estrogen deficiency – some Key West and Florida Keys scenarios

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Somewhere in the back roads of the recesses of the memories of my mind  I recall reading somewhere in the Old Testament that Wisdom is assigned the female gender, and somewhere else in the Old Testament that fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.

Nashville J replied to the Charles Eimers part of yesterday’s   post at

Grand Ole Opry


You folks in Key West gotta feel really secure knowing that 13 KWPD Officers are refusing to cooperate in a death that one or several caused. IF they can not be trusted to uphold the law and tell the truth in this case – HOW IN GOD’s NAME – can you believe anything they say or don’t say in any other case they are involved with ?

JMO but those that take the “fifth” have that right to do so – but if they are affraid of incriminating themselves in a police killing case – they should be fired IMMEDIATELY as they are totally untrustworthy.

dead skunk 2



I replied:

14 police officers, if the mysterious female officer does not come forward.

I agree, if the 14 cops are not willing to say what they saw/heard, they should be fired because they took an oath to protect and serve and uphold the laws of Florida and US and taking the Fifth violates that oath. I don’t suppose, though, I will be holding my breath for Chief Donnie Lee to go that direction, and if he does go that direction, it wouldn’t surprise me for him and the city to be sued by any of the 14 and/or the benevolent police union (based in Miami, or somewhere up there).

I would love to know how many of the 14 and of the benevolent union are Christians or Catholics. I wonder if that info can be obtained and splashed beside their faces and badge numbers in the local news papers. That would put Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and render unto God what is God into a joyful light.

Maybe Key West needs to put a billboard at the top of the key where US 1 reaches Key West:

“Enter this city at your own risk, our police may be as bad as our criminals. Or worse.”



P.S. If Chief Lee doesn’t fire those in the 14 who plead the Fifth, or otherwise hold out telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, that will tell ever school kid in down here that what those 14 did is okay and that’s how all school kids should conduct themselves.

J replied:

Yes, that is EXACTLY the message it will send.

However, it will also send the message to everyone in Key West, the Keys and every place that knows of the case (maybe FOX should come back and do a report on the outstanding KWPD and how they killed one of the tourist for no reason? that the 14 members of the KWPD and the Chief of Police in Key West have taken the “fifth” AGAINST telling the TRUTH – the WHOLE TRUTH – and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. Therefore, since they are not controlled by having to tell the TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, citizens and tourist are being ticketed, harrassed, arrested by KWPD who have taken the “fifth” against self incrimination in the death caused by the same KWPD.

DISGUSTING and I do not see how those 14 can uphold the rule of law in Key West.


On the School Board/District front, this came in the other day:

Stuart Kessler

School Board candidacy


I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the School Board District 1 seat. I believe that our school district can be one of the top districts in the state where the high academic achievement of our students, fair and respectful treatment of our staff, and responsible use of our taxpayers’ money can be the priority.

Monroe County is blessed with the highest per child revenue in the state, collecting thousands more than the second highest district. With that funding and the hard work of our talented students and teachers, we should be one of the highest-ranking districts in the state. Yet in the past several years, we have seen the academic achievement of our students fall. We have seen a parade of corruption and mismanagement of taxpayers’ dollars, depriving our the children of their right to a quality education.

I have spent most of my adult life as a servant of public education in leadership positions. For the last four years, I served on the school board’s Audit and Finance Committee, including three years as chairman, during which time we’ve been able to uncover and make constructive recommendations to correct the School District’s mishandling of student and taxpayer money. Unfortunately, without actually being a member of the School Board, I have not been able to see these recommendations implemented.

If I am elected, we have an historic opportunity to elect a school board majority committed to reform, where making student success is the top priority, and where honestly, integrity, transparency and competence are non-negotiable requirements. Our students deserve a top quality education – we cannot continue to allow adult incompetence and misbehavior to interfere and rob students of their opportunity for success. Respect for students, parents and hard working staff must finally be returned.

I know that candidates before me have promised reform, but have not been able to deliver; however, my long record of performance in Monroe County has already proven my courage, skill, and commitment to these reforms. As a member of the board, you can be confident that I will work hard as possible to accomplish the changes that I promise.

