sunlight, unbecoming police conduct, divine interventions, homeless karma and other paranormal phenomena in Key West, to which people are wooed to come as they are; plus, Cancun, Mexico seems to have a Department of Law Enforcement Key West and Florida ought to hire


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From Nashville J yesterday:


Key West Police Department Facebook’s page Press Release
December 30, 2013
The article in this week’s edition of “The Blue Paper” published false and disingenuous information regarding the death of Charles Eimers after his arrest on Thanksgiving Day. Key West Police Chief Donie Lee did NOTattribute the man’s death to asphyxiation. In fact, the Monroe County Medical Examiner has not yet determined the cause of death. In an interview on US 1 Radio, Chief Lee expressed his regrets to the family and said that the Department is confident that a routine investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement will confirm that Mr. Eimers was not Tasered During his arrest. Reporter Ezra Marcus commented about the cause of Mr. Eimer’s death, but his comment is pure speculation on his part. The Key West Police Department regrets the sensational and untrue comments posted by “The Blue Paper” and encourages the community to listen to last week’s interview at


WTF? Is that what the FDLE is going to investigate? While knowing if Mr. Eimers was tasered is certainly of interest and possibly important to the case – it is not the most important thing. How about the lies KWPD Officers made about Mr. Eimers getting out of his car and immediately beginning to resist arrest? The Tape proves that was a LIE. We know that his reportedly having a heart attack was a LIE.

What the KWPD really regrets is the sensational and TRUE comments posted by “The Blue Paper”. What the KWPD really regrets is the sensational and TRUE video tape that “The Blue Paper” posted which shows that the KWPD officers lied in their description of what happened. YEP – they really regret that there is video and “The Blue Paper” has it and has spread it far and wide.



Can I forward yours to Naja, for her to post it as a reader comment, sans ID’ing you? Or, can you sign into and get yourself a handle and start submitting your sweet poison darts under their articles? That probably would be better, and you copy me with it, for publishing on my side of the barbed wire 🙂


You can certainly forward to Naja for her to as a reader comment, sans ID’ing me. I probably would not sign up – just another handle and password for me to forget.

I just always find it interesting how OFFICIALS always try to get the PUBLICs eyes off the real subject and want you to look somewhere else. As in the tasering insteand of the stuffing his face in the sand and killing him.

“sweet poison darts” – who ? Little ole me ? 🙂




See the last comment at this time under‘s current blue linen article, 6 Cancuun cops detained for asphyxiation of American in local police van. Maybe we should hire their Department of Legal Enforcement?


6 cops detained in US man’s death
Mexican authorities say they have detained
six police officers in the death of a U.S. man
who died after being arrested for disorderly
conduct in the resort city of Playa del

Quintana Roo state Assistant Attorney
General Carlos Alvarez said Friday that Yeudi
Estrada Carrero died Wednesday inside
a patrol truck while three police officers
restrained him.

Alvarez says the 28-year-old fitness instructor
died of asphyxiation after at least one of
the officers pressed his foot against Estrada’s

Alvarez says Estrada was from New York
state and lived and worked in Cancun.
He says an autopsy found Estrada had
consumed cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine


Amazing ain’t it ! Yet, as far as I know there have been no suspensions of any of KWPD finest. I certainly hope that the FBI or someone is brought in to do a full scale investigation of the whole incident – I certainly am not going to believe an internal investigation and I don’t feel much better about an FDLE investigation.

Hopefully the Blue Paper will be able to get ALL the reports that officers filed for the killing. It would be educational to see what each officer said and compare that to the Video and other statements. Should be fairly easy to tell who is lying and trying to cover things up.

The good thing is that I believe The Blue Paper will not quit until they get all the information and they will tell us. You can not say that about any other papers in KW.



Maybe I ought not say the thoughts I imagined saying to a hypothetical Key West candidate forum audience, but maybe I will say the gist of it.

