2014 might just be a really interesting year for planting rose bushes in Key West, and beyond; with God’s okay, the Devil won the BSC rose bush

Welcome home, Kali

Kali, Hindu goddess of destruction and rebirth, kinda a female version of Jesus, kinda

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During a nap dream yesterday, my father’s home in Birmingham was besieged by a horrible monstrous demonic beast, and I told someone who wanted me to do something else, that my father wanted to plant rose bushes, I awoke, went online and found this forward from mi amigo Todd German, of Key West:
Todd FB

Thought this looked interesting.

Todd German | VP, Business Development Officer
Tel 305.942.1611
Centennial Bank | 701 Whitehead St | Key West, FL 33040
Web www.my100bank.com | Blog community.my100bank.com

Without A Face


Mary Beth Hurd

Office Administrator

Community Foundation of the Florida Keys
300 Southard Street. Suite 201. Key West. FL. 33040

Phone: 305-292-1502 Fax: 305-292-1598

Email: cffk@cffk.org

I wrote to Todd:

Krishnamurti 2

looks/sounds grim, but I suppose I will check it out

seems I am writing daily about mentally ill people who have important positions in society, and who do not
perhaps the Krishnamurti attachment I added, used a number of times before, is relevant …
On same general topic, the last two comments to John Donnelly’s
  1. Rather than call into question the present day murdering of babies born alive during a botched late-term labor induced abortion, let’s call the Marines, who served 40 years ago in Vietnam, baby killers.

    Just as Obama, Bush and Nixon ordered the deployment of our troops into combat operations, Johnson ordered the Marines into Vietnam.

    Civilian leadership utilizing the might of this nation, under their discretion. Unfortunately, the military serves the president.

    Poster “HWWESQ” made despicable comments that were inaccurate, hateful and disturbing. Anonymous attacks such as those are the mark of a coward, accustomed to ‘bullying’ those about them, when they believe themselves to have an advantage.

    The posting of “HWWESQ” reflects an angry and twisted mind. This poster exposed themselves as another Obama sycophant. Such an agitated, troubled and disarranged mind should think twice about publicly commenting on matters of importance. Thus, the anonymity.

    The hate spewed by those identifying themselves as liberals and progressives, is the very contempt that has bound them in ignorance.

    Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. HWWESQ, the ‘sanctity of life’ that you are seeking resides within you. Perhaps if you devoted the same time discovering a self-actualizing state of mind, as you do castigated people, ideas and actions that you know little or nothing about, the noise in your mind might subdue to the point, where something is learned.

  2. Many terrible things are happening, and have happened, on this world, caused by people, and that probably is not going to change. I have heard oft said, I think maybe it was Gandhi, “Be, or become, the change you wish to see in the world?” I knew several people who were in combat in Vietnam, 2 died there, college fraternity brothers, the others came back scarred for life, it seemed. Some adjusted better than others, all struggled; such violence tears the soul up and I suppose only God can repair it, but usually that does not happen. Sadly, I see a great deal of soul damage in people across the board, who did not fight in a terrible war. They were in other wars, in some ways just as bad, or worse – imagine the soul damage to a molested child, or to a child who sees his father beating up his mother, or whose mother smoked, drank, used other drugs while carrying the child, who was born and went immediately into withdrawal cold turkey; and what of the damage, brain, otherwise, incurred while in the mother; and soul damage before birth. We all, as far as I can tell, are deeply wounded in our souls, some of us cope better than others, some of us end up with mental illness, addiction, homeless, fanaticism, physical aggression, who escapes it, really? I have seen where J. Krishnatmurti said, “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” And where the psychiatrist C.J. (Carl) Jung said, “Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you.” Perhaps Jesus said it this way in the Gospels, “First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly enough to help your brother remove the speck from his eye.” Whatever, wherever I look, I see a great deal of soul wounding and suffering, and I also see a great deal of beauty shining through at times, not at other times. And a great deal of ugly. The only thing we can really change is ourselves, and, I, at least, needed, still need, lots of help with that; on my own, by my own wits, thinking, guessing, I would be, well, guessing.