(cv and photo attached)

Stuart Kessler
P.O. Box 2730
Key West, Fl 33045
305-295-7670 (home)
305-393-5066 (cell)

I replied:

Hi, Stuart –

Thanks for sending your offiical announcement, I’d heard you were going to run.

I agree, you have tried very hard on the AFC to bring some financial sense into the School District, and have pretty much gotten nowhere with the School Board, which created the AFC, nor with the Superintendent of Schools currently in residence. The AFC was proven to be a joke, a charade, an misdirection invented by the School Board to make it look like the Board was serious about getting the School District’s financial affairs on order.

Ed Davidson preached in 2012 how he would get the District’s financial house in order, and he didn’t succeed, and you won’t either, in my opinion. I still feel the School District needs to be taken over by the Florida Board of Education, the School Board fired and replaced with the Board of Education’s own Board. I leave for them to decide whether or not to keep the current Superintendent in residence. I still feel an alternative is for each school to vote itself a charter school, and get out from under the control of the School Board and the current Superintendent in residence, by having it’s own board of directors.

All of that for me, however, is a small side show, a giant distraction away from the truly soul and psychologically destructive way Keys school children (same going on throughout Florida and USA) are being taught. Rote teaching formula, one size fits all, college prep curriculum, teaching to standardized tests, hardly any emphasis on trade/job/life skills. I wish you had gone after that in your announcement.

I could care less how our School District stacks up to other Florida School Districts in the view of the Florida Board of Education. I could care less how our School District stacks up to School Districts in other states. That’s irrelevant. What is relevant is what are our schook children learning, or not learning? How are they learning, or not learning? How do they like attending school and learning? If they don’t like attending school and learning, why? Why are not they each being taught like they are unique human beings, instead of different shaped pegs to all be shoved into the same hole in which most of them do not fit?

And, Stuart, there is nothing in your announcement about the School District getting serious about hazing and bullying in the schools, which the District and School Board and school principals historically have swept under the rug every time a hazing/bullying incident makes the local news. Reminds me of how the KWPD has handled the Charles Eimers case. Also, Stewart, I observed, and sometimes called you out on it at AFC meetings and School Board meetings, that you didn’t always draw lines in the sand and hold to them; I saw you wilt a few times.

I had hoped, after the long time you spent on the AFC, after the long time you spent reading and hearing in the local media all about the School District’s various woes, after all the School Board meetings you attended and heard the finger-pointing and cya-ing and self-aggrandize-ing and boast-ing and more and more of the same-ing, you would have come out with a radically different announcement to show you really are a different kind of School Board candidate. Instead, you seem in your announcement similar to all the school Board candidates in 2010, except me. Far as I have seen, I was, remain, the only School Board candidate who actually offered something new, different.

Something so simple as:

zero tolerance on hazing and bullying

fluency in English and Spanish by end of lower school

fluency in touch typing by end of lower school

fluency in a trade by end of high School

no teaching to standardized tests

no sugar-ized, artificially-sweetened or other junk foods sold or allowed in schools, because they screw up children’s brain chemistry and thus behavior

sniffer dogs in schools randomly to find street drugs

random drug tests on all teachers and school employees, principals, district administrative and operating staff, the Superintendent and the School Board.

keen observation of children presenting known signs/signals of child abuse and molestation occurring away from school, and reporting same to proper authorities.

As far as I know, Lesley Salinero, who heads up the special-ed/learning-challenged children’s program, is the only person in the school administration, and in the School District, who seems to understand and actually teach children in a way congruent with school children being unique individuals, each needing to be steered in a direction most compatible with their soul’s urgings and desires. Is Lesley is the only person in the School District with a PhD in Education? Her PhD is in her specific field of expertise.

You would do well, Stuart, to spend as much time as Lesley can provide, sitting at her feet, hearing what all she has to say. So would the School Board, the current Superintendent, the principals and all teaching staff.


Also in yesterday, from Banks Prevatt of Little Torch Key:


Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2014 14:30:38 -0500
Subject: FKNMS–Water Quality

Mr. Blackburn,

I am working with a group of folks in the Lower Keys that have a particular interest in your agenda item at 9:15 in the morning, “Update on Wastewater Projects…” Several of these people would like to address this subject with comments for the record. I notice your agenda does not allow for public comment until 3:30 in the afternoon.

