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Check out the first piece in today’s new Friday edition of, about what more and more is looking like a cover up in the Thanksgiving Day death of Charles Eimers while in police custody.

Investigation or Cover-up?

Further kudos to Arnaud and Naja Girard, for doing their best to prevent Charles and his bereaved family from going silently into the night.

Check out also City Commissioner Tony Yaniz’ guest editorial on Truman Waterfront:

GUEST EDITORIAL: A Park is a Park is a Park?

Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, retired, marine biologist by passion, wrote about when water pollution flags fly on Higgs Beach and other city beaches:

Sloan–If one of our beaches has fecal contamination
the others being in very close proximity
they at one time or another or another tide
will also be—contaminated!!

Diarrhea from fecal contamination kills
worldwide 6000 per day mostly children
under the age of 5 years. 2.3 Billion people
suffer from disease due to dirty water.
This is serious and we have those monster
ships dumping unimpeded off shore.

any outbreak publicized will affect tourism
big time——here —-!! Jerry

I replied:

Hi, Jerry – don’t suppose we should hold our breath waiting on the city, county and TDC to show concern for human beings welfare when there is money to be made from their wallets, in sickness and in health, til …

fecal contamination, MRSA, in local waters of no consequence …

Jerry wrote:

Hi Sloan: You hit the Bulls-eye;
one of our insensitives
needs to suffer with severe
MRSA———–health of no consequence
air or waterborne—–city fathers , chamber of
commerce die-hards, RL M.D.
all could be targets for coli-form microbes
and carcinogenic fumes. all those that
are oblivious !
kind regards! Jerry

I wrote:

Having had a near-death experience with dysentery (when I was 20), and two much later lovely salmonella infections which caused me to wish I was dead, and three different rounds with MRSA in the Keys (since mid-2003), one of which nearly killed me, I would not wish those or any life-threatening diseases on anyone. Perhaps, though, it will take those in power, who ignore what you and I know, because we have experienced it and they have not, to experience it themselves, and in that way their perspective and priorities change. Ditto for the “homeless disease” – until they contract it and it nearly kills them, they don’t know what it is they are trying to “manage”.

Tim Gratz started lobbying me about what I reported in two different posts about Ken Morris, after he spoke at the Frederick Douglass Gymnasium in Bahama Village, Key West.

Tim Gratz of Key West wrote yesterday:

I forgot to send you this report. Ken Morris charmed everyone he met and had a terrific day in Miami yesterday.

I replied:

He charmed me, too. The angels had some suggestions for his future endeavors.

Tim wrote:

He is a very decent man. Sloan, he draws no salary and he has been living off the savings from his previous business venture.

He intends to just give away the curriculum he developed for schools.

He brought joy to so many young people yesterday. It was a joy to be there to experience that.



I wrote:

If Ken is living off his savings, then in that sense he and I are alike. He could have told me that himself, instead of Rick telling me the same thing twice, without asking Ken, who was staying with him and Cynthia, and now you tell me. Maybe Ken will tell me himself; he’s the horse’s mouth, you and Rick are not.

I’m glad Ken is reaching children, I hope he tells them in the future about USA using children after they grow up to traffic in stupid, evil, ruinous wars, which I seriously doubt USA could do if no African-Americans played along with it.

I didn’t expect you to get the point, Tim. I didn’t expect anyone to get the point, not even Ken. Maybe some people got the point, maybe even Ken did. He got it if his female is working. But getting the point, and then making personal adjustments to go with it, are two entirely different things.

People who are certain they are saved, in the sense you define salvation, tend, in my experience, to miss the point a lot. Lucifer is delighted for people to miss the point.


Tim wrote:

He of course had no idea you would attack the $500 charge in your column, It might have been prudent for you to inquire about it before you claimed it was excessive.

He could sell his curriculum to schools, and I would urge him to do so to help with costs, but he is so devoted to the cause that he intends to always provide the curriculum to schools free of any charge even though there are of course costs associated with its development and production.