I then pedaled my bicycle over to Atlantic Blvd and went out on the unused 250 or so yards of seldom used beach that fronts the wild wooded wetlands park there,
Reach Beach
and thought once again what a great clothing-optional beach that would be, and what a different kind of tourist it would attract to Key West.
Haulover Beach 2A young tourist couple asked what all the shrimp boats were doing racked up about a mile and a half off shore? Wasn’t that over-fishing? I said they anchored out there in the lee of Key West, ahead of the big front coming through from the west. If they came into port, their crews would head for bars and be lost for a week. 
A large, dark bird few over, the young woman asked if it was a hawk? I said, a tourist eagle. A tourist eagle? I smiled, said, a buzzard. Oh. But we have hawks, most common the osprey, fish hawk, and several other hawks, and eagles which are not seen often. I pointed out a great blue heron standing on the water’s edge maybe 50 yards away, and an egret maybe 25 yards past the great blue heron, and pelicans flying and floating, and a sea duck fishing like a penguin.
I said in the old days, they called sea ducks water turkeys and nigger ducks, but that was not politically correct, so today they call them by the scientific name, cormorant. They are really smart birds, I said.
From there, I pedaled down to White Street Pier
White Street Pier
and out to the end of it where I spent many nights when I was homeless, but now that. It used to be open all night for fishermen, sky lovers, picnickers, dancers, musicians and anyone else, because they didn’t want homeless people out there, and now nobody can be out there after 11 p.m.
Pedaling back toward Atlantic Boulevard, I passed Sheelman,
SheelMan and subject
who shot the wonderful black and white portraits for Erika Biddle’s
Erika Biddle FB
Hidden in Plain View blowout smash hit homeless art, poetry and music exhibition at Studios of Key West in the late fall of 2011. Sheelman and I had a nice chat about old times, and then I continued pedaling off the pier.
Something stopped me at the AIDS memorial,
AIDS Memorial
and I read for the first time the five poems on it, and figured they certainly were rose bushes and I wrote them down on a Western Union receipt in my wallet from when I had sent a friend money the last time she needed help. She would be classified as schizophrenic by psychiatry, but what ails her is she is in shaman training and that is slightly beyond psychiatry’s ken. Christendom would classify here as demon-possessed, certainly she is besieged by demons which don’t want her to complete the shaman training.
Perhaps elements of Christendom would proffer these five poets below died and went to burn in hell forever because they were not born again Christians, or were not Christians at all.
The sky is blank but beautiful.
Nothing will ever be the same.
A cup of emptiness to fill,
Symbols shaped in a name
Rachel Hadas
For what is it to stand naked in the wind
and melt into the sun,
And what is it to cease breathing,
but free the breath from its restless tides, 
that it may rise and expand and 
seek God unencumbered.
Kahlil Gibran
I hold true whatever befall.
I feel it, when I sorrow most.
‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.
Alfred Tennyson
I believe that tears can heal,
That memories can comfort,
That love lives on forever.
Two roads diverged in a wood
and I –
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
Robert Frost
From the AIDS monument, I pedaled toward the kiosks, where I often hung out when I was homeless,
Higgs Beach kiosksHiggs Beach playground 2
and saw the small new whatever brand of trees the county planted to replace the old, beautiful Australian pines, which the county recently took down because they might threaten kids in the new playground built for only one reason: to fence it in and keep out all adults not with kids, thus keeping homeless people away from that part of the beach. I thought it will be after I’m dead and gone before those new trees, if they ever do, provide the shade and beauty of those old Australian pines. And, there will not be kids in there playing on hot days, when the climbing toys are heated red hot by the sun and they are broiling what feels like alive.
Across the road, much of the park was fenced in to make a big dog park, and a small dog park, with the same intent and result: only people with dogs can be in there, but those Australian pines were not removed – yet.I saw Hatman’s

