Alert! Alert! The real threats to the safety and health of Corporate Key West, Inc. residents and tourists ain’t vicious unwashed van dweller criminals; Hatman saga update and fund-raiser; a Mozartesque female ministering angel in our midst?, plus neverending cruise ship love stories

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Nashville J  once told me that he has vacationed a couple of times in Key West. He replied to the Tim O’Hara-Sloan part of yesterday’s journalism as a contact sport – Key West and Florida Keys versions post at


PERSONALLY, and I believe there are many more than just me, prefer Sloan the blogger to Tim the so called journalist.

Tim the so called journalist – can slant the news in the Citizen anyway he wants it. He slants it to what HE thinks about the story OR what the Citizen says he should think about the story OR what the Citizen says they want the story slanted towards. Tim only THINKS that he is a JOURNALIST, he is a paid note taker who is directed to cover a story in a certain manner and write the story in the way he is told – if the Citizen does not like the way it is written – it will be re-written or it will not be printed in the newspaper. Simple as that in my mind!

Keep up the good job!


From a vicious unwashed van dweller criminal (when he is in Key West), the main recipients are journalists and Key West city officials:


Subject: Key West’s Polluted Beaches
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2014 22:47:06 -0600

No matter what the City Councils say’s the water around Key West is polluted with human and animal fecal bacteria. Any one who has spent a week or more in the hospital with MRSA will verify this. The doctors and nurses, when I was there, told me to STAY OUT OF THE WATER!!!!

After reading in The Blue Paper, and in Sloan’s blogs, about water pollution I am very confused. For many years the cruise ships were blamed for dumping waste in the water around Key West. Two years ago when the law was passed it was those of us who sleep in our vehicles who were a detriment to the health of residents and tourists. Did they really think we were taking a dump in some ones rose garden to be washed down the sewer? Now the live a-board’s are the scapegoat for polluting the water. Do the live a-boards take a dump over the rail? So who is the cause of the pollution on the beaches? After reading the article, I think there is undeniable proof that it’s the sewer system and the county and city officials don’t want to admit they failed in protecting the public. To do so would be admitting their incompetence to properly run the city and county. Of course any one with a thinking brain knows they are incompetent.

The facts will only come out when the local paper (The Citizen) prints the truth. But alas this will never happen. The Citizen treats the city and county officials the same way the main stream media treats Obama and his minions. Their mantra seems to be, “never print anything bad”

So I ask this of the City Council “who is a detriment to the health of the residents and tourists?”

Kurt Wagner

From Hatman the other day, Key West the Newspaper – – also received it:


I have a hearing b4 judge miller at 1:30pm on Friday Jan. 31

to determine if I’m poor enough to have the PD appointed to be counsel for an appeal of my “lodging” conviction.

Rodd, the Key West Hatman

I wrote on the day of the hearing:

Morning, Rodd – I missed the 1:30 time in your email, was there at 8:30 this morning, my flub. I have to speak during citizen comments today at a county commission meeting at Harvey Government Center, that agenda item is at 1:30 this afternoon. This was scheduled weeks ago. Sorry. Please let me know how it goes for you before Judge Miller. Did he once try to get you to let him appoint you a lawyer to defend you because you were an indigent lay person? If so, maybe you remind him of that today.


Rodd wrote:

Ok, well no biggie. but good to know you were interested enough to be there. I have something to do as soon as I get out of the courthouse, whenever that is, so I may not be able to get to you until Sat. morning to say what happened. But a very good point about miller asking about appointing a PD previously (because he did). Asst KW atty Dingleberry at one point in a preliminary hearing said that perhaps I wanted a PD and Miller said ‘I’m not going there; Mr. Rodd has expressed a desire to be Pro Se and he has demonstrated the skills needed’ (or something to that effect). So good point and hopefully well remembered and used.
The guy (on the local ACLU board) and his wife who were there b4 might be there again as well as KWTN.
So far as the “voluntariness” of my vehicle lodging, consider this. I applied for housing thru Housing Authority for whatever I’d qualify for, elderly and/or poor. Got 2 letters, one of acceptance, one rejection. The rejection said basically that my income is insufficient to afford affordable housing. The acceptance said there were several places for which I’d be put on the waiting list. I got the letters in early Aug. 2013
About the last of Aug. I called the number given in the letters so I could hear what place/# I was on each waiting list. #133 on one list; #302 on the other. Just for shits and giggles I called again about 2 weeks ago. Now I am #131 and #302. So I dropped one place on one list and 2 spots on the other. Not much movement in 4-5 months.
Curious as to how long it will take to get to the top spot into either list, I did some arithmetic. And the results are funny sad, and here’s why.
It’ll take a fraction over 24 years Emoji to move into a place on the list where I’m #131;
it’ll take 111.69 years Emoji to move to the top spot on the list where I’m #302.

