trolling the ocean depths: “Would you acknowledge the truth?” Tim Gratz of Key West asked me; in parallel universes, Pandora was aroused …

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Further email conversation with Tim Gratz of Key West, after he had asked me, “Would you acknowledge the truth?”

Tim Gratz

Why don’t you publish that you now know the facts and that the two early criticisms of the Coalition were unfounded? I hope you see that now. Everything I wrote you can be factually demonstrated.

I do not agree, Tim. And I am hardly alone. You have far more serious concerns. Far more serious.

You do not agree with those facts?

With what do you disagree?

Many people heard Kathy Tuell tell us that there had been five cases of sex trafficking “in the Keys” in the two preceding years. We made statements to that effect based on what she told us.

You were not at the meeting. Do you dispute that is what she told us?

I have the e-mail where she FIRST advised us a month or two later that she had checked and the cases in fact originated on the mainland although the victims were brought o the fKCS for protection. By going far enough back I can find the e-mail exchange.

You have a right to your opinions but you do not have gthe right to your facts.


You are responsible for what you broadcast, which is not true, and when you find out it is not true, you are supposed to broadcast that in the same way you broadcasted it before you learned it was not true.

I don’t know if you, Connie and Keys Coalition did that. Let me know if you did, and how you made the corrective broadcast, and who received it, and when.

Your and Connie’s launch of Keys Coalition was dysfunctional, and, in my opinion, you/Connie/Keys Coalition have remained dysfunctional.

As far as I know, you and Connie have not positively identified one instance of actual child-sex trafficking originating in the Keys.

As far as I know, the only genuine worker in Keys Coalition is Gyvel Berkley, and that is because she identified sex-trafficking in the Duval Street sex clubs, and similar clubs on the Atlantic coast, and went into them and talked to the girls and young women, and pissed off the owners, and got kicked out of clubs. She put her body and even her life at risk.

Connie tells me recently that you are your own worst enemy, then she praises you before introducing you as Keys Coalition’s Founder, who will introduce Ken Morris. Then, you take the microphone and panhandle donations for Keys Coalition.

Repulsive, you bring Ken Morris down here, and then try to raise money for Keys Coalition by trafficking in Ken.

I hope the reason you have not paid Ken’s $1,500 per diem and his travel expenses is not because Keys Coalition does not have the money to pay it. I hope the reason is because Ken, or his non-profit, did not present a bill yet, or Ken told you to hold off paying the per diem and expenses.

So far, Ken seems genuine to me, lots of potential. He, however, is not you or Connie or Keys Coalition.


We can hardly be deemed responsible if we report what has been told to us by an expert who we believe had first hand knowledge. I hope her report to us was unintentional and not to puff the organization that she wanted to head. I am confident that it was unintentional on her part as I previously wrote.

I will need to reflect on how we corrected it. I am quite confident we reported it back to Becker. My e-mail records should show this.

There were two teens from the Keys who were victimized. They were lured to Fort Lauderdale where they were forced into prostitution.

We want to prevent this from happening by bringing awarenes to tens who might be victimized. This crime started when they were lured to Fort Lauderdale.

Ken is going to submit a final bill for all of hus expenses.

Re using Ken to recruit members etc to the Coalition it is ridiculous to claim anything improper in that. What Ken said demonstrates why local follow up is needed.

It is Ken’s mission to prevent child sex trafficking through awareness and training.

That is exactly the mission of the Coalition.

Had there been more awareness training perhaps the situation with the two girls who were lured to Fort Lauderdale could have been prevented.

It is worth all of our efforts if we save just one.

If in fact there is trafficking in the strip clubs here–and evidence of that–that needs to be reported to law enforcement.

I agree that Gyvel us a heroine.

What Coalition has accomplished is the support of George Neugent for madatory posting of how victims can get help which would certainly be required in strip clubs. Help is also available through a text number so a victim can reach out without concern of being overheard.

If we finish this it will be a major and important victory. We may be one of the first to do this on a county level.