Should I recommend to those interested that they come and listen to the agenda item at 9:15 and plan to wait until 3:30 for comment, or can an adjustment be made to have this item moved to later in the afternoon or to allow some public comment when this item is addressed at 9:15.

Please advise, and I thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this matter.

Best Wishes,

Banks Prevatt
Dump the Pumps, Inc.

BCC 100 +
Steven Blackburn
EPA Region 4, Wetlands, Coastal and Ocean Branch Sam Nunn Bldg.
61 Forsyth St., S.W.
Atlanta, GA 30303-3104
tel: (404) 562-9397; fax: (404) 562-9224 <>


Water Quality Protection Program Steering Committee

Agenda for February 12, 2014

Marathon Government Center, 2798 Overseas Highway; Marathon, FL

9:00 Call Meeting to Order (Chair, Jon Iglehart)

Opening Remarks, Jon Iglehart (FDEP), Jennifer Derby (EPA)

SC Member Introductions

Review and Adopt Agenda, Chair

Approve minutes from July 10, 2013 meeting

9:15 Update on Wastewater Projects in Monroe County

Monroe County, Representatives of Municipalities, and Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District. (Kevin Wilson, Zully Hemeyer, Margaret Blank, Greg Tindle)

9:45 Canal Restoration Advisory Subcommittee – Canal selection, permitting, public comment (Wendy Blondin, Gus Rios)

10:45 Break

11:00 FIU monitoring update for the canal restoration demonstration projects (Henry Briceno and Jim Fourqurean)

11:30 EPA budget update/biennial report (Steve Blackburn, Jennifer Derby)

11:45 Lunch (75 minutes)

1:00 Clean Vessel Act/Clean Marina updates (Rich Jones)

1:15 Key West’s Clean Marina, review clean marina checklist to identify items having biggest affect on water quality (Alison Higgins)

1:45 FKNMS Zoning committee updates (Sean Morton)

2:00 Monitoring Program Updates

A. Water Quality, Dr. Henry Briceno, Florida International University

B. Seagrass, Dr. Jim Fourqurean, Florida International University

(Break – 15 minutes)

C. Coral Reef Environmental Monitoring , Mr. Rob Ruzicka, FFWRC

D. Data and Website update, Mr. Daniel Kiermaier, FWRI

3:15 Education Grant – Water Watch/Homeowner Education (Shelly Krueger/Rhonda Haag)

3:30 Public Comments, closing remarks, next meeting date adjourn meeting that will tell ever school kid down here that what those 14 did is okay and that’s how all school kids should conduct themselves.

My thoughts:

My dream maker thinks this is an important meeting, I will be there. I imagine during my citizen comments I will speak (briefly) to the County Commission reverse engineering the Cudjoe Key regional sewer system to conform with what the Commission wanted to spend, regardless of environmental impact; the Commission spending money on other projects which first should have been spent on cleaning up water pollution in the Keys; 500 polluted canals being the next most important water clean up project in the Keys; the State of Florida allowing Big Sugar and other farm interests return to dumping chemical runoff into the Everglades, which was the main cause of killing most of the reef in the Keys. Maybe I should self-divide a few times, so I can have longer to speak for Mother Nature,

Mother Nature enlargedqueen conch

who, as far as I can tell, has only had one County Commission candidate in her camp since I got involved in County politics in 2006 – me.

Kim Wigington

Former County Commissioner Kim Wigington was in that dream last night. She moved from Stock Island to Big Pine Key. Meaning, she is in County Commissioner George Neugent’s voting district now. In that  voting district lies the Cudjoe Regional sewer system. Kim told me she had served her time as an elected official, but I kept telling her that I hoped she would reconsider.

Facebook estrogen depletion thread, compliments Mike “Mud Dawg” Tobert

mud dog

of Daddy Bones BBQ, Key West (behind Checkers on North Roosevelt Blvd)

Daddy Bones

Here u go!!
Menopausal Women at the Mall
This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time and SO accurate!!!
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led to this email from Mike yesterday morning:

i am in ER with mild heart attack.

