Sunday homily – in defense of literary martyrdom; natural vs acquired insanity; Alabama, Auburn, Florida State football madness; lower Florida Keys sewer grinder pump madness; US marijuana madness; Key West cruise ship madness

ship of fools

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psychiatrist interviews

Email banter yesterday with Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, retired, whose second calling became the sea and the reef, and whose book on rape of same and boomerang effect on humanity now is in his publisher’s hands:

Jerry wrote:

Sloan: thanks again for your kind words about the book
it is indeed about our total mismanaging, maladministered ,
savagely stupid fishing regulations, destruction of our once
beautiful natural world —there is SEX and some good
stories embedded —a memoir from my days on little
Torch Key in 1956 to the present. A scorcher that the
lawyers have to examine closely—so I won’t be gaffed
or put before a firing squad. Good football games coming
up —-have a fine weekend. Jerry

I replied:

keel hauling

Aw, but if you went out via firing squad, songs would be sung about you for centuries, your book would be a worldwide classic, and Donna could go the speakers tour for big bucks and tell people what it was like to live with a saint, not to mention being one herself for being your muse and otherwise keeping you glad you were on this world and living life to the fullest 🙂

The truth is always a defense, but the other side is anybody can sue anybody else for anything perceived, misperceived, real, delusion, which publishers well know, which is a good argument for self-publishing if you have the stomach and dough for it, although reaching more than a few people tends not to happen to self-published authors, unless, I suppose, you write and publish Mutant Message Down Under, or something equivalent.

Jerry wrote:

Donna thanks you and I thank you for your funny, kind words;
you are so right but she is the saint for putting up with me.
(any one can sue anyone for any delusional rationale–
very accurate—-) hopefully the truth will win out –hope!
have a great night and Sunday__–Jerry

fool dolphin

Yesterday, I bumped into a woman at Winn-Dixie, who had managed to get herself on my email hit list when we at Harpoon Harry’s some time back. She said she reads all of my posts, likes what I write. I asked if that meant she was naturally insane, or she just became insane? She said she wasn’t sure. We laughed.

A few minutes later, I met with a woman at Daddy Bones yummy BBQ behind Checkers, who had written to say she wanted to get a copy of HEAVY WAIT: A Strange Tale to give to someone for Christmas. She said she lived near Daddy Bones, so that’s where we met.

Daddy Bones

She said she likes what I write, but football does not interest her and she skips over that. Ditto grinder pump war stuff. I said the grinder pump war is really important, and if, as I was told, County Commissioner Sylvia Murphy is dating the county employee responsible for bringing grinder pumps into the Cudjoe regional sewer project, that is really serious. And there is something important in what I have been writing about Alabama, Auburn and Florida State. There really are people in Alabama, and in Florida, who believe college football is more important than anything else, more important even than God.

Curtis & Leroy

She said some years ago she checked HEAVY WAIT out from the county library and really liked it, and she wanted to give a copy to her mother for Christmas. I said I hoped her mother is okay with racy stuff. She said her mother will like the book. I wrote an inscription:

“To whomever it might concern: none of this tale is true, of course, and if you believe that, then I have an island, invisible actually, next to Key West I’d like to sell to you. Beside the inscription, I drew a smiley face with devil horns and a tilted halo. Perhaps inspired by on of my muses.

Devil or Angel

There is plenty of football in HEAVY WAIT, but not the kind so dear to Alabama, Auburn and Florida State fans. The kind of football I play every day and night of my life, about which I often write and post to the good morning websites.

Heavy Wait large image

Heavy Wait: A Strange Tale by Sloan Bashinsky

$9.95 Kindle Edition

Auto-delivered wirelessly

Other Formats: Paperback

The woman who met me at Daddy Bones asked how I arrive at what I publish each day? I said I never know today what I will publish tomorrow. I get that direction in dreams the night before, and sometimes I wake up early, say 2 a.m. or 4 a.m, and put something together as a draft post, then I go tack to sleep and see if anything else comes in dreams, and it always does come, and I get back up and add to or modify the draft and publish it.

