Eimers on South Beach in Key West, which Eimers did not survive. Here’s a link to that video , which is in first Key West the Newspaper article on that sad story. I include the video link – video – because the Citizen has run several articles on Eimers’ death, which mentioned the video, but the link was not provided for Citizen readers to see the video for themselves.

    The correspondent said he recognized an old Key West friend in the video, walking on the South Beach pier, looking back at the KWPD apprehending Eimers. The correspondent said his friend on the pier was named Dustin, and at one time he lived in the Porter Place housing project at Trumbo Point, operated by the Housing Authority. The correspondent declined to provide Dustin’s last name. A friend of mine living at Porter Place said he knew a Dustin, but not his last name, who had lived in Porter place, perhaps still did, but my friend did not know which apartment.

    The Housing Authority does not provide information on its residents. Perhaps if the Citizen publishes this letter to the editor, Dustin, if he is still around Key West, will see or hear of it and be inclined to contact Police Chief Donnie Lee, the Citizen and Key West the Newspaper, so they can ask him what, if anything, he saw happen when Charles Eimers was apprehended on South Beach.

    Sloan Bashinsky
    1711 Seminary Street
    Key West 33040
    (305) 407-4285

    Sent to: Paul Clarin, Publisher; Gary Maitland, Editor; Sandra Frederick, News Editor; Adam Lindhardt, news journalist; Todd German, Editorial Board member; Key West the (Blue) Newspaper; Police Chief Donie Lee; Mayor Craig Cates; City Commissioner Teri Johnston (I live in her voting district); City Manager Bob Vitas; City Attorney Shawn Smith
  • Sloan Bashinsky Several times now I have said during citizen comments that every diver and physician down here knows the ocean is polluted and is not safe; just a nick or a scratch or an abrasion, and you easily can end up with MRSA, a fleshing eating antibiotic resistant bacteria, can be staph, can be strep, can be other bacteria, which have mutated, which eat a person alive, if not treated, and the treatment is iffy. I told the commissioners and mayor last Wednesday that the city and the Chamber of Commerce and the Tourist Development Council invite people to dome down here and enjoy the ocean, when what should be happening is warning about the danger in the ocean should be given. I told them they had a moral duty to alert visitors and locals to the danger in the ocean. I told them there are a number of tall coconut trees laden with big coconuts in the cemetery, which hang over the roads, and one of those nuts coming lose and dropping on a tourist or a local’s head would be fatal, like being hit on the top of the head with a cannon ball. I said I had knocked on the Sexton’s door, but nobody was there, so I was telling them so they could get something done about it. As of today, nothing had been done about it. These are examples of different state of the city speeches.
  • Sloan Bashinsky During Mayor Cates’ speech, he congratulated the Tree Commission for its hard work which kept the City Commission from having to deal with appeals from the Tree Commission. By attending a few Tree Commission meetings, I came to see the intimidation methods used by the Tree Commission and Assistant City Attorney Ronald Ramsingh, which force local property owners to settle or face worse music before a Key West Special Magistrate, whose salary and benefits the city pays. Not once did I hear a property owner advised of the right to appeal to the City Commission. In one case, in which I got involved by paying the filing fee for Tarzan’s Tree Care, which is owned by my friend Sandy Downs, Ramsingh, with the collusion of the City Clerk’s Office, refused to let Tarzan’s file an appeal to the City Commission; my $1,000 check for the filing fee was returned, which check I had given to the Clerk’s Office after Sandy was told by Ramsingh that would be the cost of filing the appeal to the City Commission. The Tree Commission is a Star Chamber; it is gouging property owners; it tried to put Tarzan’s out of business, after Sandy started attending Tree Commission meetings and making citizen comments in cases in which she had no stake – unwelcome comments. I could write reams about what all I saw go on in Tree Commission meetings, spearheaded by Ronald Ramsingh, which made the authors of constitutional rights and liberty and justice for all roll over in their graves many times. I gave City Commissioner Tony Yaniz a court reporter’s transcription of one Tree Commission meeting, in which Ramsingh and the Tree Commission talked about being stopped by a property owner, who got lawyered up, and how they would have to figure out a way around that in the future; they might have to change the city ordinance in question, to make what they were doing legal. Yaniz refused to read it, gave it to someone else in the audience. He took high offense that I even gave it to him. I reported all of that at www.goodmorningkeywest.com

    and reported the Yaniz encounter during citizen comments at a City Commission meeting; said the City was running a RICO operation through its Tree Commission. Yaniz took further high offense. I invited the mayor and city commissioners to read the transcript. No takers. Not the kind of state of the city report they apparently felt was needed.


