Sunday fool’s errand: there are no fig leaves in Paradise, nor any secrets, and there is no place in the Kingdom of God for cowards – womb rights, school kid rights, dump the pumps rights, county commissioner rights, human rights, homeless rights, tourist rights, Key West and way beyond …


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This sailed in yesterday:

night sailing

Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2014 17:18:06 +0000
Subject: FWD: Your 2014 membership

Ellen is right: winning in 2014 only happens with you by our side.
Your support is the difference between us celebrating Governor Wendy Davis or holding our breaths as Greg Abbott gets the power to slash the rights of millions of Texas women.
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Take care,


From: Ellen R. Malcolm
To: Stephanie Schriock
Date: January 10, 2014


The truth is, you and I could wake up after Election Day to more attacks on our rights and even more anti-woman Republicans in power.

I’ve been horrified by the growing number of articles that predict Republicans could take over the Senate in 2014. What a nightmare: Republicans in control of both the House and the Senate! You and I can’t let this happen.

Together, we can make sure a Republican Senate never becomes a reality by electing more strong pro-choice Democratic women in 2014. It’s only possible with your support — join the fight and become an EMILY’s List member today for the special rate of $10. 

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When our community, now 3 million strong, rallies together, our candidates win. I am so proud when I see our women triumph each and every election year. From our first victory in 1986 with Barbara Mikulski to 2012 with Elizabeth Warren and Tammy Baldwin — I’m thankful for the strong leaders who continue to fight for our rights in Washington.

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Honestly, Stephanie, I’m tired of dealing with Mitch McConnell and his anti-woman GOP. I’ve been up against him for decades — my whole political career. Luckily, we have Alison Lundergan Grimes running in Kentucky to send Mitch packing  — but it’s only possible with your help. So which will it be?  Replacing Mitch with a powerful woman, or watching Mitch become Majority Leader of the Senate? I know where I stand on that choice — and I bet you stand with EMILY’s List and me.

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Warm regards,
Ellen R. Malcolm

ship of fools
Subject: my donation RE: Your 2014 membership
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2014 17:58:57 -0500

Hi, Ladies – I’m getting so old and yet still seem to be getting involved in more and more things that ail the people of this planet, which I never heard of bothering the people of my home planet, that it escaped my mind, maybe with the death of some brain cells, that I once had joined Emily’s List. 

In any event, the Republican Party, and more lately, its Tea Party spin-off to the right side of chaos, just strikes me as a logical extension of right-ish (not in the correct sense) Christian and/or Catholic soldiers marching ever and always to war, it so often seems. I saw “Lone Survivor” last night, and leaving the theater, I said out loud, “What in the fuck are we doing over there? (in Afghanistan, where the young patriotic American Navy SEALS get shot up by the bad Taliban part of the movie is set – most of the movie).
I felt that way before G.W. Bush invaded Afghanistan, and I felt that way when Barack Obama continued that invasion. I wish you gals had not come at me from the blue vs. red perspective, for both colors look to me like religions run by what lots of people on your planet call the Devil, albeit in different ways. The  Devil is sneaky, and whatever revs somebody up is where the Devil sets traps and lays snares for crusaders who can only see what’s dead in front of them – their crusades.
I mean, what in the hell, pardon the metaphor not, were the Democrats thinking when they did not go on the warpath against their President before he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize while still waging not only G.W. Bush’s stupid, evil, ruinous war in Afghanistan, but also his stupid, evil, ruinous war in Iraq? Well, maybe the Democrats were not privy to what I’d been told in my sleep right after Obama beat out Hilary Clinton for the Demo nomination for president in 2008, which was Obama had the potential to be the Anti-Christ.
I didn’t shit hardly at all for a month after Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize I figured he was awarded because he was the first black (half white) US President, and for no other reason as far as his past deserved mention of. Speaking of his past, Obama had dumped Jeremiah Wright (as in Right), who had America sized up pretty well from the Devil side of it, because remaining a disciple of Jeremiah would not bode well in Obama’s upcoming war with John McCain, a former Vietnam prisoner or war who never yet seemed to get it that Vietnam was a stupid, evil, ruinous American war. Just like that, Obama tossed out perhaps the only person he knew who was telling him what really needed to be told. And, after beating McCain, Obama tried to out-hawk McCain and G.W. Bush, to the point that he is known on my home planet as “the drone president”.
Well, that has nothing to do with women wanting the right to decide what goes on inside their reproductive tracts, and I suppose they are as entitled to have say so over that, just as they are entitled to have say so over who they have sex with and when, and whether they use birth control, and whether they use drugs. It’s their bodies, not mine, yet I wonder if they are aware that most abortions women have damage their souls in ways they cannot imagine, I don’t suppose; and the souls of the fathers in cases where the women and the fathers are in relationship and it is a mutual decision to have an abortion.
From the soul perspective, which is the perspective used on my home planet, it’s preferred, or best, if you wish to evaluate in that way, for a female to take an unwanted child to term, and then give it up for adoption by a person or persons who really want a child but are unable to produce one themselves.
Exceptions are when the unborn child is known to be injured or malformed, genetically or otherwise, or diseased incurably, or addicted to the mother’s drug of choice, all of which occurrences are so rare on my home planet that they are almost extinct, but then, they were almost extinct from the beginning of the people on my home planet. 
We just never went in the direction the people on your planet went, and to this day, it is a great puzzlement of discussion on my home planet, how people on your planet went the way they went. Best as we can determine, we never had religions or political parties on our planet, and that seems to explain why we are so different from you on this planet.