I know, “hang in there, kid”.

one last thing. in yesterday’s, Thursday Jan. 30th Miami Herald, on page 17A, there’s a 1/4 page notice/ad from ACLU Miami, saying homeless people’s rights under Pottinger may soon change. Too much to go into today, but whenever you have the chance, you’ll probably want to read it.

Rodd, the Key West Hatman

Rodd sent out yesterday to me and two real journalists:

Subject: my lodging case
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2014 12:22:15 -0500

greetings one and all. my case is over. I went to court yesterday to motion the court to have the Public Defender appointed to represent me on an appeal of my lodging conviction. In his ruling on my guilt on Jan. 2nd judge miller wrote that because I had not disclosed ownership in multiple vehicles, basically I could not be deemed poor.
well, that’s nonsense. But I then set about securing the documentation of my ownership in said vehicles. I then submitted those docs along with proof of my yearly income, and copies of my bank statements, showing the only deposits were those of my gov’t issued checks. I believed those docs combined would prove that I am poor. Come on, how can I not be when my yearly income is about 77% of the poverty level for a one-person household?
I kinda thought the session yesterday would be a slam dunk for me, but then I must have forgotten how utterly corrupt this city government is. The judge asked the asst. city atty Ramsingh what he had to say and he basically said because I didn’t get any jail time for my conviction, that I wasn’t eligible for a PD. and then he said something which I didn’t understand about if I were appointed a PD and a new was held, that somehow that it could be retalitory. OK, I’m not an atty so I had no idea what he was talking about. But the judge almost aped his words, echo-like, and that was it. Other than me asking that if I couldn’t pay for the filing fees, etc, then I couldn’t appeal and justice would not be done. judge’s response was basically ‘I can’t appoint a PD to represent you.’
So all my efforts to prove my economic shortcomings meant nothing after all in securing a PD; now the reasons had morphed to something else.
so it will be interesting to see how many others face the legal system for “vehicle lodging” in the future; I mean, the city says in the preamble to the law that I and all others similarly situated are hazards to health and safety and create significant negative impacts on tourism. If all legislative bodies have to create laws to address “compelling” issues, then you might expect a landslide of future arrests, or if not, then I will have been picked on and the law selectively enforced. And if I’m the only person to face the law over this issue, then how compelling an issue is it?
But all is not over yet. Very soon I intend to make:
a complaint to the CRB re the cops false & perjured testimony at the “trial,
a complaint to the Florida Bar re the actions of Ron Ramsingh, and
a complaint to the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission (Tallahassee) re the wrong
things/actions committed by judge miller.

Rodd, the Key West Hatman

Me to Rodd:

Thanks, Rodd, you explained in earlier emails of you efforts to document that you had disposed of earlier vehicles in various ways over time, but please recap your efforts to prove you only own one vehicle, the van with your Florida driver’s license number on the licence plate, attesting to your address.

You told me last night when I dropped by your home on wheels at Higgs Beach, that another thing in the etc., which you could not afford was the transcript of the trial before Judge Miller, which you felt you would need to try the case de novo in the circuit court. I told you that maybe you would be entitled to a free transcript on appeal, if you were declared indigent, but I was no entirely sure about that. Perhaps I was mistaken, since the trial would be de novo, so whatever happened before Judge Miller would basically be irrelevant in a trial de novo?

However, I heard Judge Miller yesterday morning tell everyone there that his hearings/trials all are audio recorded, because the city no longer has the money to pay for court reporters, so a CD of your trial and of the hearing yesterday afternoon probably could be obtained cheap. At the very least, a CD of what happened yesterday afternoon might prove interesting, if we can get it converted into something on the Internet for anyone interested to listen to another version of what kinda sounds like Bubba Justice pooping on the people in paradise not (Key West).



