grinder pump email discussion between County Commissioner George Neugent and a lower Keys resident, and my questions to another lower Keys resident and his answers; reader writes in that I’m full of you know what, then she comes to me in dreams last night and leaves me thinking she came to tell me allegations against Florida State quarterback are true, even though he will not be charged by state attorney according to breaking news, one news article by non-practicing attorney included; off the wall reviews of two of my duplicate bridge partner’s spook-terrorist novels; Key West the Newspaper article by yours truly on HEAVY WAIT: A Strange Tale

Feather Talk

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I kept dozing off early yesterday evening. Then around 9 p.m., I experienced a violent bowel purge. I said myself, and to the angels, something huge is coming in. I went online, found an interesting forward from the anti-grinder sewage pump camp, back and forth between one of them and County Commissioner George Neugent,


in whose voting district the grinder pump war rages. I thought that was what was coming in, which had triggered the violent bowel purge. It was indicated that George had said okay to share it with others.

From: Neugent-George <>
Date: December 3, 2013, 1:01:15 PM EST
To: George neugent <>
Subject: Re: Decision tree
Thanks for the input. I’ll be visiting with T Walker shortly on some issues. Your comments, for me, leave some questions, in trying to sort out your comments.
Distance between which connections? Home, valve pit, buffer tank ?

 I believe it is safe to substitute EDU for connection, since the economy calculation is based on dollars per EDU
Are you suggesting any similarity of development with Marathon or other areas mentioned?

 I believe the densities are similar between the compared areas and many of the LPS areas of the CRS project

“Average Distance” – do you know the averaged distance between 500 hotel units on Duck Key?

The Hawks Cay island is the only portion of the “Duck Keys” with hotels, and that area has always been on gravity sewer. The other islands were connected by FKAA projects as all gravity except for a few inland homes scattered amongst wetland lots.

Much as I see it is apples and watermelon comparisons of Past and Present.

 Funding was even more of a concern on past projects, and after experimenting with vacuum sewers FKAA had vowed to only use gravity henceforth. Now we have a massive grinder LPS experiment designed and bid. One would think we would learn from past mistakes. How many communiities abandoned their LPS sysyem in favor of replacing it with vacuum? Many. How many communities abandoned their vacuum systems for grinders? None that I could find. Does every lesson need to be in the School of Hard Knocks?
Are you suggesting everyone gets gravity?

Yes, I believe everyone should have the option of a gravity connection at the property line. If that gravity connection then leads immediately to a grinder pump or vacuum pit in the right of way, that is fine, so long as the number of wetwells does not exceed the capability of FKAA to pump them out in an emergency. The DEP Riues are clear that normal sewer service must not be interrupted. There are handicapped, elderly, mentally impaired, and physically sick people who cannot use a camp bucket or might be on the toilet all night. They have continuous sanitary sewers on septic tank and a “modern, improved” service should not result in a reduced quality of life. I recently talked with a man who lives in a home without commercial electric service. He said he is faced with a $35,000 bill to wire his house for commercial power and pay the KEYS impact fees. That is way too much of a transfer of sewer construction costs to the homeowner and an unfair burden on the unfortunate LPS homeowners.
Right now EDU cost in CR are at a prohibitive cost of 19,200$ as compared to 1/2 that in most other areas and CR SDF at 4,500$ as compared to 5,700 – 9,000$ in other areas. Would the residents be willing to step up and pay a fair share doubling SDF for gravity?

