manure-shoveling and soul-fishing in “paradise” – Florida Keys, Key West, and beyond …

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Banks Prevatt, of Little Torch Key, President of Dump The Pumps Inc. (, forwarded this yesterday:
I included some comments in blue below.
In a message dated 2/20/2014 12:07:48 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, jm writes:
I forwarded your emails to 2 of the 3 neighbors that I know on Ocean Drive who are opposed to the grinder pumps.  I urged them to contact you directly to have their emails added to your list.  I contacted another neighbor for his email…that will make 4 of us that I know of who are opposed.  None of us have given the Authority an easement!Do you know anyone else on our block who has contacted you as opposed?  I am willing to contact other neighbors for the cause!  I know we have a number of folks with us from Summerland, but for most, I only have email addresses unless they have been specific like you.  I am not sure of how many we have on Ocean Drive.

Do you have a map showing which homes on Ocean Drive in Summerland are planned for these grinder pumps?  No, I do not.  They were available on the FKAA web site until we started getting some revisions.  Since then they have pulled them from the site.
I asked for a copy of the plan from the Authority but was never given one.  I know it is not our entire block…I know the end of the block is on the gravity fed system.  All I can suggest is that you keep calling them, asking for it and asking why you can’t get one.  Call and/or email George Neugent’s   office also and complain.  He is the county commissioner for this area.  872-1678 — neugent-george@monroecounty-fl.govWe have not seen cost estimates for installing grinder pumps vs  gravity fed for our block…not sure if one was ever prepared??    We were told by Acquaduct Authority that to prepare a study for our block (like what they did for a street on Sugarloaf) was too costly and that the savings was in the millions by using these grinder pumps but no mention was given regarding reimbursement for the continuous cost to us as owners…they just said that they were “considering a discount”.  As I am sure you know, other areas on Big Pine with long driveways are on the gravity fed system on their plan!  It is sad to say, but we are learning that the FKAA is self serving.  They will tell you want they want to and hope you go away.  A lot of what they say can be easily challenged.  I can cite samples of where they don’t know what they are talking about or shade the discussion they way they want it to be seen by others.  I have seen them do this to the County Commissioners.  And the commissioners buy it.

We were also told that if we did not give them the easement then we would have to incur the actual $10-$15K cost of the grinder pump and its installation/maintenance.  Ask them to put that in writing because you want you attorney to review it.  That actually scared some of the older neighbors who then gave them the easement.   When we further inquired about this grinder pump cost, we learned that they had ordered a custom made grinder pump specific to this project.  I put this in the sad category of a lie.  The same E-1 grinder pump is called for throughout the Keys.  An interesting thing is that this is a sole source item made my one company which eliminates competitive bidding.

In addition to gravity fed, my neighbors and I have discussed several other possibilities such as vacuum pumps installed by the street and tied into street lights and the possibility of acquiring a property for sale nearby where a station/substation could be set up cheaply if need be (list price $100K)…it is away from other homes and would be an ideal spot and the neighboring lot has already been deeded to county.  Many of us feel vacuum is a viable alternative in areas such as yours.  We also feel placement of collection points in the DOT right is a better way to go.  Marathon did a lot of this with a vacuum system.  Somehow, in the decision process it appears the vacuum was not given due consideration in the lower keys..

When you have a minute (I know you are very busy) call/email.  I am forwarding your email to several of our players.  One with better technical knowledge than I have may respond to you.
BCC a bunch.
Pooping on the public in paradise seems to be a way of life for many people, it is especially popular in the Florida Keys.
pelican pooping

Received an off the wall email yesterday, which also was sent to Kurt Wagner, currently on leave in St. Thomas, American Virgin Islands. I responded inside of the sender’s, with copy to Kurt:

Wiley Coyote

Oh good, I have the two of you together.  Yes, Kurt you need to return to KW! Between You, Sloan, and Hat Man u’all could form the “KW trinity”! LOL! OK, no laughs. Sloan, you oppose a van dweller parking lot being made out of the Truman waterfront property, rather u prefer it be a Bahama Village currency generator. Van dwellers are free to stay in the RV campround, if they pay the daily fee. Uhhh….Why? I know that the Bahama Village has long been neglected of funds and all of that stuff, but the filthy, hazardous, disease ridden, criminals that dwell in vans superimpose the need of the Bahama  Village for the over all “quality of living” thing. When you get here, I will take you to Bahama Village and let you tell the folks living there what you wrote to me. They will be happy to meet you, but I kinda doubt you will be happy to meet them. Ok, Kurt I have chosen a upholstered 5×8 sheet of plywood on top of “acquired” milk crates to be the lining of my mobile home (1996 caravan). Sloan, you aren’t one of those “self hating white people” who think that we owe black people something because of slavery are U? I mean, I know that you are a liberal, a cynic, and maybe a bite of an atheist, but not someone who a self hating white man! Tell me if I am off base.  You are not totally off base. If there is one thing I am racially prejudiced against, besides liars, cheats and hypocrites, it’s uppity white supremacists. In fact, your and my white supremacist God-loving (hardly fearing, given what they did) forefathers, our white supremacist foremothers didn’t have any say, indeed, using the Bible to justify it, did horribly mistreat African people and their descendants. And, instead of rebelling and torturing, raping and killing every white person they could lay hands on, those millions of Africans suffered and endured, just as Jesus advised in the Gospels, waiting on their final reward when it came, instead of doing to white people what had been done to African people. I would love for you to get to live in my skin a week, so you could get a real understanding of just how far off atheists are.  OK, to both I know that you should never consent to a search of your vehicle by KWPD or any PD for that mater. Speak for yourself, I have nothing to hide. I acquired my milk crates and vegetable crates from the local recycling center in NC, however does having these crates constitutes possession of stolen property even if they were acquired legally? Would that constitute as probable cause (Sloan)? You need to work some more on your comedy routine. Well, I plan on hanging peg board from hooks on sides of my vans interior windows that can be removed when I want to or to hang stuff from for storage, so KWPD can’t see in or through (Kurt).  I feel like even though I probably won’t be sleeping in my van or really driving it that much (just using pay parking) my van shouldn’t be under that much scrutiny. That’s up to the KWPD and their snitches. The van design you describe has just the kind of “tells” they look for. Ok, as far as a job I am in the process of shoring up various churches who are willing to vouch for me, sense I have now criminal record or DUIs. Your church affiliations and DUIs should help you fit in almost anywhere in Key West, homeless or not. I have researched the whole MRSA thing in KOTS and no doubt it IS an issue, however it is more of a prevention kinda thing.  Hell, tourists can get it from swimming in the waters of KW too (Both)! Ft. Zach is MRSA free from what I understand. A sucker is born every minute.MRSA can controlled with face masks, Lysol, bleach, white vinegar, and being careful. If you have a cut or a scrape or an abrasion on your skin, you go into the water down here at your own risk. Even without that, you go into the water at your own risk – any diver down here knows that. Just one nick diving, hello MRSA a real possibility. Not to mention swallowing or inhaling seawater down the nasal passage. How did either of you make the trip to US/B virgin Islands? Boat or Plain? I flew from Atlanta. Kurt, any eta on KW? Also, the Elmers Thanksgiving thing was an unfortunate and preventable tragedy. The KWPD officers that perpetrated and or covered up this crime should be prosecuted (all 13 of them)! This WILL NOT HAPPEN TO ME, because I won’t put myself in that position. Case closed (both)! If you come to Key West in the van you have described, you put yourself in that position. I plan on being a productive, functional, and homeless member of KW society. I can’t wait to hear from the both of you. Sloan, feel free to publish this and rip me in public. HAVE A DAY! Oh, I felt free to do that without any encouragement :-). I wonder how much of what you wrote is so, how much B.S? The van dwellers ought to really like having you around; they haven’t had any fresh meat in a while 🙂

Greg replied, with copy to Kurt. Again, I replied inside of Greg’s.

