may you live in interesting times – Key West praise reports: dead Thanksgiving Day tourist reenactment by Police Chief Donie Lee, R.I.P.; Tibetan Buddhist ceremony enlightenment report; Conch Color Magazine, among legions of others, hoodwinked by Pope Francis all who do good go to heaven joke, which ain’t the real joke

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Yesterday, I sent this below to Naja Girard (photo), co-publisher of, to add to reader comments at the end of the most recent article – POLICE CHIEF DONIE LEE ADMITS EIMERS MAY HAVE DIED OF ASPHYXIATION – on the Thanksgiving Day death of a tourist under Key West police officers on South Beach. Naja cleared it from moderation, while I was visiting her and Arnaud at their home later yesterday morning.


Two of my readers at, who have been following the blue paper’s and my rumblings on the Thanksgiving Day homicide, wrote to me today:

Reader 1, in North Carolina, vacationed frequently in Key West, when his wife was alive:

SLOAN – I have read your thoughts, and others, on the KW police and the death of the one-day tourist. If the allegations, which seem legit. are close to the truth, Who ever the “tough guy” is that put the old guys head in the sand, and probably some of his by-stander helpers need some state paid vacation time in the prison farm. If the allegations are accurate, and the ongoing treatment of the homeless by KW police are accurate, someone… City Council, Mayor, City Manager, Police Chief needs to clean house in the KW police force. From a distance the police force seems out of control……an over the top, sadistic approach in dealing with defenseless people is not good for a town that depends heavily on tourists to put shoes on the baby.
Regards, Ron K.

Reader 2, in Nashville, has never been to Key West as far as I know.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and hoping that the Angels will give you a rest on occasion.
I have an AWARD WINNING idea based on the below quote from Police Chief Lee !

Donie Lee

“We’re waiting and we want answers just as bad as everyone else does,” said Police Chief Lee. “Based on what I know so far, I don’t think the officers acted inappropriately. As in any situation like this, once FDLE completes their investigation, we will do an internal affairs investigation to look into what happened.”

OK, now, the AWARD WINNING idea:

Get 13 of your toughest friends – some male and a few female. That will make 14 of you in total.

Meet Police Chief Lee at South Beach. Have him drive his police car – when he arrives – play like you draw your guns and order him out of the car – hands behind his head – then order him to lay face down on the sand. (MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW AS CLOSELY AS POSSIBLE EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED ON THE TAPE)

NOW, as he is laying face down in the sand – four of you go up and handcuff his hands behind his back – as three of you hold his legs and arms – the other one put his knee on the top of his shoulder and press his face even further into the sand.

As he starts kicking his legs and squirming because he can not breath – due to his face being buried in the sand – all of you start yelling for Police Chief Lee to stop resisting – stop resisting. Make sure you keep Chief Lee’s face buried in the sand – mouth and nose covered so he can get no air.

As he goes limp and turns blue – someone say – he has turned blue and another immediately start to remove the handcuffs – MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW PROPER PROCEDURE – as you turn him over and find out that he is not breathing and getting bluer. Have someone get a machine to shock him in case he is having a heart attack – when the machine says he does not need to be shocked (REGARDLESS OF THE FACT THAT HE IS NOT BREATHING AND GETTING BLUEer) turn the machine off and call an ambulance.

NOW – call his family – and say you are sorry but Police Chief Lee died in a reinactment. Assure them that everyone FOLLOWED PROPER PROCEDURE and that “Based on what you know so far, You don’t think your friends acted inappropriately.

Let me know how that turns out and when you and your 13 friends trials are scheduled.
Happy New Year!



Arnaud Girard

While I was with Arnaud and Naja, Arnaud (photo) asked if anyone had any ideas for his next editorial cartoon? He has come up with some seriously wicked toons. I said, yeah, do a drawing of 14 homeless people taking Donie Lee through the reenactment recommended by Nashville J. Arnaud looked sort of like a deer in headlights. I said, well, he had asked for a toon idea, and he had said regarding something else about being careful what you ask for. Now, Arnaud seemed locked deep in thought, maybe he even looked trapped.

