Key West’s blue paper reports Thanksgiving Day suspected homeless tourist died of asphyxiation under local police officers, but doubts orchestrated cover up; Hatman found guilty of lodging in his van; blue paper reveals Big Apple epiphany inviting homeless people to vacation in Key West; how Peter was born again, in the Spirit; Dakotanomad explains Heyoka and bonks me again

ship of fools

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My dream maker last night pointed me toward “cops”, so here’s yesterday’s lead article in Key West the Newspaper – The video shot by a bystander can be found in the first of the three articles on this case. A link to the other two articles is provided at the end of this article below.

protect and serve 2


Charles Eimers Photo provided by Treavor Eimers

Charles Eimers Photo provided by Treavor Eimers

The tragic death of a 61-year-old tourist while in the hands of Key West police officers is becoming increasingly controversial.  After suggesting that Charles Eimers had succumbed to pre-existing “very serious heart problems” while resisting arrest, the Chief of Police admitted this week on US 1 Radio that Eimers died of asphyxiation.

Thousands have now become aware of a video taken by a bystander of Eimers’ arrest on Thanksgiving Day.  It shows Eimers complying with police, laying down on the beach on his stomach and being handcuffed.  However, within 5 minutes, the retired autoworker and father of four who dreamed of vacationing in Key West was dead.

Now that it is admitted that Eimers didn’t die of a heart attack, but of a much more controversial case of asphyxiation, a troubling question arises:  How is it possible that the news of such an event managed to pass almost unnoticed?  Initially we saw only a short statement in the Key West Citizen regarding a man who had collapsed all of a sudden while resisting arrest on South Beach at the end of Duval Street.

Did the police department hope to shove this one under the rug?   Eimers was initially identified by officer Gary Celcer as someone apparently “living out of his car.”  Did they hope he might be one of Key West’s ‘unclaimed homeless’?

Things weren’t going to be so easy.  For one thing, Eimers was on life support, an expensive situation that under Florida law can only be terminated after notifying family members.  Four days after the incident, on December 1st, the police finally contacted Eimers’ family and as it turns out Charles Eimers was not a castaway who had runaground on Key West’s shores.

“I was on the plane the next day,” says Treavor Eimers, Charles’ son.  From then on things became more and more curious.

“From what the Key West police told me,” says Treavor, “I believed that for some incomprehensible reason my father got out of his car swinging at the police and that he collapsed all of a sudden, probably of a heart attack.”  The video, which appeared two weeks later in The Blue Paper, “was a huge shock,” he said.

In the meantime, Eimers was removed from life support seven days after the arrest and pronounced dead on December 4th.  But even though the case clearly called for an autopsy, the medical examiner was not informed until a week later.  Mysteriously the body was directed to Dean Lopez Funeral Home.   The medical examiner blames the hospital, the hospital blames the police.   In any case, the medical examiner informed Eimers’ relatives that his findings may be limited due to the delay of the autopsy.

Of course, all of that could have been accidental.  The following was not.  After Eimers’ death, responding to a tip, we went to interview witnesses on South Beach.  One important witness was absent:  ‘Joelle’, who had been the hostess at the Southernmost Beach Café on Thanksgiving morning.  We took statements from a few people but when we later hooked up with Joelle a few days later she told us the KWPD “chief investigator” in Eimers’ case had “ordered” her not to talk to us.  Coworkers told us Joelle had begun to change her version of the Eimers arrest after having lunch with someone who works for the police department.

When we asked the City for the police reports. We were given only one, which was released to all media on December 2nd.  But, in fact there were three reports written the day of the incident.  Two reports, one written by officer Kathyann Wanciak and the other by Mathew Johnson (who were on the beach with Eimers that day) were not released or mentioned.  The only report released was written by Officer Gary Celcer, who was not even in the area until after Eimers had already lost consciousness.  That was the report, based on hearsay, that described Eimers as coming out of his car “actively fighting” with police before collapsing while resisting arrest.  However, one of the reports that was initially suppressed actually described Eimers complying with police orders and mentioned a Taser being drawn.  Of the 14 officers on scene, only three initially wrote incident reports.  The others were apparently instructed by the police union not to write anything down.

