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Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry retired, wrote yesterday:

Sloan: sent my manuscript in today—-trying to join your
elite club of creativity—(I laughed you always have
few typos with your reams of info how you do it is
quite amazing –but you spelled public —pubic —)
are you telling all your dreams –hope you have some
good juicy ones–!!! thanks for all your information—Jerry

I replied:

Hi, Jerry – Good fortune with your book, hope it knocks the lights out and gets lots of people’s attention.

I’m a terrible editor of my own writing, partial dyslexia contributes, been making stupid flubs in writing and also in math all my life. Although I try hard not to make those kinds of transpositions in what I publish today, more than a few times have I spelled public, pubic, in the posts. However, perhaps it was a true Freudian slip in today’s post, given sexual theme early going. Pubic is a major theme in HEAVY WAIT.


Jerry’s book is about the rape of the sea and reef by the invasive species, humanity, and the resulting rape of the invasive species by its own hand.

cruise ship butt

Jerry wrote:

Pubic is a good word.

I replied this morning:

Indeed, I did have a juicy dream last night. A female accountant who lives on Cudjoe Key, whom I once perceived to have a serious conflict of interest in a situation in which I was gotten involved, was mentioned by name, and I was told she was the best score my father ever had at the University of Alabama. I awoke thinking there are two other areas of critical concern presently in my life, the sea and reef are the first area, into which that dream just might snugly fit :-) – the football is God circus at Florida State, and the Cudjoe regional sewer grinder pump rape.

Amiga Hope of Birmingham, Alabama wrote yesterday of the first:

FSU Seminoles

Interesting article in the sports section of today’s USA Today concerning the inappropriate behavior of all at the press conference by Meggs yesterday re the Winston case. Thinking I may have to read Heavy Wait again. Hope

TALLAHASSEE — By the end of the day, there had been awkward banter and inappropriate laughter in a news conference with the state prosecutor, shirtless Florida State fans loitering in front of the courthouse while doing the Tomahawk chop, a reporter asking whether this had all been an Alabama conspiracy, a defense attorney who could have been flagged for excessive celebration and an athletic department ready to move on as if nothing significant had happened over the previous three weeks.

On the afternoon that Florida’s 2nd judicial circuit announced that no charges would be filed against Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, hardly anyone involved was covered in glory.

INVESTIGATION: No charges for Winston

But the bottom line following a three-week investigation into allegations of sexual battery, which first surfaced last December but lay dormant until last month, came when state attorney William Meggs was asked Thursday if the case was closed.

“Yes,” Meggs said. “It is.”

And just like that, the biggest threat to Winston’s future, his chances of winning the Heisman Trophy and Florida State’s aspirations of winning the national title had been eliminated. No matter how long it takes for the scars to heal, no matter the damage done to his reputation and no matter how murky some of the details still appear to be, this was mostly viewed as a triumphant day for Winston and his football team.

HEISMAN: Unsetting case, but settled award race

Perhaps a bit too triumphant.

Moments after the decision not to charge Winston was announced, six shirtless male students – each wearing cut-off jean shorts and a letter painted on their chest to spell “J-A-M-E-I-S,” – came parading down Monroe Street and talking about going to the BCS championship game. Others came later, holding signs and yelling “Exonerated!” at the mass of media that had gathered outside the courthouse.

If that scene came off as insensitive, it was nothing compared to the rhetoric of Winston’s attorney, Tim Jansen, who didn’t just maintain his client’s innocence but inferred that athletes are targeted on college campuses by spurned females who “idolize them” and suggested Winston’s family might file a civil suit to address the damage to his reputation.

REACTION: Winston ‘happy’ with result

“He did nothing wrong,” Jansen said. “If you do nothing wrong and someone claims you raped them, yes, he’s falsely accused.”

The information that surfaced Thursday explained why it would have been difficult – if not impossible – to prosecute the case.