She said people send me stuff which ends up being published. I said yes, and there also is stuff I am told in dreams to cover, which nobody sent to me, and there is stuff I see in the local newspapers and online news, and there is stuff which happens in my life, which I am told to cover. Material comes from all over the place, and, basically, I am clueless what will be published tomorrow. In fact, my middle name is “Clueless”, I said. She laughed.

April fool



Later yesterday, Auburn roughed up Missouri in the Southeastern Conference championship, and Ohio State proved it was not as good as Michigan State after barely squeaking by Michigan last week thanks to Michigan going for a 2-point conversion instead of a tie as time ran out and the conversion failed. It now appears for all the BSC championship marbles Auburn will play Florida State, which beat up on Duke yesterday in the Atlantic Coast Conference championship game. Doesn’t look to me Florida State got tested this year. Hard for a college team to get tested if it does not play Southeastern Conference teams which have won the last six, or is it seven?, BSC championships.

To provide a snapshot of just how screwed up some Alabama fans are,

Curtis & Leroy

this came in yesterday from an unknown email sender. It was sent to about a dozen other email addresses I did not recognize. For all I know, it’s spam or worse, and I do not recommend opening the link, which I did not open. The email text is what is relevant.

Subject: Something to save and laugh at for years – 2 minutes of pure laughter for Bama fans?

During a touchdown drive that put the Tide up 41-7 over Kentucky, ESPN NFL analyst Todd McShay called McCarron a “third tier quarterback”.

Here’s what McShay had to say. It’s absolutely hilarious that while they’re discussing McCarron’s shortcomings, he’s leading Alabama down the field flawlessly. At about the 1:55 minute mark of the video McShay REALLY out does himself. Compare his comment to what’s happening on the field at that very moment. PRICELESS!!

If you ever needed proof about ESPN’s bias, this should do it! This is SNL stuff!

I wrote back to the sender, with copies o ALL:

First, who are you? Have we met before?

Second, this “laugher” video during the Kentucky game, which I did not bother to view, will help a Tide fan get over Alabama giving a game to Auburn? I could care less what was said during the Kentucky game, which was like watching a pro team play a high school team. McCarran is a very good college QB, he might make a very good pro QB, but he does not run through and around other college teams’ defenses and make them look like idiots like Auburn’s QB did to Alabama’s defense in the Iron Bowl. Alabama should have won anyway, but, alas, in case you didn’t notice, the football god, same deity church folks worship, didn’t want Alabama to win that game and end up playing Florida State, which views football as more important than a rape charge against a very good frosh quarterback from the Birmingham area. Wonder how come Jameis Winston ended up at Florida State instead of at Alabama or Auburn? From all I’ve seen, might be Auburn is the only team with a chance to beat Florida State and send a message from above to that school’s officials. But then, might be the fellow down below has the upper hand and Florida State will walk off with all the marbles.

FYI, I was raised on Alabama Crimson Tide football, my father and Coach Bryant were close friends. I wonder who Alabama will play for the third tier title?


That wasn’t the only football what sailed across my bow yesterday and this morning.


From a member of the Big Pine Key anti-grinder pump camp yesterday, sent to other recipients as well, re Wednesday’s county commission meeting in Marathon:

Check Sunday edition for details on the meeting, procedures for being allotted an opportunity to speak, etc. I had suggested maybe dressed in red and carrying a small sign would help show support by those who are not up to public speaking. I would love to see handmade election type signs held along the highway to alert the arriving snowbirds and to show all that it is more than 4 or 5 who are making noise about grinders. That is George Nugent’s impression- just a few spreading falsehoods.


My impression:

George needs to do the grinder pump digging and research these Big Pine people have done. He needs to be leading the charge to turn this very big mistake around. A mistake which falls squarely on his head, shoulders and body, because it is in his voting district that the Gang of Three – the County Commission and county staff, Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority and Florida Department of Environmental Protection – intend to use grinder pump sewer systems in many places, instead of gravity sewer systems which cost more to install but, the Big Pine camp has convinced me, operate residentially with far less down the road problems and costs than grinder pump systems.