Wow, Sloan! I felt the cynicism biting into my shoulder! Hey, I need that!  The KWPD won’t be as kind as you. Let’s clear up a couple things. I have no criminal record or DUI’S not even been arrested before. I know to stay away from the non-vehicle owning homeless, because they will try to con u into trusting them and get stuff from u and those the very people I will encounter at KOTS. OK. What did you mean by ” Oh, I felt free to do that without any encouragement :-). I wonder how much of what you wrote is so, how much B.S? The van dwellers ought to really like having you around; they haven’t had any fresh meat in a while :-)”   
I meant what I wrote; you’re a big boy, you don’t need me explaining life and human relations to you. You come down here talking that jive, you might end up cut into small pieces and used for chum, if not literally, then for the fun of it.
As I mentioned I won’t be driving that much and just parking my van in a paid parking lot/garage either duval or KW bight paid parking lot. I feel that even If I was caught driving ( and I do have a valid NC license w/no points) and you can’t see in or though my van there should no probable cause as long as no incriminating oders there should be no probable cause.  I don’t have any illegal stuff anyway, but I just don’t want to wave my 4th amendment right. As far as your obvious “white guilt” that you possess, well you have 20 plus to deal with that. All powerful nations were built on the blood and bones of African, Chinese, Latino, Native Americans! That is how it was then. there in NOTHING that we can do to right that wrong! 
What we are doing, we, all powerful nation America, is we are experiencing a heap of bad karma for what our white ancestors did to Africans who demonstrated a great deal more dignity than their white American slavemasters. The way you keep plowing ahead, as if you are karma bullet proof, might not turn out to your liking, Greg, but you might not connect the dots, like most white Americans today ain’t connecting any dots. No defense that a tribe of Native Americans did in another tribe of Native Americans. Might as well say that was as bad as what Hitler and his henchmen, with plenty of help from lots of Germans, did to the Jews; and what Stalin, and his henchmen, did to the Jews in their territory – about the same, I have heard as the Nazis did, just different devices and methods. You might do a lot better taking your jive to some places in various southern states, including Florida, I have had the pleasure to get to know; but even there you might end up being just so much fresh meat. Like I wrote earlier, you need to work on your comedy act; growing up a bit, or a lot, might be required.
I mean the Calisto Indians were hunted to extinction by the Seminole Indians on the very island that you call home! FACT! I know that you get worse emails than this so don’t get mad at me, because I need you knowledgeable input prior to my arrival at KW. I just need to pad the landing strip as much as possible (that is where you come in).  Some of you info is not what I want to hear, but it is needed. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to set me straight! Can’t wait for my next ripping! LOL! 
I’m not mad at you, Greg; you are plenty mad at yourself, that comes through loud and clear with all your jiving and posturing. You bring that big attitude down here, it might not turn out like you had hoped. You come across like you believe you have all the new-arrival moves down pat; nothing you need from me other than straight talk, is all I see so far. Spend a few nights at KOTS, get to know some folks who can ‘splain things to you better than I can. People who got humbled by life, and humbled, and humbled, until they had nothing else but being real, even if they weren’t pretty, even if it was embarrassing, even if they hated themselves for it. Once you really do hit rock bottom, Greg, and you know you have hit it, there is only one place to go, other than staying on rock bottom. I learned that by doing it. Putting other people down just for the hell of it is a symptom of self-hatred. I learned that the hard way, too.

Kurt wrote to Greg, copy to me:


1)    Why are you disrespecting Sloan?  I’m sure as hell he’s NOT an atheist, he is NOT a racist,  he is NOT as you describe a self hating white person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    
2)     Why are you disrespecting the people of Bahama Village?  I would love to be with Sloan when he takes you there.  Van dwellers DO NOT deserve preference over Bahama Village!  
3)    I am a firm believer in our constitution, I believe the PD has no right to search my vehicle without probable cause. (I know Sloan disagrees.)  KWPD will make up some probable cause to cover there asses.  
4)    There is NO WAY to protect yourself from MRSA if you go in the water.  There is no safe water around Key West.
5)    I am sure Sloan will have something to say about your email.  It will be well deserved.  
    Do you not understand the advise given to you?  With that attitude you won’t survive a week in Key West.