I replied:

oh my, maybe the pole dancing needs to take a wee vacation, I don’t suppose in ER you can receive visitors who don’t dance poles, let me know if they put you in a regular room where people can come see you

Mike wrote:

in ER but listed icu.

So, I pedaled my bicycle up up the island thinking I would see “Monuments Men” at Regal Cinema before heading up to the hospital on Stock Island to see Mike. I stopped by Daddy Bones and spoke with PJ, that would be Mike’s life-long female companion. PJ said B.S. to mild heart attack. The widowmaker came the night before, then a mild one came after Mike was in ER. Double or triple bypass. I told the pole dancer no more pole dancing around Mike, look at what it had stirred up in him. She didn’t seem to think that was funny. I didn’t mean for it to be funny, although I suppose it was.

I told PJ to tell Mike I would be up there after a while, and I pedaled on up toward Regal Cinema now thinking maybe I needed to try to get on up to the hospital because I’d feel terrible if Mike croaked while I was in the movie, and I had not seen him again before he left us behind, and then I might feel it was some kind of bad joke, the timing, and I would feel I was the cause of it, and up in heaven Mike would be laughing at me.

The ER receptionist had a time finding Mike in the hospital computer, but finally she did and I was ushered in to see him in the ER. He was sitting on a hospital bed using his I-Phone, carrying on with PJ like nothing had ever happened. Mike told PJ I was there and then they got off the phone and he started in on me with this and that he needed to do, like I was standing in front of a machine gun. I told him to lie down and take it easy, or I was leaving. He took my advice.

Mike said they did a chemical-induced stress EKG on him and he felt like he had run up to the top of Mt. Everest and back down, but he did okay. I said perhaps they should give him the chemical to take home and take daily, to give his heart some physical exercise that would not put him up against another widow maker. Mike looked at me like I was nuts. I said I meant it. Sort of.

Mike said his potassium and other blood chemistry levels were doing a lot better. His blood pressure had dropped considerably, 190/95 – it looked higher than all get out to me, but he said that was really good blood pressure for him. I said last time I was checked out my blood pressure was 120/70. Mike said if his next stress EKG goes okay, and his blood chemistry holds okay, they won’t have to cut his chest open but can use stints, or maybe nothing.

We talked quite a while about various things, did lots of laughing and pranking on ER staff, especially female ER staff, before I said I felt it was time for me to leave, but there were some people out there in the sitting room wanting to see him. Mike looked at me like, what people? They have very big wings, I said, and they have things to say to you. Then, several hospital staff came into the room and told Mike they had come to take him to icu.

This came in from Mike yesterday after I saw him. I think he sent it to other people, also, as I already knew it:

heading to room 305 soon how fitting 305

I replied:

When I heard 305 yesterday, beside that being the Keys area code, I thought, hmmm, 3 is the number for the Holy Spirit which is feminine, 5 is the number for the feminine, and maybe 0 is the number for wholeness – you are a driven fellow, Mike, you could use a good bit of “estrogen” to round you out :-), and I don’t mean women’s bodies :-).

Mike wrote:


calling this breakfast should. be illegal.

hospital breakfast

I wrote:

I’m not kidding, Mike. Your blood chemistry and your heart are seriously estrogen depleted, and I don’t mean women’s bodies, and you need massive injections from her fountain, and I don’t mean liquid refreshment in any way your manly mind can conjure. It also will help if you reduce your manly meat, cheese and fried food intake, and increase your collard greens and fresh fruit intake, especially oranges and grapefruit, and I don’t mean juice. You need the citrus pulp and its juice, not something a corporate pharmacy put into a can or bottle.

Mike wrote:

ok ok!! this better??

coffee breakfast

I wrote:

I have met many people who still think they are bullet proof. You just found out that you ain’t. Lots of people will miss having you around, if the widow maker gets serious. Try one of these prescriptions, perhaps you will find something in there you don’t know you need.

down the rabbit holehead up ass


Trosky 🙂

Over and outsky

Sloan in dress

Sloan Bashinsky


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