So, the question for me is, will George man up and lead the charge to turn this fiasco around, or will he remain in this position?

head up ass

Looks to me that members of the Big Pine Key camp, and property owners throughout the Cudjoe regional sewer district, who voted for George in 2006 and 2010, instead of for me, got what they wanted. Now they want me to help them fix what they broke by electing George. Ain’t that a hoot? They didn’t like how I went about grinder pumps so far, and they might not like how I will go about it from now on. Looks to me, though, they waited way too long to get serious about grinder pumps and get a judge involved. That horse looks out of the barn and gone bye bye to my tired old ex-lawyer eyes.

Exhibit 1 of their tardiness came from them on December 5, three days ago:

There is a group getting organized; we are raising funds, retaining an attorney, meeting with FIKAA and will be present at the BOCC meeting in Marathon. We are taking the position that we resist all grinder pumps and are not just representing select areas or subdivisions of the lower Keys but all the lower Keys. Your participation will be appreciated.

fool dolphin

I first heard of grinder pumps about a year ago, when I still lived on Little Torch Key, the next island below Big Pine Key. I decided in April 2006 to buy the place I was renting on Little Torch Key, at the very top of the real estate market. Meanwhile, I wondered if I would end up being required to have a grinder pump system? I wondered how I was  going to pay for it? I wondered in vain. I had to sell my place at huge losos to make ends meet. The buyer bitched about having to buy a grinder pump system. I told him to take his bitch to George Neugent.

For George’s edification, from someone who seems to actually know something about grinder pumps and the local political machinations and conspiracies:

light bulb

I really appreciate the depth your team has gone in exposing the problems with grinder pumps. The exchange with George Nugent was interesting. While the county is still defensive of E-one pumps, they are beginning to get it. BTW, Randy Bell of WTR told me, with Dave Rice present, that they provided the info for the decision tree to FKAA and Dave Matthews consulting. Also, Matthews consulting is up to their necks in this whole process. They are the firm that did all of the original analysis that I criticized as slanted and erroneous. My opinion of them is very low, and I have worked with dozens of similar companies. Essentially they are a small firm from south Florida that is providing cover for FKAA’s (Tom Walker) infatuation with grinders.

I think there is a real possibility that this system will never really work. The issue of minimum flows is real. The distances and number of pumps far exceed the Model E-one has for this design. I asked for this information and was refused, with excuse that it would be very expensive to provide. The best way to get what you need is to submit a PIR and then go onsite to review. They cannot deny you access to anything and there is no cost or delay. I wish I had more time to devote, but after sinking about 400 hours into this already, I need to spend time on my own company. Best of luck, you have our support.

Walt Drabinski
Vantage Engineering Consulting


On a jocular front …


Friday morning, I had breakfast with a Vanderbilt fraternity brother and his lady at Harpoon Harry’s. The wait staff all came over to our table and warmly greeted and entertained my friends from another era, often at my expense.

Paul and Holly are in Key West again for the annual NORML conference. Or, the annual Key West marijuana conference. Thinking back, the first time PUL came down for NORML was in 2007 or 2008. He, and lots of other weed lovers, including lawyers. The haze around their meetings in upscale Key West hotels and restaurants bore an unmistakable odor. Scandalous.

Paul left me with a copy of MARIJUANA: Historical, Legal and Medical Facts, which looks like he might have authored. At the end, it says for more information contact NORML, at 202-483-5500. Paul told me years ago that he became interested in marijuana after his wife contracted cancer and she used it to reduce the pain and help her cope until she passed over. They had met and courted at Vanderbilt.

I discovered in the mid-1970s that weed did not like me; the day following my using it, I had a terrible headache. It didn’t matter where or how the weed was grown, the headaches came. So I stopped using it. Later, I had to stop using booze because an hour or so after I drank, my liver and G.I. tract would feel horrible. My observation has been, booze is exponentially more dangerous than marijuana. My observation also has been, people who stay stoned to escape their lives, and cope, are dull in affect and slow in their thinking.

During our breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s, I told Paul I wanted to give him a copy of HEAVY WAIT, and in return he would read it and write something about it, whatever he wanted to write. He said okay. I said I would bring a copy by the Pier House where he and Holly were staying, and leave it at the front desk. How that went is told in the following emails:

Me, same day: About half hour ago [5 p.m], Pier House front desk said no Paul Kuhn registered there. Did I imagine having breakfast with him and Holly this morning at Harpoon Harry’s?