 The Duck Keys paid $2,700 per EDU for nearly all gravity as did Little Venice and (I think) Baypoint. You can confirm that, but I think my recall is close. We always knew that less densely populated areas would cost more per EDU to install, but this is a whole  Unincorporated Keys project and nowhere was it ever stated that a finite cost per EDU was to be utilized. The FKAA is well known for “gold plating” everything they build, so the costs of construction are much higher than they need to be. Take Hawks Cay for example where their irrigation water used to be pumped from a little man-made pond with a couple of skid mount pumps. When the dilapidated treatment plant  was “bought” with the intention of expanding it to accept waste water from the other Duck Keys and Conch Key, the first thing to go in was a 1/2 million dollar reuse pump station and ground storage tank to pump a free quarter million gallons a day of plant effluent water for Hawks Cay’s private irrigation. Free in perpetuity at that. My numbers are from memory and subject to correction, but you get the point. FKAA then spent over $7.5 million to expand and upgrade the Hawks Cay treatment plant to advanced standards.  Compare an existing Hawks Cay lift station to one of the new FKAA pump stations in Duck Key for more examples of “gold plating”. The citizens of this county were sold on the additional one cent sales tax to fund any overages of sewer construction FIRST. That referendum never would have passed if it had said it was to be used for more County purchasing of infrastructure that will need a perpetual supply of tac money to maintain. In contrast, the maintenance of sewer infrastructure is paid through the rates. Building a high maintenance/repair collection system ensures higher sewer rates forever. The grinder pump manufacturer brags that their entire pump station has a lifespan of only 25 years. If you consider a home’s useful life at only 50+ years, the entire LPS system will need to be replaced twice. That is not true economy, and we are keenly aware that the replacement cost will be reflected in the sewer bill, while our taxes go up to maintain the new facilities purchased with dollars intended by the people to fund a sensible sewer system. 
How do you propose addressing more dollars to an all ready cost prohibitive situation? I fully believe that the system, as designed, will provide long term reliable service. Criticism toward the pump is slanderous, truly unsubstantiated and unfounded. 

I do not understand why you are defending the E/One grinder pump. The pump deserves every bit of criticism it has received, from every community that has used or considered using them. Do some research and see for yourself.  This is not a pump pushing a few feet up to a treatment plant at a restaurant; it is an entire system composed of an absurd number of pumps pumping through miles of pipe. The pump is a viable solution for pumping up from a low-lying lot or from way off the road, but there are far more reliable and less costly alternatives when looking at an alternative collection system. This is not a cost prohibitive situation. Individual grinders are far more costly than collector manhole grinders. This CR system has been designed to maximize use of the Environment One residential grinder pump, and that is highly illogical and therefore suspect.  
Anon, your comments create a lot more heat than light on the subject.
My intention was to throw both heat AND light on the subject.
As I see it, while stirring much dust, i have to ask where’s your solution and who pays for it?
Certainly. The following paragraph is a quote from an article from the Herald Tribune newspaper of October 1, 2013 reporting on a Charlotte County BOCC meeting that accommodated public pressure to eliminate individual grinder pumps. The same or a similar solution would work here, despite FKAA’s claims that they cannot do it because of regulations and associated cost of complying. The important thing is that the quantity of pump stations MUST be reduced to a manageable number for emergency pump outs. The other important thing is that the flow rates need to be maximized to prevent force main blockages such as the one at Long key that FKAA was unable to clear in over a week. I am not sure if it is cleared yet. As designed, the CR LPS system is in very serious danger of catastrophic blockages.
No grinders, the protest signs said.
Turns out they were right, to an extent. The 216 homeowners who were scheduled for so-called grinder pumps as part of the Phillippi Creek central sewer project have earned a reprieve.
Utility staff has backed off the plan to bury the pumps in each yard. Instead, six to eight larger pumps will service all 216 homes from under roadways, where they will be accessible through manholes.
Residents feared that the pumps, which grind waste into a slurry before passing it along to a main line, would leave them in a lurch during a storm because they need electric power to operate.
They organized a protest, complete with signs in their yards and pleas to the county commissioners to come up with an alternative.
“When a few interested people go about it in the right way, they’ll listen to you. That’s how it worked out here,” neighborhood organizer Mike Scarborough says.
The grinders remain, but in a form more centralized for maintenance”
  And feel free to share my comments. 
Okay. Thanks again, George, and I hope we can gain your support for a more sensible central sewer solution. It is the right thing to do.
Respectfully, and still looking for the solution.

I wrote back to the person who had sent it to me, his replies also in blue:

Hi, some questions.
Who was lined up to provide grinder pumps for Cudjoe regional? 

Water resource  technologies (WRT), Randy Bamks, salesman selling E/one “upgrade extreme” pump
 Where headquartered?
WRT is based in Jacksonville, branch in Marathon. E/one is 
Environment One Coalition 
2773 Balltown Road
Where pumps manufactured?
Niskayuna, NY 12309-1090
Cost per pump?
“core” about $1600 wholesale, with pit and controls about $3500 wholesale.
 Who installs pumps?

FKAA contractor, but WRT is involved too.
Cost of installation per pump?

