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School Board member Robin Smith-Martin sent yesterday:

Robin Smith-Martin

Subject: Monroe School Board Member, Robin Smith-Martin, Decides Not to Seek 4 More Years on the School Board
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2014 12:47:15 -0500

#########FOR IMMEDIATERELEASE###########

Monroe County School Board Member, Robin Smith-Martin, announces he will not seek another four years on the Board of Education.

Smith-Martin states, “It’s an honor and great privilege to serve our Keys community on the Board of Education. I look forward to a strong and productive fourth year on the Board.”


ET wife

I think Robin made a good decision. The School Board is lost in space and probably lost. It was lost in space and probably lost when Robin was elected in 2008. It will remain lost in space and probably lost, in my opinion, unless something really unusual happens, such as an alien invasion zaps the school board members into space dust and takes over the entire kit and kaboodle, and then zaps into space dust the bubba and bubbette conch tentacles strangling the school district, and then zaps into space dust the teachers union, and then zaps into space dust the Florida Board of Education, and then zaps into space dust standardized tests, and then zaps into space dust any teachers who don’t know how to teach kids in ways which cause them to want to come to school and learn, and then zaps into space dust anyone in the Florida Keys and the State of Florida who doesn’t like that scenario. And then the alien invaders get back in their space ships and levitate up into orbit above the Keys and hover there in cloak mode until the new regime is fully operational and kids are waking up each morning dying to get to school and learn something new. Oh, and the alien invaders zap into space dust all junk food and drinks, and drugs kids bring to school, and anyone who doesn’t like that, also gets zapped into space dust. And, the alien invaders require all kids to be fluent in touch typing, American English, Spanish and one other foreign language of their choice, if they do not wish to be zapped into space dust. And, the aliens zap into space dust all bullies and hazers after the first offense. No accusations, no trials. No appeals. Zap, they just ain’t there no more.

about time

Nashville J replied to the latest article, First Crack In The Blue Wall of Silence, touted in my post yesterday, re the Thanksgiving Day death of the suspected homeless bum (who actually was a mainstream tourist) under the full weight, apparently, of several of Key West’s finest.

Grand Ole Opry


I have to give a big well done and keep it up to THE BLUE PAPER! Without them there would be no information on this killing by police.

Having said that, and with you being a former lawyer, I never knew that an OFFICER had a CHOICE. I thought it was always PROTECT and SERVE. I thought that when under oath – it was to tell the TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH ! No where in there do I see anything about having a CHOICE ! Did Police Chief Donnie Lee make a CHOICE a couple years ago when he allowed his boyfriend to leave his (Donnie Lee’s) house drunk, get into a car and kill himself?

“She will have to make a choice,” Police Chief Donie Lee told us, “She will have to answer questions, under oath, twice, once during the FDLE investigation and then for the Key West Police internal affairs investigation. If she is aware of something so egregious, she will have to make a choice.”

There is no CHOICE – particularily for a Police Officer and the Chief of Police shows why he should be fired for thinking that one of his Officer’s would make a CHOICE instead of telling the TRUTH!


protect and serve 2

I wrote back:

Hi, J –

Thanks for raising this issue which has been on my mind since I first started hearing of and reading in the Key West Citizen statements attributed to Police Chief Donie Lee and from the city’s and the KWPD’s official spokesperson Alyson Crean.

It has never been my experience, nor have I ever heard of a police benevolent union putting public safety ahead of protecting wayward police officers from departmental discipline, criminal prosecution, etc. The Fifth Amendment has long been police benevolent unions’ best friend in defending its local police departments’ members charged with conduct unbecoming.

A local story.

When I ran for mayor the first time, 2003, the police union interviewed all the mayor candidates, separately of course. During my interview, I don’t think they knew I was an ex-lawyer, they asked me if I thought it was important for police officers to be well trained? I said yes, of course. So they knew what the law was? Yes, of course. There was an issue then with there not being enough funding, according to the police union, to properly train police officers to protect the public.

They finished the interview, but I was not done with my interview of the police union officials, one of whom was a local cop. The other officials were from the union headquarters in the Miami area and knew zip, as far as I could tell, about KW police beats, issues, etc.

I asked them if they felt it was important for police officers to not only know the laws, but to live by them in the same way they were trained to enforce those laws on private citizens? Well, uh, well, uh, well, uh, yes.

Not for a heartbeat did I believe them, and they knew I did not believe them.

I agree with your comments, however I will be surprised to see it play out the way we both feel it should play out.

A terrible thing has happened,

Thanksgiving Day massacre editorial cartoon

and we can only hope one or two officers come forward and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, which, if they do it, might cost them their jobs, if not their lives. Then, there are their families, loved ones and friends.

I hope, but am not holding my breath, that the Florida Department of Legal Enforcement will listen to Naja and Arnaud’s sources and turn this into a real investigation.

I keep hearing from various quadrants that the F.B.I. needs to be brought into this. Probably so, but what really needs to happen is a major news service runs with it, and/or a show like “60 Minutes”. As big a deal as Key West makes about being paradise, as much effort as Key West makes to attract people down here from the mainland and overseas, what happened to a tourist, who was thinking of living down here, on his second day here is a big news story.