That, and we never lost contact with what you call God.

We never wanted to boss each other around. We never had a war. We didn’t even know what war was until we developed space travel and found your planet. What a jolt that was for us! Oh, no, we did not travel in space ships as you imagine; we traveled in ways you might imagine angels travel. We were on our planet, then we were on yours.

That’s right, some of us are here among you, and we are not recognized as not being from your planet. 
In that regard, one of the previews before “Lone Survivor” was a movie about Jesus, his life, trials. As we expected, the actor playing Jesus is Anglo-Saxon, although Jesus was not and did not have all that white skin. But then, this is an American movie. 
Be that as it may, what really got to me was the trailer, to get people ready for the movie when it arrived in theaters: “Jesus is coming soon.” I said out loud, “I hope so, we really could use some help.” Several people around me laughed. Then, I said, “A lot of help, actually.” More laughter around me.
I was not joking, of course, and I did not say, of course, that maybe the help Jesus brings might not sit all that well with some people, or maybe not with a lot of people; especially if they are Christians or Catholics, and are of the view that they are above and better than people who do not share their spin on God, salvation, the afterlife and related matters. I could say the same for Republicans and Democrats. 
I see I failed to mention, in latish 2012, I was asked by what people on my planet call God, we don’t use that word, but is suffices here, if I would make a prayer for a Divine Intervention of the Feminine into USA. I made the prayer, figuring how that payed out might or might not make Christians and Catholics, and Republicans and Democrats all that thrilled, either. 
To people from my planet, the Divine Feminine is what is called the Holy Spirit on your planet, except nobody nor any group on our planet feels, or thinks, we have any special claim to Her, or to God. We are just thankful They are around. But that may be because They were always around and we never knew what it was like to not have Them around, walking and talking with us all the time.
We never had religions or political parties, either. Or wars. Or poverty. We call our planet Paradise, but that’s not the word we use; it’s a word you know but do not understand.
Sloan“Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never harm me.”in this week’s issue of www.thebluepaper.comJANUARY 10, 2014
John Donnelly
As a young child I was wisely instructed that: “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names can never hurt you”. As this empowering information was reaffirmed by my teachers, I cultivated a tenacious resolve that shielded me against the unkind things that would inevitably be said to me throughout my life.Frequently frolicking outdoors, I discovered that my playmates had received a similar instruction. However, there were times when we departed from our parents’ admonitions and directed indecent comments towards one another. Upon recognizing this infraction, with feigned pity and disgust, we took great pride in robustly scolding the unfortunate playmate who had violated the parental directive that we all had received.Gleefully, we would persuasively recite in cadence the aforementioned refrain: “sticks and stones may break your bones, but names can never hurt you”. Didn’t these wretched simpletons know that they had no power to harm us with their words? Without exception, the ‘name callers’ would abruptly cease their taunts and insults.As children we were aware that the verbalization’s of another did not have the power to hurt. This liberating reassurance freed and protected us from the unkind utterances that can be expected from kids and misguided adults. It formed an indispensable foundation, which prompted us to think, dream, explore and express ourselves in a manner that was independent of the opinion of others.In stark contrast to that emancipating wisdom, we have a school district that teaches our children: “Words Can Hurt”. A large banner prominently displayed at the entrance to an elementary and middle school greets our students every day with this frightening and debilitating notion. Instructional programs within the school district celebrate and reinforce this dishonest and injurious proposition.Children chronically exposed to such indoctrinating propaganda can be traumatized. Where will an antidote that remedies the contamination that is impacting these young minds come from? What other fallacious doctrines does the school district promote as fact. Taxpayers fund every bit of information disseminated in our schools.Instructing children that the words of another may damage them, diminishes their capacity to learn, explore and seek the truth. It’s a cruel hoax that provides another convenient alibi for school districts to furnish our children with a second-rate education.Creating a classroom environment that actually provides a nurturing experience where safety, analytical reasoning, skill mastery and academic achievement internally generates a student’s confidence, self-esteem and imagination is hard and challenging work, however, it’s where the focus of our attention and energy belongs.Consolidating a concentrated effort to provide every child in the United States with a world-class education can be done. Thus far, we have lacked the will to do so.Post navigation

i’m long beyond raising young children in fact my son is 41 and i do remember well your ‘sticks n stones’ from my childhood and all well agree the education of today is but ‘edu-indoctrination’ of our young that being said i wonder if the school system is involved in the ‘common core’ standards and guidelines and if so i wonder how many parents are aware of this fact.