Pump, set on the lot with a pipe to the street and  control box wired to a disconnect switch is approximately$9,000. Different contractors and schedule of values breakdown, so slightly different prices. Another $1,000 plus for the homeowner to run power to the disconnect is not included in this price.
Is my impression correct:
1) grinder pumps are not suited for single family dwellings because grinder pumps need frequent use like a restaurant or other public facility provides?  Partially. correct- they will not withstand long periods of inactivity like a seasonal residence or long vacation.
 2) snowbird homes, which are uninhabited for months or longer, are even less suited for grinder pumps? totally unsuitable for a seasonal residence. Major blunder in the design..
You have read the same information I have.  Separating fact from fiction can be a challenge, but there is a lot of negative information out there that suggest your impression is correct.

I turned in about 10 p.m., early for me. Dreams indicated something small but powerful needed to be dealt with candidly ahead of everything else. I awoke a little after 2 p.m. feeling poisoned in my gut. I crawled out of bed, took two ibuprofen which is my standby remedy for this symptom. I went online and found a reply from Connie Gilbert to yesterday’s post at

Connie Gilbert 2

She wrote:

“You are so full of shit that I will not dignify that diatribe with a substantive reply.”

I didn’t know if she meant the entire post, or only what had passed between her and me as reported yesterday. It didn’t matter, my reply would have been the same:

I wrote to her:

The MUSE expressed herself to the Poetry Guild Sunday night at Blue Heaven, Connie. Wish you had been there to hear, see, feel Her, although from my many experiences with you, I doubt you would have been able to recognize what went down. You are gravely injured in your soul, Connie; you are not able to discern, see, hear, feel, what you need to discern, see, hear, feel. It is rooted in horrible violations you experienced when you were young. Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual violations. You are hardly alone; it’s widespread, but it is especially strong in you. It is what drew you into trying to stop child sex trafficking and all forms of slavery anywhere you found it on this world. In trying to save those hapless people, you are trying to save yourself. That approach never has worked, and it never will. The only approach that works is not of this world, there is no help for it otherwise. You need to ask God to help you, Connie, give you whatever you need, no matter what it is, no matter how you might feel about it. I doubt that is something you are comfortable doing, but it is what you need to do. Sloan

In the Key West Citizen sports section this morning is a syndicated Associated Press article saying the Tallahassee area state attorney has declined to prosecute Florida State University freshman quarterback Jameis Winston for allegedly raping a FSU coed. Unable to copy and paste that article into this post, and unable to locate it online, I saw several articles and chose this one which seemed balanced, perhaps because the author has legal training.


Ultimately, the Jameis Winston case boiled down to the credibility of the alleged victim’s claims of rape against the sworn statements of Winston’s two friends that the sex acts were consensual.

The alleged victim said she was raped by a man she did not know. She submitted to a rape test and contacted authorities within hours of what she believed was a sexual assault. A month later she realized who her assailant was and informed authorities. But her story was not ironclad and her recollections were spotty. Her one consistent theme was this: She maintained for nearly a year she was raped, since the Dec. 7, 2012 encounter with Winston.

Winston, on the other hand, never spoke to authorities when they asked for his side of the story. Instead his defense team proferred two afffidavits from friends who claimed to have witnessed a consensual sexual encounter between the woman and Winston in the bedroom of Winston’s apartment.

Those two friends asserted that they’d seen a consensual sexual relationship through the bedroom door, which didn’t lock. They also said the alleged victim had been a willing participant in the trip back to Winston’s apartment and that she hadn’t been too drunk to consent to sexual activity.

Those stories contradicted what the victim told police, that she’d passed out in Winston’s apartment, refused consent and been sexually assaulted in both the bedroom and the bathroom.

You can read the 86-page investigative report – much of which is duplicative – at this link here.

The line between rape and consensual sex, from a legal perspective, is often not clear cut. While we all prefer to imagine there are no gray areas in such cases — that it’s easy to determine whether or not a rape occurred — the reality is frequently much different. Sexual assault cases are notoriously difficult to investigate, prosecute and resolve.

Especially since any defendant must be proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Indeed, there was enough conflicting evidence in this case that authorities said it did not meet the standard to justify charges against Winston. That standard — a reasonable likelihood of conviction — was not met in this case, according to state attorney Willie Meggs. That was the most important takeaway of a rambling, often oddly and inappropriately humorous press conference sojourn into the particulars of the case.

Meggs, who sucked on a candy and appeared jocular throughout what should have been a serious press conference, was asked if the lack of charges represented vindication for Winston. He declined to say so, suggesting that we read the report and draw our own conclusions.