Charles Eimers

Tomorrow’s issue of probably will not enhance Key West’s reputation as an international tourist destination, nor its boast of being the only city in the world whose official creed is One Human Family. Very definitely, Charles Eimer (photo). R.I.P., and his family are not part of Key West’s One Human Family, and I doubt Eimer’s family will ever care to be a member.

Of course, there probably are people in Key West who think, if not also say, that Eimer got what was coming to him, by coming down here in his PT Cruiser to see if he wanted to move down and live here on his retirement, and by getting confused on Key West’s wonderfully screwed up and confusing North Roosevelt Blvd, and by getting pulled over for switching lanes in an intersection, something that happens a lot on that confusing road, and by looking like he could be living in his car.

protect and serve 2

For all I know, Eimer thought the cop let him go and he left the scene and was oblivious to being viewed as a fleeing criminal until later he looked in his rear view mirror. For all I know, the cop later made up that he had Eimer’s driver’s license when Eimer drove away on North Roosevelt. For all I know, the cop got Eimer’s driver’s license off him when Eimer lay face down on the sand, smothering to death. For all I know, the cop got Eimer’s license out of his wallet at the hospital, or some other cop, or some other body, did.

Maybe that sounds far-fetched to some people, maybe even to a lot of people, and maybe some, or even a lot of people, never had any real dealings with Key West police. The local experts on having dealings with Key West police are the 200, or more, homeless people living in Key West. Go talk with them, hear what they have to say about Key West cops.

After reading this post today, Nashville J wrote to me:

Grand Ole Opry

Concerning this:
“Reader 2, in Nashville, has never been to Key West as far as I know.”
I have been to Key West a couple of times, the last in the mid 90’s, the first in around 86.  Enjoyed my visit both times – tried to get my wife a six-toed cat at Hemingways house.  That was long ago.
As to my other thought on Police Chief Lee, perhaps, the KWPD should admend “PROPER PROCEDURE” when the person is laying face down in  SAND!  I can see that PROPER PROCEDURE would not kill a person on a sidewalk or street or dirt or grass.  HOWEVER,  a tweak to keep your knee off a persons upper shoulder – neck when the person is laying FACE DOWN in  SAND is needed.  I know we should not expect the KWPD to think of that themselves because they were only following PROPER PROCEDURE without considering that a persons face will in fack BURY in sand and they can not breath.   Just a thought.


During a l-o-n-g nap yesterday afternoon, I had a series dreams in which I was moving into something new and/or something old in a new way. In the last dream, I was in Switzerland. I awoke, thinking about the two times I was in Zurich, and also thinking about Tibetan Buddhists, because I used to know Swiss there who were deeply involved with Tibetan Buddhists.

One had taken in a Tibetan refugee, who she many years later realized was a lama, and he eventually introduced her to the Dalai Lama in India, and whenever he came to Zurich to see Tibetans who had taken shelter there, instead of in India, after the Chinese invasion and take-over of Tibet, he came to see her where she lived outside of Zurich.

A couple of hours after the nap, I pedaled my bicycle to Erika and Joel Biddle’s home to wish them a Happy New Year and bid them bon voyage on the trip to Cambodia and Vietnam. Erika

Erika FB

was home, said they had put the trip back a month and she was headed up to the Key West Tropical Rain Forest and Botanical Garden, to see and hear Tibetan Buddhist monks do a ceremony. I told Erika of my dream, we got into her car and off we headed up to Stock Island for the ceremony.

En route, I told Erika a longer version of my getting to know Zurich people involved in Tibetan Buddhism. And, I mentioned there had been a large Tibetan Buddhist community in Boulder, when I lived there. Not Tibetans, but Americans, mostly, nearly white Americans, who had converted to the Tibetan strain of Buddhism.

