invoked by Larry Murray, St. George takes a special interest in the Florida Keys blackboard jungle


There is a  Bullying in Florida Keys schools carries over into bullying in later life, No Name Key, for example, sez Nashville J and the angels, which you should be able to reach today by clicking on either line, and at anytime by clicking on the first link.


St. George

Larry Murray copied me with this yesterday:

Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2013 06:30:59 -0800


Subject: When Is A Savings A “Savings”? To:



There was an interesting article in yesterday’s Keynoter regarding the HOB project. Many issues are addressed. One that stands out concerns “savings” by the contractor, savings deserving a 60-40 split with the District.

We are all familiar with the now infamous Change Order 49 in which Coastal Construction claimed that it had saved the School District $608,755 of which it deserved $243,502. At the time Change Order 49 became public, some questioned whether each of the 22 line items constituted savings or were, in fact, deletions, thus not qualifying for any split due the contractor.

Facing criticism as to how he was handling Change Orders, Principal Mike Henriquez defended his actions and, at one point, bragged as to how he had saved the District money. “Map racks weren’t needed because our social studies teachers have SMART boards.” (emphasis added) However, if you read Change Order 49, Item 17 reads a “savings” of $4,050 for map racks and the contractor was awarded $1,620 for the savings.

While the dollars in this instance may be small, it clearly demonstrates a casual comingling of savings and deletions. More importantly, it raises a serious question. If 1 of 23 “savings” is in fact a deletion, how many others are deletions and why is the District paying the contractor for something it deleted?

By the way, it turns out that the map racks were “needed”. If you go to HOB, you will see all of the maps hanging neatly from hooks! It appears that what was not needed were the SMART boards and I bet they cost a whole lot more than racks!


Dr. Larry Murray

Fiscal Watchdog and Citizen Advocate


I replied only to Larry, following up on prior related discussion about him getting more active on other online publications than mine:

Did you speak yet with Naja? If so, how’d that go?

[Naja Girard, who, with her husband Arnaud, took over Key West the (Blue) Newspaper and are turning it into an online newspaper.]

You don’t want to use the Coconut Telelgraph to report on the SD?

Larry replied:

Have spoken to Naja and have agreed to be an irregular contributor on School District affairs as they arise. She is still a month out on going online.

Have not had an opportunity as yet to speak to Deer Ed. Am interested in working with CT.

I replied:

Why irregular? You could publish school stuff every week in what hopefully will be a widely-read online newspaper in Key West and nearby, perhaps thoughout the Keys, as I imagine Naja and Arnaud will expand the topics beyond Key West.

You could be publishing school stuff weekly, or more often, on the Coconut Telegraph, which has a wide Keys readership, but I imagine a somewhat different readership than Naja and Arnaud will develop.

Looks to me that your real audience is the public, because the School Board and Mark Porter etc. don’t seem to want any citizen input, as they proved via the so-called Audit & Finance Committee, and the so-called Fraud Hotline, and the so-called citizen comments stingyly allowed at School Board meetings, not to mention their exhuberant responses to you and me.

Hard to imagine more than a couple of dozen citizens watch televised/live-streamed School Board meetings, but lots of citizens read the Coconut Telegraph and perhaps lots of citizens will read the new Blue Newspaper, and you can say a lot more in those two forums than The Citizen and the Keynoter will let you say in a letter to the editor, and you can say it more often than those newspapers will allow you to weigh in.

Larry replied:

Your encouragement is appreciated.

I replied:

fraud investigation

You have a great deal to offer this community, Larry, on school issues, which they would not otherwise have a chance to see/hear but for your determined efforts to get to bottom, if you can, of each school issue you take on. We both have learned just how much the School Board and School District really do like to operate away from the bright sunshine, despite their proclamations to the contrary. There probably is no way to quantify the exquisite impact of public harassment of elected and hired school officials, nor probably is there any way to quantify the resulting word of mouth coconut telegraphing. I can see you becoming a regular with Bill Becker and Ezra Marcus on US 1 Radio. I can see people getting up in the morning to read your latest hammering of the School Board and School District. I can see it being hilarious and infuriating, as well as, say, an Emperor with no clothes in plain view. That Snoopy pic, attached, might be a great logo for your ongoing investigation into the nooks and crannies protected so fiercely by The Griffiths Rule and its progenitor, who is School Board Chairman Andy Griffths, now into his 21st kicking the can down the road year on the School Board. So many opportunities, so little time :-) .


Larry replied:

St. George

Your kind words are appreciated.

I kind of like St. George.

I replied:

Not bad. You are jousting with the forces of darkness.

Larry replied:

Feel free to use it.


Then, Larry copied me with this:

Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2013 17:43:08 -0800 From: Subject: Board Agenda To:


Superintendent Porter noted at the last Board meeting that he routinely keeps a slot open on the agenda for Legal Services lest a report need be made. Good idea.

Along those lines, what do you think of maintaining a routine slot entitled “Public Apology By Rob Smith-Martin”?


Dr. Larry Murray

Fiscal Watchdog and Citizen Advocate


Andy’s copy of yesterday’s No Name Key follies post bounced back. Maybe he was still in the ER room after receiving the day before’s massive Estrogen injection needed for T-Rexterone-driven Florida Keys school system , in which quite a few of Larry’s choice words about Robin were reported.

It is Robin’s habit to open mouth and insert both of his feet, then the rest himself. Maybe instead of trying to muzzle new School Board member Ed Davidson and the very few citizens who show up at School Board meetings and wish to speak their heart and thoughts, the School Board should muzzle Robin.

On the other hand, my druthers are that they all resign. I simply have no use for any of them after they turned tail and fled into their caves after Matthew Gilleran went home from Key West High School and killed himself.

Yesterday morning, I told someone at Coco’s Kitchen on Big Pine Key that what the Acevedos did to the School District and the Florida Keys community was a drop in the ocean compared to the way the School Board and Superintendent of Schools Mark Porter responded to Matthew Gilleran’s suicide. The karma from that atrocity will be horrific.

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