van across the road and pedaled over to pay my respects. He said Judge Miller screwed him by declaring he was not indigent, he owned four vehicles and a motorcycle, Judge Miller ruled. Hatman sold three of those vehicles and the motor cycle several years ago, but no record was made at the vehicle registration/license office, and he has no way to prove he had sold the vehicles and get those title records out of his name, so he cannot prove he is indigent and get a court-appointed lawyer for the appeal of this conviction for living in his home, which is his van, the only home he has and can afford in America the beautiful, Key West especially. I told him to file the appeal himself because time was running out to do it, and to get a lawyer to look over the papers before he filed them, to make sure there are not technical errors the circuit court can use to toss out the appeal. On appeal, it is a trial de novo, as if there was no trial in circuit court. Imagine what this case already cost the taxpayers to prosecute on man for living in his home in America the beautiful, especially Key West.
I pedaled farther down Higgs Beach to kibitiz a while with other vicious van dweller criminals, who have not yet been pro/persecuted by the city police of one human family love, which is not Key West. They had plenty to say,as usual, about various injustices and funny events, and then the big cold front started boring in and I took off for where I stay, to type up the poems from the AIDs Memorial, and put together whatever else might come to use, perhaps, for today’s post at this website, prelude to pedaling up to Daddy Bones yummy BBQ on Norther Roosevelt Blvd, to watch Armageddon – Auburn vs. Florida State, for all the college football marbles later in the evening.Daddy Bones
Before I left for Daddy Bones, this also went down on this page …
writing quill
During night before last’s first Sunday of the month Poetry Guild meeting, I said my poems just up and jump out of me onto the page. This first poem up and jumped out of me on June 7, 2004, in Key West, and while there are many ways I can introduce it, perhaps tonight I will say I told a fellow about it yesterday, who has been trying to save me from burning in hell forever, without knowing that I know that is what he is trying to do, but lately he seems to have been trying to save his beliefs from what I tell him in return. Maybe if he goes to my website and reads this poem, which is about my relationship with God, he will see that I will burn in hell forever and he will give up and stop trying to save me.


A calling to serve carries its own wisdom,
which legitimates both the calling and the serving
so that the two are one:
Only the one called to serve
can know this wisdom,
and for some who are called
the knowing comes easily,
while for others the knowing is a fiery baptism.
Each calling is different,
and while some callings can be declined,
others cannot,
and those whose calling is without repentance
know they are in it for the duration of the calling,
and while others may try to persuade them out of it,
the calling for ones such as these always prevails;
thus is it advised to all called for keeps
that they view their calling as a blessing
even when it seems at times to be a curse,
and that they try to reconcile the loss of their captain status
and allow the Spirit of God to man the helm of their ship,
and be glad and willing crew members thereon,
knowing that all sailing ships of souls
need a crew as well as a captain
to maintain and navigate the ship through
seas of many tones, depths and flavors;
so consider each league sailed
as part of the overall journey
going to where the captain deigns to go
by using whatever winds and sea currents available
to navigate the ship to the experiences
this ship and crew need to have
in order to fulfill their calling and its wisdom
revealed by the journey of many leagues,
many known only to the ship and its crew,
all of whom come to know,
some sooner than others,
that once conscripted
there is no safe jumping ship.

