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Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry (retired) and his wife Donna replied to yesterday’s politically incorrect and other heresies and noise in Key West post at

Sloan: the very very worst noise comes from
3 sources which “they” will do nothing about:
that really lacerate one’s central nervous system
with damage: 1) Those motorcycle horrific modified pipes
2) those motorcycle horrific modified pipes
3) those motorcycle horrific modified pipes
why even pretend and waste time and money—nothing
will effect these damaging–to the human psyche
motorcycles—out of the factory they are just fine;
those modified pipes are hell incarnate.!!!!!!!!
the drivers reeve and make as much noise as
possible. Jerry and Donna

I wrote back:

Police and ambulance sirens do me about the same pain as motorcycle modified pipes. Bass music gets to me even worse, if it is nearby and constant. I doubt any noise is more painful though, than what I heard preached at Impact Community Church last night. That noise destroys souls, in Jesus and God’s name. This is one seriously fucked up species, Jerry, for such noise to be worshiped by so many. Seriously fucked up.

Jerry wrote:

Motorcycle modified pipes are wickedly
chosen voluntarily—then, at most intersections
they go into a convulsive pattern of becoming
as noxiously disruptive as conceivable
especially when standing motionless, at
a traffic signal. one can avoid church and
living on Little Torch —you weren’t subjected to
sirens –I would think. we all have different
thresholds—but all you mentioned and I mentioned
are ferocious. enjoy the evening——-Jerry

I replied:

Agreed, and there were few sirens on Little Torch, but I hear them often in Key West. Alas, some noise is not audible to the ears but only to the soul and, like bass music, it travels long distance and penetrates solid matter. What I heard at Impact Community Church last night was such noise. I don’t usually go into churches because of what happens when I am in them, but there was a reason for my going into that church beyond the letter to the editor in the Key West Citizen. A good friend of mine is high on the church’s Seventh Day Adventist pastor, several denominations use that church, and her son spends a lot of time there, and he is sort of like a godson to me, and I needed to be in there to size up the situation. I didn’t expect to come away impressed, and was not let down.

Jerry replied:


I posted this message yesterday at Pastor Tim Roosenberg’s website,

Subject: life after death, and life on this world

I spoke with you at Impact Community Church after your Saturday night presentation on how Jesus rescues his people. I asked you if you knew about the Melchizedek Priesthood, and I asked you other questions and said other things to you, including you need to get to know your Bible better. I reported that and your presentation that night, and a dream I had about your theology, the next morning (Sunday) at, that would be February 9, 2014. The name of that post is “politically incorrect and other heresies and noise in Key West”. Your part is the last segment of that “homily”. Your daughter is not asleep, Tim. She never was, but her father is. As are most Christians, Catholics Jews, Muslims, and members of other religions and members of no religions. I did not mention your daughter in what I published today. Nor that I also had a child die. Many years later he returned to me, came into me, it was quite an experience, to live out this life with me. I published that quite a few times in the past. I published a lot of stuff over the years since I was apprehended in early 1987, after I, at the end of my rope, out of bright ideas, prayed, “Dear God, I do not wish to die like this, failed. Please help me.” I paused, added, “I offer my life to human service.” About ten days later, in the wee hours, I awoke to see two beings hovering above me in the darkness. I assumed they were angels, although there were no wings. They were white with a tint of blue. I heard, “This will push you to your limits but you asked for it (I remembered the prayer I had made) and we are going to give it to you.” I then was struck three times by lightning, spiritual lightning – I saw the flashes, my body was jolted. Then the two beings dematerialized. That was the beginning of my no longer being in what I had perceived to be in control of my own ship – I never was, but I had believed I was. What I then experienced sort of reminded me of what Job experienced, but I was not nearly as devout about it as Job was. I whined and complained plenty. I wanted to die a lot of the time. I plotted my own demise many times. Even as I had many direct experiences (countless) with angels, and lots of direct experiences with Christian saints, and with demons, and a few with Lucifer. Still do. It was maybe 1999 that I understood the two who came in early 1987 were Jesus and Archangel Michael, although there were many clues of who they were during the interim. Melchizedek joined them starting 1993, although it was about six years before I understood now there were the three on my case. They really worked me over, I was pushed beyond limits I knew I had; am still pushed. Perhaps they will pay you a visit, perhaps not; I never know what they are going to do. I never know what’s going to happen, and I don’t predict the future, other than I know change is inevitable and physical death, too, unless I get an Elijah exit. As Jesus said in the Gospels, take no thought for tomorrow, because each day as enough trouble of its own. Just my opinion, Daniel was the most godly man in the Old Testament. He is not asleep either. He still interprets dreams; he is with me, too. I was told in June 2004, by the same voice which delivered the initial news, a voice I’d by then heard quite a few times in my sleep, “You need to dream, Sloan, so you will know what is really going on.” My dream just before dawn this morning was about you. You will not believe that when you read about the dream, if you read about it. But it was about you. Well, perhaps I should make it easy for you. Below is the end of the post today. Shalom, Sloan