You/Keys Coalition should have taken out a big ad in the Key West Citizen, in which you explained that Cathy Tuell, wife of Tom Tuell, the Citizen’s Editor, misled you and how.

I am still waiting see see one documented case of a child being lured in the Keys into child sex trafficking in the Keys.

Gyvel is the ONLY person in Keys Coalition deserving mention, because she is the ONLY person trying to deal with sex trafficking going on in the Keys, which is known to this community, which is the Key West sex clubs.

You are a wannabe, Tim. Connie, too.

Long before you came to Key West, Tim, there was a local hotline – 911. The hotline you want put into use routes calls to the mainland, which in turn routes back to the Keys, as I recall you telling me in the past. I published on that a long time ago and will not entertain publishing it again.

In fact, if I have anything to say about it, I will not entertain publishing anything further about Keys Coalition, unless it is brand new material.

You have far graver concerns, Tim, that anything you think is important. Far graver.

It delight’s Lucifer that people who think they are saved by Jesus think that means they are protected from Lucifer thereby.

No point in you responding to that, either, Tim. I have heard and published your phony “only born-again Christians die and go to heaven, all other people die and burn forever in hell salvation theory” many times.

That’s Lucifer’s salvation theory, the father of lies.


Further conversation with Ken Morris, yesterday:

Morning, Ken –

Here is the link for today’s post at You get top billing.

it is more blessed to give than to receive, and other Key West of Weird charitable contributions …

Then comes something between Tim Gratz and me.

Then comes something with a person who once lived in Key West, who appears to have had very real experiences with the heaven realms.

Looks to me that you have many opportunities coming, which might not all be appreciated by people you know. Being tested, tested and tested goes with the terrain.

You have my sincere condolences.



Thank you, Sloan. You certainly have a way with words…


Hi, Ken –

Lot’s of peculiar experiences twisted my mind, perspective and sense of humor. For example, telling someone to go with God, while on its face seems kind and concerned, could suggest the person have experiences which might cause her/him to wonder if perhaps being close to God is not not necessarily all harps and angels singing :-). It might beat the alternative, though :-) – going with something else.

I probably should be muzzled, one of my wives kept threatening to get me one, until finally one Christmas morning she found one in the bottom of her Christmas stocking, and being pretty smart, she was an Antioch graduate (Yellow Springs campus), she gave me the look, said, I had bought it for her to wear. I smiled. When we were just getting acquainted, she said the reason she picked Antioch was it was alphabetically at the top of a college directory she was perusing and when she saw under its header, “Rules”, she went right there and saw only “shoes required at graduation,” and that settled it then and there.

A later wife of mine was, years before she and met, one of the Kent State students the Ohio National Guardsmen opened fire on while they sat on the ground protesting the expansion of the Vietnam war into neighboring countries. So pleased was she that she started transporting explosives around that campus for the Weathermen, but after a while she realized that was not right for her and stopped doing it. She remained terrified of police, soldiers, US Government, all governments. Hard to blame her.

I don’t know if you read what I wrote today about my travels to Dominica and the dark nights of the soul, but in it I described two women, and I just told you a little more about them above. The one who went to Antioch was my wife in Boulder, Colorado, and the Kent State alum was the the woman who went around the world with me on credit cards and we ended up on Maui, homeless.

Both of them had experiences beyond this world with regularity, the Kent State alum was more doused in it, about as much as I was getting dunked. It does change a person’s perspectives to end up in that arena. As do the testings, testings, testings.


The other day, I wrote to amiga Stacy, living now on Key Largo, re something she had reported to me, which is in italics first below.

Hi, Stacy –

i heard last night that we are part of a group of 12 inhabited planets; Earth is called “the planet of the children”. children are curious, destructive, greedy and sweet all in one day.

You heard all of that last night?

In your sleep?

Did you recognize the voice?

Was it male, female, neither?