I did not tell Erika that I felt every American I had met and gotten to know, who had made that conversion to Tibetan Buddhism, was more screwed up than before the conversion. I did not tell Erika I was of the same view of Americans who had converted to one of the other religions of India, China, the East.

So, we get to the gathering at the Garden. There is a big crowd, maybe 300 Keys people, nearly all Anglos. Maybe 7 monks in robes and a Tibetan not in monk robes, who mostly acted as a translator. Also were local followers of Tibetan Buddhism, one, a local Anglo woman, was the master of ceremonies.

She spoke softly and hardly anyone more than two rows deep could hear her. She was oblivious to that until a woman maybe six rows deep said we could not hear her. The host said,””You can’t hear me?” I said, “You didn’t know that?” She said, “No”, and asked for a show of hands who could not hear her. Many hand raised. The host said, “Too bad,” and turned her back on the audience as if she was walking away. Then, she turned back around and made an effort to speak louder, which worked sometimes and not other times. There was no microphone or sound system, in case you are wondering.

Finally, the monks began the ceremony with chanting in a way only Tibetan monks seem to chant. There was a horn, a set of symbols and a drum. It was nighttime by now and the monks could not see the scores for the chants and music, so they were furnished flashlights from the crowd. Seasoned Tibetan monks know that stuff by heart, can do in the dark. It went on maybe 45 minutes, there was a fire laid and lit, and different powders sprinkled into it.

I now had moved to the back of the crowd, because the soft folding chair in which I was sitting had started my back to spasming. For a while I did my own version of that kind of chanting, only loud enough for me to hear it. I hoped something was being initiated in the spirit, which would cause shifts in Key West and elsewhere. But the entire time, I felt nothing in the spirit. Later, I told the angels there was nothing there as far as I could tell. It was hollow, like Christianity. I said I hoped I was mistaken, but that was my sense of it.

Before the ceremony started, Erika bought a card for me, which I had picked out from several cards where the monks operated a booth selling different things they or other Tibetans had made or written.

No matter what is going on
Never give up
Develop the heart
Too much energy in your country
is spent developing the mind
instead of the heart
Be compassionate
Not just to your friends
but to everyone
Be compassionate
Work for peace
in your heart and in the world
Work for peace
and I say again
Never give up
No matter what is happening
No matter what is going on around you
Never give up

…H.H. The XIV Dalai Lama

I saw School Board member Andy Griffiths in the audience. I wondered if he had read that card about putting more emphasis on the heart, and less emphasis on the mind? I did not see any Key West police in uniform. I did not see any black people, maybe some were there. I did not see any homeless people, although there were quite a few not far away on College Road.

Driving us away from the event, Erika spotted Frisbee Dave

Frisbee Dave 3

on College Road, at the turn off to KOTS (the city’s overnight homeless shelter), and we stopped and hugged Dave and he hugged us, and we wished each other a good 2014.

On the way back to Erika’s home, I said I once had seen the Dalai Lama on TV with President George W. Bush. The Dalai Lama told Bush he loved him, which lighted Bush up, but he did not like what Bush was doing, which did not phase Bush.

Nothing phased Bush, not the Dalai Lama, not Jesus, not Christianity. Bush killed and maimed lots of people, and even more people did he kill and maim non-physically. The Dalai Lama had about the same success with Bush, as he had with the Chinese after they invaded Tibet and destroyed the Tibetan Buddhist temples, libraries and heritage.

The Dalai Lama has worked for peace. Where is it? Not his fault, but where is it?

One of the Swiss people, who did not convert to Tibetan Buddhism, the one who was the Dalai Lama’s dear friend, and my dear friend, Dora Kalff,


told me that the Tibetans know many things they do not say. Dora told her students many times that she was not Buddhist, but was esoteric Christian. Her son, Martin, knew the lama from childhood, whom his mother had given refuge. Martin accepted Tibetan Buddhism as his religion. He, too, was my dear friend.