After reading the report it’s fair to say this case dwelt in a legal gray area, somewhere between a rape and consensual sex, not enough to say a rape occurred and not enough to say a rape didn’t occur either.

Absent new evidence – and in this case it’s hard to think of what could emerge if you read the investigative report – the criminal proceeding is over.

But we’re still left with quite a few questions. Let’s examine them.

1. So what now?

Winston wasn’t charged with a crime, and he won’t be.

Winston’s accuser, however, has three more years to file a civil lawsuit seeking monetary damages for the alleged assault.

If she elects to file a lawsuit, the standard of proof in a civil lawsuit is a preponderance of the evidence. That is, instead of the high burden of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal trial, the woman would just have to establish that it was more likely than not that Winston raped her.

In a civil lawsuit the woman would be seeking monetary damages for Winston’s tortious misbehavior.

It’s also possible — even likely — that no civil case ever will be filed and the two parties will enter into a settlement negotiations. Such a settlement would come with a confidentiality provision that forbids the woman from discussing the case or its outcome in exchange for payment.

But, again, that’s a civil remedy, one that’s distinct from the criminal court.

2. Will there be any charges filed against the woman for making a false accusation?


That’s significant because it demonstrates that state attorney Meggs found her statement credible enough that, at the very least, he couldn’t prove she made it up.

Meggs couldn’t prove the alleged victim here was lying any more than he could prove that Winston raped her.

3. Were the Tallahassee police at fault?

Meggs tiptoed around direct criticism of the police while stating on multiple occasions that he wished the investigation had been more prompt.

It took 11 months for DNA testing of Winston to occur.

Those 11 months also allowed ample time to provide a defense for Winston. Would the result have been different if the case had been handled more promptly?


But Meggs believed he conducted a thorough investigation.

4. Does Winston have any legal recourse if he feels he’s been unfairly accused of a crime he didn’t commit?


He could sue his accuser in a civil court as well, probably for defamation, but there is zero chance of this happening.

While lawyers like to make threats at press conferences on behalf of their clients, defamation lawsuits are exceedingly rare in cases such as these.

Winston already has refused to speak to authorities in the criminal investigation. Filing a defamation lawsuit would require him to submit to a deposition under oath about this sexual encounter.

There’s no way he’s going to be willing to do that, and any attorney who advised him to do so would be a fool.

5. Were the Florida State message board conspiracy theorists vindicated?

I can’t even count the number of absurd message board theory emails I received.

All of them painted Winston as an entirely innocent victim in this case.

Based on the facts in the investigative report, none of them had an ounce of truth.

Attorney Meggs said that he’d found no evidence of any preexisting relationship between the alleged victim and Winston or of any relationship after this incident.


The end result?

This woman believes she was raped, and Winston does not believe he raped her.

There’s not sufficient proof to establish the woman lied or that Winston raped her. So we’re left with a case that lies somewhere in the middle between rape and consent.

That leaves rabid Florida State fans who were convinced Winston was wronged unhappy at his lack of innocence, but it also leaves those who wanted a message sent to rapists everywhere that no one is above the law unhappy as well.

The final result is probably just given the factual findings in the investigation.

None of us know what really happened that night.

And we probably never will.

Clay Travis is a non-practicing attorney.


When Connie Gilbert came to me a couple of times in my sleep after I turned back in early this morning, I did not yet know of Meggs’ decision not to prosecute Winston. As I sit here at my laptop, I’m thinking Connie came to say the coed was raped. The sudden violent bowel discharge yesterday also leaves me thinking the coed was raped. As does the horrible poison I then felt in my gut.

I remain of the view that Winston should have been benched as soon as Florida State officials knew of the charges. I remain of the view that a Divine Intervention handed Auburn the Iron Bowl because God didn’t want Alabama playing Florida State in the BSC championship under the cloud hanging over Winston, a cloud still hanging, as the non-practicing attorney painted that canvas.

I remain interested in seeing how it now goes for Auburn in the SEC championship, and for other teams vying to be in the BSC championship, including but not limited to Florida State. I personally would not care to be any of those teams, if they end up playing Florida State under this cloud. The karma is not worth it. But that’s my view, which I know probably is generally perceived as insane.