Rodd wrote:

hi Sloan. re the Ford van — it was vandalize beyond worth in early 2010, maybe 6-8 months after I bought the van I have now. someone punctured all the tires on the sidewalls, total trash at that point. so I sold it to Alex Auto Parts/wrecking here in KW. never thought anymore about it. probably didn’t keep receipt or anything. why? because I wouldn’t need it, or so I thought.
So when I needed proof I had sold the van, I contacted Alex Auto and they sent me an email, saying they had cancelled the title and crushed the vehicle. Ok, that’s proof for me. they also sent a letter thru USPS later. should be good for the court.
As for the motorcycle ( that’s according to the title, although in reality it was a motor scooter), — I owned it way back 16 years ago (+/-). I rode it from Panama City to KW for Fantasy Fest 2 years in a row, in 1997, 1998. by 2000 I had ridden it over 35,000 miles and the motor or tranny was pretty well shot. I had someone work on it, but it still wasn’t right and runnable. So it was a “basket case” at that time.
And then I got arrested during FF 2000 for nudity and basically moved here. After a while, and I’m not even remotely sure when, my landlord (yes, I was paying rent there even tho I was living here because 90% of everything I owned was there, and it was cheaper to leave it there than move it to KW and pay storage here) disposed of the scooter. sold it for junk.
so for evidence of him selling it and me not owning it, I asked the landlord, a dentist, to write a letter “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN” on his professional letterhead and tell what had happened to the motorcycle. He did, but not as thoroughly or convincinly as I had wished. I submitted that letter to the Tax Collector, the Clerk of the Court, and to the judge/record in my motion filing.
As for the other vehicle, 1973 VW van.— I sold it when I bought the Ford van, back in 2000. who to? no idea. when exactly? no idea.
all this was submitted to the filing/record, and still the Tax Collector said basically they couldn’t wipe the record clean without more details and proof; the clerk said they couldn’t do anything, it would be up to the judge; and then the judge didn’t say anything about the ownership issue on Friday, nor my lack of income.

so far as the transcript goes — even if I had the money to blow on the filing fee AND the transcript, assuming I had to pay for it, I still wouldn’t have an atty to do whatever the appeals court would want, and more than likely my efforts would not be satisfying. And if the transcript was free, obviously a big savings as I believe they can cost 44-5 per page and maybe the info would be 100-200 pages.
and here again this is only my understanding, the appeal court would only rule on that which had been in the record AND NOT rule for a trial de novo.
as far as the court CD goes, that might prove to be interesting in what I need to prove my allegations of wrongdoing by Ramsingh, the judge, and the cops. But there’s always the chance it won’t. and I say that because my laptop will not play the DVD the cops made of our interaction on the night in question. I believe the DVD shows the cops lied at trial, and the judge was mistaken, on purpose or just stupidly, when he claimed I was belligerent in his ruling of my guilt.

Rodd, the Key West Hatman

A few days ago, Hatman sent out:

good morning Sloan. I was “counted” this morning at Higgs. Several days ago I had written the lady who was organizing the count and mentioned that I had been here for quite some time, van living the whole time, and never been counted previously. she said she would make sure I was counted — and I was, by 2 very nice people. I was offered a baggie of 4 granola-type bars, a Doubletree cookie, and several other items which I accepted. but I also turned down a bag of several other items, simply because I have enough of those items already. I showed them the Keynoter story of last week, and then I asked if they were scared of me, or felt threatened by me because the city’s lodging law says that I am a hazard to their health and safety. well, of course, they said no, and perhaps a realization crept into their heads that all vehicle lodgers are NOT what the city says we are. just another opportunity to do a little education on my part.
on a somewhat related matter, the writer for the Keynoter story came by this AM as well and indicated he will try to attend my hearing on Friday. only time will tell.

Rodd, the Key West Hatman

And this:


greetings. The city commissioners of Key West, in their infinitely stupid wisdom, unanimously passed a law about 19 months ago, law #70-130, which bans anyone from “lodging” in a vehicle on public property (street, parking lot, etc.). I was cited for a violation in March 2013 (I’m still the first and only person cited, even though the city and the KWPD know of many other people living a similar lifestyle). I was found guilty in Dec. 2013 by a legal nitwit by the name of judge miller. The law is unconstitutional for more than a few reasons, but miller said no to the arguments against the law. he also said that I voluntarily lodge in my van when, in fact, I do it mostly because of economic constraints (my monthly Social Security check is very tiny, but weather is a factor, too).

So it is now the official policy of Key West to criminalize poverty !

Therefore, it was especially nice to see in The (Key West) Citizen on Tuesday, Jan. 28th an editorial from the Tallahassee Democrat titled “What are best practices in serving homeless?”, and to read of your area’s attempts to solve homeless issues. Rather than trying to find solutions to homeless problems, Key West would prefer to throw poor people in jail.
Stay tuned; I will be appealing the wrongful by judge miller.
Rodd, the Key West Hatman

Higgs Beach little pier

Yesterday afternoon, I attended a cookout at this part of Higgs Beach, hosted by a number if vicious unwashed van dweller criminals, some of whom I have known from the past, others were new comers for me. The food was great, the music was beyond wonderful, thanks to an accomplished musician who brought an old keyboard powered by flashlight batteries and made it sound like angels singing, as did she sing like an angel, while several smitten musicians in the criminal gang joined in with guitars, a ukulele and a harmonica. Toward the end, at my request, she did a couple of her own original compositions – shazam!!! She told me that she has reams of her own music.