Great vid post from YOUTUBE.”The War On Boys”, Feminism and The War Against Boys’ are two other great vids that explain the boy learning deficit. Fortunately florida’s students can escape common core cirriculum by attending public charter schools and cyber schools that do not use this cirriculum.

FRED DETOREZ JANUARY 10, 2014 AT 1:27 PM and this one by Jonathan Taylor

I heard “sticks and stones”, too, growing up, and in my own home I learned sticks and hair brushes really did hurt, and mean words, too, and that carried over into my early schooling, when I was scolded by my first grade teacher and even rapped hard on the knuckles, and often made to carry my chair outside into the hallway and sit there hoping the school principal would not make rounds and find me. The teachers were kinder later, but some students kept the hazing going through grammar school (8th grade). It left an impression, as did words spoken to me by my father and his father. Eventually, I had experiences with broke me of caring how other people viewed me, and of what they said to or about me. By then, I was worried about how God and the angels assigned to me felt about and still said to me. Their words of rebuke, when they came, flattened me; put me in fear for my very soul.

Plenty of bullying and hazing goes on in Keys schools, and the school principals and management and superintendent and school board make light of it and sweep it under the rug. A gay Key West High School boy, who was being hazed, went home and sent out goodbyes on Facebook, and killed himself with his father’s pistol, and the school and management and superintendent and board swept that under the rug. Be careful, John, that you don’t encourage those nice people running our schools and entrusted with children of this community to continue their ways, when what might be needed is a few good men (Marines) going into their midst and putting the living fear of God in them, to see to it that children can go to school and not have to worry about the kind of shit I faced in grammar school, and in my home. But for the black woman who worked for my parents and adopted me and loved me as one of her own, I might have gone insane a lot sooner; I might have killed myself even.

DIANE JANUARY 10, 2014 AT 3:57 PM
Love the story. Penetrating insight into a deliberate action, attempting to indoctrinate our children into dependency upon the government school’s, to protect them from their interpretation of what constitutes ‘hurt speech’.

GEORGE JANUARY 10, 2014 AT 4:03 PM
Words Can Liberate… Ideas Can Free… If schools and the politicians that run them, wanted to provide each student with a world class education, it would have been done a long time ago.

PAT JANUARY 10, 2014 AT 4:15 PM
Neglecting children with an inferior education, not providing them with the means to attain knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment, creates monsters in the schoolyard.

Their incompleteness leads to all manner of disorders. Teach Donnelly’s Imperative as a given.

Most Importantly, create the brilliantly magnificent classroom environments referred to in his article.

Stop insulating students from reality. It disables them. Instruct them with effective Solutions……….

Sloan, thank you for your comments. Not everyone who wants to be a teacher belongs in a classroom. Not every educator who wants to be a school principal belongs anywhere near a school.

Disturbed, incompetent and corrupted district recruitment personnel; employ staff in our classrooms and schools that are reflections of themselves. It creates a dangerous environment that is unsafe and not suitable for a child to learn.

Schools are not a vacuum. Engaged, stimulated and fulfilled children normally do not bully, hate or commit violent acts upon one another.

Teachers who are a part of creating such an environment, normally do not abuse those trusted to their care.

Fostering the notion that ‘words can hurt’, distracts and creates cover for these school bureaucracies. They have another alibi for ineffective delivery of services to our students.

The “Swamp Needs To Be Drained”, corrupted and negligent educators need to be flushed out and terminated or imprisoned.

Zero Tolerance for verbal, physical and emotional aggression is a standard that, at one time, came with the territoty.

ALICIA JANUARY 11, 2014 AT 12:06 AM
Haven’t African-Mexican and other students, who may be suffering from poverty and low-performance schools, got enough going against them, without being taught that someone else’s words can hurt them. How ridiculous…

Rather than clear a path for these students, let’s further impede their progress with the lies and distortions of their school district…

‘Bureaucratic Dependency Baloney’, no wonder this country ranks last and near the bottom in every measureable academic area, when compared to their world counter-parts. It’s a Disgrace and Shameful…

We must rid the system of these charlatans, who pose as educators.

SULLY JANUARY 11, 2014 AT 12:31 AM
The American Public School System is on a downward spiral. We are inundated with a steady stream of data that clearly indicates this disturbing reality.