Yesterday morning, I was unexpectedly moved to write a review of my duplicate bridge partner’s 4th novel in a series which began with The Baby Phoenix, which I had reviewed in 2012 at the author’s Amazon page. I posted the new review at his Amazon page just before driving up to Marathon to play with him against the Keycard Duplicate Bridge club card sharks. But for my bumbling a baby slam bid and doubling when I should have bid in another hand, we just might have come out on top, instead of a somewhat distant second. What he has to put up with, playing with me.

Elberhardt's Ghost

Eberhardt’s Ghost: Nazi machinations aimed at producing a super race continue. Karl Eberhardt, the genius physicist who led the Nazi nuclear weapons … his thoughts live on in Siegfried Bachmeier. Paperback – April 8, 2013

by Allan Clark Morgan (Author)

In hindsight and looking ahead, perhaps a slightly different take on the author and his alleged creations

By not Mark Twain on December 5, 2013

Ok, I have read all four alleged novels by the alleged engineer author, with whom I play duplicate bridge in Marathon, Florida, near where he votes and lives about half the year. I live in Key West. Al says the other half of the year he lives outside of Boston, but I have no concrete proof. Even though his lovely wife Alice also says they live outside of Boston the other half of the year, for all I know she is his Bunny Penny and while she covers for him, he’s off on another deep cover spook op.

Al steadfastly complains he is merely a retired engineer who spent lots of time in airports reading books about spies and terrorists, and I steadfastly maintain he protests too much. The first clue was when he confessed under torture, I was butchering a hard to detect baby slam he had ingenuously bid for me to play, that he had worked at Oak Ridge after graduation from M.I.T., a known CIA spawning ground for deep cover agents.

From Oak Ridge, Al returned to M.I.T. and obtained a Masters in his cover story field of endeavor, also known as his legend, which is engineering, and he taught and published important to engineers stuff, and invented stuff and gained his PhD, and from there it’s what he says he did and what I wonder what he really did.

As for Al’s 4 novels, I keep telling people the tales are a serial and to start with The Baby Phoenix and go from there, otherwise, they will miss out on heaps of intrigue and lots of missing connecting dots between the start of Al’s writing caper and its present ending.

Al now says he is working on a prequel to the Baby Phoenix, how the series all came to be – perhaps someone he met in an airport somewhere told him about something and this led to that. I keep saying I want him to write the next stanza, which should be called “Basima’s Revenge”, which will mean plenty to anyone who reads all 4 installments, but might not mean diddly squat to someone who has not.

I ain’t convinced Al has figured out how to keep Basima from getting her full revenge; she might be too much for him, or anyone, to handle. Another demolishment of the the weaker sex myth women cleverly invented to make men believe they are not the weaker sex.

As for me, I’m new to Amazon as an author, although I’ve been writing books for what seems like ages. It’s a wonder Al even will be seen in pubic with me. I tell him he’s so far right that the Tea Party are communists, and I’m so far left that Barack Obama is a Nazi. Al and I went around the dark side of the moon and collided; he traveled there in a space ship, I on the back of an eagle.

We both agree, USA and beyond are terminal SNAFU’d and it’s only a matter of time before the train jumps the tracks entirely, and we both hope we ain’t still around when that happens. Meanwhile, we are doing our darndest to make the most of it, given our respective inclinations and talents, which are about as opposite as, hmmm, I think I explained that already.

You can get more read on me in the Kindle novel, Heavy Wait: A Strange Tale, the early parts of which, like Al’s and other Amazon kindle books, can be previewed at no cost to you. It must really have amused God to introduce Al and me to each other.

Here is the earlier review:

The Baby Phoenix

The Baby Phoenix, allegedly written by a civilian
By not Mark Twain on February 21, 2012
Format: Paperback

The Baby Phoenix, a spooker spy terrorist intrigue set in the Arab realm and in America during the Soviet inversion of Vietnam, which is Afghanistan. It purports to have been written by Al Morgan, who is my duplicate bridge partner about six months of the year, when he lives in his home near Marathon, Florida Keys with his lovely wife Alice and their love slobber mutt Bailey. The rest of the time, Al, Alice and Bailey live, they claim, yes Bailey is fluent in human and golden retriever, near Boston, Mass, where Al claims he once attended M.I.T. and majored in chemical engineering and minored in mechanical engineering.

