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Winter Solstice

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Naja Girard, co-publisher with her husband Arnaud of, wrote about the tourist who got suddenly dead on Thanksgiving part of yesterday’s post at


You wrote: “Arnaud and Naja said they were afraid for their safety” … A bit of a stretch. I thought we were expressing something at the level of “do you think the police have developed a strong distaste for is…’ That said, several of the local witnesses we spoke with did express concerns about retaliation/harassment and specifically asked us not to reveal their identities. Arnaud and I are not really “afraid”.

I replied:

Well, maybe I could have worded it better, or differently, but we did have that discussion and maybe I’d had too much cabernet savignon, and maybe the poet got loose again, and maybe I myself became concerned for your and Arnaud’s safety after resting on our discussion last night, and maybe I decided to try to draw some of anyone who might be thinking nuts’ ire toward me away from you and Arnaud and your family.

Naja wrote:

🙂 it was a nice dinner thanks to our lovely guest From Brazil, with delicious food and your good company. Keep your ears open for someone looking for a live in chef… Maybe we could make two lonely souls happy… Never know!

I wrote:

Will be on the lookout for match made in heaven for two lonely souls, but my sense last night was she needs to be in France or Brazil. My good company? I’ll have to ponder that. I always enjoy seeing you and Arnaud, interesting how the evening developed, I had nothing to do, my landlady was having people over for dinner, I needed to be elsewhere, or couped up in my bedroom, and I ended up dining and conversing with a Brazilian woman, a French man, his “half-breedish” French wife, and their seriously interesting daughter, maybe many men’s hearts to be pierced …

Oh my darling,
Oh my darling,
Oh my darling, Clementine …

[Arnaud named their daughter, Clemintine, pronounced Cleminteen. Just naturally, I was unable to resist breaking out with the baleful from this valley they say you are leaving Clemintyyyyne variation.]

Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, retired, wrote yesterday:

psychiatrist interviews

Sloan: the plight of the homeless is no doubt a tragedy;
homelessness escalated with the presidency of Ronald Reagan
for a variety of sordid reasons. We can do nothing about the
already dead. But the community college Pool where the
disabled get new, rewed life, rehabilitation is a daily affair,
and many people exercise for significant health reasons
was arbitrarily shut down for 16 days –plunging people
who have worked hard with shattered limbs and bodies
to regressive stages and will take months to get their
degree of motion back while suffering exacerbation’s
of pain held in check by water rehab. The FKCC president
is no doubt at fault being uninformed and uninterested,unemphatic,
as well. He is turning into –I hate to state it another inhuman clod.
The Key West Citizen also at fault absolutely refusing to print .
anything l and others have informed them about. I love to see
the blue paper and KONK life with their good writers putting
the Citizen on the ropes where it should be. Your Blog is a force for
GOOD as well, putting controversy in the news.
Hoping the new year will bring freedom of the press and
freedom of speech new life.—wishes to you for an enjoyable

I replied:

Hi, Jerry – truly, is it a tragedy, in Key West made all the more difficult by a frenetic drive to make the long-term homeless disappear.

When I was with Naja and Arnaud last night, they told me to send you their warm fond regards, Arnaud asked why I felt there was no solution to homelessness? I gave the “normal” reasons, repeated in today’s post: the US economy, American wars. And added, not stated in today’s post, the fact is, many of long-term homeless got to where they no longer coped in mainstream and they simply dropped out into homelessness, and trying to force them back into mainstream where they did not cope is a fool’s errand. Sure, sometimes a long-term homeless person goes back into mainstream, but it usually is due to something unusual, which I would assign to a miracle of some kind.

If I were not subsidized, I most likely would be homeless as things now stand. That, too, could change, of course – say, hmmm, that screen writer movie director fellow I gave a copy of HEAVY WAIT about a month ago at Tropic Cinema, emails me that he loves the tale and wants to turn it into a movie, which is what it originally was envisioned to be, and by the way, here’s an advance check against future royalties which should be substantial if the movie proves to be what the screen writer movie director fellow feels it will turn out to be.

I told Arnaud there is another reason there is no solution to homelessness, which is homeless people are mainstream’s shadow, and as far as I know there is no way for a society to rid itself of its shadow, just as there is no way for a person to rid him/herself of his/her own shadow. I started learning years ago about the shadow and its determination to be recognized despite my determination, for example, to ignore it.