Many people I deal with mostly seem not in the least curious, and mostly seem to respond to life like robots, computer programs, which they defend as if their very existence depends on it, which is not how children usually are.

Other people I deal with are more curious to to a point, but tend to be ignorant, for want of a better word, and gullible, and wanting to be liked and/or “politically correct” more than wanting to be real.

I wonder, if this indeed is a planet of children, what’s the point of not letting them be children? Why program and robotize them? Children don’t do that to themselves, it is done to them by so-called adults, who, perhaps, are programmed and controlled by something of which they are not aware.

Looked to me that Jesus in the Gospels entire mission was to try to wake people up, get them to drop their computer programs, wanting to be liked, politically correct, members in good standing of the herd, which in his day was out of touch with reality, and is today, also.

Maybe who/what told you that last night will have more to say to you tonight. Based on my experiences, people need to experience this kind of inquiry and discussion, if only by reading it.

The angels drilled into me that experience is real teacher, and the only real way to change is through experience …

We can hope, or not, that we learn from out experiences, and change. Otherwise, we are static, or going backward, is how it was explained to me.

Maybe that’s why I came up with the notion, perhaps not entirely facetious, that the human evolution theory is backward, monkeys and apes show humans where they are headed, if they don’t wake up :-)



Day before yesterday, Stacy replied:
i’m sorry, i should have been more specific. i was watching a show called “ancient aliens”. this episode was about the crystal skulls. children are curious, destructive, greedy and sweet all in one day was me.

you, sadly, are forced to deal with some of the worst examples of people out there. this passed year, i have had the “pleasure” of meeting many like them myself. however, the four years i spent in austin working at that grocery store showed me that there is still hope! many of the people i encountered and got to know were truly beautiful, spiritual and conscious people. there are more out there than it seems sometimes. i promise :)

I replied:
Dang, Stacy, that’s kinda lame, you wrote to me about a TV show as if you had heard it in a dream. Earth to Stacy, Earth to Stacy!

I wuz in a local health food store just yesterday to buy some beets, which I usually buy at Winn-Dixie, but I was in the neighborhood of the health food store and Winn-Dixie was a long ways off. The two young New Age women behind the counter were off in another world. Reminded me of lots of other times I wuz in health food stores. I nearly starved to death eating only what I could find in health food stores and groceries. The physical food did not sustain me. Nor did the spiritual food. Unless I was really careful in what I ordered to eat from their kitchens, the physical food gave me indigestion. The spiritual food was about the same.

I lived in two major New Age cities, Santa Fe, New Mexico and Boulder, Colorado. I was very interested in the New Age when I arrived in Santa Fe. The New Age quickly cured me of that interest in about a year’s time in Santa Fe. They are in another world. They do not even believe Evil exists. You got a big jolting correction of that heresy back in 2003, when, at my suggestion, you read the parts I suggested in HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL, by Malachi Martin, a Jesuit Priest.

The only safe way I know of to navigate this world and its many roadside and seaside attractions, is being led by angels who know the terrain. Everything else is guessing, at best. I showed you how to live in that way, by introducing you to the angels. The problem with doing it that way, of course, is the angels nearly always have a different way of going about things than we stupid, gullible, egotistical humans, who think we are smarter than God.



In another parallel universe, Facebook thread launched yesterday by amiga Gloria, Reiser of Quincy, Illinios – Gloria is a professional psychic and self-styled magician (close kin to sorceress).

  • Abstract thinking required.
    OMG so cool!!  SHARE if you get it! :)
    OMG so cool!! SHARE if you get it! 
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    • Randy Keim Got it. Abstract .was thinking lineal
      18 hours ago · Like · 1
    • Sloan Bashinsky in my arithmetic, 2 is Jesus, 3 the Holy Spirit, 7, the mark of God on a person or an event. Looks to me, Gloria, you might be screwed
    • Gloria Reiser Look at it in an abstract way, Sloan, and you will get it. For gawds sake you managed to pass the bar exam…. this should be a no brainer. BTW I need your new address. I need to mail you something I neglected to send a couple months ago.
    • Sloan Bashinsky 1711 Seminary Street, KW 33040
    • Sloan Bashinsky I’m not smart, IQ around 90. Still looks like you might be screwed. 