The entire event was a terrible threat to the health and safety of Key West’s residents and their beloved tourists, on whom they feed as if their very lives depend on it. The whole lot of unwasheds should have been rounded up and taken to the Stock Island Hilton to spend 29 days for enhancing Key West in ways its washed residents can not possibly imagine, because they were not there last night.

During the event, the vicious unwashed criminal emeritus Michelangelo, age 92, told me to go have a look at the driver’s side of his van. Here is a photo of the kin pin of the unwashed gang with two of his disciples and their man-eating attack dog :


So, I walked over to the fallen archangel’s van and found:

Hatman fund rasierMicheangelo's creed

two different photos taken by one of the unwasheds, so I could share the entire presentation with my readers today

The fallen archangel said nobody had contributed yet. I gave him a Thomas Jefferson. The fallen archangel said he is going to keep all the money he raises until he has enough to pay Hatman’s fine and court cost, and then he will give it to Hatman. The fallen archangel said he is the repository for donations for Hatman, and anyone is welcome to drop by and chip in.

I doubt the benevolent IRS a will allow a tax deduction, so that probably eliminates any chance of Corporate Key West, Inc. helping out a living treasure, who has caused such a terrible threat to the safety and welfare of Key West residents and the mainland tourists on whom they feed and depend for their very existence, that Hatman is the only person in Key West, who has been per/prosecuted for living in his own home.

Next thing Corporate Key West, Inc. will per/prosecute is vicious, unwashed boat dweller criminals. Has to happen – if it is a capital crime to live in your home on wheels, it has to be a capital crime to live in your home on water – equal per/prosecution for all!!!

house boat row

Oh, my pardon, that houseboat row was already lined up against the wall and shot dead. However, there are vicious unwashed holdouts.

houseboat row 2

Wisteria Island

Meanwhile, Kurt Wagner is dead right. After carving three horrible MRSA abscesses out of me body, two were in my groin, one on my butt, during emergency surgery in the Stock Island hospital, Michael Kitenick, M.D., surgeon, told me I could do anything I wanted but go into the ocean. Nor, should anyone go into the ocean, in my opinion. Any nick, scrap or cut has an excellent chance of becoming MRSA. Every professional diver in the Keys knows this. As does every M.D., physician’s assistant and nurse.

Are we having fun yet?

If not, here are photos of the real threat to the safety and health of Key West residents and tourists.


MRSA is a mutated bacteria, meaning is is very difficult to treat with today’s antibiotics. It is fatal, if not treated. Treatment can last for months, or years, or forever, just to keep the patient alive.

Compliments, your local Tourist Undevelopment Council and Chamber of Uncommerce.

Meanwhile, I’m headed to the Green Parrot this afternoon

Green Parrot

to take in its Sunday open mike from 1-4 p.m. Maybe the angel from Higgs Beach last night will be there with her old beat up key board, to demonstrate once again that we should all be kind to strangers in our midst, who might be angels unawares. She ain’t just accomplished with piano, organ and harpsichord – classical, jazz, blues, big band, contemporary; she is a gifted school teacher, has written a learning program which teaches to kids as if they each are unique, instead of  future cookie cutter robots of Corporate America, Inc.

She and I talked last night about never not being in church, and human churches being kindergartens where people get started but are supposed to grow out of into something a whole lot bigger. She told me of some of her ministry to Key West homeless people, total news to me. I told her about Dorothy Sherman, who started out in one of those kindergartens and had some rough goings and got to drinking too much, and then she moved with her wonderful husband George to Key West, where she felt the call to minister to homeless people, and by the time she left this world she was a living saint for sho nuff.

The proof of which was Peter Batty, an officer in Corporate Key West, Inc., and a lay minister at St. Mary Star of the Sea, told a standing room only weeping crowd in the church’s nave on February 14, 2005, that a living saint had left this world, and he asked who would take her place? I ain’t too sure I didn’t see Dorothy’s replacement at Higgs Beach last night, but I’m not going to tell more of her story, which she can sing and tell far better than I ever could.

She agreed, when I said homeless people are mainstream’s shadow, a reminder of what mainstream doesn’t care to see in itself; and she agreed when I said, because Key West pretended its official creed was “one human family”, God decided to give Key West a chance to prove that in the way it treated its homeless people, i.e. do not live in Corporate Key West, Inc. housing.