All of which finds credible evidence in this rather interesting and sometimes amusing and sometimes not amusing tale. As does Al’s claim of having gone to work at Oak Ridge on something he won’t tell me, in pursuit of his Masters at M.I.T. – some kind of top secret Uncle Sam-MIT exchange program, is all I can make out, lend credence to his experience to write such a tale as The Baby Phoenix, a miniature and perhaps a bit more diabolical version of the American Phoenix missle. Actually, a Stinger kinda shoulder-launcher missile with lots more smarts.

From Oak Ridge, Al claims he returned to M.I.T. and finished his Masters and taught, and then he took his PhD and taught and helped one of his M.I.T. professor’s earn a chair, or maybe Al earned the chair but the professor ended up sitting it it. Then, Al claims, he went into private industry with a Mass-based company, sort of rhymes with Company, and designed factories in America, South America and elsewhere overseas. A great legend, if you are a spook spy freak, which I sort of must be, given how many spook spy novels I have read. Along the way, it slipped out a few times in our senior babbling that Al did some inventing that led to patents, which led to perhaps more than some wampum headed his way. Like I said, what a great legend!

I had no clue Al was a pastured spook until I read The Baby Phoenix. Ain’t no way a wannabe spook could write such a tale, is my spook spy novel lover ignorant opinion. Of course, Al denies his spook spy past, not terribly covertly revealed in the tale, and pretends to be his legend, which is fun to bat around at the old folks’ bridge game every Thursday afternoon, six months a year. Al’s a pretty darn good bridge player, too. Pretty darn better than this wannabe bridge ace not.

I suppose the character in the tale I most enjoyed meeting was a goatherd in Western Pakistan, whose most immediate philosophy was it was his job, not the neighboring wild dogs’, to eat his goats, and he was mighty glad to end up with a CIA-provided M-16, or something equally vicious, with several loaded clips to share with the wolves.

About one-fourth of the way into the tale the action slows a bit and the chemical and mechanical engineering takes front seat. But only to set the stage for the pace quickening and the tale weaving and juking, and, well, why tell the story when the point of my writing this review is to get you to buy The Baby Phoenix and learn how a Saudi terrorist prince got a hold of it, and more than just one of it, and set out to drive the airline companies and intelligence agencies of Israel, America and a few other easily-irritated countries, such as France and Saudi Arabia, a bit more than wankers, as the intrigue races toward a finale you might think was invented by Mozart and not by an alleged M.I.T. graduate, if you probably didn’t know better.

All to set up the sequel, and the sequel’s sequel, both soon to be hot off the press, according to Al. You do not want to read the sequel before you read the genesis of this evolving spook spy Arab terrorist thriller saga.

You can get The Baby Phoenix in either hard copy or Kindle at 505 pages, the print was large enough for this sight and otherwise challenged senior to read with eye-glasses and not get a head-ache or eye-strain.

Sloan Bashinsky
Little Torch Key

Key West the Newspaper is back in action after a week mostly off. You can get there by clicking on this link:

A few nights ago, I dream of Naja Girard,


who co-publishes the blue paper with her husband Arnaud,

Arnaud Girard

whose tending toward devilish cartoons lead off each Friday’s issue. For example.

cruise ship butt

I had breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s later that morning, and as I was just leaving on my bicycle, I saw Naja and Arnaud arrive, so I went over to say hello and ended up joining them for a while in conversation. Naja said, yes, I could send them something about HEAVY WAIT, and she would publish it. She said she had read it straight through. Here’s that article in today’s blue paper.




PublishAmerica (2006)

Also an ebook through Amazon and other online booksellers

(Spanish edition in progress)

Note From the Editor:  Key West’s Sloan Bashinsky shares reader’s thoughts on his gripping novel ‘Heavy Wait, A Strange Tale’:


Key West resident and former Monroe County (Florida Keys] Mayor Shirley Freeman recently told me that she thought she would read ‘Heavy Wait’ because I wrote it and gave her a copy, but after she started reading it, she couldn’t put it down; she loved it. When she said, it really was all made up, wasn’t it? I reminded her of the inscription:

‘To Mayor Shirley Freeman, thank you for your longstanding service to the Florida Keys. None of this tale is true but the parts you believe are true  “

Shirley said again, it was all made up, wasn’t it? I told her some stories from my life, which were similar enough to what the main characters in the tale experienced, to convince Shirley it might not be all made up.

I said the novel started falling me three days after I’d dreamt of it while sleeping on flattened cardboard boxes in doorway next to the Fleming Street bookstore in Key West, but I had to travel two days from Key West to Helen, Georgia, to meet someone who would say something which would explain the dream.