When the allegation first became public on Nov. 13 – more than 11 months after the incident occurred – the heavily redacted police report left far more questions than answers. Many of those answers are still lacking, but a more complete picture of the information Meggs was dealing with emerged Thursday.

BRENNAN: Tone, laughter disturbing

This wasn’t just a case of he-said, she-said because the narrative that night also involved two teammates who filed sworn affidavits indicating they had witnessed consensual sexual acts between Winston and the accuser through a broken door at their apartment. Then, there were two complicating factors, according to Meggs. Though Winston’s DNA matched samples taken from her underwear, there was also DNA on her shorts from a man Meggs described as her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, toxicology reports showed that the accuser had no drugs in her system and very little alcohol shortly after the alleged rape. That was problematic for the State Attorney, because her lapses in memory couldn’t be attributed to being under the influence.

“Her recall of the events of that night have been moving around a good bit,” Meggs said. “There’s some memory lapses, there were some major issues.

“After we examined all of the evidence and interviewed all the witnesses we could find, we came to the decision there was not a case we could bring forward because we would not have the burden of proof, the probable cause and the reasonable likelihood of a conviction.”

After initial speculation about whether Tallahassee Police pursued the case aggressively enough in December, Meggs sidestepped questions about whether police acted properly but said he did not consider preferential treatment of Florida State football players to be a factor.

Winston never spoke with investigators and didn’t speak to reporters Thursday but did issue a statement through his attorney.

“I want to thank my family, friends, coaches and teammates for standing y me during a difficult time,” he said. “I also want to thank the State Attorney’s Office for examining all of the facts and reaching a decision in a conclusive manner. It’s been difficult to stay silent through this process, but I never lost faith in the truth and in who I am. I’m very relieved I’ll be able to continue my education at Florida State and I’m excited I can now get back to helping our team achieve its goals.”

Patricia Carroll, the attorney for the accuser, released a statement on behalf of the woman’s family.

CAMPUS: Relief permeates

“The victim and her family appreciate the State Attorney’s effort in attempting to conduct a proper investigation after an inordinate delay by the Tallahassee Police Department,” she said. “The victim in this case had the courage to immediately report her rape to the police and she relied upon them to seek justice. The victim has grave concerns that her experience, as it unfolded in the public eye and through social media, will discourage other victims of rape from coming forward and reporting.”

Those statements were perhaps the only two dignified moments of a day that will be remembered for the flippant tone of Meggs’ press conference and the tactless questions to Jansen about whether the victim’s family had ties to Alabama and whether Winston’s integrity had been compromised because he had a one-night stand.

Later, by the time a public relations employee from Florida State had warned media members that they could only ask coach Jimbo Fisher about Saturday’s Atlantic Coast Conference championship game against Duke, it was clear the school was as eager as anyone to put this episode behind it.

Asked how he would address Thursday’s events with the team, Fisher said: “I already have. We had our team meeting and said, ‘OK, let’s go practice.’ ”

I replied to Hope:

Agreed, FSU fans and the state attorney and Winston’s lawyer all out of bounds off the reservation. However, as a lawyer, based on what I’ve read, the state attorney did not have enough, nor close to enough, to prosecute Winston.

The coed used terrible judgement going anywhere with a man, or men, she did not know; there is no evidence, apparently, that she knew Winston before that night. Her blood alcohol content, reported in one new article, was not very high, not enough to make her drunk or cause amnesia, it was reported.

Am personally convinced it was rape, but there was another unidentified man’s DNA in her panties, too.

First I’d heard of it being an “Alabama conspiracy”. I heard from a Bham friend that it might be an Ohio State conspiracy. Ironically, it is an Alabama conspiracy, but not anything like the FSU camp, nor, I don’t imagine, the Alabama (Auburn or Alabama) camp ever will accept.

Bizarre all the way around and maybe it will become even more so.

Let me know how Heavy Wait goes the second time around.

Hope all well with you.


This entire pubic affair smacks of conflict of interest: football vs. morality, and football won hands down, so far. However, you cannot serve two masters and karma has its own ways the mind tends to ignore and/or pretend do not exist.