I wrote:


You yourself started this issue being discussed when you hit on Todd German for his bank to help you and Connie [Gilbert]finance bringing Ken Morris down to Key West. Todd said you told him, after he dragged it out of you, was how it came across when Todd explained it to me, that Ken would receive a $500 per day. That’s what I reported, after I explained it to Rick Boegtter right after Ken spoke at Frederick Douglass Gymnasium, and I asked Rick to ask Ken about the per diem fee, because Ken was staying in Rick’s home. Rick said he would do that and get back to me, but he did not do it. I reported all of that in my post the next day. I sent FYI to Ken, via his email address, the teaser with links to that day’s post. Ken replied, thanking me for the article and saying it was nice meeting me. I replied to Ken, and Ken did not respond (and has yet to respond). I waited two days to give Ken a chance to respond, and then I published what I wrote to him the second time. Ken knows I questioned the $500 charge and he did not provide an explanation. That’s what happened. If I get anything new from Ken, I will share it with my readers.

From my side, it looks like you, and Rick, have tried to use the $500 per day Ken was to receive from Keys Coalition, to avoid dealing with the rest of what I reported and commented on. I am left feeling like I’m dealing with small children, who are you and Rick. I have not formed an opinion yet about Ken, other than I think his calling from being born into Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington’s blood lines, is more toward trying to further liberate African-Americans from their white slave masters, vis a vie, waging wars for them which put a whole lot of money into their white pockets, than it is toward stopping the child sex trade and work slavery in America and world-wide.

ML King and Jeremiah Wright saw what white American capitalist wars were doing to African-Americans: extending African-Americans’ l-o-n-g slavery to white American capitalists. I bet Ken sees that, too. But will he go after it and risk the same end ML King experienced?

The child sex trade and the work slave trade are heinous. War for profit is more heinous and it is destroying America’s soul. Alas, war for profit is what USA War, Inc. is all about. If you don’t believe me, Tim, dial up General Dwight D. Eisenhower in heaven and ask him if that was not the same Industrial-Military Complex he warned Americans about when he was leaving office after his second term as US President.


Tim wrote:

Where did you get that German had to drag it out of me? He asked a question what the fee was and I replied immediately.

If you asked Rick to check in to the issue well then I was wrong to fault you for not asking questions.

But I assume you know that there are ways to check on the finances of a public charity.

I did check and Frederick Douglas Family Initiatives is far far from a high finance operation. As stated, I believe that Mr Morris is not even receiving a salary from the organization.

In my opinion Mr Morris is a hero, just as his famous ancestor was a hero.


I wrote:

As I explained yesterday, the way Todd explained his and your conversation to me, as I reported it the next day, it looked to me that you were evasive about what the money you were raising for Morris’ visit would be used for, and Todd kept asking questions, until he asked if Ken was being paid, and you answered that he was getting a per diem, and Todd asked how much, and you said $500. That was in my post the next day.

Did you read that post? For in it, I also wrote that, at the gymnasium, I had told Rick what Todd had told me, and that I wanted Rick to ask Ken about the daily fee, because that was part of the story, too, and I did not want to publish just what Todd had told me; and Rick said he would ask Ken and let me know, and I not heard back from Rick, and I published what Todd had told me. it’s all in that post, Tim, a copy of which you received, Todd received, Connie received, and Ken received and thanked me for.

I cannot help if you do not read what I send to you.

My impression of Ken at Frederick Douglass Gymnasium was quite favorable. I wrote the next day that I had no problem with him being paid for being there, I wished I was paid for what I do. Then, I was gotten onto about that, by the angels. Then, after Ken and written back to me, thanking me for the article, without saying a word about the fee, I was moved to write the long reply to him, which was included, along with his and my previous, in what I published the next morning, along with Rick’s to me, saying he had not asked Ken about the fee, which I received after I had put all the other together in a draft. I published Rick’s, too, with an explanation of when I had received it and also my then reply to him. You received a copy of that, too.