On December 2nd, 5 days later, Police Chief Donnie Lee became aware of the situation and ordered his officers to write supplemental reports or get fired.  Six officers complied, reluctantly writing brief supplemental reports; one as short as ten lines and they all contained an additional six lines explaining how the report had been written under duress.

Strangely, the two reports by Wanciak and Johnson, which are dated November 28th, include the same statement as the others, declaring they had been written following the Chief’s December 2nd order, while under duress.

So, is there an orchestrated cover-up at the police department?  Most likely not.  The “turmoil” represents, for the most part, the extreme difficulties inherent in this situation:  On the one hand, the Chief is trying to maintain the transparency and the image of the Department and on the other hand, the union lawyers must protect officers against self-incriminating statements or statements which could be used against them.

One might wish the Department would stop being so defensive and take a closer look at their procedures.   Eimers was subjected to what is called “prone restraint”:  The person is lying on his belly while being handcuffed.  This method has become increasingly controversial since studies have found it has been responsible for numerous deaths from “positional asphyxiation”.  A survey released in February 2010 by the Federal Department of Education found that several states have already banned state employees from using the prone restraint method in educational and mental health institutions while others have severely restricted its use.  In England after a series of highly controversial deaths, prone restraint was banned nationwide, even for police departments unless the suspect presents an immediate danger to himself or others. When prone restraint is necessary, the suspect’s condition must be monitored constantly.  The police procedure in Kent, England was amended in June of this year adding a requirement that a safety officer  “[monitor] the person’s position continually whilst being restrained, as death can occur suddenly and develop beyond the point of viable resuscitation within seconds rather than minutes.”

In the U.S. certain states, like Colorado, have issued state-wide bans on the use of “prone restraint” for any non-emergency situation not involving an immediate threat of injury.

There is an abundance of information as well as visual demonstrations on YouTube explaining the risk of asphyxiation associated with the method of restraint used on Eimers.  One factor is particularly striking:  Even the best demonstrations of the ‘prone restraint’ method, videos created by police officers for police officers, show the suspect on his belly on a mat or on a hard floor.  But, what happens when the “suspect” has his head in the sand; when every movement brings more sand into his nose and mouth?  Eimers was lying face-down in the sand on South Beach with at least one officer kneeling on his back. Could the intrusion of sand have caused him to panic, giving the impression of resisting arrest?  All of the civilian eyewitnesses we spoke with reported that Charles Eimers’ face was completely caked up with sand, all the way into his nostrils.

We found this interesting statement by a specialist on prone restraint [see video below]:

“If, in addition to your own weight, you have someone kneeling or laying on your back, that increases the amount of weight that you have to raise in order to increase the size of your chest.  The greater the weight resting on the individual’s back and the more severe the degree of compression the more difficult it is for them to breath in.  What happens then occasionally is that the individual begins to have air hunger and oxygen deficiency.  The natural reaction to that is to struggle more violently.  The perception of those persons trying to subdue the individual is that he needs more compression to be subdued.  You then enter a vicious cycle in which compression makes air hunger, air hunger makes a greater struggle, and a greater struggle demands greater compression.  Unfortunately in some of these circumstances the price of tranquility is death.”

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  1. depending on the mullet wrapper for investigative reporting …ahhh don’t hold your breath!
    they even deleted the ‘post comment’ function from thier stories online perhaps to keep the reader further in the dark as to any public sentiment pertaining to island issues especially after the harbor dredging issue.
    that being said….

    gads what a breakthru and enlightement on the chief’s behalf. man turns blue = ASPHYXIATION! and what a pathetic state of affairs for the police ‘mob’ at the scene. surely none of this would have been and the cover story of heart attack and resisting ‘officers of the LAW’ would have stuck as the ‘official party line’….. had it not been for that peskey iphone video. musta been a slow day and got boring busting people for the henious crime of drinking in public and the ‘police’ needed some ‘road rage’ action to really get thier blood flowing. under these circumstances to “protect and serve” begs the question…. WHO?

  2. This is a tragic event and will cost the police department dearly in lost trust and probably a whopping law suit. My heart goes out to the family of Mr. Eimers and the mental state of the officers involved.

  3. “So, is there an orchestrated cover-up at the police department? Most likely not. The “turmoil” represents, for the most part, the extreme difficulties inherent in this situation: On the one hand, the Chief is trying to maintain the transparency and the image of the Department and on the other hand, the union lawyers must protect officers against self-incriminating statements or statements which could be used against them.”