    In yesterday’s manure-shoveling and soul-fishing in “paradise” – Florida Keys, K…See More
  • Sloan Bashinsky Gweko, you are one of several people who have told me that they hoped I would run for mayor this year. I started seeing in dreams in early 2013 that I would move back to Key West and run for mayor this year. I can’t say it pleased me, but the angels who run me never did seem to care what pleased me. A number of dreams said this would be a different kind of race from the prior three times I ran for mayor (2003, 2007, 2009). Later today I will file to run. Throughout the campaign, I will continue to make “state of the city” reports at www.gooodmorningkeywest.com

    , probably as often as daily. I will continue to do the same on Facebook, by what I post there and by joining in conversations like this one you started, which is a way for people to learn stuff they will not learn from talking with their elected officials or city personnel, or reading the Citizen, Keynoter or even Key West the Newspaper, which blue paper I applaud plenty. It will take people like you, Gweko, to do what they can to get me votes, even as I do what I can. As mayor, every City Commission meeting would be an ongoing state of of the city report from me, several times in each meeting. I would leave no stone unturned when I am talking to commissioners, city staff, citizen speakers, and during closing mayor comments. When someone like John Dolan-Heitlinger, who works for Ed Swift/Historic Tours of America, comes before the City Commission lobbying for the city to continue the outer mole lease, those revenues are important, I will not sit quietly letting him get away without saying who he works for, which the commissioners know but the people sitting in the audience do not know. I will make sure the audience, including the TV audience, knows the full history of the city’s subsidy of Ed Swift and his conch trains and trolleys, including the monopoly which ended up costing the city about $8,000,000 in an anti-trust lawsuit. Right now the city is paying Swift $500,000 a year to ferry cruise ship passengers in from the outer mole to his terminals, where the passengers shop and buy trinkets from Asia touted as Key West trinkets, and many of the passengers transfer from that conch train to other conch trains and to trolleys, for which they pay Swift. None of which Mayor Cates or the city commissioners got John Dolan-Heitlinger to say at that particular city commission meeting. So, I said it for him when I followed him during citizen comments on that particular agenda item. Mayor Cates said when he ran in 2009, his first race, that he would only run one time. After winning without out a runoff, he and his campaign manager thanked me at the victory party at Camile’s for getting him elected without a runoff. I had said during the campaign, if people didn’t vote for me, then vote for Craig, and definitely do not vote for Morgan McPherson or Mike Mongo. As usual, I came in dead last, no contest. So you now have had Craig for three terms. What has he done since 2009? What has changed for the city since 2009? What are his achievements? What I hope all city voters will do is start coming to city commission meetings and/or watching them on the city TV channel. Find out how their elected officials really are doing. Find out how the city really is doing. They can get a better sense of it reading my dailies, than reading the Citizen or the Keynoter or even Key West the Newspaper.