Because they did not holler real loud about how this case was handled by Police Chief Donnie Lee, and by his boss, City Manager Bob Vitas, and by City Attorney Shawn Smith, and by Mayor Craig Cates, and by the six city commissions, they, in the candidate forum audience, became accomplices after the fact, as did those city officials, and that exponentially magnified the karma springing from Key West targeting and mistreating homeless people like they are al Qaeda terrorists, the lead winds of which karma were the Bill O’Reilly documentary comparing Key West mainstream drunk bimbos to Key West homeless drunk bimbos, and suspected homeless person Charles Eimers’ death under heaps of Key West’s finest. Reelecting any of those city officials this year will only multiply that karma. As will electing Margaret Romero mayor, who hates homeless people. As will electing run silent, run chicken city commissioner Tony Yaniz mayor. As will electing Mike Mongo, who told me in 2002 that I had to leave Key West because I was homeless; he was the King of Key West and he decided who lived here. That was at his home, and then he pedaled his high-handle-bar conch cruiser bicycle into Sippin’ Internet Cafe the next morning, all the way into the place, and yelled the same at me in front of maybe ten customers, plus a couple of employees. He has multiple personality disorder, which anyone who spent a lot of time around him figured out. He would make a great mayor, don’t you think? Then maybe folks around these parts would get over their view that karma is something you read about, but it don’t happen to you, or to your family and friends, or to your city, or your county, or your state, or your country.

This could be a most interesting year in Key West, and I suspect it also won’t be dull beyond the city which ain’t within a million light years of being close to knowing what One Human Family is all about …

We do live in interesting times, don’t we?

Naja cleared yours and mine from moderation, right now it’s the last comment to this week’s blue paper poke at KWPD’s becoming conduct.


Further on hell,

mud dog

Mud Dawg Mike of Daddy Bones yummy BBQ, behind Checkers on North Roosevelt Blvd, Key West,

Daddy Bones

responded to this from the homeless man Tom, about Mike, to whom I had sent Tom, which I published day before yesterday:

“Sloan, He had me stand in the heat for 3 hours and only paid $15 and then I lost it. I thank you though. I did not go to University for 4 years to make less than min. wage in the heat. Tom”

Mike wrote:

Your boy was in heat 78? for 2.5 hours for 25$ Just to keep record str8 that’s 10 a hour to do basically nothing. A VERY WIERD BIRD! I know when we were homeless we would have been good at 10$ hr ESP if it entailed no physical labor Was not too perturbed till I saw that email chain. DAMN means another trip up the keys to feed those pigs I guess.

On Mayor Cates’ daughter, you got your facts a bit skewed there my friend! I was there that day fact homeless guy was illegally crossing us1 but I didn’t see a bike. Am pretty certain she was turning in traffic from checkers and was distracted by something when she ran him over literally. It was sad and avoidable by both partys!

too many hours and too much contact with too many folks have me bedridden with terrible sore throat. and migrane little fever! But now I cant quit thinking bout tom! I called PJ just to be sure my mind is still working! And I did pay the ungrateful POS 25$ Which is again 10$ a hr! he could have done up to 10 hrs if he so chose! You met my staff you know I give back what I can. I been homeless and demon hounded! I know what time it is! Love of a good woman and divine intervention is all that saved us. Every day I am thankful for where we are and what we got. Some little 2 bit hustler like him really pushes me close to that OLD MIKE with the super quick temper the hell with the aftermath. But I am going to sit here and drink my ginger ale and wish it was CHEER WINE. While waiting for a thought for dinner delivery to hit me. I really cant drive out in this crap. Come by have lunch with me Tuesday. Or watch auburn lsu Monday nite.

I replied:

Hi, Mike –

Sorry you laid up, maybe from screaming your throat to death over what Tom wrote to me, which I published – I just pass a lot of shit along and give fair opportunity to respond, so you will get your “day in court” tomorrow :-).

I think I’d like to watch Auburn-Florida State at Daddy Bones, if you be featuring it there tomorrow night. I had to sit next to Oklahoma fans night before last at Jack Flats, to watch the Cotton and Orange Bowls. Most unpleasant experience :-). Actually, they were okay Sooners, I told them their team played great and ought to have won. I gave one of them a card, and said he might be interested in my report of the Oklahoma-Alabama game that morning, and how that tied into the Auburn-Florida State game, and I did not tell him any more, cause maybe if I had, that might have reduced the odds of him going to the website and finding out 🙂 what a really dangerous lunatic he had been almost touching the night before – well, I did tell him I was a lunatic. A good time was had by all, but I think the Sooners had most of it, as I was still fretting a bit about getting dragged into the poor old Krimson Tyde’s karma, or it into mine, hard to see that clearly as mud 🙂

Thanks for clearing up my skewfusion about Mayor Cates’ daughter running over the homeless man, all along I been thinking it was all the homeless man’s fault. Cates really should recuse himself from any city decisions made about homeless people, no way he can be in the clear about them. I imagine if it had not been a homeless person, there might have been more commotion about it in the Citizen and maybe some commotion in the courts. I think the law is, a pedestrian has the right of way over a car, even if the pedestrian is jaywalking, walking against a green traffic light or stop sign. I think the law is, a person driving a car is supposed to look both ways before coming out of a side street into an intersection. Or, that was the law back in redneck Alabama when I practiced law there.