Martin was the one who told me, in a Tibetan Temple near Zurich, that there is no concept of God in Buddhist cosmology. I told Martin, when asked about God, Buddha reportedly had said that was too big a topic to discuss. Martin agreed, said, even so … I said, Buddha also reportedly said he was just a man, not a god, and a teacher greater than he would come along. Martin agreed, said, even so ….

That was in August, 1988, near Zurich.


I wrote the above report knowing I needed to hear what the angels had to say in my dreams last night. For all I knew, the angels would ream me out. For all I knew, they had sent me to Switzerland in the nap dream yesterday, to tip me off to be on my toes when I attended the Tibetan Buddhist ceremony I did not yet know anything about until I went to see Erika and tell her and Joel bon voyage.


Now it’s the next day, Thursday, just before dawn.

I did not get reamed out. Instead, I got flooded with dreams taking me in all sorts of different directions, each of which dreams left me feeling all screwed up, until I reached a point that I felt I needed to take charge and just tell what I had learned during my peculiar life which was foretold in Zurich in 1988, when I had a major experience with a rhinoceros in a Sandplay session I did with Martin Kalff. (Google Sandplay and Dora Kalff to learn about her life-work)

In Tibetan Buddhism, the “rhino” is a pilgrim on the spirit road who does not fit into any spiritual system but must find his own way.

Further thoughts on the Tibetans and the Kalffs.

When Martin told me there is no God in Tibetan Buddhist cosmology, he said Tibetan Buddhism is about becoming conscious. As time passed, my sense was Martin was not becoming more conscious. He was going unconscious. His esoteric Christian mother, however, looked to me like she was becoming more conscious up to her passing from this world.

It seemed seemed to me the Dalai Lama had gone unconscious in his ongoing efforts to try to get Tibet back from the Chinese. The Tibetan Buddhists are quite versed in karma and for them past and future lives on this world are a given until you reach enlightenment, when you are able, if you wish, not to come back to life on this world again.

The Tibetans decided not to join the UN after it was formed. They were like Switzerland, isolated, surrounded on three sides by mountains. Unlike the Swiss, the Tibetans were apart from the world, their focus was predominantly spirit-consciousness directed. They knew many things they did not share with the rest of the world. They felt they were, well, above the rest of the world. So, the Chinese changed all of that for the Tibetans, forced then into the rest of the world, where they could share what they had been keeping to themselves. When Tibet begged the UN to help them against the Chinese, the UN’s hands were tied because Tibet was not a UN member.

This all should be crystal clear to the Dalai Lama. His mission should be to move Tibetan Buddhism and its knowledge outward, away from isolation into the world. He should forget about trying to get Tibet back. He should focus on trying to get other people to WAKE UP, for most people on this world are sound asleep in the consciousness sense. As are most Tibetan Buddhists, who are Tibetans. Last night was not the first time I was around Tibetan monks who were not awake.

There are Tibetan lamas who know it was Tibet’s karma to be taken over by the Chinese, and it is not appropriate to try to reverse that.

In Buddhism, including the Tibetan strain, is what is known as the bodhisattva. I found this definition below in italics using google. It’s one high lama’s view. The high lama who formed the Tibetan community in Boulder, who had sex with any of of his followers, men or women, who would have sex with him. He died of liver failure, secondary to alcoholism. His successor, an Anglo disciple man, continued the sex with any disciple practice. He contracted AIDS and continued the sex practice with any who would, without telling them he had AIDS. His sex partners contracted AIDS. A great row erupted in the local news papers. A great row erupted in the nearly all Anglo Tibetan community. Some members were outraged that it went public, they said it was all karma, it was holy. Some said it was not holy, it was wrong. The Tibetan community split in two. Eventually, under a great deal of public pressure, the Tibetan hierarchy elsewhere removed that nice leader with AIDS and replaced him with a young Tibetan lama, who seemed to me to be okay, based on all I heard and read about him.

The bodhisattva vow is the commitment to put others before oneself. It is a statement of willingness to give up one’s own well-being, even one’s own enlightenment, for the sake of others. And a bodhisattva is simply a person who lives in the spirit of that vow, perfecting the qualities known as the six paramitas [perfections]—generosity, discipline, patience, exertion, meditation, and transcendental knowledge—in his effort to liberate beings.