      Sloan Bashinsky's photo.
    • Sloan Bashinsky flip one of ‘em over, roll in the hay, still looks like getting screwed to me
    • Carol Everhart Roper All dyslexics will get it pronto
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    • Sloan Bashinsky not this dyslexic, pronto I saw the numbers Gloria’s soul had her flash her FB clan, secrete code from her soul to me, to flash back to Gloria. Chided for being smart, which I ain’t in Mensa circle, I pause and look at the numbers, voila, turn one of them around, mash it up against the other, mate the ends, still looks like screwing to me, perhaps this is less abstract. 

      Sloan Bashinsky's photo.
    • Gloria Reiser Sloan, from the sound of things, it seems to me you might benefit from going out to find yourself someone willing to screw you.
    • Gloria Reiser But yes, “think dyslexic” is a great clue.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Was thinking about that a little while ago, but once would not do a whole lot, and ongoing, as in a relationship, would drift into being screwed by those pesky numbers, the lady, me, separately, together, based in past forays into that region of existence. The numbers are dead on, Gloria. You put them up because something wanted you to put them up; free will is highly over-rated, but the heresy tenaciously persists . I don’t know if it’s possible to think dyslexic; it’s like … a condition … like being pregnant … you are, or you aren’t … In my writings, I’m flipping numbers, letters, words, and sometimes people’s names daily, without realizing it. When I go back and read what I wrote, I see some of it, read right though some of it, flipping it again without realizing it. Doesn’t happen extensively, it’s pesky sporadic. Mild dyslexia, perhaps. I have not found any way to stop it by thinking, trying to be super careful; it’s got a mind of it’s own.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Sort of like this gal 

      Sloan Bashinsky's photo.
    • Sloan Bashinsky see that apostrophe in the second its in the last sentence? that’s an example of flipping its to it’s without realizing it …

In yet another parallel universe, north Georgia redneck mystic good old time religion flash-backing, or, if you wish, horsing around …

Curtis & Leroy

After receiving a teaser to one of my ravings, someone wrote:

Who are you? Please delete me from you address book.

From: sloan bashinsky []
Sent: Monday, January 13, 2014 11:13 AM
Subject: evolution and devolution education attractions …

You should be able to see today’s features by clicking on

today, and by clicking on this link anytime:

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy – Frederick Douglass Gymnasium symposium on slavery and child sex trafficking, and various other Key West, USA, world-wide and other-world evolution and devolution education attractions

Posted on January 13, 2014 by Sloan

ET wife

I replied:

I am a friend of the na ga redneck Davis Broadway, who sometimes sends out email blasts and sometimes I reply to ALL and that seems to be how you ended up in my email contacts. I removed you today, but now that I’m answering your question, I will have to do that again, as any email I sent to someone not already in my email contacts, ends up there …

He wrote:

Hell, I’m sorry. Any friend of Broadway’s is a friend of mine. Please reinstall me Sloan and keep those letters coming. I’ll try and reciprocate with some meaningful jibberish.

I wrote:

Hi, John –

Davis can tell you how we met, that might take a while, what led up to and followed, we ran lots of rivers together since first handshake mid-2001, maybe Darlene still thinks I’m the devil, or loony, or just ungrateful, but I ain’t ungrateful, the rest is open to further developments.

Last below are links for today’s star wars follies. Don’t feel obligated to send me anything, it might or not get published at one of my websites, I prefer the sender’s original thinking/writing, but some forwards I receive are either important or make for a good dart board to pin the donkey’s tale on its tail, and deserve further airing out. I ain’t partial just to beating up on donkeys, elephants beat up just as good. Religion, too.


on the lam in Key West

Key West of Weird and Forgottenville, Illinois calling all ETs! – in search of 25 transformed world leaders to change Earthlings …

Posted on January 14, 2014 by Sloan

He wrote:

Sloan, I hope you can say that my buddy Wilkins wasn’t thrown into that mix somewhere!