Paul, next morning: Breakfast was not a dream! But the hotel is in a dream world.

I was on their books as “Kulin.” Human error, I suppose because every correspondence with them, including the credit card charge, is under Kuhn, of course.

Please try again with the book. Thanks.

Me: Will bring Heavy Wait to Pier House again this morning, after breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s. Thanks.

Interesting read, yours on MJ.

Maybe if all US Government employees, including President, Vice President, Congress, Supreme Court, Justice Department, FBI, Homeland Security, CIA, DEA, IRS, military, were required to smoke MJ, or drink ganga tea, throughout each day, America would be the standard bearer for hope, change 🙂


I never once observed anyone smoking marijuana to be agitated, angry, violent. I have seen may people using booze be agitated, angry, violent.


During the 2010 county commission race, the candidates were asked if the Keys are a one-economy community, and, if so, what were our ideas for changing that? When it was my time to answer the question, I said it was the dumbest question I’d ever heard asked at a candidate forum. Of course the Keys were a one-economy community – tourism. As for what might be done about it, I had heard marijuana grows great in the Keys and it doesn’t get diseases. Marijuana could be grown all over the Keys and exported to Colombia, Mexico, mainland US, Canada, Europe. That brought down the house. I did not say someone had told me where the Sheriff was growing marijuana in the lower Keys. I didn’t imagine that would have brought down the house.

Former Key West Mayor Morgan McPherson was talking back then about the Keys becoming a center for growing medicinal plants for export. Marijuana certainly is a medicinal plant, based on what Paul gave me to read. That tract says marijuana was outlawed in the US in response to the repeal of Prohibition – the Feds needed something to do, and since booze was legal again, they made marijuana illegal. A plant that grows wild all over America and elsewhere, they made illegal.

I wonder how God felt about that? Maybe God thought, “Hell, they might as well make Me illegal, too. But then, if they make marijuana legal, the way I created it, that will really screw the pharmaceutical companies, won’t it?”

briving God

Looks to me lots of Americans like talking about God, but not all that many people actually want having God around, up close and personal. Same for places I have traveled beyond US borders.


marijuana plant

Study: Prevalence Of Illicit Drugs In Fatal Crashes Is Low Compared To Alcohol

Study: Prevalence Of Illicit Drugs In Fatal Crashes Is Low Compared To Alcohol

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Join NORML For The 31st Annual Key West Legal Seminar

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AMA Continues Opposition to Marijuana Legalization, But Softens Language

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Study: Most Patients Prefer Herbal Cannabis Over Marijuana-Based Pharmaceuticals

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Maine: Nearly 70 Percent Of Portland Voters Approve Ballot Measure To Eliminate Local Pot Penalties

Maine: Nearly 70 Percent Of Portland Voters Approve Ballot Measure To Eliminate Local Pot Penalties

“A victory for science, for common sense and for liberty” -Rep. Diane Russell

Marijuana is the third most popular recreational drug in America (behind only alcohol and tobacco), and has been used by nearly 100 million Americans. According to government surveys, some 25 million Americans have smoked marijuana in the past year, and more than 14 million do so regularly despite harsh laws against its use. Our public policies should reflect this reality, not deny it.

NORML Blog, Marijuana Law Reform »

Working to reform marijuana laws

    [That Other] Prohibition Was Repealed 80 Years Ago Today

    by Sabrina Fendrick, Director of Women’s Outreach On December 5th 1933 at exactly 5:32pm eastern standard time, Utah signed on as the last of the 36 states needed to ratify the 21st amendment, repealing the nation’s failed 13-year prohibition policy experiment banning the sale and use of alcohol nationwide.  At 6:55 p.m., President Roosevelt signed an official proclamation announcing the nation’s new alcohol policy. It was clear to the public, and politicians of the day that alcohol prohibition had failed in everything it was trying to achieve.  The 18th amendment led to widespread disrespect for the law, black […]

    Washington: Over 1,300 Applications Submitted So Far By Those Seeking To Operate Commercial Marijuana Businesses

