It ain’t smart to mess with Mother Nature; Key West boobies gear up to repel Puritan reformation led by former City Commissioner Harry Bethel now making out like he is back in the hunt after going off to lick his wounds received in prior miscalculations that left him slightly limp and distended while Key West’s dead Thanksgiving skunk in the middle of the road and degenerate Duval Street miss Harry’s radar entirely; some people are still alive because Mud Dawg hates prison food

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awshit, lower Florida Keys sewer plan don’t pass the smell test, there must be something fishy going on

Meanwhilst, Nashville J replied to Harry Bethel, second from right below, standing between Mayor Craig Cates, far right, and City Commissioner Billy Wardlow

Harry Bethel
now is preaching tone way down Fantasy fest painted bodies 
Fantasy Fest feline
comme un loup drawing
Mary Poppins
ice cream
about which Puritan invasion Nashville wrote to me yesterday:

cracked egg

Former City Commissioner Harry Bethel is all upset over what painted boobies is doing to Key West, the locals and the city’s IMAGE!

Bovine 2
He says:  “Fantasy Fest is a major event for our city and is a financial boom for our businesses. But, nudity and body painting and pasties of the breast and genital areas are not acceptable, not even G-strings. This is not what makes Fantasy Fest successful.”

I call that DOUBLE
Bovine 2
Bovine 2
NO BOOBIES or body painting and Fantasy Fest will become like a ghost town.  Tourist will not pour into town in order to see what they can see in Orlando, Nashville, Houston, St. Louis,  they come to town because of the nudity, body painting and boobies and other body parts.  Why do 1000’s spend millions driving or flying to Key West,  rent hotel rooms and spend lots of dollars on food and drink if Fantasy Fest is nothing more than people wearing Tshirts and shorts with funny hats – they can see that in their home town.  Kill the nudity and body painting – kill the event, IS’s AS SIMPLE AS THAT !   JMO
Boobies 2
“Don’t think for one minute that they won’t be back. You may lose a few, but you will gain the people and locals who did not go to Fantasy Fest because they did not want to be exposed to the disgusting atmosphere of all the nudity.”
Yeah, that will really bring in LOTS of new dollars to the economy – having the locals walk downtown from their homes, with their drinks in hand, stay an hour and go home.  YEP,  that will really add a lot to the local economy – NOT!
Is Former City Commissioner Harry Bethel really that naive? 
I replied:
Former City Commissioner Harry Bethel is a Conch [born in the Keys], which might shed some light on his thinking. Maybe he’s jealous that none of the pretty ladies in painted bodies, and even not pretty ladies in painted bodies, not sitting on his lap since past when he can remember causes him to be jealous and that might shed some light on his thinking – if he can’t get any of them painted ladies, then nobody should.
What really seemed most to piss Harry off when I spoke at city commission meetings back in his day, was my saying, since Key West holds itself out as the only city whose official creed is One Human Family, God took that as a personal invitation to test whether see Key West really was what it boasted itself to be, and the way that test went was how Key West treated its homeless people. Harry really didn’t seem to like hearing me say that at city commission meetings. Kinda is looking to me that Harry hates boobies and down under about as much as he hated homeless people. I wonder how the ACLU might feel about that, would it be invidious discrimination, or just your ordinary run of the mill good old boy what ain’t had any in longer than he remember discrimination? 
Feather Talk
P.S. Yours also set me to wondering how come good old right-living Harry ain’t raising fucking bloody hell in the Citizen about what happened to that one day in so called paradise then he died under the weight of what might have been every Key West finest blue protect and server on duty at that time? What, Harry didn’t figure the sacrificial Thanksgiving turkey had been in town long enough to become a member of Key West’s One Human Family? Or, was it because the first officer to apprehend the fellow in his PT Cruiser bearing out of state licence plates surmised the fellow was living in it – eek!, another vicious van dweller criminal!

POLICE DENY RESPONSIBILITY IN DEATH OF TOURIST, THANKSGIVING DAY click on that link to get to article and video taken by bystander of cops apprehending very soon to be dead tourist


This morning, I bumped into a man on the street, who said a police officer last name of Dean’s grandfather is Bob Dean, the same Bob The Dean in my recent poem about the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority elected Board meeting in Key West last Wednesday; the same Bob Dean who owns, or co-owns Dean-Lopez funeral parlor, where the said grandson police officer Dean also is rumored to work, which is where the dead Thanksgiving suspected vicious van dweller criminal’s body was taken from the hospital for two weeks and nobody seemed to know where the corpus delicti was hanging out, including the county coroner’s medical examiner didn’t know.