I did not send that second post to Ken, my error, I spaced it out, then when I remembered yesterday that I had spaced it out, I spaced it out again. My dreams last night left me wondering if I should not publish any of this which you initiated, perhaps enough has been published on this. Ken has done a remarkable job, in my opinion. It has put him in a unique position to pick up and go where Dr. King did not, because he was killed. If not Ken, then who? If not now, then when? That’s all I’m saying, Tim.

I will have to sleep on this again, to get a sense of whether or not this is just between you and me, or whether others should see it.


Amiga Stacy replied to what I reported in yesterday’s post at this website of her and my email discussion of Drew, the father of their son, and their son, and shaman training and its risks:

i was protecting Drew. he just wasn’t willing or able to help me with that task. he is on is own now. he is lost and will likely never return to the world.

i have had many opportunities to regret decisions in this life. i do not choose to dwell on that regret, however. in and amongst the things we can regret, there are gems of gratitude and learning. i heard last night that we are part of a group of 12 inhabited planets; Earth is called “the planet of the children”. children are curious, destructive, greedy and sweet all in one day. we are indeed a planet of children, so i refuse to beat myself up for bad decisions. yes, zack came out of that mess and he has taught me more about human nature and patience and paradigm breaking than anyone else i’ve encountered.

yes, we met in orlando. every time i am in that station, i am reminded of such a serendipitous day. i love how we met and am very thankful for our friendship.

thank you for sharing my story in your blog today. i am still working on tweaking it some, but hopefully someone will get something of value out of it.

i am taking a virtual assistant course right now and next month i will be taking an e-writer class. i have a couple of short stories i am working on. i will send them to you to read if you are interested. i don’t think they are blog material, but would appreciate your feedback.

i have decided to turn my dreams into short stories and that is what the two i am currently working on are. i have another one rambling around in my brain. plus, i have a bank vault of memorized dreams from my past. i would love to successfully share these visions and stories with as many folks as are interested.


I replied:

Hi, Stacy –

i heard last night that we are part of a group of 12 inhabited planets; Earth is called “the planet of the children”. children are curious, destructive, greedy and sweet all in one day.

You heard all of that last night?

In your sleep?

Did you recognize the voice?

Was it male, female, neither?

Many people I deal with mostly seem not in the least curious, and mostly seem to respond to life like robots, computer programs, which they defend as if their very existence depends on it, which is not how children usually are.

Other people I deal with are more curious to a point, but tend to be ignorant, for want of a better word, and gullible, and wanting to be liked and/or “politically correct” more than wanting to be real.

I wonder, if this indeed is a planet of children, what’s the point of not letting them be children? Why program and robotize them? Children don’t do that to themselves; it is done to them by so-called adults, who, perhaps, are programmed and controlled by something of which they are not aware.

Looked to me that Jesus in the Gospels entire mission was to try to wake people up, get them to drop their computer programs, wanting to be liked, politically correct, members in good standing of the herd, which in his day was out of touch with reality, and is today, also.

Maybe who/what told you that last night will have more to say to you tonight. Based on my experiences, people need to experience this kind of inquiry and discussion, if only by reading it.

The angels drilled into me that experience is the real teacher, and the only real way to change is through experience, which Zack gives to you, which Drew gave to you, which I gave to you.

We can hope, or not, that we learn from our experiences, and change. Otherwise, we are static, or going backward, is how it was explained to me.

Maybe that’s why I came up with the notion, perhaps not entirely facetious, that the human evolution theory is backward; monkeys and apes show humans where they are headed, if they don’t wake up 🙂



When a Key West amiga told me yesterday about a couple she knows, who are confined to wheel chairs, having met and fallen into love and doing things together, and are starting to enjoy life, I said I wished I could be so lucky as to meet someone I could have that experience with. My friend said I have lots of friends. I said I am the loneliest person she knows. She said that’s because I push people away, it’s my way or the highway. All I write about on my websites is myself, she said.

