The Problem With Lawsuits, Key West

blind-justice.jpg“Late post today, very rough spirit energy around it, maybe because once upon a time my oldest daughter at age 5 was struck by a car on her bicycle and nearly lost a leg. But for a miracle-maker orthopedic surgeon, she would have lost it.”
So began yesterday’s Bicycle Safety, Key West post, which took a while to struggle through and out of me. I should have seen much sooner what was being triggered in me, but I didn’t see it.  Maybe I was prevented from seeing it, until it was time, even though my training should have taken me right to it at the get-go.
Let me tell a story, not a very pretty story.
When my first daughter was starting to talk a little bit, one of our neighbors asked her, “Hey, little girl, what’s your name?”
“My name? My name Nelle Major,” she said, smiling.
“Oh, that’s good Nelle Major.” She beamed.
“What is your daddy’s name?”
“Daddy? Daddy named ‘handball,” she said proudly.
My neighbors also happened to be close friends. They looked at me. I looked away. 4-wall handball, which I had taken up after graduating from law school, was the most important thing in my life.
About three years later, Nelle was hit by a Volkswagen Beetle driven by a very old woman driving very slowly on the street where we lived. The woman pulled Nelle Major off the street into our front yard, as my wife was screaming for me that Nelle Major had been hurt. I ran outside, saw her leg barely hanging together above the ankle. A car driving by stopped. I asked the couple to take us to a hospital. They did. En route, as I looked at Nelle Major’s leg, gaping open, clumps of red flesh all around the wound but miraculously no bleeding, she kept saying, “I wish it was all over! I wish it was all over!”
David Vesley, the orthopedic surgeon on call, came in and took her into surgery and reattached everything as best he could. He told me he though he had saved her leg. By now I was a basket case and my wife took over and made me go home and get some sleep.  The next morning, I got up and went to my law office and worked. At noon, I went to the YMCA and played handball. In the middle of the second game, after I was fully warmed up, we were playing double, my right leg went out. It felt like someone had stepped on the back of my Achilles. But no one was around me. I hobbled off the court, showered, dressed and hobbled back to my law office. By that night my lower leg was as big as my thigh.
The next morning I was in David Vesley’s office. He diagnosed ruptured Achilles tendon, and prescribed a brace. He said it would have been better if the tendon had snapped, which he could have repaired surgically. He said Nelle Major would walk on her left leg before I would walk on my right leg. He was right. Even then, before I knew about spiritual signals, I knew this was a spiritual signal. I also knew Nell Major saying my name was “Handball” also was a spiritual signal. Even so, I talked my senior law partner into bringing a lawsuit against the old woman who had done nothing wrong, as Nelle Major had bolted out in front of her from behind a large bush, and there was nothing that could be done about it but give thanks the Volkswagen was going slow.
This story became but one of many similar stories in a book I much later was moved to write about approaching legal problems in a new way. Writing that book took me back into many of my own mis-reads of what something had really been about. It completely rearranged my perspective of just about everything. Three years it took me to write that book and publish it myself, after my New York publishing firm declined it, saying The High Legal Road was too spiritual to be a law book, and too legal to be a spiritual book, so they would not know how to market it.
I thought, or maybe hoped, when the book was published that I was finished with the case in it that were about me. I sent copies to Nelle Major and her sister, and heard nothing back, which didn’t surprise me, as far out as the book was from mainstream thinking and action.
The next part of the workout, maybe that’s an ok description, came in late 1999, the very last time Nelle Major and I talked. She lived in Louisiana with her husband and daughters, and she called me about something important not pertaining to her. We were both wide open, and she told me that she and her little friends were playing a game about riding their bicycles down that drive way in front of approaching cars, to try to beat the car before it got to the driveway. I didn’t know what to say, other than I felt it was my fault, her way of trying to reach out to me to get my attention, which she wasn’t getting nearly enough of.
Then, I told her about the day after she was injured. It got really quiet. I asked her how she was doing. She said she didn’t know how she was doing. We never spoke again, and I am thinking only now have I been shown in this most circuitous manner what caused Nelle’s and my estrangement. In honestly, I cannot complain, as I was a lousy father to her, and to her sister. Not that I didn’t love them, I did. But I just wasn’t there for them when they were young. Even practicing law was more important to me than spending time with them when they came to visit after their mother and I were divorced.
The truly odd thing is, if either of them were to call me to arrange a get together, or for help, I would be on the road that day. If either of them were in harm’s way, I would sacrifice my life to try to save them. In the meantime, the only time I hear from or see them is in my dreams, where it usually is pretty good between us. Just about everything seems different for me in dream time with people who have fallen out with me, of which there are quite a few. Maybe I digress, though. Maybe I need to get back to The High Legal Road, many years now out of print.
Many people came into my life with legal troubles, to help me prepare to write that book. They, along with me, became stories in the book. After I published it, many more people came to me who had heard of the book, or even had read it, and I also tried to help them take a different approach to their cases. A reflective, contemplative approach, totally contrary to the traditional approach. An approach compatible with Jesus’ advice to turn the other cheek and his admonitions against using lawyers and going to court, although the underlying rationale in the cases I was given was often different.
Even today, I advise people to avoid litigation, no matter how grievous an offense has been done against them. I don’t get many takers, but I keep giving that advice, because I learned practicing law, and again writing The High Legal Road, that even the winners lose in lawsuits. The wear and tear is horrendous. That is why I tried so very hard to persuade Sandy Downs to end two very bitter lawsuits before she ran for sheriff last year, because I knew she and her family were being beat up by those cases, and I knew the cases would interfere with her run for sheriff.
What I’m doing in a round about way is leading up to again pleading with the family of Lionel Clements, who was struck on his bicycle and soon died, from filing a law suit. It is not God’s way. It is not healthy. It will cause a lot of trouble for them in ways they cannot yet began to imagine, and perhaps they won’t even connect all of the trouble with the lawsuit they filed. Let this go. Remember Mr. Clements in love. He loved you. He wants you to do it this way. He’s telling me to tell you this. Perhaps because he knows what all I have been through that caused me to have this perspective today.
Sloan Bashinsky, citizen

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