The man on the street said this case could be the end of Police Chief Donie Lee’s career,

Donie Lee
and I said that depends on how Donie handles it. If he does a real good Internal Affairs investigation and he publishes an IA report and takes action which passes the smell test, regardless of what the Florida Department Legal Affairs (or whatever it is called) does, then that will tell me Donie ought to keep his job. And if Donnie doesn’t do that, if he doesn’t get rid of some of the cops in closest proximity to the suspected vicious van dweller criminal, no matter how the benevolent police union or anyone one else feels about it, then, yeah, Donie ought to get canned. 
The man on the street said One Human Family don’t apply to everyone. I said he got that right, I proved it when I lived on the street in Key West. The man on the street said some gays in town only think One Human Family only applies to them, and I said, yeah, I had seen that, they demand special rights and protection, but most gays are not like that down here. Donie Lee, is gay, by the way, and I never felt that impaired his ability to be a good police chief. However, Donie not doing a real IA investigation and ridding himself of officers who sure look to me like they never should have become cops, will turn Donie into an accomplice, which is the last thing Key West needs in a police chief. 
Already Donie is an accomplice, if not one of the ring leaders, of Key West’s police treating homeless people like they are suspected al Qaeda terrorist infiltrators. 
Meanwhile, Harry Bethel is hardly alone in city brass laying low about the dead one-day tourist. Not a peep out of any elected officials. In the court where I practice law, which ain’t on this planet, that makes them accomplices.
J wrote:
Well, just from the Video that was posted of the arrest on the beach and what was written by the 14 cops,  I scratch my head and say:  I guess I will go with what I saw on the tape – never did he appear to resist – he appeared to follow the cops directions until they stuffed his face in the sand and he couldn’t breath and maybe kicked his legs some.  I will believe my lying eyes instead of ass covering KWPD.
In my opinion, there is no investigation that Donie Lee can do internally that I would feel comfortable with.  When you got 14 people trying to get their story straight for the reports on one hand and a video of the incident on the other hand – plus eyewitnesses who say the cops story is BS – well – who the hell they got left to investigate the incident??   OH, and you LOSE the BODY for two weeks – you can’t make that shit up – OOOOOOPS, just a coincidence that the person who the cops killed has his body missing.   There is a DEAD SKUNK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD AND IT IS STINKING TO HIGH HEAVEN!
dead skunk
Keep up the good work!
I wrote:
The only way Donnie Lee gets my nod on this one is he fires a few police officers over it. Otherwise, he don’t get my nod. 