Later, I introduced the second poem by saying it jumped out of me in early June 2003, about a week before I nearly died of MRSA, and then was living in a homeless shelter in Key West, and then I was running for Mayor of Key West. I said to remember those things as I read the poem.
I am a man.
I said,
I am a man!
What means it,
being a man?
A man is a warrior:
he lives by a code of honor,
his word is reliable,
his actions confirm his words,
his commitment is holiness,
his enemies are welcome at his hearth,
he fears but moves forward,
he cries and gets up again,
he hates but forgives,
he loves and let’s go,
he doubts but trusts God,
he’s a good friend,
he seeks resolutions,
he demands nothing,
he risks everything,
he regrets his mistakes,
he seeks to make amends,
he puts others’ welfare first,
he accepts apologies truly made,
he expects nothing back,
he lives ready to die,
he laughs when he “should” scream,
he screams when he “should” laugh,
he sings just because,
he shrugs off insults,
he learns from misfortune,
he cusses God for making him,
he wishes he was done,
he loves children and animals,
he relishes a woman’s scent,
he smiles when he’s content,
he knows God’s his master,
he walks in rainbows,
his garden is the world,
his way is nature,
he loves fishing,
his wife is his soul,
his food is life,
his pay is whatever he receives.
Yep, he’s crazy.
“There more things in heaven and in earth than there are in your philosophy, Horatio” – :-)
FSU Seminoles
Florida State 34, Auburn 31
the work of the devilDevil Woman 1Taz devil 2
Alabama’s head coach Nick Saban was one of the game’s four game analysts. He said before the game that all the talk about fate had nothing to do with Auburn getting into the BSC championship, and the team whose quarterback held up the best in the early going, under the huge pressure, would win. Saban said Florida State was going to put up points and Auburn need to score 35 points, to have a chance.
Auburn’s quarterback held up okay in the early going, Florida State’s quarterback played awful thanks to Auburn’s defense. Auburn could have put the game away in the first half, but didn’t. Auburn did not show up for the third quarter, and played well, but not well enough, in the fourth quarter. Florida State’s quarterback played okay in the second half, but the critical play was a Florida State run-back of a kick-off after an Auburn touchdown, right through a hole left by an Auburn defender going down with a charlie
horse. But for that, no kick off return for a touchdown, no Florida State win.
Oh, I didn’t mention that Auburn kick returners dropped two Florida State punts and a Florida State kickoff, which Auburn players magically recovered with Florida State defenders all around the ball. Otherwise, Florida State would have won by two-three touchdowns.
Game analysis. Had Auburn scored 35 points, it would have won by one point. Fate had everything to do with it, Nick. Auburn was supposed to do the same thing Alabama was supposed to do, and didn’t. Auburn was supposed to decline to play Florida State, because of the way it had handled the investigation of the rape charges against its star freshman quarterback, Jameis Winston. The Devil won that game in the rose bowl, with God’s consent. Quel dommage. 

Maybe the tourist eagle on Rest Beach yesterday portended the War Eagle’s fate last night. 3 is the spirit number for the Holy Spirit, the Divine Feminine; 5 is the spirit number for the feminine. The Rose was not inclined to let Auburn get 35 points last night.

Amiga Christ-ine Russell wrote last night:
Christine Russell

Hey Sloan!You made one of the most correct statements ever – “This could be a most interesting year in Key West”.
I would only correct you and say This WILL be one of the most interesting years in Key West!

We have back room deals being made, an overwhelming NO on the channel widening Referendum and from what I hear some still will not accept the outcome and seem to want to go over the head of residents 74% statement of NO DREDGING and NO STUDY.   We have a 13 year stalled park, an Outer Mole lease issue ticking, a City hall building that should have been done years ago instead of it costing a half million dollars a year in rent for office space – over a 6 year period that is $3 million – NOT chump change.  And just wait and see what this ‘historic’ renovation costs tax payers in the end.  I would not want that to be MY legacy.  There are problems everywhere and all with expensive solutions, and NOTHING gets done. Problems are just continually kicked down the road (sort of like our Federal government’s fiscal policy).  Is it any wonder people are unhappy with their government.

We have some good, dedicated people working for the City, and also some elected officials who are serious about serving for the public good.  But there are too many private agendas.  I have asked for years why nothing is every accomplished in this city.  I have figured it out (maybe I am slow) but it is because there are too many special interests, too many people who feel entitled, and people in power afraid to say NO.  Afraid to offend their contributors and friends.  Senior housing and Assisted living should have been considered and resolved years ago – but we had a group that had their own agenda and it HAD to be at the Truman Waterfront and ONLY at the TW – so now we have NOTING.  Nothing but a serious need.  I hope the KW Housing Authority can do a better job than the Senior Coalition did.  And no one is talking about the loss of Mark Finigan.  Mark is brilliant.  I have been amazed for years at his ability to balance budgets, ear mark monies for future projects, keep our city in the black, and when called to the podium to answer very specific questions on particular budgets and items – the numbers are all right there in his head.  Mark is one I have always had total faith in.  WHAT are we going to do without him.  These are difficult economic times. I don’t even want to think about that. But why is no one asking what is going on in the city?  Why is Mark leaving?   WHO is going to be next?!  I have an answer to that one, but it scares me as just as badly as the loss of Mark.  Whatever the problem  – it need rooted out and fixed!