    Was the cover up unorchestrated? Will the unorchestreated cover up continue? Excellent publicity for Key West, compliments KWPD. Billy O’Reilly, you got scooped by The Blue Paper. As did the Key West Citizen and the Keynoter. Where are the important city people who were outraged over O-Reilly’s Key West slam documentary? That was tame compared to what The Blue Paper blew the lid off of. Should Donie Lee give Arnaud and Naja and their family round the clock protection?

    • SGT FRANCISCO ZAMORA: “I assisted by holding the subject down by placing my right knee on his left shoulder.”


Looks to me, Sloan, that this is a homicide. Involuntary manslaughter. Will State Attorney Catherine Vogel investigate and prosecute?

Moving laterally, Judge Miller found Hatman


guilty of lodging in his van, and set sentencing for January 2nd. Hatman wrote to me, asking my opinion of what he can expect on that day. I wrote back:

“My opinion, you should go to the next hearing prepared to be sentenced, and if jail time is imposed, be taken straight to the county detention center. Make arrangements accordingly.

“As I feared, the two officers’ testimony of the inside of your van smelling like feces affected Judge Miller. However, I do not recall hearing testimony of a bucket which contained feces, or had feces remains in it, which is mentioned in Judge Miller’s order. I would think, if such a bucket had existed, the two cops would have impounded it and taken it to the evidence locker, and it would have been forensically examined, and if it contained feces, it would have been brought to trial and put into evidence. Nothing about feces in the two officers’ incidence reports, according to you. But as far as Judge Miller is concerned, the officers’ testimony was true, because that was the only testimony about feces, and you did not challenge the officers about feces on on cross-examination, or offer your own testimony  contradicting the officers’ testimony. Under those facts in evidence, Judge Miller had to believe the cops, even if they lied about feces.”

On a lighter note, Arnaud Girard’s editorial cartoon in this week’s blue paper.

homeless tourist ad

Perhaps the homeless man Jesus,

Jesus with leper

inspired that epiphany? Perhaps Jesus did not want homeless people to freeze to death up north in the winter? Perhaps Jesus wanted them to come to Key West, because its official creed is One Human Family? Perhaps Jesus wanted to see if Key West really believes in him?

Tim Gratz continued our discussion of what it means to be born again in the spirit and saved by Jesus:

Tim Gratz

One more pass at it.

You state that Jesus is on your Editorial Board.
Jesus said: “No man cometh to the Father but through me.”
So if that doctrine so troubles you, take it up with your board member, not me.

Either Jesus was right in so proclaiming that He is the sole way to salvatiuon, or if He was wrong. If wrong, he was either delusional or a liar. In either case not worth following.
If He is worthy of following one must accept as truth the statements he made.
One cannot have it both ways

I wrote back:

Tim, I understood your position when you first explained it quite some time ago now.

You rely on how you understand the Bible, a view held by many.

I rely on what I am told by Jesus, Michael, others in their circle.

There is no way to logically reconcile some of the statements in the New Testament with what I have been told and shown.

Jesus and Michael have been all over me since early 1987. They took me through the New Testament, parts of it, in the late 1990s, and I came away with a very different perspective than I had learned growing up.

They changed me. The man I was died. A new man took his place, with all of the old man’s memories, hopes and dreams, but with new perspectives and hearing and seeing and sensing and receiving and focus. It was a very difficult passage, it’s still difficult. It may continue the rest of my life, although I hope not.

I have wondered why what was done to me, and still is being done to me, which I saw a few other people get a good dose of, is not being done to all of humanity, for that surely would change this species; there would be no child sex trafficking, or any kind of slavery; there would be no abusing anyone; there would be no addictions, no war, no greed, no crime, no planet pollution – it would be very, very different.

I cannot explain why that has not happened, although I imagine if it did happen, few human beings might live through it; the species might be reduced to a few thousand people, or maybe even a few hundred, so maybe that’s the reason.

I do not dislike you, Tim, because of what you believe. I don’t care, though, for the idea that God does what many Christians say happens to people who do not buy into the salvation you believe in.

I do not wish you ill, Tim. I do not think you will die and burn and hell for what you believe. Nor do I think only born-again Christians, as you have defined that experience, go to heaven in the afterlife. I have seen with my own two eyes and have heard with my own two ears and have felt with my own senses that other people get there, too.