Thread 2

I believe that every bar should be declared a church… we can make it a farce like the Conch Republic Rebellion… and then all of them will be exempt from any sound ordinance violations… because we will all be a church , I can go around and Bless each and every single bar in Key West… With a dedication ceremony. Pass the rum .AMen….brothers and sisters
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  • Stan Holbrook Be the founder of:
    The Church of the Sugar Cane Fermentation
  • Completely Disinterested There was a time when Key West had 300 churches and 30 saloons. Duval can become the new High Iglesias Street.
  • Rand Dillon Holy Spirits by the ounce.
  • Chris Rehm … I had heard that this noise ordinance all started with complaints about a church in Bahama Village… I can’t say if it was correct however.
  • Ron CatDaddy Clardy If you treat your body like a tent instead of a temple then HELL lets have a revival!!!
  • Steve Clark while it’s a good idea to oppose the ordinance in it’s entirety. don’t complain about the idea of setting a decibel limit but not using a db meter… just in case it passes you wouldn’t want to discourage them from including something that insures it can’t stand up in court 
  • Sloan Bashinsky I was on Duval Street yesterday afternoon. A bar just above Sloppy Joe’s on same side of the street had a bass song going, thump, thump, thump, probably audible 3 blocks away. Then, a vehicle came in with its bass going, thump, thump, thump, probably audible 3 blocks away. I doubt either would have broken a sound limit test, but bass penetrates anything it encounters and keeps going. During citizen comments, I and others said at a City Commission meeting about a month ago now, that bass should be outlawed in the city. At a later City Commission meeting, I said during citizen comments that what the city should do is include in its new ordinance that any place, church, bar, which is playing real loud music simply should be shut down for the rest of the day and night by a code enforcement officer or police officer, and be allowed to reopen the next day. Harley riders, who rev up their bikes to screech level, people in vehicles with sound blasters or base, simply are stopped and taken out of their vehicles, towing company called, vehicle towed, vehicle owner’s problem to retrieve and pay cost of towing, storage. Zero tolerance. No citation written. No fine. No lawyers. No courts. No judges. Redneck Justice. New noise ordinance would have to be advertised for visitors, a good place would be at the top of the Key, big sign, Welcome to Key West, our noise ordinance is strictly enforced. I heard at the City Commission meeting about a month ago that the church is on Simonton Street. It plays really loud music several days a week in a residential neighborhood. The main focus of noise complaints, however, was on Duval Street. Code Enforcement Manager Jim Young told the commissioners and mayor that there are a handful of regular offenders, who turn up the volume to try to draw in customers, and when one bar’s volume is higher, a nearby competitor turns up its volume to be loudest, then they get into competition for loudest. This goes on all the time, he said. He named the bars. Cowboy Bill’s was one, might not still be called that. I went by there the other day, their little bar on the side street, a guitar player was set up right next to the sidewalk, aimed up toward Duval Street, blasting away really loud, I’d heard him a block a way on the other side of Duval heading his way. He was not playing to the few people in the bar, but to the people half a block away on Duval. He was doing it on purpose. That was obvious. He for that moment was a soundman from hell. A water cannon might have been fun to use on him 
  • Mark Mavris Praise be and ye shall be delivered!
  • Ralph Sanders Father My thoughts have wanted to me sin. What penitence should I do? buy 3 shot for myself or that pretty lady across the bar.
  • Colleen Goldstein They never give up the tax money
  • Sloan Bashinsky I hear tell that in Key West there are more bars per capita, and more churches per capita, than in any other city on this planet – maybe they are in competition – bars v. churches? I might get beaten up by my angel taskmasters for writing this next, but when I go into bars, I do not usually feel the palpable presence of Lucifer, but when I go into churches, I do feel it. Perhaps too much distraction in bars for me to feel? Wish I could still imbibe – alas, it makes me sick to my stomach and liver and G.I. tract. And, some bars simply too loud for me, make me feel like I’m being attacked by noise. Some bars just fine. Maybe it depends on my mood and the company. I sometimes miss socializing in bars, I don’t miss being in church services and Sunday school classes.
  • Giddyup Dave Well stated! The word according to Gweko W. Phlocker