Greg wrote to Kurt, copy to me:

Sorry all! No disrespect intended!  A 1000 pardons! U guys make living in KW sound like being in prison! I mean its the whole parking lot was your idea Kurt, and I don’t think they should have to pay. I was not disrespecting Bahama Village just saying that homeless van dwellers shouldn’t have to pay, and Kurt u yourself said that if there was payment it would be in the pocket of city council people. When I come to KW I won’t have an assuming attitude! Hell, thanks to u guys I will probably be afraid, but I will still be there.  I will get a spot to park my van legally, check into KOTS early, get a job or two (hopefully eliminating the need for the latter), and hang out when I am not sleeping or working.  I know that KW isn’t a port of call for the homeless.  Sorry I pissed everyone off. 

Kurt wrote to Greg, copy to me:

Sorry Gregg, I can no longer waste my time on advice to some one who either can’t understand what they read or refuses to listen.

I wrote to both:

Ditto from me, Kurt – except I don’t  believe the KW cops have a right to search your van, or any person’s van or car, unless there is what lawyers and judges call “probable cause”, which, of course, in Key West, could mean a police officer simply wants to search a vehicle and come up with probably cause later, or, “Well, I thought I had probably cause!” like those KW’s finest thought they had with Charles Eimers. Key West ain’t the mainland. The US Constitution ain’t all that welcome down here, unless it is more convenient to holler in its favor, than not holler.

It came to me after a awoke from a nap, Greg, to ask if you ever read People of the Lie, by the psychiatrist Scott Peck? If not, perhaps you should.
work mule
After several instructive dreams last night from my “Steering Committee”, I wrote to Kurt and Greg this morning:

And, Kurt, as I have written many times, I think the anti-lodging in a vehicle ordinance is unconstitutional, because it makes it illegal for someone to live in his/her home, if a vehicle is his/her home and he/she has no place else to live. That was the defense I hoped Hatman would lead off with at his trial, we had rehearsed it, but he did not even mention it to Judge Miller.