The more the shadow is ignored, the more determined it becomes to be seen. Of course, its way of becoming visible is not always a straight line logical expression where the dots are easily connected back to the source. However, the two recent joltings Key West received, the Bill O’Reilly documentary, which painted Key West as a city of drunk dumb inane mainstream and homeless people, and the bizarre death of a brand new tourist suspected of living in his PT Cruiser, are pretty blatant expressions of how Key West’s shadow feels about the way mainstream Key West treats its long-term homeless people.

What better way for the shadow to get revenge for being mistreated, than to strike into the heart of what is most important to Key West – its beloved tourist trade? And, its beloved One Human Family myth? And, its let’s all get drunk history?

Another way of saying it, the O’Reilly slam and the death of the one-day tourist were karma for the way Key West has treated its homeless people since it started coming down hard on them just following 9/11. Before 9/11, it was live and let live between mainstream Key West and the city’s homeless people. I know that for a fact, because I was homeless in Key West on both sides of that event, and off and on for several years afterward.

I kept up with the city’s treatment of homeless people after I no longer was homeless. The general mainstream attitude toward homeless people became meaner and meaner. Since homeless people were mainstream’s shadow, the meaner and meaner turned against and went into mainstream like a boomerang; that’ show it works. Might be more more boomeranging lies ahead for Key West. The City cannot claim One Human Family as its official creed, and treat its homeless people like they are not even human beings.

Arnaud said last night that the way mainstream treats homeless people is a test of mainstream’s own humanity. I said I agreed. I said it is especially poignant in the case of Key West’s Mayor Craig Cates. Not long after he first was elected in the fall of 2009, his daughter ran into a homeless man on his bicycle and killed him, it was not her fault, the man rode out in front of her car. Even so, it wrecked her emotionally, which was totally understandable; and it tore up her her parents and their family, also totally understandable. However, it fueled a zealot-like drive in her father to get all homeless people out of Key West.

I told Arnaud that Craig is not in the clear and he should recuse himself from any City Commission discussion of and voting on homeless issues. And, I told Arnaud, of course that will not happen.

Arnaud said he once was homeless for a while, he knows that terrain.

Being homeless for a while is life-changing. There is no going back to where you were before you were homeless. Perhaps the only way to truly appreciate Krishnamurti’s comment, which I shared with Arnaud last night, is to be homeless.


Perhaps living on a locked psych ward produces much the same “enlightenment”. I imagine there are other experiences from the “crypt”, which also bring the dark into the light.

I was feeling for several hours that I was going to write tonight about the Winter Solstice, The Coming of the Light. Today is the middle of the Solstice. I have read the early Catholic church moved Jesus’ birthday from March to the Winter Solstice, because that was a high holy day for the pagans and the church wanted to make it easy to convert pagans to Catholocism.

The wicked web we weave when we practice to deceive …

A Magical Key West Night

I went down to Mallory Pier around sunset this evening. Disney Magic was over in front of the Westin, blocking the view of the sunset. I walked over wondering what was being woven as I stared up and walked toward it? What a huge ship, but smaller than what the web weavers wanted to bring into Key West. I had a sense while I stood beneath it , staring up and talking to it in my thoughts, that something was moving deep down; something was being set in motion. No way I just go over and stare down that monster and talk to it just because.


Jerry wrote:

Sloan: Thanks I meant the college president lacks empathy
or is ignorant—probably both. —there certainly is
evidence of both. ————-Sincerely –Jerry

warm regards to Naja and Arnaud–we enjoyed their visit..!!
Jerry and Donna

While Key West roils in its homeless karma, former City Commissioner Harry Bethel attacks something far more important, to Harry and, I suppose, other Key Westers, almost in lockstep with the Key West Citizen Editiorial Board a couple of months back:

fantasy fest great pair

Let’s clean up the nudity and body painting

Fantasy Fest is a major event for our city and is a financial boom for our businesses. But, nudity and body painting and pasties of the breast and genital areas are not acceptable, not even G-strings. This is not what makes Fantasy Fest successful.