We are soft. We cannot compete on the world stage. Unions and corrupt educators in positions of leadership refuse to provide our children with a world class education. They have one excuse after another as to why this can’t be done.

Politicians needing their votes will not require them to do a better job. Our children and nation are being sold out, never amounting to what they could become.

Monroe County’s school district has an answer. Post a large banner for all elementary and middle school students to read each day, all day long, “words can hurt you”.

Indoctrinate these malleable minds with this lie, a lie that they haven’t the means to control. Creates fear, tension and stress in their young lives.

Ignorant and empty educators will resort to ‘any means necessary’ when they think it’s to their advantage.

JANUARY 11, 2014 AT 10:34 PM
I dunno, I hear plenty about how something I wrote hurt someone, or how something I said, hurt someone, and sometimes it was true, because I wrote or said something I should not have said, or wrote or said it in a way that I should not have used. And, sometimes, what got hurt was someone’s ego, which is another matter altogether.

Sounds from some of these comments that the people who made them think it’s okay for school kids to say to black school kids, “You sorry nigger,” or, “You greasy wop,” or “You Jesus-killing Jew,” or, “You stupid wetback, go back to Mexico (or Cuba),” or “What’s wrong with you that you like to suck dicks?”

Sure, we all have to get used to such people, but the way some of you come across, it sounds like you want that kind of talk left alone, thus encouraged, in schools.

I wonder if you also want big kids who stuff little kids in lockers for an hour, and call in lots of other kids to stand outside the locker laughing, for an hour, this happened at Coral Shores High School last year, to be dealt with by having the big kid and the little kid shake hands, instead of the big kid be put in jail for assault and battery, with bigger kids who might do worse things to him than stuff him in a locker for an hour and laugh at him, which is about what that big kid deserved, but the principal had them shake hands, and the superintendent signed off on it, and the school board signed off on it.

So, what happens when a kid gets tired of being asked why he likes to suck dicks, so he take a banana knife with him to school the next day and walks up to a queer-basher in the bathroom taking a piss and grabs his dick and cuts it off with the banana knife, or, instead it’s a pistol, and he just shoots the queer-hater on the front steps of the school.

Be careful what you ask for, or preach, it might have unintended consequences you might not like, or even be able to accept were set in motion by you, or by someone like you.

I bet there is not one person in this conversation started by John Donnelly, including John, who was not seriously injured in the soul by mean things said to him or her, and not just once did that happen. And, I bet the reverse is also true. We all have said words which hurt someone else in the soul, but it’s okay, because sticks and stones can break our bones, but words can never harm us.

As I wrote my last comment to John Donnelly’s article, I kept wondering if I had been too rough on County Commissioner Geroge Neugent lately, about the grinder pump controversy in his lower Florida Keys voting district? I was already wondering that earlier yesterday. It’s a tough call, given George’s official job and responsibilities affect so many people, even as he has to be under tremendous stress dealing with himself having been diagnosed with prostate cancer and his wife, Suzie, of whom I also am fond, having been diagnosed with liver cancer. No way that does not bleed through into George’s work as a county commissioner.

In a dream last night, George showed up and walked over to me, he was friendly, and I hugged him and said I am really sorry for what he and Suzie are going through, and I hate his and my fighting over the grinder pumps, then I wept.

As the night proceeded, as more dreams came on other topics, and more times awake between dreams came, I thought some things had happened yesterday at the dump the pumps steering committee meeting, which might mean I am no longer needed in that dispute, other people can do better and will do what they can to get it resolved in ways I am not able to join in. [Including, dump the pump people who have not been willing to show their faces and put there names in public, start doing that, even if they work for Monroe County and/or Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority.]

The truth is, I never did want to get involved in the grinder pump dispute, but was dragged into it in dreams featuring Rose Dell and her boyfriend. When I first met Rose in 2010, after I was moved by the angels from Key West back to Little Torch Key, she was one of the Governor’s five appointed Florida Keys Aqueduct Board members. She was a firebrand, did not stick to the “party line”, said what she thought and felt at FKAA Board meetings, and was not appreciated, and after Governor Scott was elected and Rose’s term on the Board ran out, he did not appoint her to another term. I think maybe Governor Charlie Crist had appointed her.

So maybe now, I hope so, that circle is complete. Whether or not it is, though, depends entirely on how the angels see it. They own me. I do what they tell me to do, even if I don’t want to do it.

homeless apprenension

This also sailed in yesterday:

Dennis Ward

To: Dennis Ward [photo, our previous State Attorney, now in private law practice]
Cc: sloan bashinsky

Well, I can’t figure any of it out….. ??

Sloan – Please don’t put my name on the internet. The focus needs to be on the unresolved issues facing homeless people – not the people who are trying to advocate for them. It makes me uncomfortable to be noted. Thanks. I appreciate it.