Taking the bodhisattva vow implies that instead of holding our own individual territory and defending it tooth and nail, we become open to the world that we are living in. It means we are willing to take on greater responsibility, immense responsibility. In fact it means taking a big chance. But taking such a chance is not false heroism or personal eccentricity. It is a chance that has been taken in the past by millions of bodhisattvas, enlightened ones, and great teachers. So a tradition of responsibility and openness has been handed down from generation to generation, and now we too are participating in the sanity and dignity of this tradition.

There is an unbroken lineage of bodhisattvas, springing from the great bodhisattvas Avalokiteshvara, Vajrapani, and Manjushri. It is unbroken because no one in that lineage, through generations and centuries, has indulged himself in self-preservation. Instead these bodhisattvas have constantly tried to work for the benefit of all sentient beings. This heritage of friendship has continued unbroken up to the present day, not as a myth but as a living inspiration.

The sanity of this tradition is very powerful. What we are doing in taking the bodhisattva vow is magnificent and glorious. It is such a wholehearted and full tradition that those who have not joined it might feel somewhat wretched in comparison. They might be envious of such richness. But joining this tradition also makes tremendous demands on us. We no longer are intent on creating comfort for ourselves; we work with others. This implies working with our other as well as the other other. Our other is our projections and our sense of privacy and longing to make things comfortable for ourselves. The other other is the phenomenal world outside, which is filled with screaming kids, dirty dishes, confused spiritual practitioners, and assorted sentient beings.

Dalai Lama

In Tibetan Buddhism, the bodhisattva is the equivalent of Jesus in Christendom. The Dalai Lama (photo) is said to be a bodhisattva. I read several years ago where the Dalai Lama said, when he comes back to this life the next time, he will come back in a way the Tibetans can not find him and make him into the Dalai Lama again. The story of how they did that when he was born into this life is well known. I leave for anyone interested to google and read it.

When I lived in Boulder with my third wife, who was Dora’s student and through whom I met Dora and then Martin, it came to me, which the angels have not to this day corrected as far as I know, that the concept of bodhisattva was invented by a lama who realized he once again would not reach enlightenment and get off the wheel of birth and rebirth, so, as a consolation prize, so to speak, he decided to serve humanity pretty much as long as humans were on this planet = for just watching TV one day and night is proof that humanity will not reach enlightenment on this planet.

My third wife knew all of what you just read above. At some point after we parted ways in 1995, she became a Tibetan Buddhist, probably not in the Boulder Tibetan community, but in the Swiss Tibetan community Martin was in. Looked to me she found that easier than Jesus and God. Looks to me Christendom finds its theology easier than Jesus and God, based on how Christendom has gone about things since Jesus walked and taught on this world.

Tim Gratz

In that regard, the born-again Christian, he’s going to heaven, all not like him are going to hell and burn there forever, Tim Gratz (photo) wrote to me last night, which started another continuation of our ongoing disagreement about who goes to heaven and who doesn’t:

Tim wrote:

I think the egg needs to be on the face of Conch Color.

Rev Tim Jemly, who i think you know (Sandy’s son is one of his congregants) researched the story and it was all a hoax. He went to the web-site where it originated.

His suspicion was aroused (as mine should have been) with the reference to the Third Vatican Council.
There is no such council now in progress.

Of course there were also other web reports of it.

Well i suggest you not print this until you verify it. i have not done so yet but it does explain why it did not get coverage in the traditional media.

I replied:

Conch Color?

What’s that about?

Tim wrote:

Last week Conch Color had a full page with the spurious story. That is where I first got it, Then I saw it on the Web sites that I passed on to you. Some of these web-sites apparently believed the hoax.
it was Rev Tim Jemley who first realized that there was no Third Vatican Council going on and did the research to find the original site that announced it was a satire.