Tim wrote:

I agree that one cannot reconcile some of what you have been told with the Scriptures.

I know you do not dislike me, nor me you In fact, I like you a lot.

More later perhaps I just had my fifth book stolen in as many years. Frustrating!

I wrote:

In my spirit code, Tim, 5 is the number for the feminine. Looks to me that you are losing her spiritually.

In the Gospels, Jesus said a man could blaspheme the son (Jesus) and be forgiven, but a man who blasphemed the Holy Spirit would not be forgiven.

To be born again in spirit, is to be born again in the Holy Spirit, like Peter and the other disciples were at Pentecost. Before that, they were still at loose ends, children. Jesus had planted the seeds, but only after the Holy Spirit came into them, did they become men, reborn.

Jesus put the Holy Spirit above himself, when he said that in the Gospels. And, he warned his disciples not to do to the Holy Spirit what they were doing to him. For if they blew her off, as they kept blowing him off, which he lamented from time to time in the Gospels, they would be in deep doo doo.

Take Peter.

Despite all Jesus had taught him, when the Roman “police” came to get Jesus and haul him away, Peter drew his sword and chopped off a man’s ear, trying to defend Jesus. Jesus told Peter to put his sword away, and then Jesus healed the man’s ear and left with the soldiers.

When Magdalene came to the disciples and told them she had seen Jesus at the tomb and he had told her to go to the disciples and tell them that he would be with them soon, Peter became upset because Jesus had sent a woman to tell them.

In Acts of the Apostles, after Jesus has left for good, Peter dreams of seeing unclean animals come down from heaven, and he hears, “Rise up, Peter, eat.” Peter says no way he will eat unclean animals. He has the same dream again, as I recall. Then he has it again, but this time when the unclean animals come down from heaven, a voice says, “Why do you make unclean, Peter, what I have made clean?” Peter wakes up confused.

Later same day, the servant of a Gentile comes to Peter to say his master wishes to learn about Jesus from Peter. Peter now understands the dream. Being a Jew, he had nothing to do with Gentiles. It was against Jewish law and scriptures for Jews to have anything to do with Gentiles. Peter understands that law was overridden in the dream. He goes with the servant to see his master and tell him about Jesus.

Jesus told the disciples that he would leave them, but would send them a Comforter, which was the Holy Spirit. She entered them at Pentecost, and only then did they begin to be reborn, grow into men God could use.

holy fire 2

In the Old Testament, and in Christendom, the dove, is the symbol for the Holy Spirit. Not the eagle, not the hawk, but the dove.

In the Old Testament, Wisdom is assigned the female gender.

In Judaism, the Spirit of God, Shekinah, is female.

Jesus was a Jew.


Meanwhile, Dakotanomad wrote again, continuing our discussion reported in yesterday’s post at



Read this Heyoka reference when first it came.
it is quasi academically clothed to pretend dignity and respect for that which has much more meaning to those who have pursued much more learning, much more embrace and who then have grown much more in Faith

The approach is typical for those who place great regard in intellectuality its dogma and pursuits.

But now that you’re focusing… or pushing…
…repeating the presentation e-fully, here’s a response,

a key point/element your entire treatment is missing
(while naming, trafficing, [citing] John Fire Lame Deer -footnote [1] and BlackHawk,
but no identity for who is posing the notion… ‘are you familiar with this word?’ under the distintive titling ‘Soulful Road:’)

Heyoka reality is not merely a dry intellectual analytical cynicism bent on being respected as awareness

If a human understanding of the spiritual greatness of God,
is that while incomprehensible in any one momentary regard
we find the consistency of Truth, in God, and as God,
to be of such spiritual significance and consequence as to be powerful, notable, definitive, trustworthy, valuable, etc.
Perhaps it has been said before… ‘God is Love…’ and ‘God is spiritual Truth…’ etc

With this contemplation proposed as groundwork, as foundation,
then the Spiritual quality or spiritual character of Heyoka phenomena is best stated

where God is Truth, the spiritual element of Life’s contrary circumstance/s, is paradox,
sacred ‘paradox ‘ or ‘holy paradox’

and the Heyoka determinings (determinations) of a people
(the accumulation of a peoples’ composite witness to Life’s spiritual paradoxes)
over time as history, tradition, and rhetoric
is manifest, expressed, and communicated, by the Heyoka character; as actual individual
and as sacred, holy, spiritual conceptual phenomena (simultaneously)

Be it known one does not elect to be a ‘spiritual contrary’ it is something born or evolves or transpires naturally.