Dennis Ward 9:23 AM
To: ____________, sloan bashinsky

Well, the closest shelter here is 100 miles away. So, if you have to go to the bathroom do you hold it and get on a bus?
Same thing in the City of Miami, as far as bathroom use is concerned. Hold it til you get to the shelter.

On Jan 11, 2014, at 8:21 AM, ___________ wrote:

Oh I think it means they can be arrested only if there is a shelter w/in a mile and it is offered to the person… yes?

Begin forwarded message:

From: __________
Date: January 11, 2014 at 8:19:31 AM EST
To: Dennis <>
Subject: Fwd: Pottinger

This sounds like homeless people may not be on public property unless they are in a structure. Conveyance – ? Pretty much they still have no place to go legally according to this. . . .unless they hang around a government building I guess.

?”Trespass on public property OTHER than structure or conveyance”?

Limits on Arrest

Under the Settlement Agreement, a police officer may arrest a homeless individual for committing a “life-sustaining conduct” misdemeanor only if the following conditions are satisfied:

there is an available shelter bed within the City or one mile of the City limits,
the officer advises the homeless person of the availability of that shelter bed, and
the homeless individual declines to accept the offer of the shelter bed.
These “life-sustaining conduct” misdemeanors are:
being in the park after hours
public nudity where necessary to carry on the daily necessities of life, such as bathing or responding to a call of nature
fires in parks (however, lewd, lascivious or indecent assault or act upon or in presence of child is not protected)
obstructing passage on sidewalks
living or sleeping in vehicles
loitering in restrooms
camping in parks
use of facilities for other than intended purpose (e.g., sleeping on a park bench)
temporary structures in park
trespass on “public property” other than structure or conveyance

I replied:

Hi, _________

No problem not splashing your name, you are not a public person of interest in this arena, but I’m not sure what is your question, or what it specifically relates to down here in the Keys? I think, in America, homeless people have the same right to be in public places as non-homeless people have, but who knows where the courts will end up going with that? I heard some time ago now that Miami is trying to persuade the federal court to modify the Pottinger settlement agreement. Who knows where that might end up, either? Hopefully, not something akin to Auschwitz,

FEMA homeless camps

which Columbia, South Carolina got sort of close to before the anti-Nazi backlash started splashing all over the news and Internet.

I heard from my home planet that they picked it up there on their “TV” stations, and they were astounded that people could be rounded up and put in a prison on this planet, just because they are poor. They thought about sending a delegation to this planet to try to talk some humanity into the Earthlings in Columbia and elsewhere, but they considered what had happened to previous delegations they had sent, one about 2,000 years ago being most well known on this planet, and they decided not to try that again. I think maybe they are talking about other ways to go at trying to get Earthlings’ attention, but I’m hesitant to say more about that, as it might not ever come to pass, and meanwhile, it might make things worse, given most Earthlings’ tendency to misunderstand and react weirdly to just about everything said to them from beyond their 2-dimensional perception.


She wrote:

There is no question. I’d asked Dennis If he knew the 11 points in Pottinger but then I found them and sent them to him. He then sent them to you.

Yes, the original agreement has been amended but the whole thing basically remained the same.

I wrote:

Thanks, was told in a dream a little while ago, henceforth to stop providing anonymity to people who send me stuff.

She wrote:

aw come on

I replied:

Maybe you look in the mirror and say that?

Imagine, perhaps you can’t imagine, how many times somebody tells me something, or sends me something, and says I can’t say where I got it from.

People want change, but not many people want to take the bullets change stirs.

A slightly less friendly way of saying it, there is no place in the Kingdom of God for cowards. But for a few brave homeless people in Miami, there never would have been a Pottinger case.

Speaking of brave, Hatman sent recently,


Read your blog of today & found it to be interesting in several facets. just knowing others are supportive is gratifying indeed. but your comments about a parking lot for vehicle “lodgers” was dead on and mirrors what I wrote in a letter to the editor of Citizen not long after the city passed the vehicle lodging law. I firmly believe that would solve most of the tension between property owners and people being in their vehicles on the streets. most of my troubles are/were caused by one nearby homeowner/renter who I guess believes the street belongs to only him and his cronies, and certainly not to me or others unlike him. In my piece to the paper I said the city should get ready to buy the land, put in basic facilities like showers and toilets, pay for monitors, etc and pay another 1/2 million $$. I’ll try to find that piece if you want.

Then he sent:

hopefully this comes thru OK; let me know. and if you notice the date and timing, this was only several days AFTER the city passed the law.