I wrote:

So, the Pope did not pronounce that everyone who does good goes to heaven, even Atheists? And Huffington Post was hoodwinked? And you were hoodwinked? If it was a hoax, quel dommage, Lucifer must be terribly relieved to know the hoodwinking of Christendom remains alive and well :-).

Tim wrote:

I have not researched it myself but that is according to Rev. Jemley. If it was a hoax as it appears it was, it was quite a hoax to fool even Huffington. I do know that there is no ongoing Third Vatican Council and that should have been a big clue. I don’t have time to investigate it but hopefully you can. The hoax becomes an interesting story,

I wrote:

Even so, the truth got out, it went viral, as I had told the angels needed to happen, the day before hoodwinked you sent me news that the Pope had pronounced all who do good go to heaven, including Atheists. The real satire is, the message in the hoax is true. What a sense of humor the angels have! Too bad hardly anyone got the real joke, but maybe the angels aren’t done with it yet.


Did Pope Francis Declare “All Religions Are True” at Third Vatican Council?
Posted on December 22, 2013 by waffles in Hoaxes & Rumors // 9 Comments
An article circulating online states that Pope Francis declared that all religions are true at the Third Vatican Council. Is this true or false?

The article is false. Let’s first look at what is being claimed.

In an article published by Diversity Chronicle, we read that Pope Francis announced that “All religions are true, because they are true in the hearts of all those who believe in them.” Francis also allegedly discussed atheists, stating, “Even atheists acknowledge the divine. Through acts of love and charity the atheist acknowledges God as well, and redeems his own soul, becoming an active participant in the redemption of humanity.”

Regarding intolerance, the Pope is quoted as saying Catholicism is now “a modern and reasonable religion, which has undergone evolutionary changes. The time has come to abandon all intolerance.”


Diversity Chronicle
The source of this news item is Diversity Chronicle. The disclaimer on the website states, “The original content on this blog is largely satirical.”

Third Vatican Council
There has not been a Third Vatican Council. The Second Vatican Council occurred back in the 1960?s and such an event now would receive significant press.

Bottom Line
Pope Francis did not claim that “all religions are true” at a Third Vatican Council. No such event occurred, and the source of this report is a satirical website.


Pope Francis Condemns Racism and Declares That “All Religions Are True” at Historic Third Vatican Council (Diversity Chronicle: December 5, 2013)
Second Vatican Council (


Tim wrote:

Good research. Wonder if news has reached Conch Color?

I wrote:

You missed the real joke, Tim.

Tim wrote:

I must be missing it, Care to expand?

I wrote:

Not again. I’m tired of hearing your computer program. Maybe Sandy can explain the joke to you, since she’s been laughing her ass off about it in my dreams for about 2 weeks, and only today do I understand why.


Sandy Downs

I had three recent dreams of amiga Sandy Downs (photo) laughing raucously in my direction. For the life of me, I could not figure out why she was doing that. Tim figured it out.

Once upon a time, about three months ago, the angels arranged for me to speak by phone with Pastor Tim Jimley about a homeless woman who was injured and needed the kind of help Pastor Tim was giving to a good friend of mine, free food, who was sitting right across from me when I called Pastor Tim on the phone number my friend had provided. I told Pastor Tim whom I was sitting directly across from, and that my friend knew the injured homeless woman and where she hung out, and he would take Pastor Tim to her so he could give her free food, too. Pastor Tim told me that he would get on it. The homeless woman later told me that Pastor Tim did not get on it.


Given how 2014 has gone so far, it just might be a doozie of a year. Maybe it will become a loud WAKE UP CALL. What a fun thing that would be to see. Maybe not fun to live through, though.



I hope Alabama has more fun tonight with Oklahoma, than Alabama had with Auburn. Alabama is favored by 14 points tonight. I think Alabama was favored by 14 points over Auburn, too. Las Vegas odds go out the window when God bets on football games.

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Was a major monkey wrench just thrown into the lower Florida Keys sewer commotion?


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