P.S. After publishing the above, I pedaled my bicycle to Harpoon Harry’s to have breakfast. En route, and over breakfast, I found myself pondering my last dream this morning. I was in a familiar garden plot I have been tending in dreams since 1995, which has to do with my ancestral religion – Judeo-Christianity. Among the established plants was a small, gnarly thistle-looking plant in a small clay pot. Its roots were covered with sharp hairy spines and were growing into the air instead of down into the dirt in the pot. I pulled the plant out of the pot and with my bare hands dug a hole in the dirt on the side of the garden and planted the plant and its roots in the dirt and covered the hole over with more dirt. The plant is Tim Roosenberg’s theology. Perhaps it will grow differently now, perhaps not – that’s in Jesus and God’s hands.


What I heard from Tim Roosenberg at Impact Community Church somewhat reminded me of my father’s widow, his second wife, who nearly was run over by her own car in the driveway of my father’s home. She conceived that it was Satan who had tried to kill her and that led to her being converted into a far-right born-again Christian. Another way she could have viewed it was she had made a mistake and an angel of the Lord had saved her, a sinner, in the nick of time.

After the close call and her conversion, she came across as very sure of her high standing with God. I saw her do several terrible things in God’s name, and I, not even being a church-goer at the time, was the one who got to call her on it, and my father, too, because he was letting her get away with it. That’s what led to the estrangement between my father and me; he felt he had to choose one of us, and he chose her. I never told him he had to choose her or me; I simply told him to stop aiding and abetting the evil she was doing. I also told them both that she was getting gold stars in heaven for helping him, my father, get off booze and narcotics, and keeping him alive. He had a terrible pain in his back for several years, which the narcotics were used for. He was an alcoholic most of his life, but in his later years he got over that, as far as I knew. He was a professed Christian all his life, but I did not hear that he became a born-again Christian.

I had every right to be in that role, because I was the only person who stood with my father, I was his best man, I carried her wedding ring. I was God’s witness to their marriage, when my brother and my father’s brother and his wife, and all of my father’s friends opposed my father marrying her. I told my father that I didn’t know her, it was his life to live, not theirs, and he would have to live with her. He thanked me for saying that, and for agreeing to be his best man.

On receiving news of my father’s passing in August 2005, I wept, not because he had died, but because we had not patched things up between us. I had felt all along we would patch things up, but I was wrong. However, he for years had come to me in dreams with the kind of advice any son would want to have from his father. After he passed over, I was told in a dream that he had gone to heaven. He continued coming to me in dreams with advice I needed. He still does that.

In the past year, my mother started coming to me in dreams with advice I need. And her parents started doing that. And my father’s father started doing that. My daughters come to me in dreams with advice, even though I have not seen them since 1999, and have heard form only one of them, the younger, one time since early 2000. The older daughter was in a dream last night. We were in love. I figured on waking that I needed to be loving in what I wrote today about my father.

Are those  loved ones really coming to me in dreams, or is it angels posing as them? I can’t say for sure. Tim Roosenberg would say it is Satan coming to me in dreams, posing as my loved ones. Tim said that at Impact Community Church. I hope his deceased daughter comes to him, to help him wake up. I imagine it will be hard for him to make his beloved daughter out to be Satan.

Hard for me to imagine Lucifer comes to me disguised as my loved ones, or as Jesus, Michael or Melchizedek, with advice I need to hear and often do not want to hear. Advice correcting me, steering me in a different and more productive direction. I get steered every night in my dreams. I wonder if Tim Roosenberg remembers his dreams? He spoke of one of Old Testament Daniel’s prophetic dreams, which Daniel said he did not understand, and yet Tim went on to say what Daniel’s dream meant.

My younger daughter is an eye surgeon. Several years ago she told me in a dream that she never would leave me. Given her line of work, I took that dream to mean she would be helping me see clearly what I need to see.

Moving laterally, 

I met a local lawyer at Jack Flats yesterday afternoon. Turned out he graduated from Cumberland Law School in Birmingham, Alabama, my home town. Cumberland is attached to Samford University, a private Baptist school. I told the lawyer how Samford came to be known as Samford, after it had been Howard College for many years, a Baptist college.

My Grandfather Bashinsky’s best childhood friend from Troy, Alabama, Frank Samford, gave Howard College more money than my Grandfather Bashinsky gave; that was how the name of the college was decided.

The lawyer said, Bashinsky University would have caused a problem. I agreed. Not many Baptists not living in Birmingham would have been happy about a Baptist college being named after the son of a Polish Jew.

