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From a Lower Keys amiga yesterday:

A picture for your archives for future use?

One way to remove yourself from the gene pool.




I replied:

Surely this is a staged photo? Surely nobody is that fucking stupid?

LK amiga replied:

Well, unfortunately, there are people that stupid, but perhaps this is staged? I once knew a family whos son actually cut his own throat with a chain saw – at first they thought it was suicide, but later determined that the saw had kicked-back. Ouch! I did read of a true story once about a guy who was in his garage working on his lawnmower and had set it up on saw horses for ease of access. He gave the rope a yank to test it and it started up and the blade spun around cut his penis off (really). Lucky for him, they ‘attached’ it to his arm to keep it ‘alive’ until they could properly re-attach it in its correct location. Hmmm… my mind goes all kinds of places with that one. Wonder how long it was on his arm? Going out to dinner would certainly draw some looks if he wore short sleeves. Could give himself a bl*w j*b… just say’n… Oh, I know, I’m so bad.

I replied:

Sort of reminds me of the dick brains running the school district.


Re that same gene pool, School District freedom fighter Larry Murray

St. George

copied me with this treasure yesterday. The CC recipients are local journalists.

Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2013 06:41:23 -0800


Subject: HOB “Watchdogs”




As you wrestle with the various and current problems associated with the HOB project, whether Change Orders, parking lots or whatever, I thought that you might find useful the attached list of “watchdogs”. The list was produced on December 14, 2010 by Jesus Jara on behalf of then Superintendent Joe Burke.

At the outset of the HOB project, Stuart Kessler and I expressed concerns at a number of Audit and Finance Committee meetings that problems may arise and that it was imperative that clear lines of authority and responsibility be drawn. Burke was dismissive, stating, as Margaret Romero reminded you at your January meeting, that dozens of people would be carefully overseeing the project.

Stuart and I struggled with Burke for several months, repeatedly reminding him that every recent construction project had been fraught with problems, many financial. At times, both the public and private conversations became quite heated as Burke balked at an oversight role by the AFC or anyone else.

As the attached demonstrates, we finally prevailed and Burke provided a list of “Job Duties”. Unfortunately, what Burke gave us was overly generalized and very vanilla. Our hope was to identify all participants in the project and to clearly delineate their responsibilities, hence accountability. Our thought was that should any problems arise, as they have, the Board would know to whom to go for explanation and resolution. The goal was an unambiguous statement of responsibility that would lead directly to accountability.

Obviously, this list of “watchdogs” was lost or ignored almost as quickly as it appeared. To my knowledge, the list has never been implemented with an eye for its original intent, responsibility and accountability.

Further, many of the “watchdogs” have changed as well as the assignments. Michael Kinneer is no longer the CFO. Ken Gentile does not function as the Board’s Internal Auditor and he never did “perform periodic audits”. Fred Sims’ employment was terminated in July, 2011. The list was never updated to reflect the dismissal of zumBrunnen and the hiring of a replacement, Bill Sprague.

All I can say is that the AFC did its level best to be proactive, but no one cared, neither the superintendent nor the School Board, until things began to unravel. This is not the first instance, and I expect that it will not be the last, when the AFC tried to help the Board and to protect the public interest. While not a member anymore, I continue to support and applaud the AFC for what it does, even if it labors in the wilderness.

Larry Murray

Dr. Larry Murray

Fiscal Watchdog and Citizen Advocate




Dr. Joseph Burke

Participates in all OAC team meetings to review construction work progress and pay-out requests. Reviews all e-mail communication of a critical nature to project, and makes decisions on behalf of the Board/Owner to keep project on schedule and on budget.

Dr. Jesus Jara

Act on behalf of the superintendent in his absence with all aspects of the project dealing with construction and operations. Meet with Director of Construction & Facilities (Fred Sims) at HOB in order monitor progress of the project.

Michael Kinneer

Oversee all financial aspects of the project.

Ken Gentile

Attend monthly meetings and monitor project updates.

Bring pertinent issues to the attention of the Audit & Finance Committee and the School Board as necessary.

Perform periodic audits to ensure compliance with School Board Policies, DOE regulations, state law and best practices.

Document any findings and recommendations in periodic reports.

Bill Pippine

The Monthly Inspection Report will provide tracking of the construction process, identification of the status of the project schedule and budget, and compliance with the plans and specifications. Each month zumBrunnen will:

Facilitate (and document) regular site inspection meetings

Monitor quality control procedures and compliance

Authorize contractor payment approvals and review change orders

Identify action items and track through completion

Monitor critical path schedules

Provide digital photo documentation

Mike Henriquez

Work collaboratively with the site supervisor and O.A.C. Team.

Attend the O.A.C. Meetings.

Coordinate and communicate school and community events with the site supervisor to ensure smooth operation and no barriers or delays to the construction.

Ensure all safety requirements are being met on the site from school operations.

Separation of Student/Staff population from construction crew via barrier fence.

Monitor campus security regarding proper credentials of the construction personnel and the Jessica Lunsford Act.

Selection of furniture, fixtures, and equipment for the buildings.

Coordinate logistics and transition for the occupation of the new facilities.

Communicate and update faculty, staff, parents and community of any changes and progress.

Work with site supervisor to address complaints and issues that arise with the construction.

Provide educational expertise in the areas of supervision and management to the construction personnel.

Final remodel inspection of the building punch lists.

Other duties as assigned.