  • Mac McKee ? ?The First Baptist Bar and Grill ~ 
    The only church in The Bible Belt that smells like a whiskey still! ??
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    Just what it says Nathan has no humor, votebotted this video.
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  • Gweko W. Phlocker OK – Special Meeting at Old City Hall 7pm TUESDAY NIGHT the Key West Citizen lied and said it was Wednesday.
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  • Sloan Bashinsky Tuesday is the usual day for city commission meetings, last week’s was on Wednesday because Monday was a holiday; maybe the Citizen just got confused. If you want to see a real lie, it’s what is up for whatever at Tuesday’s commission meeting. Much hoopla and fanfare about the city tweaking its noise ordinance, the sole item on the agenda, but when you look at the enforcement provisions of the amended ordinance, you have mild slaps on the wrist, if such even happen, no real pain for the noise offenders, most likely more of same, leaving all the lead up to the amended ordinance the familiar smoke and mirrors, but no real change. I was in Jack Flats tonight watching a pro golf tournament and having dinner. A car came by outside with that wonderful base going, shaking the building and every molecule in my body, but I doubt it exceeded the decibel limit of either the old or the amended ordinance. A party has been going on for two days in the pavilion at the wild bird rescue center at Indigenous park, music blasting that neighborhood 3 blocks either way, probably audible 2 miles out at sea. I bet the rescued wild birds are thrilled, not to mention the human neighborhoods. You get a lot better sense of what’s going on in the city government by attending entire city commission meetings, listening to what all the commissioners and mayor and city staff have to say, and what all the citizens have to say during citizen comments. Hope all of you will be there Tuesday night. The last time the noise ordinance was before the City Commission was a conflagration.
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  • Mike Tolbert When they gonna get smart and just close the bar doors! Duval is just to loud and a lot of the musdic is horrible. playing CRAP loud don’t make it sound any better! I have heard some of worst covers ever done on duval. Lots of Egos little True Talent down there!
  • Gweko W. Phlocker I disagree…….
  • Mike Tolbert Hate to be with weekly on anything but this one he has right! When your 2 blocks from duval listening to bar music on a nice night its too loud! And the folks we were visiting have lived in same house since willy t was charcoal hut so don’t give me that you moved in a party zone line! Cut the noise or close the doors and run more AC easy fix.
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  • Sloan Bashinsky Aw, Mike, I’ve heard some great music on Duval Street (and some lousy, too), and not all of it came out of bars, some was/is street musicians. However, it don’t have to be so loud you can’t hear yourself think, you can’t have a conversation with anyone you’re with at a table in a bar. We’ve been going through that lately at Harpoon Harry’s Monday night open mike. The “volunteer” musicians had the volume turned up so loud, nobody in the restaurant could have a conversation. Finally, after some patrons spoke to management, the musicians were told to turn down the volume. Even then, they kept blasting away, and they had to be told again, and again, and finally they got the volume down to a decent level. My ears still work great. I never had hearing loss from listening to a lot of really loud music. Sometimes Willy T’s volume is way too loud, sometimes it’s just fine. I think what the people who live near Duval are upset about is the bass, the thump, thump, thump, and the really loud other music, especially after it’s time when many people are trying to sleep. The Thursday night open mike at your BBQ restaurant (Daddy Bones) does not blast the nearby neighborhood. Nor does the DC music you have going all the time inside the restaurant. It simply is not necessary to make as much noise as possible, to live, have a good time; even if you are a church, it is not necessary – that is not what was meant by “make a joyful noise unto the Lord”. If you are making your neighbors miserable, because you are making way too much noise, then I kinda don’t think the Lord thinks that’s such a great idea. Do unto others, etc. Well, I didn’t start the church and bar get married and live happily ever after conversation in this thread .
    • Mike Tolbert we have used a decibel meter on our open mic 62 decicibels and yet everybody can hear just fine! HMMM wonder what the prob at 65 is. As for churchs that knowingly disturb neighbors something very wrong with that picture!
    • Sloan Bashinsky Amen, brother. Amen. Today’s campaign kick-off post now up at www.goodmorningkeywest.com