Greg, your affect (how you come across) is similar to what I have seen in addicts just in or not yet in recovery: hyped up, megalomaniac, inability, or unwillingness, to tell the truth. Addicts come in many forms, chemical addiction is what first comes to people’s minds, but religious fanaticism is addiction, for another example. As is political fanaticism, for another addiction.
The only cure known to me for addiction is Divine Intervention, which persists after the initial lightning strike, so to speak. No fun, being cured in that way. But, as I said, it is the only cure known to me. It can be asked for by the addict, and if the prayer is answered, the cure is imposed. Or, it can be imposed even without a prayer. Either procedure, however, is decided and run by something a whole lot bigger than the addict.
I have a great deal of experience in that arena, but not as a chemical addict personally. I have had a lot of dealings with chemical addicts. However, my addictions were: seeking others’ approval; finger-pointing; denial; inability, or unwillingness, to tell the truth; various fanatical crusades; and striving to prove myself to me and whomever.
holy fire 2
Perhaps something was in the wind, received this yesterday from someone I used to know in Birmingham, who was a friend of my younger brother Major. I got to know him more later on. After Thanksgiving last year, I heard from him out of the blue, and learned some of what he had been doing, and that he considered himself an astute Christian theologian and was of the view that most Christians are pretenders. 
Just wanted to give yall a two week progress report on my Heart Attack recovery! I saw my Cardiologist this morning and we went over what was done to me in the hospital, what to expect in the future and he adjusted my million pill daily RX regime! I take so many pills now that I can skip a meal.
The stint I had “installed” about 15 years ago was clogged. Unlike a heart bypass procedure, a stint doesn’t usually have a “tread life” but mine obviously did. They slipped a new and improved stint inside the old one after they had reamed out the entire blockage. (I still contend that doctors are actually glorified plumbers)
The amazing thing is, that just like 15 years ago, the rest of my heart vessels still look clean. That was a real head scratcher for Dr. Westcott who did my first stint in Seattle and for Dr. Stinebaugh as well. They did show some very minor abnormalities but nothing you wouldn’t expect to see in a man my age (Old Coot). Who knows why this one artery is such a problem child. And to tell you why heart disease is our #1 killer in this country, listen to this.
I had been experiencing some symptoms that felt like indigestion. It presented as burning in my upper chest and a slight salivary gland ache. (That turned out to be Angina and Jaw pain, both of which are heart attack symptoms) I decided to use the sense God had given me and go see Dr. Stinebaugh. After describing the reason for my call, the appointment lady got me in immediately. It was Jan the 13th. Dr. Stinebaugh couldn’t find anything going on outside the norm. Around 2 weeks later I suffered my second heart attack.
If this ever happens to you, DO NOT be a hero or you will be a DEAD hero. Get help! In Seattle I didn’t mess around, I went to the emergency room as quickly as I could. I may be stubborn but I’m no IDIOT! Don’t any of you be either. Especially if you have made yourself a prime candidate for a heart attack by packing on the pounds (nice phrase for morbidly obese), trying to handle the stresses of your life instead of letting the Holy Spirit fill you with His fruits, getting little or no REAL cardiovascular exercise, not having an annual stress test if you are at high risk or just not eating the right stuff. I would hope you all know exactly to whom I’m referring. It’s not just one person.
If you think you might be having a heart attack, ACT LIKE YOU ARE! It’s better to be wrong than dead. It’s why I’m still around to lecture some of you!
Cardiac rehab next week. Can’t wait!
One last thing. If you have symptoms and if at all possible, call an ambulance instead of trying to get to an emergency room on your own. You can call your local ambulance company and ask how long it would generally take to reach you at one or more locations. If the amount of time is more than you feel good about then that’s another issue to consider. But ambulances have shock paddles and other lifesaving “things” you may need to survive the trip.
And if possible, go to a major hospital, not a community hospital. I went to Swedish Medical Center in Seattle which is world class. Their emergency room was a well-oiled machine and my stay there was nothing short of perfection as was Dr. Westcott.  This time I went to Thomas Hospital ER here where I honestly thought I had entered the “Twilight Zone”. It was truly one of the most awful experiences of my life (and almost death). Don’t let the ER bully you into form filling while you turn blue!
1.    There are good doctors and good hospitals and
2.   Then there good doctors and bad hospitals and
3.   Then there are bad doctors and bad hospitals.