Moving down to a lower Florida Keys mass rape in progress,

politicans promises

the Cudjoe regional sewer grinder pump war, I was copied with this email yesterday from someone who actually has for some time appeared to know what he is talking about:

Walter P. Drabinski,
To: a worker bee in the anti-grinder pump camp, copied to other worker bees

I really appreciate the depth your team has gone in exposing the problems with grinder pumps. The exchange with George Nugent was interesting. [See Neugent’s in yesterday’s post at] While the county is still defensive of E-one pumps, they are beginning to get it. BTW, Randy Bell of WTR told me, with Dave Rice present, that they provided the info for the decision tree to FKAA and Dave Matthews consulting. Also, Matthews consulting is up to their necks in this whole process. They are the firm that did all of the original analysis that I criticized as slanted and erroneous. My opinion of them is very low, and I have worked with dozens of similar companies. Essentially they are a small firm from south Florida that is providing cover for FKAA’s (Tom Walker) infatuation with grinders.

I think there is a real possibility that this system will never really work. The issue of minimum flows is real. The distances and number of pumps far exceed the Model E-one has for this design. I asked for this information and was refused, with excuse that it would be very expensive to provide. The best way to get what you need is to submit a PIR and then go onsite to review. They cannot deny you access to anything and there is no cost or delay. I wish I had more time to devote, but after sinking about 400 hours into this already, I need to spend time on my own company. Best of luck, you have our support.

Walt Drabinski

I had earlier written to the worker bee, his replies in italics:

Who was lined up to provide grinder pumps for Cudjoe regional?

Water resource technologies (WRT), Randy Bamks, salesman selling E/one “upgrade extreme” pump

Where headquartered?

WRT is based in Jacksonville, branch in Marathon. E/one is 
Environment One Coalition 
2773 Balltown Road

Where pumps manufactured?

Niskayuna, NY 12309-1090

Cost per pump?

“core” about $1600 wholesale, with pit and controls about $3500 wholesale.

Who installs pumps?

FKAA contractor, but WRT is involved too.

Cost of installation per pump?

Pump, set on the lot with a pipe to the street and control box wired to a disconnect switch is approximately$9,000. Different contractors and schedule of values breakdown, so slightly different prices. Another $1,000 plus for the homeowner to run power to the disconnect is not included in this price.

Is my impression correct:

1) grinder pumps are not suited for single family dwellings because grinder pumps need frequent use like a restaurant or other public facility provides?

Partially. correct- they will not withstand long periods of inactivity like a seasonal residence or long vacation.

2) snowbird homes, which are uninhabited for months or longer, are even less suited for grinder pumps? totally unsuitable for a seasonal residence. Major blunder in the design..

You have read the same information I have. Separating fact from fiction can be a challenge, but there is a lot of negative information out there that suggest your impression is correct.

Yesterday, the worker bee sent me a correction:

worker bee


Regarding one of your earlier question restated below, my answer contained a typo. Below is the correction.

Who was lined up to provide grinder pumps for Cudjoe regional?

Water resources technologies (WRT), Randy Bell, salesman selling E/one “upgrade extreme” pumps.

The worker bee also copied me with this yesterday, which was sent to many recipients:

It appears our activity, or something, has moved FKAA into high gear, and they are probably being pushed by the County Administrator’s Office which answers to the BOCC. It would be interesting to see the original critical path plan vs the physical activity currently taking place. I may ask for that at our meeting with FKAA Monday.

I replied to ALL:

In fact, FKAA can and very well may drag their feet responding to a public records request. Legally, that is not supposed to happen, but you are not necessarily dealing with law-abiding people.

Your camp should have had this before a judge some time ago. The longer your camp waits to do that, the more likely the judge will say you waited too long. Already, your camp may have waited too long. That’s out of my hands. Not out of my hands is applying pubic, er, public pressure on the County Commission, which never has cottoned to avoiding even the mere appearance of impropriety, nor, in my experience, has it cottoned to common sense all that well either.