      . A bit different, includes this and a parallel email thread Gweko started recently, and other semi- to totally outrageous bare assets. Give me a few minutes to add this latest from Mike and my reply into it. Good thing I’m in witness protection


      In yesterday’s manure-shoveling and soul-fishing in “paradise” – Florida Keys, K…See More
    • Mike Tolbert Matter of fact 65DB seems bout right if your measuring from property line. I got no prob with that! and like ya said our open mike not so loud as to aNNOY BUT IS LOUD ENOUGH TO ENTERTAIN. Its just a matter of taste and respect and class! I respect my neighbors and have enough class not to blast them for the extra $$ or 2 that might walk over if we were louder. But class left duval street long time ago.
Harpoon Harry's
The other day at Harpoon Harry’s, former City Commissioner Bill Verge
Bill Verge
and I had another of our not infrequent conversations there about this and that – it’s always different and interesting talking with Bill. He reminded me of a City Commission meeting when he was still in office. I was pushing for the city to get itself a nude beach and open the door to an entirely new kind of tourist for Key West, who would bring money, stay a while, and would need no advertising expense to attract, because word of mouth online and otherwise would get the word out pronto in the nude beach lovers grapevine. Bill reminded me that said he had suggested to the mayor and commissioners that maybe they should all travel up to Miami’s clothes-optional Haulover Beach and check it out. 
Haulover Kids
Haulover jam
Haulover Beach 2
Haulover Beach
In a dream night before last, I was told in my sleep, “Would you believe us if we told you a Canadian stripper really likes you?” I awoke, hoping it was literal, figuring it was some sort of secret code. By yesterday evening I had it figured out. Back in 2009, I kept saying a nude beach in Key West would attract hordes of naturists from mainland US, Canada, Europe, who would spend lots of money in Key West and would show the city the difference between real tourists and what comes into the city from cruise ships. This soul drawing fell out of me in 2009, right before the notion came to me to file to run for mayor and campaign for the city to get a nude beach.
Higgs Beach party

You’d have thunk the idea would have been a smash hit. You’d have overlooked just how many Puritans there were in the city, some of them were elected officials. One of them owned strip clubs on Duval Street. Another spent a great deal of time in city bars. County Commissioner George Neugent linked a nude beach to a whorehouse, when I proposed at a county commission meeting converting the unused part of Higgs Beach in front of the West Martello into a clothing-optional beach.

west martello

I myself had no interest in getting naked on a beach. I had done that on Maui on different beaches there. I promoted it because it would be a serious money-maker for Key West, and it was completely in keeping with Key West’s reputation and ambiance.


Guaranteed to be different :-), guaranteed to make city commission meetings lively :-), guaranteed to draw attention to Key West, where people accused of being weirdos someplace else can come mingle with real weirdos :-).

Ya’ll come!

beach-bonnet.jpgThis ain’t me, but you get the point.

This ain’t entirely me, but you get the point.


Campaign ad designed by Sandy Downs in 2009, which, on her dime, she ran several weeks in Key West the Newspaper, when it was owned and published by Dennis Reeves Cooper. It became the front of a collector’s campaign T-shirt. Aphrodite above was the back of the T-shirt. The fig leaf was given to me by County Commissioner Sylvia Murphy,

Sylvia Murphy

who said at a candidate forum in 2008, as I recall, that back when she was a spring chicken, she sometimes went to the nude beach on Grassy Key, no longer there (the nude beach).

Sloan's T-shirt

Sandy Downs also designed and ran this add on her dime in Key West the Newspaper, in 2009:

Sloan for Mayor _5[1]

and this ad:


Bill Verge also reminded me that in 2003, I suggested KW police be dressed like pirates, to fit into Key West’s rich pirate history and draw in more  tourists. Back then, I was living in a Florida Keys Outreach Coalition shelter. Bill and Father Steve Braddock

Father Stephen Braddock

asked me to run for mayor that year, as someone who could speak to homeless issues, and since I didn’t have any money, they gave me the filing fee.

Funny how things happen and come back around, and around.

Right after thanking me at Camille’s for getting him elected without a runoff in 2009, Mayor Cates asked me to be on his Mayor’s Homeless Advisory Committee, because I knew so much about homelessness. I said sure. I never heard another word from him about it. He did the much the same thing to Steve Braddock, I later learned from Steve. Instead of using the two people in Key West who actually knew the homeless terrain in Key West, Mayor Cates sought the advice of people in the Keys and on the mainland who would tell him what he wanted to hear, which he knew Steve and I would not do.

Sloan Bashinsky


Sloan at HH

breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s, home away from home

About Sloan

Darn, that would take a while. Try the autobiographical pages in the header. Ditto for header menu pages at www.goodmorningbirmingham.com. Hatched and raised there, eventually I ran away from home. Here's a short list: Born 1942; male; spoken for; accused of all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable things, perhaps some true. Live on Key West of Weird asteroid. Publish something most days at goodmorningkeywest.com, been at that since July 2007. That's heaps of catch-up reading, probably not recommended.
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