Rodd, the Key West Hatman

an article for the Homeless Voice, Miami FL


On March 9, 2013 I was cited by the Key West Police Department for a violation of a local, 18 month old law, #70-130, which prohibits anyone from “lodging” in a vehicle on a public street, parking lot, etc. I own and live in my van because my income is extremely limited, especially by Key West standards, and is not enough to afford even a room in a house. In the previous month I had been disturbed and harassed by the cops 5 times in the middle of the night, and I had had enough. So I wrote an email to the chief, telling him to quit harassing me, either that or cite me, and let the legal system figure out who is right and what is legal.

I contend the law is unconstitutional for several reasons. One is that it violates the conditions set down in the Miami area Federal court case of 20+ years ago, Pottinger, of homeless people being able to conduct life-sustaining activities in public. Another reason is that laws have to meet a standard of having “a compelling governmental interest”, and even if they are, then they still have to accomplish the ultimate goal by means which are least intrusive to the citizens.

My trial was on December 17th. I was my own attorney, and unfortunately I did not do well. The judge found me guilty. But that is not the end of the story; the city won the first battle, but certainly not the war. I intend to appeal, and I will win eventually. And by extension so will all the other poor people who live in a vehicle.

A local fellow says the main issue is that the van is my home, the only home I can afford to live in, and the government should not be able to dictate what I live in.

Another argument is that key West built a homeless shelter in response to the Pottinger decision, and now the city more or less says that I HAVE to go live there, despite the fact I don’t want to live in a “homeless reservation”.


How about being dead because you were believed to be poor? Here’s the new blue paper ( article on the happy restful Thanksgiving Day of Charles Eimers,

Charles Eimers

compliments KWPD:

protect and serve 2

JANUARY 09, 2014

Arnaud GirardNaja

The plot thickens in the death of a tourist in police custody. It’s no longer just Charles Eimers’ death at the end of Duval Street on Thanksgiving Day that is controversial, the investigation itself has begun to smell like a certain kingdom in Denmark.

This week we learned that detective Todd Stevens, KWPD’s top investigator in Eimers’ death has been demoted and removed from the Detective Unit. He is no longer involved in the case.

Apparently, it was Stevens who nearly allowed Eimer’s body to be cremated before the medical examiner had a chance to perform an autopsy. Instead of being sent to the Monroe County medical examiner, Eimers’ body was sent for cremation to Dean Lopez Funeral Home. It stayed there for 7 days, the main evidence in the case all set to be turned into ashes at any moment.

Interestingly enough it is a December 10th inquiry from The Blue Paper that apparently raised the issue – just before it was too late.

“When you [The Blue Paper] asked in the email about Mr. Eimers’ status,” P.I.O Alyson Crean wrote, “I asked Captain Smith, who called Detective Stevens who in turn answered that Mr. Eimers was still on life support and had not died. About an hour later, Captain Smith and Chief Lee came to my office to tell me that he had, in fact, died. Detective Stevens had not been in timely contact with the hospital as he had been instructed to do.”

“It’s a miracle that the body was not cremated,” Robert Dean of Dean Lopez Funeral Home told The Blue Paper. The Funeral Home very rarely keeps a body for more than the two days required by law. It was a pure fluke that the schedule at Dean Lopez was extraordinarily loaded that week and did not allow for the cremation of Charles Eimers’ body for 7 whole days.

Someone, or someones, from my planet created that miracle, and other miracles, which got in the way of this story sailing off quietly into the night.

Was Detective Stevens unaware that Charles Eimers had been removed from life support at the hospital? This is what Charles’ son Treavor Eimers, told us:

“I spoke to Stevens on the 5th of December, the day after my father passed. One of the first things I remember saying to him was that I was sorry I hadn’t called him back the day before, but my father had passed away and I had been too troubled to call him.”
Yet, according to the KWPD spokesperson Alyson Crean, the Chief of Police was not made aware of Eimers’ death until five days later.

Several criminal attorneys we spoke with thought this was a very serious matter: Under Florida Statute 406.11, the medical examiner must determine the cause of death in any suspicious or unusual circumstance, or when there is an accident, and specifically any time there is a death “in police custody”. Under Florida Statute 406.12, “Any person who knowingly fails to report such death and circumstances (…) shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree.”

It is also becoming obvious that State Attorney Catherine Vogel has been made aware of possible misconduct in the investigation of Eimer’s death.

In what way is it becoming obvious? Is Vogel reading the blue paper? Is she making public statements? 

And then there is the issue of the mysterious missing video. During the arrest, which lead to Mr. Eimers death, at least two videos were shot.  One was published by The Blue Paper on December 13th That one was shot by a woman (whose voice can be heard on the recording) and the other by a man who is seen in the first video walking down the pier. This week we received information from a credible witness that the man on the pier showed his film to police officers that day on South Beach. That man allegedly said, “I have the whole thing on film.” Our witness says that police officers doing “crowd control” immediately went to speak with the man who had “the whole thing on film” yet when we asked Alyson Crean two weeks later whether the department had any video showing the officers arresting Eimers we were told “no”.