Sloan at Coco's

Sloan Bashinsky


I haven’t forgotten the contribution cruise ships make to MRSA and ocean pollution and reef death in Key West and the Keys.

In the Key West Citizen today:

Sunday, February 2, 2014 
New process for city to alter channel
Would make it difficult for commission to bypass voters in the future
BY GWEN FILOSA Citizen Staff
Four months ago, voters soundly defeated a referendum calling for a federal study on the local impact of dredging the main ship channel to better accommodate modern, longer cruise ships.

The ballot question, settled Oct. 1 after a near year-long debate over the value of the cruise ships versus questionable environmental harm they bring, came only after city commissioners left the decision up to the electorate.

Tuesday, those same seven commissioners will consider a proposed ordinance that would make it tougher for the current and future city commissions to bypass the ballot box and take steps toward dredging.

Only a super majority of Key West’s city commission (at least five of the seven members) should have the power to take any action “which could result in the widening, deepening or other alteration of the main ship channel,” Commissioner Teri Johnston says in the proposal.

“It’s really the pulse of the community,” said Mayor Craig Cates of the proposal. “A super majority makes it a lot more difficult to get something done, so you’d better have the whole community on board.”

Commissioners are set to hold the first of two required readings on the proposal at their 6 p.m. meeting Tuesday at Old City Hall, 510 Greene St.

Last May, an informal polling of the seven commissioners showed they would have voted 4-3 on the dais to order a channel dredging study by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The three dissenters were Johnston, Clayton Lopez and Jimmy Weekley.

Days after the Oct. 1 referendum results, Commissioner Billy Wardlow said he had no problem with a study, but didn’t want any dredging of Cut B, a one-mile stretch of water in the vicinity of Fort Zachary Taylor that is 300 feet wide. Proponents of dredging say Cut B should be widened to 450 feet to provide safe access for larger ships.

After the Oct. 1 election, Cates said he would follow the wishes of the voters and not push for any dredging impact studies.

However, one pro-study commissioner hasn’t changed his stance.

“This zebra don’t change its stripes,” Commissioner Mark Rossi said Friday, sticking with his prediction that the limitations of Cut B will hamper cruise ships and eventually the island’s tourism-reliant economy.

“You’ll see in five, seven years that Mr. Rossi was right. Cruise ships will diminish; very few cruise ships will be pulling into Key West because they can’t navigate the channel.”

In the days after the election, antistudy activists such as Arlo Haskell and Jolly Benson, who helped lead the Key West Committee for Responsible Tourism that declared the study campaign an affront to local environmental protection, asked commissioners to consider an ordinance supporting the wishes of the voters.

“This is a great step for the city, but certainly not the final step needed to see a marked improvement in the way we manage our cruise ships,” Benson said Friday after reading the proposed ordinance. “I would love to see the commission draft a resolution for all ships that call on Key West to meet the most stringent environmental standards. It’s doable; Alaska did that very thing.”

The city commission’s most senior member, though, said after last year’s fervor, the channel issue may cool for some time.

“I don’t think it will come up anytime soon,” said Jimmy Weekley, who said Friday he will likely vote to approve the super majority requirement.


The resolution should require unanimous vote to approve widening the channel so bigger cruise ships can come into Key West.

Back during the channel dredging referendum war, I told Jolly Benson

Jolly Benson

that the real issue was cruise ships polluting Key West waters, and that was what he needed to attack. Jolly said he couldn’t do that, it would alienate too many voters.

I’m glad to see Jolly say he wants “the dirtiest worst possible cruise ships” (according to Key West Chamber of Commerce’s spokesperson Robin Lockwood, M.D. at a channel dredging forum) stopped from calling on Key West. However, Jolly knows that will not stop what this cruise ship did, and every cruise ship does, in Key West’s channel. These photos were taken by Jolly’s brother Will, a local tarpon guide.

cruise ship truth 3cruise ship truth 4cruise ship truth

And do not forget this in Key West the Newspaper during the channel dredging referendum war:

cruise ship butt

A metaphor on cruise ships calling on Key West was revealed on Facebook by Eliot Baron during the channel dredging referendum war:

Elliot Baron sniperFormer Key West city commissioner Bill Verge told me at the victory celebration hosted by Jolly Benson and his anti-dredging PAC at the Green Parrot, that he, Bill, took the photo on the Mohawk berthed permanently in Truman Waterfront’s marina, and Eliot told me that he took a similar photo of Bill.

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