Do some in-depth research and identify #1 (Don’t ever consider feel good stories by patients; feelings and emotions make for irrelevant medical analysis AND even worse church selection) I had no choice and was unfortunately caught by #2.
Our Lord Jesus has been my Rock, but Beth has been my Angel. Her loving care, concern and attention reveal who she is in Christ as well as her commitment to me as her husband. I love that woman!
In His Name,
I replied, copied to all the other recipients of his:
Hi, Craig –
Sorry to hear of your heart attack, glad to hear you are glad you survived. Way God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit overwork me, I often find myself thinking it might be a nice change of pace to have a fatal heart attack and try out something elsewhere. The workouts I am given, day and night, just don’t seem to jive with anything I was taught in Sunday school back when I was a kid, nor for that matter, in church services later on.
Just yesterday, I spoke with a fellow down here in Key West, who used to be a city commissioner, about a book he had loaned me to read: The Jesus Dynasty. The author, an archaeologist dedicated to Christian history, although maybe not himself a Christian, set out to rewrite the Gospels and the life of Jesus based on historical evidence, including ancient parchments and scrolls, such as the Dead Sea variety and so forth.
Some of it I found interesting. I had to give the fellow credit for persistence, but he made lots of assumptions which turned up in later parts of the book as statements of fact, and that was about half-way through the book, where I told my friend that I gave up and returned the book to him. He said, well, isn’t that the same thing the Vatican and other Christian schools of thought did? They made assumptions and turned them into facts. I said yes, that’s what they did. 
I said, however, there was one assumption, turned into fact, by this author which he did not deal with up to where I stopped reading. That assumption turned into fact was it was John the Baptist, not Jesus, who was the messiah, and Jesus was John the Baptist’s disciple, and Jesus went all over the place baptizing people in water, like John the Baptist was doing. I said somewhere in the Gospels is a passage where a fellow came to Jesus and asked to be baptized in water, and Jesus told the man that he did not baptize in that way, and for him to go to John the Baptist for that, and then come back to him, Jesus, who would baptized him in fire. My friend gave me an interesting look. I said I had swam that passage up many Christians’ hind ends, and had never once heard it mentioned by a Christian, nor in a Christian church.
I think in another passage somewhere in the Gospels, John the Baptist tells someone, or someones, that another greater than him will baptize in fire and in spirit. And somewhere else in the Gospels, I recall Jesus said he had a baptism, something about fire, and he was anxious to get on with it. I doubt there is any way to explain that baptism to someone who has not also experienced it. It is something that truly has to be lived, to be comprehended. To say it is no fun, would be gross understatement :-). To say it is horrible, would be fairly understated.
That said, Craig, I am puzzled why you felt compelled to drag God and the Christian Trinity into your report? What compelled you do that? Were you told by the Holy Spirit to do that? Like, was it revealed to you in a dream, or in a waking vision, that you should do that? Or is that something you just do automatically, like it’s a computer program? I pose those questions because I dreamt about addiction all last night, and of trying to help someone deal with his own addiction. I had someone with that on my plate yesterday, and then your email came in, which I did not see until this morning.
I replied to the other fellow, whose symptoms present quite differently from yours, Craig. He did not come at me with Bible talk, and he even accused me of being an atheist. I replied, if he lived in my skin for a week, he would know just how truly off-base atheists are. I could say just as easily, if Christians I know lived in my skin for a week, they would know just how truly off-base Christianity is relative to Jesus in the Gospels, or Jesus today. Same steep is the way, narrow the gate, and few enter therein. Same many are called but few are chosen. Same, the work is great and the laborers are few.
Perhaps I am off-base, Craig, but it might be your heart attack is related to trying too hard. Striving, pushing, proselytizing, crusading, which are addictions. Perhaps your heart attack was a message from Above for you to chill, stop pushing, striving, proselytizing, crusading, and simply start living day to day, taking no thought for tomorrow, because each day has enough trouble of its own. 
Perhaps you are dead-on saying Beth, your heart mate, is your Angel, because she is female, she is what you seem to lack – the feminine, which actually is part of men and women, as is the masculine part of men and women, but humanity pretty much has rejected the feminine in favor of the masculine. Even so, women remain to remind humanity that it is feminine as well as masculine, in God’s image they were made, male and female alike. 