The even bigger story, in my opinion, which I doubt a major news story would get into, is this grim story is direct karma for how Key West has treated its homeless people for many years. Charles Emiers received the treatment he received because he was believed to be a homeless bum. Key West’s homeless karma is not finished playing out, and it will only get worse than already is in the pipeline, if a real investigation is not done, and real heads roll, and real crimes are prosecuted, and real prison sentences are imposed, and real time is served.

Maybe when pigs fly, but who knows what the angels may have up their sleeves?

Didn’t unhappy Americans start calling cops pigs back during the anti-Vietnam demonstrations?


J wrote:

They did start calling police PIGS back during the Vietnam war protests.
when pigs fly 3

I suppose that the City Commissioners are now happy that they did not start a fight with FOX and O’Reilly over the earlier TV hit on KW. IF they had, I expect FOX would be happy to be down there rubbing everyones nose in this Police killing mess. Not only in KW, but all around the country Police are becoming more aggressive and killing more people out of what I think is pure over reaction. At least that is my preception!

I wrote:

I don’t know about police in other parts of the country, but down here in Key West they are specifically told to target homeless people and cause them as much grief as possible as part of a campaign to persuade them to leave the area. Charles Emiers’ death is the direct result of that targeting, which came into full bloom after Craig Cates

Craig Cates

was elected mayor in 2009. I told the angels today that Eimers, the O’Reilly video, and whatever else is in the homeless karma pipeline, is Cates’ legacy to Key West. The irony is, just after Cates and his campaign manager thanked me for getting Cates elected in 2009 without a run off, Cates asked me to be on his Mayor’s Homeless Advisory Committee because I knew more about homelessness than anyone he knew, and I said sure, and I never heard from him again about it. For all I know, Cates’ daughter, soon after he was elected, running over a homeless man on his bicycle, his fault apparently, and he died from it, and I offered to talk her through it, help her get out from under the guilt, which offer was declined by Cates, I never spoke with his daughter, was why Craig jettisoned me. Maybe my having been homeless in Key West was too much a reminder of the trauma his daughter was caused by a homeless man apparently committing suicide, not on purpose, of course, using Cates’ daughter to do it.

I been having conversation with the homeless man I saved from one of Key West’s finest about a month ago, about which and whom I wrote a few times already. I didn’t make him happy in what I wrote to him today. Might publish that along with yours tomorrow. Many times when I was homeless, I pissed off homeless people because I didn’t agree with what they wanted me to agree with. One fellow stopped speaking to me altogether after I told him I was not going to sue Key West in Federal Court to get the KW police stopped from arresting homeless drunks, but not mainstream local and tourist drunks. I said I was not going to ask a Federal Judge make it easier for homeless people to drink themselves to death, which this particular homeless person seemed to view as an unaienable right :-).


Trosky 🙂

Below is the latest part of a longer email chain with the homeless man mentioned above.



Mud Dawg Mike at Daddy Bones BBQ emailed me that he had fucked up when you came by, he was preoccupied, he told me tell you to come by again when he’s there so you and he can talk.


Fucked up? how? I had another run in with the police. An Officer Clark gave me a big lecture on how I was upsetting the birds and the children and how he did not like homeless people and would not make life easy for me here. Another female cop this morning was quite nice though and offered places for me to sleep in the day. Do you know any females you could introduce me to?


I think Mike meant he fell asleep at the switch, forgot who sent you to see him, that he had said for you to come by. I don’t do a dating service, obviously, being a monk 9 years.



He had me stand in the heat for 3 hours and only paid $15 and then I lost it. I thank you though. I did not go to University for 4 years to make less than min. wage in the heat.



Tom, you told me you were open to anything. The last hot weather we had down here was in October. This is Key West, not Pennsylvania. You will think what you called hot was freezing, if you are here in the summer and early fall. I have a 4-year college degree, a 3-year law degree, a 2-year tax law degree, and it never once occurred to me when I was homeless that my formal education made me above working for slave wages. What pretty well nixed my doing much of that was my poor physical health and stamina, which was plenty; and then was the spirit load on me 24-7, 365, which I felt ongoing in my body, emotions, mind and soul. Sloan



I was just thinking of you. I knew you would come back with that. I am grateful and happy, I just want to be compensated somewhat fairly too. It is good to hear from you.



You may never be compensated fairly in Key West, Tom. You may never be treated fairly in Key West. You may have come here to have that experience. You may have come here to have other experiences. Being homeless cured me of any sense of being entitled to anything. Being homeless cured me of expecting anything to happen, which I wanted to happen. Being homeless changed my view of humanity, which view already had been changed a few times before I was homeless. I got to where I expected nothing of humanity, other than I could expect nothing. If something came, I accepted it, or engaged it, or, in some cases, declined it, or dodged it, or ran from it, figuratively, if not also literally. This is a very real spiritual test for you, Tom. It is not supposed to be easy. If it were easy, it would not be a real test. When I came down here, homeless, I knew no one. I met no one like me to get to know. I’ve been where you are. I did not complain as you do. I did not lean on other people to help me, as you lean on me. I did not like being homeless. I never liked it. I hated it, actually. But I knew it was a test, and I knew there was nothing I could do about it but do the test. Sloan



So now all you are going to do is lecture me? Not too compassionate. I guess being homeless taught you nothing.