I know that you all have either seen it in real life, or seen pictures of the nudity in this year’s Fantasy Fest. It was the worst year, and it will only get worse. It was disgraceful and disgusting for our city and our residents. We should not have to put up with this in our city.

We all know there is a time and a place for nudity but it is not in our public streets. We, the residents, need the city commission’s help and support to end this disgraceful image of our city.

We have tried in the past to give warnings. That did not work! Then we tried giving T-shirts to topless women. They would put them on, and when the officer left they would remove them. That did not work!

What will work is to have the promoters, Market Place and TDC advertise (there will be) “no nudity or body painting of the breasts or genital areas. If you do, you will be arrested — no warning.”

Warnings never did work. Arrest anyone who breaks the law and I can assure you that within the second year, it will stop because actions and word of mouth is better than any advertisement.

Don’t think for one minute that they won’t be back. You may lose a few, but you will gain the people and locals who did not go to Fantasy Fest because they did not want to be exposed to the disgusting atmosphere of all the nudity.

Make the law strong, firm and, most importantly, enforce it with all who are in violation.

It is time to bring back the dignity and respect that our great city and residents deserve, nothing less. I would be more than happy to help you in any way that you feel I can be of help. Working together, we can turn this around, but we must be sincere.

Mayor and commissioners, we cannot continue to let our city’s image deteriorate anymore by this vulgar, disgraceful and disgusting nudity, and this joke of body painting and walking around completely nude — no material on their bodies with the exception of beads on their neck. I can assure you, and you know, none of these people would do this in their hometown. Why should we let them do it in our hometown?

Let’s clean up the image of our city.

I will leave you with this last statement. “We all know body painting is a joke.” If they want to paint their face, back, arms or legs, that’s fine, but that’s it.

Remember, we also have a new event that is going to be successful and that’s the Zombie Bike Ride.

We can do this! I would be more than willing to help the commission with this issue, if commissioners feel they need me.

Harry Bethel


I well remember Harry’s scowls whenever I spoke at city commission meetings and said there was nothing the commissioners and mayor, or anyone, could do to change homeless people; only God could change them. That was back before the new homeless showed up, made so by the Keys and national economy going in the tank.

The new homeless can be helped, but the city has not indicated any movement in that direction. Only trying to get dirt bags, such I was once viewed, out of the city, off its streets and sidewalks, out of its parks, off its beaches, is the city commission trying achieve. But for receiving an inheritance in 2006, I might still be one of those dirt bags. Or, I might be dead, having given up altogether.

I well remember Harry Bethel going ballistic when State Attorney Dennis Ward put Harry’s son in prison for robbing fishermen’s traps. Harry campaigned hard against Dennis and later boasted about the revenge  had gotten against Dennis for putting his thieving son in prison. Now we have a state attorney who never rocks the Conch boat, just what Harry was used to all along before Dennis Ward came along.

Perhaps Harry should turn his Conch ire and zeal toward cleaning up Key West’s strip joints, whore houses, lap dance parlors, dirty T-shirt shops, drunk tourists and local multitudes, who are not homeless. Perhaps Harry should rail against Key West receiving the dirtiest, worst possible cruise ships, which he seemed to like just fine when he was a city commissioner.

Perhaps Harry should take in ‘s articles on the dead one-day tourist who was suspected of being homeless. Perhaps Harry should call for a house-cleaning in the Key West protect and serve department. Perhaps that might clean up Key West a bit. Here are the blue paper’s  links to those stories, a third story brewing for next Friday’s edition.



THANKSGIVING DAY TRAGEDY: Increasing Doubts About What Really Happened To Charles Eimers

Perhaps Harry should rail in a Citizen Editorial against the Citizen for not doing the investigation and reporting Naja and Arnaud Girard did.

Perhaps Harry should rail in a Citizen Editorial against Barack Obama and his predecessor in office, for creating unimaginably horrible karma for USA through their foreign war-making, including creating more homeless vets, some of whom will end up in Key West and be called dirt bags and hounded by city police and made to feel like they wished they had died in Iraq, Afghanistan …

Sloan at Coco's

Sloan Bashinsky

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Merry Chistmas lower Florida Keys residents from your friendly shitgrinder pump salesman 🙂 and your county commissioners 🙁

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