I said I kept telling a woman I was getting to know in Helen that the book was being written by God, I was just taking dictation. I didn’t tell her any details. After six weeks, the novel was finished, I printed it out and gave her a manuscript copy. After she read it, she said the novel was written by God. I told Shirley the woman and I then became an item, but that was a different wild tale I didn’t figure was time to go into. Shirley agreed.

Islamorada, Florida Keys resident Louise Wilson, whom I have known since I was 18 years old (I’m 71), wrote some time back:

“I ordered `Heavy Wait’ four weeks ago [from PublishAmerica, which prints to order] and it arrived in the mail Friday. I finished it last night. Could hardly put it down and if my eyes had cooperated a little longer I could have gotten through it in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday. I enjoyed it very much, laughed out loud (heartily) many times and enjoyed the twists and turns and surprises. I think you should write another novel soon. And I can say, I would look forward to reading it. For now I think I will read, `Kill All The Lawyers.’”

Kill all the Lawyers? – A Client’s Guide to Hiring, Firing, Using and Suing Lawyers, non-fiction, now out of print but some used bookstores carry it, was my farewell to the practice of law. It killed a few clients, too. Heavy Wait, allegedly fiction, also kills a few lawyers and clients, although not in the same exact way.

Recent comments on ‘Heavy Wait’ from a Big Coppit Key amigo:

I recently completed Sloan Bashinsky’s novel Heavy Wait. Having become addicted to Sloan’s daily blog I was eager to read it and purchased it from him at a local book event. Though something of a writer myself I am an awkward reader and must confess to not having completed a full length novel in years. Sloan’s book kept me engaged to the end.

I was curious to see how it would compare with his blog which is an amalgam of political gadflyism, religious zealotry, self deprecating wit, and an infuriating ethical standard impossible to emulate. Sloan’s book did not disappoint.

Sloan’s inimitable voice ambles on effortlessly leaving in its wake some literary firsts (to my knowledge)- a compelling erotic scene with an obese woman, and a workman like walkabout through the morass of legal, financial, tax issues the like of which I’ve not read from John Grisham or Michael Lewis. Sloan was a practicing attorney and his knowledge is informed and intellectually honest. I would not want to go up against Sloan in court or in a tête-à-tête as many have discovered in quarrels to be followed in his blog posts.

It is good fresh read to be highly recommended.

Steven Allerton, Harpist in Key West, Fla. – Dolphin Whistle

Quincy, Illinois amiga Gloria, Reiser. a professional psychic, to whom I sent the manuscript before the tale was published, wrote on Facebook:

Re Heavy Wait, a question: WHO was your real life Mary Lou?!? You don’t have to answer in public if you don’t wanna…. but through the years all your wives and near wives have become scrambled in my mind. Betty and Cathy and Pat and Debora stand out… the rest are a blur.

Sloan Bashinsky wrote:

Mary Lou was a composite. You may not remember one of my wives whose name I won’t say. Patricia came on as the novel was being written, I did not know we were going to be an item until after it was finished. She is not in the composite, nor is Cathy, nor is Deborah. You do not ask who was my real life Willa Sue, who became the most famous woman in America. Maybe in the whole world.

Gloria Reiser wrote:

I haven’t gotten to Willa Sue yet. With travel and the Thanksgiving holiday, I’m having to grab a read here and there 5 minutes or so at a time. I’m just to the point where Riley has come out of the catatonic state in the psych ward. But appreciating and enjoying the book more this time than I did when I read it the first time.

Sloan Bashinsky wrote:

You just finished the wild part, which is where the Kindle preview ends, before the really wild parts …

Gloria Reiser wrote:

Oh, if the preview stops there, it should sell books. People will be wanting to find out what comes next. I didn’t check the preview before purchasing, as I knew I wanted to read the whole thing again.


Set in Birmingham, Alabama (my home town) and around Port St. Joe and Apalachicola, Florida, this curious tale is about a lawyer who gets snatched by God and turned every which a way but loose, ditto for a woman he took a shine to. Although there are religious people in the tale, it is not religious and I probably will not be invited to speak at an annual Southern Baptist Convention gathering.

Heavy Wait: A Strange Tale by Sloan Bashinsky

$9.95 Kindle Edition

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Sloan Bashinsky

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