I made a phone call to someone just a little while ago, on the hunch that maybe there is more to Harry Bethel’s editorial in the Key West Citizen [reported in yesterday’s post at this website] bashing nekkid painted people at Fantasy Fest. Harry moved away for a while, he’d long had a getaway in North Carolina mountains. He got beat up pretty good in a Utility Board race maybe four years ago, after he had retired from the City Commission, is how I recall. Then, his law-abiding son got put in prison and Harry boasted all over Key West how he had gotten State Attorney Dennis Ward beat because he put Harry Jr. in prison for robbing fishermen of their livelihood. From all I’ve seen and heard down here, this ain’t no big deal in Conchdom, what Harry’s son did. The big deal is a Conch got put in prison for it.
Anyway, Harry lives in City Commissioner Tony Yaniz’ voting district,
Tony Yaniz
and Tony is about for sure going to run for mayor in 2014, and so you are now connecting the same dots I got connected for me a little while ago on the telephone with a local know a lot, if not it all. So, yeah, no way the local Publisher of the Citizen don’t already have those dots connected, after all, wasn’t long after Fantasy Fest that the Citizen Editorial Board, in the name of all the Editorial Board members, published a Sunday Editorial pretty much in keeping with what Harry was allowed to publish today. So, Harry’s getting free press for his upcoming county commissioner campaign, it could be speculated. 
The local insider said lots of people down here share Harry’s view, or his alleged view, of Fantasy Fest and want it seriously toned down in the painted bodies quadrant. I find that wildly hilarious because you don’t hear Harry, or his silent minority, or, what do I know, maybe his silent majority, hollering to clean up Duval Street, Key West’s degenerate main street that draws heaps of degenerate tourists down here to do degenerate things and nobody back home ever knows about it is how it sort of looks to me.
Well, wannabe Dirty Harry is back, and I can’t wait to see him try to tone down Fantasy Fest. He just might find resistance at least, if not more, irate than he was over the City Commission back in 2002 passing a resolution wherein the City of Key West formerly opposed USA invasion of Iraq without UN agreement.
Walking and pushing my bicycle down the lower Duval Street sidewalk from Jack Flats just a little while ago,  I was passed and passed lots of people using cell phones. Most of them were not speaking English, and most of them were not speaking Spanish, either. I wonder if Harry Bethel will seek to have them expelled from Key West, too?
I live in interesting times down here. I think I might like to be around and Harry Bethel gets his way and Fantasy Fest goes the Daytona route and when Harry can’t shell out the $$$ his boastful Conch brain dreamed up for a campaign strategy, the folks he cost the $$$ down here string him up and cut him into little bitty pieces and feed him to the fishes, which would be a fitting and reasonably historical facsimile of Conch justice.
keel hauling
J wrote:
Thanks for the inside scoop!
As I think I have mentioned before, be careful what you wish for because you might get it!  Daytona Beach tightened down on the 350,000 Spring Breakers because the locals didn’t like it – too much drinking and such – SOOOOO – the Spring Breakers all said F U and now Daytona is lucky to get 75 to 100,000 during that time.  Businesses got kicked in the balls, people got laid off and NOW the city is trying to figure out how to get the tourists back.
I wrote:
I suppose it could be said Daytona learned the hard way that you don’t mess with Mother Nature :-).
Maybe I should cheer for Key West to kill Fantasy Fest, maybe that would make it easier to get support for a nude beach :-).
Higgs Beach party
Naw, the Duval Street strip clubs, lap dance parlors, whore houses, adult bookstores, juke joints and dirty T-shirt tops would all come about against it – unfair competition :-).
Devil or Angel 2
GS 11, sometimes persecuted government whistle blower wrote yesterday:
whistle blower blow back
I replied:
I rather imagine it would be a howl to see Harry with no clothes on, on Duval Street; might do him some good, the embarrassment and all; take him down a few pegs.
Maybe Harry Jr. ought to have thought about how bad jail and prison food are before he went robbing fishermen’s traps, depriving them of the ability to put food on their family’s table. But then, being a Conch, and seeing how Harry Sr. took his son getting put in prison, I sort of doubt that strain of Conch never before considered the possibility that it was not above the law.
Had this email exchange about prison food with Mud Dawg yesterday – he co-owns and runs Daddy Bone’s yummy BBQ behind the Checkers on N. Roosevelt Blvd:
mud dog
Mud Dawg wrote:
FRANK JUST HOBBLED UP TO D BONES! Glad poor bastard is outta hospital before christmas
I wrote:
Frank, your friend and employee who got his leg torn off him by a passing car while he was on his moped? If so, dang glad to hear he’s up and about. Dang glad.
Mud Dawg wrote:
Me too. He was on a fullsize motorcycle tho. We going to organize a community fund raiser for him as soon as humanly possible. Hopefully The POS that hit him and left only to try and frame his girlfriend for it get 10 yrs or more!   Some people only alive because I hate prison food!

Mud Dawg  also wrote this to me:
Merry Christmas MR sloan. I got the news 2.30am fri that my step dad passed away. Probably A&E fault. His heart couldn’t take them firing phil! If you have nothing going on Christmas PJ and I are riding up to PSL to see my mom.

I replied:
And merry Christmas to you and PJ, Mike. Me out of Phil firing loop. Dr. Phil? Condolences your step dad. PSL is Port St. Lucie?

Mud Dawg wrote:
yea AKA POT ST LUCIE.  phil robertson! Duck Dynasty. He made the horrible mistake of stating his religuos opinion on homosexuality. when ask his opinion. i figure if you cant handle what a 67 yr man raised. in backwoods. of la probably should not ask him.

I replied:
Pardon my out of the loopity loopness, I been hearing background noise about Duck Dynasty, but I never dials it up on my radio so’s I could actually hear it. I suppose I just need to stay down here in the Keys for Christmas. Less chance here of me being locked up and the key tossed away for ever, than in Port St. Lucie, Louisiana or Alabama :-). Thanks for the invite, thought, safe trip and a good holiday to you and PG – is she taking her AK-47,
AK 47 woman
just in case some stupid ass redneck testosteroined-up fellows decide they want to mess with you like that time over in New Orleans when she pumped two shots into the ground and sent those suddenly weenied assholes running in terror for the nearest parts unknown?



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