I told her, before I came to the Keys, I was on an entirely different program, over half of which was being with a woman who, like me, was being prepared to go, as a couple, into the world to work. That was the game plan, but it didn’t work out, and not because it was my way or the highway. It didn’t work out because of the huge pressure the women, when they were with me, and I were under. So, Plan B was invented for me, the shit plan, which I started doing after I arrived in Key West in late 2000.

I said, getting dunked into Key West and Florida Keys politics killed a life-long love affair I’d had with the Keys before I came to Key West in late 2000. I used to weep when I left the Keys, and I wept when I came to them. My heart sang when I arrived. When I left, I felt part of me had stayed in the Keys. No more. That all died because of the political work in the Keys. Now, I don’t give a shit what happens down here; I do what I do because it is what is given to me to do. If I was told to leave the Keys tomorrow, I would do so and would not miss the Keys, although I would miss some people down here.

My friend looked at me like I was nuts, or a total stranger. It was not the first time I had told her that, nor the second, and other things about myself, including what I did before I came to Key West in late 2000. She cannot take it in because it is not of her perception or experience. For the same reason, she cannot take in my experiences with angels, and with demons, which she keeps saying are my perception and belief, because she does not believe in any of that, or in the afterlife. I don’t believe in any of it, either, because I experience it ongoing. I know it is there, there is nothing about it for me to believe.

When she said, well, if I am so miserable, I could kill myself, I said, I’m concerned about the consequences of doing that. Consequences for who?, she asked. Consequences for me, I said. I would be dead, she said. I said there is no such thing as death, nobody dies. They just leave their bodies. They continue.

There she is on one side. There Tim Gratz is on another side, so sure he is saved, that it doesn’t matter what he does, or doesn’t do, while he is on this world. Me. I have no clue where I stand with God, nor do I think Tim, or anyone else, does either. I do what is given to me to do, because I know where it comes from, and know it is in my best interest to do it as well as I can, and if I don’t use my best effort, there will be consequences, which I will experience.

In more than a few ways, I used to be like Tim. However, I never was a right-wing Christian, all others die and burn in hell forever. I never felt accepting Jesus as Lord saved me from my misdeeds. I did what I did, for better and for worse, and really didn’t worry about the consequences. Then, the angels apprehended me in early 1987. After that, I soon was quite concerned about the consequences of what I did, for worse. As time passed, I became even more concerned about the consequences I did, for worse.

I also came to see that everything the angels arranged for me to experience was for me to respond to in a way that would increase my spirit vibration. My life became, to be blunt, a very selfish enterprise; it was all about me, all about my own spiritual development, deepening, widening, increasing my spirit velocity.

I came to that view because I was told in my sleep that was what was going on. I was told that in April 2006, after being told the species did not reach escape velocity, this had happened before, but I still had a chance to do it, and I would be given experiences that would give me a chance to increase my velocity. And, I should remember Daniel, who was the dreamer in the Bible (Old Testament), and the dream interpreter, his and other people’s dreams, and the fellow who a king put in a lions den and the lions did not eat him.

From that day forward, I have viewed everything I was given to engage as being for me, and if someone else gained from it, terrific; but if no one else gained from it, not my problem. That’s why I don’t get hung up on what I am given to engage; I get hung up on how I engage it, and how the angels feel about how I engage it. The outcome is irrelevant, the engagement is everything for me.

So, what I wrote in the last few paragraphs above is all about me. What I write otherwise is about the people in those reports and my engagements with them, and my impressions, for better and for worse. Yet, even when I write all about me, it is not all about me.

There are people who do not know what I know, because they have not experienced what I have experienced, but who might be helped by what I write about me, if what I experience is visited on them. From my experiences, they might see they are not going insane, or are imagining what is happening to them, or try to kill themselves, or kill themselves, or drug themselves into oblivion. From my experiences, they might grok that their experiences are real, even if nobody they know believes anything they say they are experiencing.