I am convinced the Gang of Three (County Commission and county staff, Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority and Florida Department of Enviornmental Protection), on grinder pumps, are not only a confederacy of dunces, they are also a confederacy of malfeasants, and they need to be treated as such, pubicly, er, publicly. That may be the only way to get them turned around and headed in a sane, moral direction.

That will be the theme in the grinder war part of my post today at and

Related and clarifying, last below is something I wrote privately to [the worker bee] the other day.

Sloan, ex-lawyer

… It looks to me you folks are really far behind the time curve; you should have been where you now are months ago, or further back than that.

A Big Pine Key woman asked me yesterday what I thought about the Cudjoe regional sewer project? I asked which part of it, there are many parts? She repeated her question. I repeated my question. It took her a while to say grinder pumps, which I figured was where she was headed, since most of your camp seems to me to be Big Pine residents, based on the emails I have been sent.

I said the grinder pump opponents took way top [too] long to get involved and object, the county is far down that road and it might be too late to object, a judge might say, “If you had come to me sooner with this, I would have helped you, but you waited too long, too much has happened, the county is too far into it now for me to help you.” She asked if the county doesn’t have a duty to look out for its residents, do the right thing? I said yes, but the residents have a duty to stay on top of things, and speak out when they don’t like how the county is going about it. She seemed stopped in her tracks, at loss for words.

It’s the same thing I have told you and your camp since one of you first brought me into this a few weeks back.

I told the woman yesterday that the anti-grinder camp should have hired a lawyer months ago. I said I told them that, and how much I thought it would cost – $100,000, and they need to hire Jim Hendrick to work with that lawyer, if Jim is willing to do that. My sense was she was totally out of anything familiar; she had never had anyone talk to her so plainly, and most likely she never had any serious dealings with the legal system and what passes through it. That also is my impression of your camp based on all I have read from you and them.

I’m glad to see George Neugent talking like he is listening to your camp. He should be listening, this sewering is all in his voting district, it is on his watch and turf. I wonder why he did not on his own do the digging your camp has done? That’s what he was elected to do, that’s what I would have done if you folks had elected me instead of George in 2006, and again in 2010. If that had happened, this discussion would have taken place some time ago and the county would be some place entirely different; the angels who run me would have seen to it.

Well, water over the bridge. You folks are way behind the curve, you are playing fast catch up. I hope you get George’s undivided attention and the undivided attention of the rest of the county commissioners on whose backs this all falls. From what I have read in what was sent to me, Commissioner Danny Kohlage seems sympathetic toward your camp. You need three commissioners’ votes to turn this around.

If, as your camp has alleged in an email sent to me, which I published at my websites and to date received nothing saying it is not so, Commissioner Sylvia Murphy is dating the county employee responsible for the Cudjoe regional sewer system, one of them should resign from county employment. One of them already should have resigned. Under no circumstances should Sylvia have anything further to do with Cudjoe regional. She should not participate in discussion. She should not vote. This is not state law, I am raising, nor is it county commission rules and ethics. State law on conflict of interest is a joke in my experience. Ditto county commission rules and ethics. What I am raising is common sense and common decency.

Perhaps next Wednesday’s county commission meeting in Marathon will be interesting, if not exciting. I imagine the angels will tell me to be there.


Where I come from, the backward redneck state of Alabama, when a man sees a rape in progress, he does not form a committee to discuss it. He wades in and does all he can to stop it.


Just after I finished putting all of the above together today, a Summerland Key amiga, whose home lies squarely in the middle of the Cudjoe regional mass rape, messaged me this on Facebook.

This quote made me think of you.

I loved her

Which brought immediately to mind one of my wives whom not even Shiva dares to cross

Welcome home, Kali

Devil or Angel

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan at Coco'sSloan in collarSloan with troll

horsing around at Coco’s Kitchen, Big Pine Key

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