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    by Sabrina Fendrick, Director of Women’s OutreachOn Thursday November 21, US law enforcement agents, along with local police officers raided 14  medical marijuana locations around Colorado (including dispensaries, grow warehouses and 2 private residences), making it one of the largest federal raids since the state’s medical marijuana laws went into effect.  A search warrant identifies 10 target subjects, noting alleged violations to the latest DOJ memo dealing with state pot laws that contradict federal policy. On August 29th, the Justice Department issued a memo to federal prosecutors indicating it wouldn’t interfere with legal marijuana businesses that […]

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    Maine Legislative Council to Vote Thursday on Introduction of Marijuana Legalization Measure

    by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications DirectorOn Thursday, November 21st, the Maine Legislative Council will be voting on whether or not to allow the introduction of LR 2329, a measure sponsored by Rep. Diane Russell (D-Portland) which would legalize the cultivation, possession, and use of marijuana by individuals over the age of 21 in addition to establishing retail outlets to sell marijuana and marijuana products. It is extremely important that we cross this first hurdle at the Legislative Council tomorrow. We have a very real chance of passing this legislation if it is introduced. This is […]

    NORML PAC Endorses John Hanger for Governor of Pennsylvania

    by adminAt press conferences held in Philadelphia and Harrisburg on Wednesday, and one in Pittsburgh today, NORML PAC announced its endorsement of Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate John Hanger. John Hanger is currently pursuing the Democratic nomination in the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race and has made marijuana law reform a central plank in his platform. He has released a three step plan for marijuana law reform that advocates for medical marijuana and decriminalization immediately upon taking office in 2015 and to move to full legalization by 2017. At the press conference, NORML Communications Director […]


On another conspiracy front, sans Key West the Newspaper illustration – – which is free, letter to the editor in today’s Key West Citizen – – which is not free:

cruise ship butt

Ship terminal owners are looking out for themselves

The cruise-ship issue resurfaced this month, spurred by a report from the Florida Department of Transportation which stated that a decision not to dredge the Key West channel would cause a significant loss of business throughout the state of Florida. A spokesperson for the Key West Chamber of Commerce responded to this on local radio with a claim that the city of Key West would also suffer a loss of revenue. This was followed by an inaccurate report by a national news network stating that the city earns more than $5 million a year in cruise-ship disembarkation fees.

In fact, budget data from the city manager’s office show that gross revenue from disembarkation fees during the recently completed fiscal year totals only $3.6 million, and that net revenues (after accounting for direct expenses like port security and ground transportation) add up to just $2 million — less than half of what has been reported. This number does not take into account the many indirect expenses the city incurs on behalf of the 800,000 cruise ship visitors per year.

A thorough accounting of cruise-ship-related costs for police, code enforcement, public works, and other city departments would likely show that the city barely breaks even on its relationship with the cruise industry.

It’s not that cruise ships don’t make money. It’s just that they don’t make it for the city of Key West. Two-thirds of the ships that call on Key West dock at Pier B, the only privately held cruise ship terminal on the East Coast. Pier B’s corporate managers earn an estimated $4 million per year in disembarkation fees alone. Rather than share this windfall with the city, which provides the infrastructure to support these visitors, the owners of Pier B spent more than $100,000 to campaign for a feasibility study to dredge the channel in order to accommodate larger ships and increase their profits.

Having been rejected by the voters, they and their allies in the FDOT would now have us believe that city revenues will suffer if cruise ship visits decline. In fact, they are only concerned about themselves.

Arlo Haskell

Key West

cruies ship facade

What I’m wondering, Arlo, is where did the 74 percent of the voters go, who opposed widening the channel so bigger, longer, more passenger-laden cruise ships could call on Key West, in addition to the dirtiest worst possible cruise ships already calling on Key West? Where are those many concerned citizens now? Why are not they raising bloody hell about Key West allowing the dirtiest worst possible cruise ships to call on Key West for decades? Doesn’t pass the smell test, does it?

fishy smell

Doesn’t speak well for the people they keep electing mayor and city commissioner, does it?

Sloan at HHmoi at Harpoon Harry’s

Sloan Bashinsky


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