In the Gospels, the shaman Jesus was fully aware the experiences he was having were to refine him spiritually, and if anyone else benefited, terrific; but if no one else benefited, it was not his problem. He left a wonderful road map for living in the Kingdom of God, without dying. Not an easy road map, by any means. But a true road map, laid out in what is reported in the Gospels, as what he did and said other people should do, and not do.

Jesus very well knew the Devil was for real, and demons, and angels, and God. Jesus believed none of that; he knew it was real, because he experienced it. Christians believe it is real. My Key West amiga doesn’t believe any of it is real. I know it is real, I suppose, because Jesus has been on my case since he and Archangel Michael apprehended me in early 1987.

Believe me or not, I really don’t care. I have all I can say grace over just keeping the angels happy with how I engage what they arrange for me to experience. Too bad it is not like that for everyone. What a very, very different world this would be. What a very, very different world.

I have been with a few women who knew what I just wrote about myself, we talked about it, we did not doubt it, because they were experiencing it, too. When you are in that kind of relationship with a woman, walking and talking with angels all the time, it’s a tad of a led down, a real bummer actually, when it does not happen any more. And, it is lonely as hell. Like Adam was lonely as hell. I mean that quite literally.


I wrote the above last night, thinking, it is because of my “in-human” perspective that I am able to engage dispassionately what the angels serve up; I don’t get tangled up in causes; I cut to the chase, and move on; I am invulnerable to social and political pressure for me to bend to other will; I listen to what other people say and feel, and then, as advised by the angels, I say and do what seems best in the big scheme of things.

Mi Key West amgia who jumped my bones yesterday about my lonely life being the result of my pushing other people away with my way or the highway, and my writing only about me, wrote this morning:

Hi Sloan
Thank you for coming out in support of the Growing Hope Initiative.
My mind wasn’t focused on the subject you wanted to talk about.
attached a little something to make you smile…
Best wishes for a smooth snooze

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Tr : FW: Jésus: un sacré rigolo !!  
  1heure de rire et j en passe bises
Subject: Jésus: un sacré rigolo !

Imaginez vous à leur place

I wrote back:

Funny Jesus video, never saw it happen in real life, though.

Right after talking with you, I spoke with your hubby about a lot of different things, including the dying manatee on the east and west coasts of Florida, due to chemical run off coming out of Lake Okeechobee, the impending dumping of the chemical run off back into the Glades, which means into the Bay of Florida, which means into the Keys water, death to what’s left of the reef.

Hubby said my blog is wonderful, lots of people really are appreciating it. I said his wife just told me all I wrote about is myself. He looked like I had punched him in the nose. I said it again. He said it’s a wonderful blog.

I had a dream at dawn this morning, which left me with the impression that the reason I am so lonely, the reason the women I loved and it did not work out, is because I molested my 5 year old sister when I was 15. I thanked the angels for explaining, finally, what was going on around that, and I apologized for being so stupid that I did not see the obvious without them having to explain it to me.

I found myself thinking last night that you remind me a lot of Tim Gratz, who is so closed in, programmed, that he cannot even imagine that his theology/cosmology perspective might not be accurate.

I also found myself thinking last night, because I am detached from what I am given to engage, because I don’t turn any of it into a religion, because I don’t have expectations for how any of it turns out, that enables me to engage it where it needs to be engaged, at the fulcrum points, the weak points, the places where it can be cracked and the light can start getting in. The angels show me the places to strike, when I don’t see them on my own, which sometimes I do, but oft not.

I’m explaining the Jesus I know, personally, who, along with others, trained me, rides me. He is just as real as you are. So is Lucifer.



There are no fig leaves in Paradise, nor any secrets.

Or, as Jesus said in the Gospels, if you abide in him, you will come to know the truth and the truth will set you free.

The women I was with got very large doses of the truth. It dang near choked them. They didn’t get it from me. They got it from the angels. As did I. It darn near choked me.


Sloan Bashinsky

Welcome home, Kali

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