Things just seem to be getting totally out of control.

We have a dead tourist.  I don’t know what happened.  I read.  I listen.  I know police officers for the City – I like the ones I know, they have been professional and friendly when I have dealt with them.  I like Donnie Lee.  He has been a good leader and role model.  Think back to the several Captains we had before, he has been out standing.

But all the stories are not adding up.

Why is it people are so disgusted with their government? – I am talking in general here.  I and other Americans just want (and expect) an open, honest, transparent government.  A government we can count on to do what is best for it’s citizens.  A government we can trust with our HEALTH, SAFETY, AND WELFARE.   Not a government that allows backroom deals and caters to special interests.

Maybe I am delusional.  Maybe honesty and transparency just does not exist as a whole any more.  I have said this before, but what has happened to the world?

But back to your statement that ‘It is going to be an interesting year’….it is going to be the MOST interesting of years!  There are projects in the works that ARE going to come up this year and SOON, and they are going to HAVE to be resolved.  The Navy is bigger than little KW and they WILL resolve the Outer Mole lease issue and they are going hold the City to plans submitted for our park as they consider NAVY approval of the park plan.  THEY will NOT wait forever.  They have waited 13 years as have the rest of us.  They really have to be wondering if the City really does need a parcel of land that they have done nothing with for 13 years.

We have elections this year, and people are going to be held accountable for their action or inaction.  I’m looking forward to it all – I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

See ya around Sloan!

I replied:

After Jimmy Weekley got into a run off against Morgan McPherson in the 2007 Mayor’s race, Jimmy asked me to throw my support to him. He said he had finally realized special interests were running Key West behind the scenes. (He had been mayor twice, maybe three times, and city commissioner a few times.) I said, no kidding. I did not give Jimmy my support, but continued to campaign for myself as a write-in after being eliminated in the first election, in which I was a regular filed candidate. I voted for myself again because I was the only candidate I liked for mayor.

That was the same year Morgan told a candidate forum audience that cruise ships did not dump their toxic waste water in the sea. Morgan said he had been on one of the cruise ships, seen their waste water treatment plant; they told him is was clean enough to drink, but he didn’t drink any. He laughed. I shook my head. I had asked Morgan, “What should be done with cruise ships dumping their waste water into the sea.” I figured 99 percent of the people in the audience believed him.

cruies ship facade

That was the year, Christine, that I told Key West dirty cruise ships were calling on Key West, and they still are, and as far as I know, an old retired psychiatrist, Jerry Weinstock, and I are the only two people in Key West calling for the city to stop receiving cruise ships.

Captain Tony

Maybe Capt. Tony Tarracino was the last good mayor Key West had. He didn’t like development and smoked cigarettes, boozed, fucked women, sired illegitimate children, and smuggled contraband like there was tomorrow. Totally in keeping with Key West’s soul and mystique. A living  treasure, a genuine human being, the religious right must have been in apoplexy. They would have been in apoplexy if I had gotten elected. As would have the other special interest folks.

By now, you see, Christ-ine, that most  Americans do not want good government. They prove it every time they go to the polls.

I imagine you will see me around. I imagine it will be an interesting year in key West, America and the world. Maybe a lot more interesting than anyone can begin to imagine.


Sloan with troll

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Darn, that would take a while. Try the autobiographical pages in the header. Ditto for header menu pages at www.goodmorningbirmingham.com. Hatched and raised there, eventually I ran away from home. Here's a short list: Born 1942; male; spoken for; accused of all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable things, perhaps some true. Live on Key West of Weird asteroid. Publish something most days at goodmorningkeywest.com, been at that since July 2007. That's heaps of catch-up reading, probably not recommended.
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