The lawyer’s name is Ron Solomon. I suspect, did not ask, that he might be Jewish. He is a plaintiff lawyer.

Ron said he is very concerned about people being jerked around by the system. About poor people and any Americans not having medical coverage. That President Obama screwed up Obama Care so badly that now Medicare is threatened, and even Social Security.

I said I share the same concerns, but I see no way for all Americans to have health care while America spends so much money on wars which make American corporations a great deal of money, and at the same time taxes on the rich are cut.

Ron said what was spent on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars could have provided health care for every American.

I said, alas, it looks the me it’s not a question of if Train USA will leave the tracks, but when, and I personally hope I’m not here when that happens. Ron said people need to care, keep trying to make things better for everyone. I said I do what is in front of me, that’s all I can do. I cannot make Congress or the President do differently. All I can do what is right in front of me, even though sometimes I am told to write about Congress and the President.

I can’t help but wonder in this moment if America’s war lust is somehow rooted in its JudeoChristian heritage and believing it is “One nation, under God.” I can’t help but wonder if America is no different from Islam nations, which wage wars, jihads they might say, in God’s name. I doubt America will win the war against Islam, because Muslim militants are not afraid to die; they view dying in a war against infidels (Christians, Jews, Americans) as a sure ticket into Paradise. I never knew one American who was not afraid of dying in a war, or otherwise. I came to view people being afraid of dying as them being afraid of the afterlife, God.

Ron Solomon said last night that most people are incapable of stopping and thinking; they are on automatic. He said, if I only write stuff which causes people to stop and think, that is good enough. He asked how many people read what I publish? I said I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter because I am told to publish and on what topics. Day after day I do that, and when I run for public office, it gives me a bigger audience.

Ron asked if I take paid advertising? I said no, nobody every wanted to run a paid ad on my blogs. Ron asked if it would it present a conflict for me to take paid ads? Probably, I said.

If I am being paid to run a person’s advertising, and if that person becomes a person of interest to the angels running me, I do have a conflict of interest writing about that person, for better or for worse.  It was refreshing to speak with a lawyer who understands conflict of interest.

That’s a brief summary of about a 4-hour conversation at Jack Flats. A very interesting man, Ron Solomon. And, I imagine, a pretty darn good plaintiff lawyer.

Moving laterally,

I heard on the street yesterday that blow back might be brewing from Key West putting out for bids the city’s towing business, with the winning bid getting all the city’s towing business. I heard there might be backroom stuff going on. There might be a lawsuit against the city. That’s all I heard, and I’m going to be keeping my eyes and ears open.

I also bumped into Richard Talmadge yesterday,

Richard Talmadge

he owns The Restaurant Store in Key West. He asked what I am going to do to straighten out Truman Waterfront? Me? What can I do? I’m not in charge of that, I protested. However, I said if I were in charge, I would turn Truman Waterfront into a city-run RV campground, which ought to make the city and Bahama Village plenty of money. I said all the other ideas for developing Truman Waterfont were doomed from the start, and should not even have been entertained by the City Commission. I explained why. The look on Richard’s face was of someone having never before heard some of what I told him.

Richard then went on a rant about city staff running the city and driving the elected city officials crazy. City staff were permanent, elected officials, city managers came and went. I disagreed, said the elected officials make all the final decisions, the buck stops with them; city staff cannot be blamed for what the elected officials decide. Richard disagreed. I disagreed with Richard, said if the elected officials can’t run the city, they should not be elected officials.

Moving laterally,

in today’s Key West Citizen is a letter to the editor from 2010 County Commission candidate Danny Coll,

Danny Coll

who ran unsuccessfully against County Commissioner George Neugent


in the Republican primary. That’s when I got to know Danny, because I ran in that race as an Independent and closed the Republican primary to only registered Republican voters. The thrust of Danny’s letter to the editor is national elected officials should have term limits and should not be allowed to become career elected officials. I could not agree more and feel the same about local elected officials. I imagine that was the covert meaning of Danny’s letter to the editor, as it is said he will run for George Neugent’s seat this year.

Key West Mayor Craig Cates

Craig Cates

is now in his 3rd term, and he has declared he will run for a 4th term this year. When Craig ran the first time in 2009, he said he would not run again. He got over that not long after he got elected. George Nugent said during his 2010 campaign that he would not run again. I think he’s now in his 4th term. A couple of months back, George announced in an email to a constituent, who had pissed George off, that his dander had been gotten up and he was going to go back on his word and would run this year. In 2010, George’s campaign slogan was “Promises Made, Promises Kept”.

I suspect God likes people keeping their word, treating other people well, and not waging wars in God’s name, better than God likes broken promises, wars in God’s name, and proclamations about the coming rapture and who gets to go to heaven and who doesn’t.

Sloan at HH

Sloan Bashinsky


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