Craig, did you ever wonder how an all-male Trinity can reproduce, create, propagate? Can a man mate with a man and produce a child? Yet, is that now what Christendom has done to God by creating an all-male Trinity, which hardly is in God’s image, but the transmogrification thereof into man’s image. Is the dove a masculine symbol, Craig? In your theological studies, did you come across Shekinah in the Jewish cosmology, the Spirit of God, gender female? Did you notice in the Old Testament that Wisdom is assigned gender female, and it is said fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom?Somewhere in the Gospels, this is another passage I never heard from a Christian nor in a Christian church, Jesus tells his disciples they can blaspheme him and they will be forgiven, but if they blaspheme the Holy Ghost, they will not be forgiven. He put Her above him, it seemed, and he warned them that if they treated Her like they had treated him, it would be deep doo doo for them. The disciples still were squabbling egotistical children when, in the Gospels, Jesus told them he would send the Comforter to them, to take his place. After She came into them, they started growing into adults and became of use to God. Their baptism in fire (spirit) continued, of course, until their time on this world ended. The Letter to the Hebrews gravely warns all who enter that baptism not to run away from the chastening of the Lord. I never heard that passage from a Christian or in a  Christian church, either.

Because of countless direct really fun 😉 experiences with angels of the Lord, ongoing, ever are they correcting me, re-directing me, pushing me, I fear God in ways no person I know today can come anywhere close to even imagining. Times past, I knew a few people who shared a similar fear of God. Their main concern was trying to keep God happy with them, now, daily. There was no thought of the afterlife. There was only how we were doing right now, today, in this moment. Those people moved on, I no longer converse with them. Yet there is another one who came into my life later, who is getting brought into what I am trying to describe here, knowing it is not possible to be received without experiencing it.
So, I will come back to the Holy Spirit, gender female. If She were gender male, would not Christendom’s God be homosexual? If She were gender male, would there be any hope for addicts, whose affliction is absence of the feminine operating inside of them? As I wrote to the other fellow today:
“The only cure known to me for addiction is Divine Intervention, which persists after the initial lightning strike, so to speak. No fun, being cured in that way. But, as I said, it is the only cure known to me. It can be asked for by the addict, and if the prayer is answered, the cure is imposed. Or, it can be imposed even without a prayer. Either procedure, however, is decided and run by something a whole lot bigger than the addict.
“I have a great deal of experience in that arena, but not as a chemical addict personally. I have had a lot of dealings with chemical addicts. However, my addictions were: seeking others’ approval; finger-pointing; denial; inability, or unwillingness, to tell the truth; various fanatical crusades; and striving to prove myself to me and whomever.”
Perhaps you simply need to spend more time with Beth?
light bulb
Day before yesterday, a Key West amiga, who co-owns with her husband a local radio station, said she does not like opening links of any kind, and she was not reading what I write because all I was sending her were links to the daily posts. I thanked her, said I would start including again the actual text in what I emailed to my contacts, even though the formatting might be less appealing than at the websites. She said she would resume looking over what I was writing.
We talked some about her radio station, on which I have been interviewed a number of times. They interview all candidates for office, cover lots of public affairs, promote public benefit events. She said they view their station as public service. They are barely breaking even. I told her to send me something about their station in the body of an email, not in an attachment :-), which I myself do not like opening for the same reason she does not like opening links – no telling what you might end up “catching”. She sent this yesterday, I added the lighthouse, which sits across the street from the Hemingway House on Whitehead Street.
thanks for pasting the blog into the email.  I did scroll through!

here is the information about our radio station:
Island 107.1 FM
Station Profile
Locally owned and operated by: The Keyed Up Communications Company, John and Linda Russin since 1995
Studio facilities: 1075 Duval Street, #C-17, Key West
Transmitter location: Old Town Key West
Licensed to operate at 107.1 MHz at 3000 watts
Coverage: Key West, Stock Island, Big Coppitt, Sugarloaf, Summerland, Cudjoe
(Full coverage of dominant Key West/Monroe County population).
Format: New rock music, all locally programmed. No corporate programming; the first locally owned, independent music radio station in Key West.
Demographics: age 18 – 54, 50% male, 50% female
30,000 residents of Key West and Stock Island
3 million visitors a year – Key West Chamber of Commerce
75 – 83% of visitors arrive by car – listening to radio!
Specialty programs:
Mornings with Tancy: M, W, F, 6:30-8:30am
DLC Show – Tuesday, Thursday, 8:30-10 am
Island Issues Show, with Rolland Montefalcon– Wednesday, 9:10-9:40 am
Happy Hour with Trice – Friday, 5-7pm
Jukebox Friday Night with Alan Church – Friday, 8 – 11pm
Saturday Super Soul Review with Alan Church – Sat., 9pm – 12midnight
Local’s Mic Night, with Daryl Brooke – Wednesday, 7 – 8pm
The Mangrove Metal Show, with Heavy Metal Bill – Wednesday, 8 – 10pm
The Keys Real Estate Show – Saturdays, 10 – 11am, with Barbara Bowers
Reggae Show – Sunday, 10 am – 5 pm, with DJ Original Man
Program sponsorships: News, Nonprofit & Volunteer of the Week, Key West Athlete of the Week, Metropolitan Opera Live, Reggae Show, Happy Hour and more. 

Linda Hamlin Russin
Island 107.1 FM
1075 Duval St., #C17
Key West, Florida 33040

Feather Talk
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Sloan Bashinsky


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Darn, that would take a while. Try the autobiographical pages in the header. Ditto for header menu pages at Hatched and raised there, eventually I ran away from home. Here's a short list: Born 1942; male; spoken for; accused of all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable things, perhaps some true. Live on Key West of Weird asteroid. Publish something most days at, been at that since July 2007. That's heaps of catch-up reading, probably not recommended.
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