I wrote:

Hi, John –

Actually, David Wilkins was very much in that mix; he, Davis, Pat McDavid (his and my mother were good friends) and I played golf on the course David’s father built, Inverness it was called? I played several rounds with David and Davis, and one with David, as I recall. Davis’s son John Thomas played with us once. I felt very close to David, also, and to a lawyer there, about half blind, John is all of his name I now recall, and to Darlene, John Thomas and his brother Clyde.

Mine is a really peculiar story, was peculiar before I met Davis in June 2001 just after I’d finished writing a novel on a computer in the Helen, Library. Then, I met Darlene, Clyde and John Thomas, then David and John, and others in Helen and nearby. My life has been really peculiar since the four summers and sometimes longer I spent in and near Helen, the last in 2005. I’m so peculiar that I feel like I’m from another planet, and I’m not entirely being metaphorical.

I did meet a woman in Helen who was potentially as peculiar as me, and we have a few flings over a few years. She was the woman I liked most of the women I was with. Like is different from love; I loved her, too. The stars weren’t aligned right, though. I kept telling her, before we became an item, that the novel was being written by God, I was taking dictation, and after she read the manuscript, she said it was written by God.

Davis was the first person to read the manuscript after it was finished, took about 6 weeks for it all fall out of me. That was right after Davis and I met. He had a few copies of the manuscript printed out and bound in s spiral bounder at All Service Printing over in Clarkesville, and sent a copy to Melvin Slotnick, with whom I attended grammar school, long before Melvin left Judaism and became a Christian. Davis was friends with my younger brother Major decades before meeting me. You should ask Davis about the day he met me.

A lot of really funny stories could be told around all of that outline above, and some not so funny.


He wrote:

Morning Sloan. Thank you for “your Helen story”. There is no place like Helen and no people like Helenites. From the Wilkins to the Broadways to my buddy Melvin Davis (a transplant) to Mully and Jeff Ash to Vandergrift to the Blacks … on and on and on. They are all legitimately insane.

I was just up there last Wednesday evening at the Nachoochee Grill for Mully’s 60thbirthday “bash”. I could write a book on that boy – but no one would read it. The Wilkins family lived here in Gainesville during their childhood, shortly before Big Jim created Helen, and that’s where our friendship started, then they all migrated there and he built the big house with the cement pond. David and I still ride horses together and Jimmy is here in Gainesville. I don’t see Mike as much as I would like.

I’d love to read your book. Is it available anywhere on the internet? Incidentally, if you mention my name to them, they won’t recognize me as John, although that’s my given name. Grew up as Johnny and it stuck.

Great to hear from you.


I wrote:

Hi, Johnny –

Yeah, Helen is an insane asylum, for sure, slightly different and a tad smaller than the one I live in now, but both heavily dependent on tourists to stay afloat.

Many years ago, I drove through Helen going somewhere to paddle a whitewater river, and I told my wife of that time that Helen was the fakeiest looking Bavarian town I’d ever seen and damn if I would ever go back there! What a sense of humor God had :-).

I don’t know the other people you named.

Another lawyer I met in Helen and really got to like was Charlie Brown (his real name). Later, he became the area Public Defender, his office in Gainesville. Perhaps he still does that, but when I knew him he was in private practice, working out of his home in Helen, near the main entrance to the golf course.

One day in Betty’s Country Store [Darlene Broadway’s business, started by her mother, Betty], this was in 2001, Charlie and I were eating sandwiches from the deli, and having heard a few of my weird (insane) stories, Charlie asked if I attended a church? I said, heck, I didn’t know when I ever was not in church. Weren’t we in church now? Charlie laughed, said he guessed so. Davis told me some years later that Charlie had never forgotten that.