I am responding to what you write to me, Tom. You would prefer me just listen, or to agree with you when I don’t agree with you? I offered to fund your going anywhere in the 48 states you wish to go, and to give you some traveling money. That was after I saved you from that aggressive cop the first night I bumped into you as I saw him shaking you down. I found you a place to stay that night with friends, who later told me your story does not add up; no way you spent all those years teaching English in Arabic countries and did not come away speaking some Arabic. I told you how to survive, if only barely, living on the street in Key West, and where you can bathe. I told you there is a free overnight homeless shelter and how to get there by bus, if you were on foot. I told you about Florida Keys Outreach Coalition. You said no to both. I did my best to find you paying work, and you did not like what I did find for you. I heard your troubles and commiserated with you. I listened attentively to your stories of Key West police mistreatment of you, and I told you writing that up for me was a condition of my funding your departure from Key West, which promise still stands anytime you wish to leave. You are being tested, Tom. If I did not tell you that, it would not be compassionate. If I were not genuine with you, it would not be compassionate. I don’t like what all has happened to you, but your story is hardly the most difficult I have heard from lots of people. Your story is not as difficult as what I have experienced in life. You are in a really difficult time, for you, in a place that truly hates homeless people. You might be much happier in Miami where homeless people are actively protected by a US District Court – 3 times now I have told you that. But you remain in Key West, and you continue to get roughed up by police and in other ways, I imagine. I am not like the friends who allowed you to spend one night on their front porch, safe from that mean-spirited cop. They have not been homeless in this way, although they certainly have been very close to it, and with children. I have lived on the street in Key West. I did it off on for quite a while. I have seen and experienced terrible things living on the street here. I know very well what living on the street is like here. And, Tom, never once did I carry on to anyone about it, the way you carry on to me, perhaps the only person down here who has really tried to help you. I am not just a person you met one night when you needed to meet him, to keep you from something really awful probably happening at the hands of that cop. I am a priest, Tom. I told you that the first night, as we walked and the cop stalked us both. You are being tested, Tim, by what I call God. I told you once the angels wish to help you, but you need to ask for their help and you might or might not like what help they provide if you asked for it. Perhaps it would have been more compassionate if I had simply observed the cop shaking you down that night, then after seeing you be allowed to walk away, I got back on my bicycle and pedaled back to where I stay? That’s not a sincere question. I knew I needed to find you and speak with you that night. And right after we started talking, the cop came around from another direction and turned his cruiser around and brought it up right next to my left side as if he might do more with it than that. We kept walking and talking, and he kept stalking, and I got you to safety that night, and have been doing all I am able to keep you safe, given what you have not been willing to do, which I recommended several times to you, along with plenty of warnings of what KOTS and FKOC might be like, if you went there. God’s tests are zero fun, Tom, has been my experience. Sloan

Recap of recent email conversations with Tim Gratz re the now alleged hoax of Pope Francis pronouncing all people who do good, including Atheists, die and go to heaven.

Tim Gratz

Tim started it the other day with:

I think the egg needs to be on the face of Conch Color.

Rev Tim Jemley, who i think you know (Sandy’s son is one of his congregants) researched the story and it was all a hoax. He went to the web-site where it originated.

His suspicion was aroused (as mine should have been) with the reference to the Third Vatican Council.
There is no such council now in progress.

Of course there were also other web reports of it.

Well i suggest you not print this until you verify it. i have not done so yet but it does explain why it did not get coverage in the traditional media.

I replied yesterday:

The hoax is the cheap salvation men invented some time after Jesus introduced the real salvation for those willing to go for it. The real salvation wasn’t a very good seller. The hoax sold much better. Lucifer was delighted.

You need to stop dropping names on me, Tim. It never has worked for you do to that, and it probably won’t work in the future. It has the unintended, by you, consequence of getting the people whose names you dropped called out in my daily blogs.

Pastor Tim, being the latest casualty of your name dropping.

It’s real easy to say you are a Christian, to say you are saved. It is something else entirely to do what Jesus would do. Pastor Tim told me he would go with my friend Patrick to take food to that injured homeless woman, whom I then told to expect to see Pastor Tim, who did not bring her food. Not only did Pastor Tim not do what Jesus would do, Pastor Tim did not do what he told me he would do, all of which Jesus observed.

the homeless alien Jesus consoles a leper

Jesus with leper

There is a different post today at, which you should be able to reach by clicking on that link today, and by clicking on the link below the great bird of paradise any time:

pelican pooping

lower Florida Keys grinder pump war – time’s a wasting, Florida Keys State Rep Holly Raschien, get the lead out, girl, tell Governor Scott what is going on down here before the deep doo doo hits the fan down here and where you and Governor Scott live, too

Sloan Bashinsky


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