This, dakotanomad shares with you Sloan to aid in your understanding
And this, coming from living, present and past members of personal family who are Dakota and Lakota Heyokas
Heyoka sundancers , and Heyoka teachers at sundance, who have individually kept Lifelong vigil with the purpose and propriety of inherited Heyoka ceremonies

Intelectually one might contemplate the synchronicity of paradox with Life (contrariness), Earth bound philosophy and benefit)

Spiritually one must consider the synchronicity of paradox with the Spiritual Truth of the souls’ journey

Shared as truthfully and as best was taught and learned
with the sacred responsibilities for clarity and clarification

dakotanomad project

all are relations
all our relations

mitakuye oya’asiin
Publishing is not advised/not agreed to
until dialogue has demonstrated further personal responsibility
This came to you ‘the day after Christmas’ too,
in response to your day after xmas distribution as ‘a repeated presentation’ you exchanged,
you (interposed) regarding our communication to you, that no email to you from us, is intended for your publishing unless we so state.

We email you in our distribution to share with you
BUT we insist you and you alone take responsibility for what you circulate…

You needn’t publish us ‘pretending’ contribution and insinuating credibility by association or participation

I replied:

I knew the Wikipedia Heyoka definition was not what a Lakota Sioux shaman, for example, would paint of Heyoka, but it introduced, even if lamely, the sacred fool found in different settings, peoples and traditions down through two-legged history, going back to before anything was written down and it all was passed down orally from memory and experience.

I from time to time published what you sent my way because it presents different ways of looking at what most people don’t care to see differently from what makes them comfortable. Your Sloan-clobber yesterday was interesting to me, because it clearly came from someone who has had experiences most people I encounter don’t have, nor can they even fathom.

I used your Sloan slam in today’s post for that reason, and for the reason I wanted people to have a chance to read criticism of me from someone who has had experiences of a different kind. I was told in dreams last night, to try to turn today’s ravings into a “Pogo”-ish presentation – political satire, bumbling, no-prisoners, including Pogo.

I often have told anglo Americans they make a huge mistake trying to become Native American ways, because that’s just pasting something alien to them on top of what is buried and burned into their soul, which is where they need to go, turn into, embrace it, and move through it into something far bigger. I imagine the same applies to Native Americans, who have pasted Christianity, for example, on top of their deep roots.

If you read my post today, the teaser sent out already to many blind copied recipients, you will see my views on what happened to Native Americans at the hands of white men and their priests. You will see, as you have seen in many of my writings you seem to read, based on your Sloan slam yesterday, that I am no friend to anyone’s illusions, and the angles who run me are no friend to my illusions – they correct me ongoing. Too bad they have not decided to do to humanity what they do to me, this world would be a very different place.

I been at this laptop a while, I’m hungry, need a break, and have a friend who needs quick help up in Georgia, which only I can provide – her car broke down yesterday, the alternator went out, only $$ can fix it, with Western Union’s help. She has more spirit potential than anyone I ever met, yet she has hardly any formal education, raised in the hills of northwest Georgia.

My last wife was part Cherokee, from Indiana, she told me her Cherokee ancestors were on the Trial of Tears. She also told me angels talked to her from when she was a child. I met her near the same part of north Georgia where I met the other woman described just above, who is in shaman training administered by the angels running me, and her. A really wild trip, hers. As was my last wife’s. And the wife’s before her, and the wife’s before that.

God’s gifts are not for sale, but are freely given to angels, saints, sinners, devils and fools alike, for all are God’s children.

The angels told me this planet is the portal,

the sacred prism
though which souls are refracted
into their elemental parts,
purified in Holy Fire,
then one-forged
and sent on their way
to not even God know where,
simply because they are all
unique emanations of God,
evolving …

They also told me paradise is

All fig leaves burn
All ugly seen
All truth beauty
All pain loved
All people one
All time now


Sloan at Coco's

still “pretending” this all isn’t happening 😉

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