An officer allegedly went over to talk to a man with an essential video but didn’t ask for a copy.

The Chief KWPD investigator in the case lost track of the body and failed to notify the medical examiner or his Chief while the body awaited cremation instead of an autopsy.
A hospital physician initially signed a certificate declaring Eimers died of “natural causes” as though the investigator hadn’t disclosed the true circumstances of the death.
Is that investigator the same person who “ordered” Joelle, the restaurant hostess who allegedly saw it all, not to talk to us?

All the officers involved refused to cooperate with the investigation and only filed mandatory reports (under protest) after being forced by their Chief of Police to do so.

My, isn’t that comforting to know?

The one report that differed from the made-up version was initially suppressed. Meanwhile, the made-up version of the arrest remained the official version until disproved by a bystander’s video.

Finally, the investigation into the death of Charles Eimers appears tangled with the demotion of a top detective and possible criminal misconduct. One might wonder whether the investigation itself is compromised and how many people will actually trust in its findings, whatever they might turn out to be.

One might wonder if Chief Lee will end up having to fire 14 police officers, to get his department straightened out. 14 officers ended up at the scene of the face down in the sand apprehension of the suspected homeless man, Charles Eimmers, who had arrived in Key West the day before, to check it out as a place to live after he had retired up north. Happy Thanksgiving took on an entirely different meaning in Key West on that blue day. An entirely different meaning.

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JME989 JANUARY 10, 2014 AT 7:04 AM
I guess it’s a start. I’m still shocked that the officers involved have yet to be suspended. You’d think that it would be standard protocol when you murder a man.

as i maintained previously a ‘cya’ routine is alive and well and now smacking of big time criminal intent. i may have been premature in my harsh criticism of the chief if so i apologize however time will tell since its not over till its over.
smoking guns are popping up all over this unfortunate case which by the clearness of the video alone was brutal extreme force thugery and absolutely uncalled for in this instance and a mans avoidable death was its outcome which by all standards of ‘reason’ was then an ongoing attempted coverup after the fact. time for the governor to appoint a special prosecutor quickly before any further evidence gets lost, misplaced or creamated if it hasn’t already!

GEORGE JANUARY 11, 2014 AT 12:38 AM
Detective mishandled death case
Citizen Staff
Chief: Failed to keep in touch with hospital and family

Outstanding Investigation Arnaud and Naja. This is on the top of today’s Citizen. All those wrongfully accused, convicted and executed ‘Stand With You’.

is it any wonder the ‘citizen’ deleted thier comments capability in the online version of the paper after the dredging referundum…ahhh mullet wrapper indeed. the citizen..a great community news paper ‘NOT’.
many hats off to naja and arnaud for this new ‘kwtn’ and thier comments feature. without the new ‘bluepaper’ this killing would have gone the way of the citizen’s comments section and dissappeared without notice and without a shadow of a doubt.

JANUARY 11, 2014 AT 8:58 PM
For blue paper readers who do not get the Key West Citizen, or don’t want to pay for it online, which I do, here’s the Citizen article today on the officer being disciplined in the Eimer’s case, which article provides details we are not accustomed to seeing in the Citizen, nor from the KWPD – could it be the blue paper is dragging some mullets out of the wrapper and reviving them? 🙂

Detective mishandled death case
Chief: Failed to keep in touch with hospital and family
The Key West police detective assigned to oversee the case of a motorist who fled from officers and later died at the hospital has been reprimanded, removed from the detective bureau and placed on road patrol.

Officer Todd Stevens received a stern letter of reprimand from Capt. Scott Smith on Dec. 12 for his failure to keep in contact with Lower Keys Medical Center staff regarding the condition of 61-year-old Charles Eimers, who died Dec. 4. after he lost consciousness while police were handcuffing him at South Beach on Thanksgiving Day.

“I concurred and approved the reprimand,” Chief Donie Lee wrote to The Citizen in an email Friday. “I also concurred and approved his transfer out of the Criminal Investigations Division. His actions or lack thereof were completely unacceptable and embarrassing to the department.”

Stevens was not one of the officers at the beach the day police tried to handcuff Eimers, but he was the detective assigned to oversee the case after the incident, said spokeswoman Alyson Crean.

Lee and other supervisors didn’t know that Eimers had died until Dec. 10 — six days after his death — due to Stevens’ failure to keep in contact with hospital staff, according to the reprimand.

That lack of knowledge caused Lee and Crean to erroneously report to the public that Eimers was still alive the day after he died, the reprimand states.

