God’s One Human Family vs. Key West’s one inhumane family – I keep hearing on the street that the Devil loves to vacation in Key West, where his disciples do the really hard work for him

Jesus with leperhomeless bust

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From Paul Williams yesterday, playing on my invitation in yesterday’s post that a fellow write a book about his and my mutual north Georgia friends, and then he goes into Witness Protection and comes down to Key West to be on the lam:

Key West is a Weirdness Protection Program


that, too, unless you are homeless, or appear to be

From the Key West’s Citizen’s Voice yesterday:

“Not everyone in Key West wants to send the homeless back to where they came from. Have a heart, please. It can happen to anyone — even to someone you love. If you don’t believe we are ‘One Human Family,’ maybe you’re the one who should leave town.”

Yesterday, from a fellow who lives in his van with his wife and their dog:

Hunter family


More harassment of dangerous criminals sleeping

I published a different video, this is a different incident? The second video is hard to see in many places, the sound is there. The KW cops probably will harass/bust any new arrivals they catch living in their vehicles. If you stick around here, expect more nighttime visitations. I don’t like what the cops are doing around that, but maybe one day they will catch a real criminal in a vehicle. Meanwhile, the cat burglar seems to be having a fine time.

This was from 3 am today, I know it’s hard to see but you can still hear it all

From Mrs. Hunter later yesterday:
Hello Mr. Sloan. My name is Christine Hunter, married to Charles Hunter. He is also the man who sent videos of police harassment on lodging.

I thought maybe words from someone like me would be great to share with key west readers.

Here’s my story…

My husband and I once lived in IL. I worked very hard to keep roof over our head, taking jobs that paid less with back breaking work to be done along with no job security. Most jobs I was able to find were through temp services so I never knew what the next day would be like for me and my family.

Long story short, I wanted a change and Florida was the dream I wished to live since high school. We moved to Daytona Beach and were seriously lied to but we stayed in a horrible trailer that was more than likely condemned. We searched day and night for work and we always managed to find work. The work sadly was not stable and every company that was hiring, about 4… Was more corrupt, money hungry temp services or con businesses.

We managed to stay housed for two years but the work ran out. In a desperate attempt to make money I took all my hand crafted jewelry to the closest flea market about a two hour bike ride with an 80lb tow behind attached. we did not have at time had to sell it for rent and food, haha.

Still just not enough buyers in the market and we lost our only home.

We packed what could including our best friend Chaos and hit the road in search of a future.

We did flea markets and are now here in Key West.

My husband now works for a construction company that pays him 12 dollars an hour which just is not enough for us to do anything. Part of the reason is because IL child support is taking his money for a child that he has proved was never his…long story short we are just poor and can not change that.

My thing is that no matter what some people do they just do not make enough for what ever their reason. The City of Key West needs to understand this and stop harming people for being poor. And this goes for all cities and states in America.

The economy has really taken a fall so of course there will be more poor and more homeless.

I do not drink or do drugs, I am an artist looking for my future. Even that has crumbled from my world of dreams because I need high costing insurance to sell my jewelry. That was the reason I came here, hope and now I not only lost that but I am in fear that I will lose everything left of my life because of this city.

Maybe you will share my story with others so they can see that yes this country is deeply in trouble, from civil rights to daily meals and has been for longer than most know.

My question to Americans, how much do we have to lose before it is enough?

We already lost our lands, water, food, free market, civil rights, money, our children’s future, education, religion, privacy, and so much more.

When is it enough?

Turn off your tv and learn something about this once great country. For if we do not stand for freedom then stop pretending you care about your child’s future because they will not have one, just the memory of what we told them freedom used to be.

Thank you in advance for reading my story and feel free to edit it.

I also attached a picture of my family.


Hi, Christine, thanks for writing and sharing your story, which brings me to tears.

You, Charles and your pooch look like seriously vicious criminals to me, just ripe for plucking by Key West’s finest doing their masters’ bidding, masters in city hall, masters in hell.

Will publish yours and the photo and the latest video tomorrow morning, probably with other stuff, but my sense is yours will lead off.

I’d like to meet the three of you. Perhaps we can gather together at Higgs Beach? I can get there from where I say in about 10 minutes on my bicycle. Mornings not good for me, as I’m writing and publishing then. Thursday afternoon I’m in Marathon. Otherwise, late morning or afternoon usually okay.

Here’s my phone number: 305-407-4285.


Charles Hunter:

Three cops, Diaz, Nelson and boviee (doubt I spelled that right) but all three gave name and badge numbers.


The Hunters’ van is their home, the only home they can afford. But since it’s on wheels, it’s an illegal home on Key West and they are criminals for living it in here.

I hope those three cops, and their police chief, and the city manager, and the city commissioners and mayor who passed the lodging ordinance and ordered their police to enforce it against people like the Hunters, are not Christians,

lightning strike

because if they are, they sure are going to have some tall explaining to do to their Lord and Savior, who did not have any place to lay down his head, and who said in the Gospels, as his followers do for the least of people, they do also for him.

Jesus with leper

I’m to meet with the Hunters this evening, I’ll take my pet wolf along, just in case I need backup.

comme un loup drawing


As if something is in the wind, this floated into my email account this morning:


From: kccwoodworks@msn.com
To: kwhatman@hotmail.com; tyaniz@keywestcity.com; tjohnston@keywestcity.com; alinhardt@keysnews.com; keysmyhome@hotmail.com; ssmith@keywestcity.com; dlee@keywestcity.com; jweekley@keywestcity.com; keynoter@keynoter.com; ccates@keywestcity.com; bvitas@keywestcity.com; editor@thebluepaper.com; jkieth@keywestcity.com
Subject: Letter to Key West
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2014 07:36:44 -0600

TO: City Officials of Key West, Key West Police Department, and all other Rich Assholes.

I don’t take drugs or smoke pot, I rarely drink alcohol. I don’t panhandle, I don’t eat at the soup kitchen, I don’t take up space at KOTS, I don’t collect welfare or food stamps. I shower and put on clean clothes every day, I buy my own food and anything else I need. I share my food with other hungry people, I share whatever I can with those less fortunate than me.

I am college educated, owned seven houses, many new cars, trucks and motorcycles. I ran my own successful woodworking/cabinet/remodeling business for the past 22 years. Before that I was a Manufacturing Engineering Manager for a computer company in the Chicago area. I have over 40 years cooking or tending bar in all types of restaurants from dives to fine dining. I have never collected unemployment or lived off the government.

I am the human being YOU think YOU are better than because…..

I AM HOMELESS!!!!!!!!!

I am the human being YOU hate, despise, look down on, ignore. I am the human being YOU think is worthless, has no redeeming qualities, is a blight on “YOUR” island. I am the human being YOU think is an alcoholic. I am the human being YOU think is a drug addict. I am the human being YOU don’t want on YOUR polluted, fake, manmade beaches. I am the human being YOU don’t want in YOUR restaurants. I am the human being YOU don’t want on YOUR Duval Street. I am the human being YOU don’t want at YOUR Mallory Square. I am the human being who is valued less than YOUR precious chickens. I am the human being YOU don’t want see, much less be allowed to live on “YOUR” island.

YOU know nothing about me. YOU don’t know my life. YOU have no clue why I’m in the position I’m in. And YOU DON’T CARE!!!!!


Kurt Wagner
1999 Dodge Van
Key West, Fl. 33040


I keep hearing on the street that the Devil loves vacationing in Key West, where his disciples do most of the really hard work for him.

devil on vacation

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