Davis’ sometimes pastor, Lyndon Something, at Nacoochee Methodist Church, on the road to the turn off to Davis and Darlene’s home, and I became pretty good friends. I did attend that church a good bit, until Lyndon and my Sunday school teacher, a biker for Christ gang leader, told me they couldn’t have me in there making people feel badly about themselves. The year before, when I had started in on them, and was not happy about being in that position, the same Sunday school teacher had begged me to keep coming to his Sunday school classes.

Well, anyway, Lyndon was a good friend, too, but he believed nobody could get into heaven, who did not attend church regular, which Davis didn’t, and I kept telling Lyndon that God was everywhere and had no trouble finding Davis wherever he was. Lyndon could not grasp that, so finally I asked him one day where did he figure the Devil would hide so that nobody would ever think to look for him? Lyndon couldn’t grasp that, either, so I had to tell him it was in a church.

About the same time, Lyndon told me that he wanted his church to be an Acts 2 church, and I asked if he was sure, and he said yes, and I said those people turned out to be communists (Acts 4), they put all they owned into a common pot and each member of Peter’s community was given what she/he needed. Wasn’t long after, Lyndon retired from pastoring, I was dreaming he was going to have a heart attack, another one, if he didn’t get out of pastoring. He didn’t listen, so I wrote his wife a letter about my dreams. I think maybe the first heart attack had gotten him out of contracting, into preaching, which was some time before I met him.

The novel is a bit more loose and goosed than all of that, some poor depressed Birmingham super trial lawyer and an Apalachicola lady he meets in a weird way, Weird is God’s middle name, get turned every which a way but loose by Something …

Anyway, its title is HEAVY WAIT: A Strange Tale, it’s not all that long, could be read in an evening if it don’t bore you slap dab to death and you fall asleep. carries it in Kindle and might have some trade paperback copies, new or used.

Product Details

Heavy Wait: A Strange Tale by Bashinsky, Sloan (Oct 28, 2013)

Oct 28 is around when it went onto Kindle.

If you open the Kindle link, and open it again, you get to see the first few chapters, for free, to see if it makes you want to buy it. Clever marketing tool on Amazon’s part. Most likely, you can get a trade paperback copy from Amazon a lot quicker than from the print to order publisher: I have paperback copies here, can send you one if you give me a snail mail address. $20, if you buy it from me.The first chapter is about my dreaming of the tale in Key West, and how three days later, in Helen, where I did not know I was going when I had the dream, I learned that I was going to write it, and the next day it started falling out of me.

You probably won’t be bored by the tale, but then, maybe you will think the Devil really wrote it. Lyndon might have thought that, if he read it. I never offered it to him. Maybe I should have. But it was not published until the fall of 2006, after I was done summering in Helen.

The summer of 2005, I stayed in the little upstairs loft apt. in the Stovall House across from Davis and Darlene’s place. Hitchhiked everywhere I went. Met lots of interesting people up there in that way. Same in 2001. The other two summers I had car or truck to drive. What I really needed, though, was a flying carpet. Still waiting on that.

For now, I leave for you to tell Davis, David et. al. that you and I are corresponding. I hear from Davis from time to time, not from the others. Maybe you should write a book on the lot of them :-). Then, you can get into Witness Protection and hide out in Key Weird.

Sloan Bashinskyme in 2006, wearing a polo shirt Davis gave me in 2004, as I recall the date of that transaction

Back down here on the tip end of The Asteroid Belt, if you did not yet read Arnaud and Naja Girard’s latest on the Thanksgiving Day death of Charles Eimers, a suspected homeless man living in his vehicle, who was given the red carpet treatment by quite a few Key West police officers, 14 I think was the final tally, then you might wish to check out that story and the readers’ comments, the last two of which involved a dream I had in a nap yesterday about Arnaud. You should be able to get to Key West the Newspaper by clicking on, and you should should be able to get to the teaser for the latest Eimers’ article by clicking on this link:

Investigation or Cover-up?

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan with troll

About Sloan

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