Smith wrote in the letter that Stevens was “completely detached from this important case and had no empathy for either Eimers or his family. This type of laissez-faire police work is an embarrassment to the Key West Police Department and will not be tolerated.”

Smith wrote that he instructed Stevens to stay in contact with the hospital and “take the lead” as the case could likely become an in-custody death, as the department would have to contact the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate the matter immediately upon Eimers’ death.

Family not contacted

Smith said Stevens failed to stay in contact with Eimers’ family, namely his son, and that Stevens wasn’t forthcoming with Smith’s inquiries about the case.

“You could give us no reasonable reason as to why you continued to mislead me about talking to the son,” Smith wrote. “You only said that you were ‘confused about the days.’ You then admitted that you had not made any inquiries as to Eimers’ condition and had not spoken to the son since Dec. 4. You could only offer that you relied on the hospital to call you when Eimers passed.”

Smith outlines in the reprimand the dates of all the conversations he had with Stevens in the days following the chase because Stevens “was advised that Eimers would expire in the near future and that he would not ever leave the hospital.”

Smith also wrote, “Four days after the incident, I contacted you directly to make sure you made next-of-kin notifications. You advised me you had not attempted yet. When I asked you why, you said because he had not expired yet. I told you this was unacceptable because we knew he was going to pass and we needed to give the family a chance to come and see him. I immediately told you to make notifications. I explained to you that I was very disappointed in you as this is a very basic detective task on a case like this.”

Stevens couldn’t be reached for comment Friday.

Stevens, 42, was hired by Key West police in August 2002. His salary is $69,412, according to police records.

He went to detectives in April 2012 before Smith transferred him back to patrol following his reprimand last month.

The move from patrol to detectives is a lateral move at Key West police as there is no pay increase when going from patrol to detectives, Crean said.

Stevens has one previous discipline issue — a written reprimand and three-day suspension for failure to secure a duty weapon, according to records. He also has seven commendations.

The Citizen Review Board, the independent, volunteer board that investigates resident complaints against Key West police officers, had one compliant against Stevens from 2004. In that compliant Stevens, and three other officers, were accused of untruthfulness, but the board and the police department found the complaint to be unfounded, according to CRB records.

There have been no other personnel changes at the police department related to the Eimers’ case, Crean said Friday.

No autopsy results yet

No cause of death has been released by County Medical Examiner Dr. E. Hunt Scheuerman and Eimers’ autopsy report was not available as of Friday.

By Dec. 11, a doctor had signed Eimers’ death certificate, putting down “natural causes” as the determination, Steven Reeves, funeral director at Dean-Lopez Funeral home, previously told The Citizen.

The FDLE is subsequently investigating the case as in-custody death, but it does not comment on pending cases. The investigation remained ongoing as of Friday, said Carol Frederick, FDLE resident agent in charge for the Florida Keys.

The investigation of Eimers’ death is an automatic review that does not indicate any wrongdoing on the part of arresting officers, Lee has said.

Also compounding the case is the initial transfer of Eimers’ body to the funeral home, 418 Simonton St., instead of the medical examiner’s office.

Scheuerman wasn’t notified of his death until Dec. 11 when FDLE agents contacted him.

Scheuerman told The Citizen that sometimes hospitals don’t always know of police investigations, and that such errors can occur but don’t happen often.

Eimers, a Michigan native, died after having lost consciousness while being subdued by four officers, who all said he was resisting arrest after leading police on a chase from New Town to South Beach.

Eimers was pulled over Thanksgiving morning on North Roosevelt Boulevard for changing lanes erratically. He then took off before the officer had finished running his license, according to police incident reports.

Eimers steered his silver P.T. Cruiser downtown while patrol cars began tracking him, driving onto the sand at South Beach before stopping and getting out.

A smart phone video taken by a witness and put on the Internet shows Eimers putting his hands above his head as he drops to his knees. Then one-by-one, officers approach him, covering Eimers’ body from view.

While Eimers was being handcuffed by officers, he stopped breathing, Smith wrote.

“Officers immediately took the cuffs off and began CPR,” Smith said. “Rescue transported Eimers to the hospital, where he was put on life support.”

Allyson CreanAlyson Crean

I bet Alyson Crean kinda wanted to ring a neck or two, after the hell she was put through.

Who can say how that sad saga will turn out?

Who can say how anything will turn out?

I have heard that back in the old days they stoned prophets, either because their prophesies did not come true, or their prophesies pissed people off, or their prophesies did come true. It was not considered healthy back in the old days to be a prophet. Much safer back then, probably now, too, being a fool. Nobody on this planet expects anything from a fool, but foolishness.

Sloan with troll

Sloan Bashinsky

photo taken in 2011 by Rose Dell, in her and her mom’s place, Coco’s Kitchen, Big Pine Key shopping center

Rose DellRose




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