Mike wrote:

Here. its more joint culpability.  i think thats right. either way both partys were at equal fault. When the family sued for funeral. cost is when cates started pushing. the whole homeless. agenda. pretty tacky and low class in my personal opinion.  Me i would have offered to cover all cost without being ask. Just the way i was raised. Key west. has sold its compassion along with its soul.  Really sad thing too because there are so many really good people still here and they are the ones hurt every time we build more upscale crap for tourist. And. god forgive. you find away around the greedy landlords and crap. Then they regulate you to death just ask hatman.

[Mike and Craig both are Key West Conchs, born here]

I wrote:

Perhaps this explains why, after asking me to be on his Mayor’s Homeless Advisory Committee, before the tragedy at Checkers, Craig then never invited me to the committee meetings. I ran against Craig that year, 2009, and I still don’t remember him talking about homeless people at candidate forums. When he made an issue out of it after he was elected, and said it was part of his campaign platform, that was news to me. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention during the campaign season, but it was news to me.

Meanwhile, the four potential mayor candidates this year, 2014, Craig Cates, City Commissioner Tony Yaniz, Mike Mongo, Margaret Romero, will seriously exacerbate Key West’s homeless problem and the city’s homeless karma, if any of them are elected. I would not do that, if I was mayor. It’s not like I’m a flaming homeless advocate, for I am not. I far more often than not disagree with homeless people about what concerns them. Where I agree with them is they are human beings and should not be treated like al Qaeda terrorists.

I told Arnaud and Naja Girard last night,

Arnaud GirardNaja

although the city wants homeless people out of sound and out of sight, they are plainly visible during the day throughout the city, in public parks, on beaches, on sidewalks and streets, in shopping centers, on Mallory Pier. At night, however, they are hunted by police where they have bedded down to sleep, out of sight, out of sound, bothering no one.

Arnaud asked, so what is the point? I said there is no point, other than the city is using a lot of its cops’ time hunting and harassing homeless people at night, who are out of sight not bothering anyone. While, right, a rash of nighttime burglaries is going on in Arnaud and Naja’s neighborhood, and around the cemetery. Not burglaries committed by homeless people, apparently.

I told Arnaud and Naja that Charles Eimers is dead because of Key West’s homeless policy. Pure and simple, that is why he is dead; the cops believed he was another homeless bum and they treated him roughly therefore.I said, the cops did not intend to kill Eimers, but because they felt they were dealing with a homeless man, they were blinded to what was really happening, and he died.

Arnaud said he feels the FBI should be asked to come into Eimers’ case, because the Key West Police Department and the Florida Department of Legal Enforcement are totally compromised, they lost all credibility in how they dealt with Eimers’ death. I said I agreed, but most important, the blue paper needs to keep reporting whatever it has, for that might be the only justice which comes from this case; the only way for the Eimers’ family to see that the case is gotten to the bottom of (in the court of public opinion).

I said, clearly the angels are working the Eimers’s case, evidenced by the peculiar things that happened, or did not happen, which brought the case to where it now is.

But for the bystanders’ video, which blew the cops’ reports of the take down at South Beach to smithereens; but for Eimers’ body somehow not being cremated after it went missing in a local funeral home for a week; but for Eimers’ heart beating even after his was brain dead, which caused the hospital to put him on life support, which required, by state law, the hospital to contact Eimers’ family and let them know he was on life support and to get their permission to take him off life support. But for all of that, orchestrated by the angels, the KWPD might have gotten clean away with it. Arnaud agreed, there were many Divine Interventions.

We still do not have an autopsy report. Such things take time, body tissues have to be sent off to labs and examined, and reports sent back from the labs. All the while, we have a bystander who took a video of the cops taking down Charles Eimers, Naja and Arnaud Girard, and unnamed witnesses who contacted Naja and Arnaud, and Charles Eimers’ soul, and angels to thank for the case having this much sunlight shined on it. I imagine more sunlight is coming.


Sloan Bashinsky

There is a different sunlight post today at, which you should be able to reach by clicking on that link today, and on this link at anytime:

Caution: lower Florida Keys Cudjoe regional sewer plan transporting broken political promises and related B.S.

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