Fred Sims

Act on the District’s behalf to coordinate all phases of the design, communication between the School Administrator’s/Staff to incorporate the schools special needs and interest while complying with the DOE standards. Coordination and implementation of the Plant Survey, Castaldi Analysis, Budgeting, Board approval and presentation of construction updates. Provide the District’s response to RFI questions. Provide direction to all aspects pertaining to the Contractors bidding, awarding of contracts, pay requisition review, processing of Owner Direct Purchases, budget, schedule compliance, review plans, neighborhood complaints, utility coordination and compliance, oversight and hiring threshold and materials inspection companies, respond to environmental issues with determination of problems and coordination of the fix, coordinate to receive all permit requirements, work with the Facility Staff to incorporate materials and methods to assure long term use of the building, coordinate the construction needs that were not picked up in the original scope, keep Dr. Burke and Dr. Jara apprised on schedule changes, possible budget impacts and community issues. Supervise the building inspector of the Project.

Len Rhodus

Reviews plans for building, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and life safety, to include: doors, hardware submittals by Architect and Contractor. Review of the gymnasium paint striping to make sure it meets the guidelines of the F.H.S.A.A. Provide information to the architect as requested regarding use of certain materials on the project. Provide the lock construction cylinders for the project and keying of same.

Site inspections for all underground utilities-drainage, electrical, plumbing, etc. including ant infiltration or exfiltration test inspections if needed and mirroring of lines as needed.

Coordination of needed site and building inspections with local fire department

Providing required electrical inspections by Key’s Energy Services.

Providing all structural inspections from concrete foundations, tilt wall, slabs, through structural steel, as well as apply for all building permits, as they are needed with Keys Energy and Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority.

Provide the service of watching all concrete being placed to see that it is being completed properly by the contractor and reject concrete that does not comply with the specifications of the project.

Providing roofing installation inspections as needed.

Providing interior inspections for framing, door and hardware installation, drywall installation, electrical, plumbing, h.v.a.c./duct work and electrical.

Providing fire penetration inspections including damper operation and fire duct wrap where required.

Providing quality control inspections throughout and provide a detailed punch list to the contractor at project end.

Apply for all building utilities as they are needed with Keys Energy and Fl. Keys Aqueduct Authority.

Provide the occupational occupancy and final occupancy use of the buildings as required by the F.B.C.

Rick Smith

As the Lead Architect for this project my duties entail the following during the construction phase:

1. Coordination of all the design drawings as they relate to the construction of the project.

2. Function as the main point of contact between the Design Team and the Construction Team.

3. Lead representation in behalf of the Owner during the Construction process.

4. Coordination the resolution of any constructability issues as they may arise during the Construction process.

5. Ensure that the documents are adhered to during the construction process through coordination with the rest of the Design Team.

6. Advise the Owner (Monroe County School District) of the construction progress and the successful implementation of the intent of the documents.

7. Coordinate between the Owner, Contractor and Design Team on all RFI, Change Order, and / or Change Directives as they relate to the content of the documents, justification and the construction process.

8. Attend OACM (Owner, Architect, Construction Manager) meetings on a monthly basis for the purposes of discussing project schedule, project cost and adherence to the documents.

9. Coordinate the entire Design Team efforts to facilitate site observations during the construction process to confirm adherence to the documents.

10. Coordination of shop drawings, material selections and system selections from the CM to the Design Team for review.

11. Review and approve all CM monthly draw requests throughout the project.

12. Perform Substantial and Final Completion walk through inspections and confirming acceptance prior to the Owner taking occupancy.

13. Coordinate and confirm all closeout documents, warranties, operation manuals, excess material stock, etc. has been provided to the Owner by the CM.


Ken East / VP

Marketing and procurement of new projects. Owner and developer interface with contractor, maintaining customer relations throughout the project.

Keith Sockaloski / Project Executive

Contract and project administration. Direct overview of HOB staff and subcontractors related to field operations.

Iyad Masri / Project Manager

Payment applications (both subcontract and owner), owner direct purchasing, scope review and procurement.

Tim Hruska / Project Superintendent

Onsite management of field activities including scheduling of subcontractors and work activities, work responsibilities include inspections and site and quality control.

Brian Blackwell / Project Engineer

Shop Drawings / Submittals / Request for Information / Document Control


Whew! That’s a whole heap of Pearl Harbor lookouts!

Pearl Harbor lookout

I replied to Larry, copied to All:

Repeating myself for maybe the whatever time, you learned, Larry, when you were on the AFC, that it was created by the School Board as a public relations stunt to smozzle the public into believing the School Board was serious about straightening out the internal workings of the School District, especially internal workings having to do with $$$. But in fact, the School Board never intended to rely on the AFC, as subsequent events proved time and time again.

We also have seen that the Fraud Hotline was created for the same reason, with the same intent, and with the same result.

In the law, it is said, res ipsa loquitur – the thing speaks for itself.

I applaud your and the AFC’s and Sean Kinney’s longstanding digging and reporting. However, I believe it is time to set aside your pick axes and spades, and start using dynamite and its more modern incarnations. Figuratively speaking. Not that I really think that weapons upgrade will change anything, but it might be more exciting to watch at public meetings and read about in the funny papers :-) .



Also yesterday, a whopper from School District Chief Operating Officer Michael Kinneer, who is on my email hit list and over time has sent me several thermonuclear bombs to drop on the chainsaw gang running our school system. Serious dynamite upgrades.

cracked egg

Good morning Sloan

You may find the referenced (long) article interesting.

Subject: NYTimes: Why Can Some Kids Handle Pressure While Others Fall Apart?

From The New York Times:

Why Can Some Kids Handle Pressure While Others Fall Apart?

Scientists think bouts of panic in stressful situations can be traced to genetics. But don’t freak out. Biology is not necessarily destiny.

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I encourage all to open the NY Times link and read the article.

Finally, we have scientific proof that how school children respond to the stress of standardized tests is genetic. Sort of reminds me of the honchos running our school system. Maybe if we gave the honchos chainsaws, they would do sex-change operations on themselves. Maybe with a little more E in the school system, there would be a little more sanity there.

Mother Nature enlarged

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