massive Estrogen injection needed for T-Rexterone-driven Florida Keys school system


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Meanwhile, down here in the Florida Keys blackboard jungle …

Mother Nature enlarged

Larry Murray replied to yesterday’s
blackboard jungle voodoo in Key West mostly post at


I have said for a long time that Robin Smith-Martin has a “clutch problem”. That is, he has a disposition to engage his mouth before his brain. “Profanity from the heart”!! That’s one for the ages that I will have to remember. I have heard profanity excused in a variety of ways, but never because it was heartfelt.
You will always do what you always do. A piece of advice that was given to me a long time ago: “Never trade squirts with a skunk!”
When Smith-Martin “pulled a Mathewson” at the last Board meeting, he also demonstrated that he has “Low-T”. Talking one way and then voting another is indicative of someone who wants life to be both ways and doesn’t have either the balls or the courage of his convictions. Should he run for reelection, and I hope that he does, I will encourage his opponent to create a campaign poster of Smith-Martin’s pithy, profane and insulting remarks. Key West is famous for its chickens and it is time for this one to come home to roost.
Your exchange with Smith-Martin demonstrates in the most amusing manner the absurdity of the new School District policy of screening incoming emails for “verboten” words. Smith-Martin can lob all of the F-bombs he wishes, but is protected from profane retribution. I suspect that, had you said nothing profane in your reply, your email would have been rejected because of what Smith-Martin wrote! Now, how absurd is that?
I replied:
Hi, Larry –
A lot of my cussing is heartfelt. It just jumps out of me without any thought whatsoever.
There are so many skunks around, and so many opportunities to trade heartfelt squirts with them. Some skunks are important people who other people put into important positions, which, if you expand on that, increases the skunk population exponentially.
Your take on the F word in Robin’s first email to me yesterday, and the School District’s server, is shared by Nashville J.
My first reply to Robin yesterday did not include the F word and was allowed through by the SD’s server, along with, I suppose, Robin’s first email to me, which contained the F-word, and the ass word, as I recall. So maybe there is something to it; maybe the SD server lets the F word and other unacceptable words – maybe ass = donkey is an acceptable word – out and back in, as long as a School Board member, or a lesser SD skunk, generated the verboten word(s). Maybe I should email Sherlock Holmes and ask him if he wants to dig into that?
Meanwhile, as I wrote to you the other day, Low T is a byproduct of too much masculine energy and too little feminine energy, which causes all sorts of commotions in men, and in women, and not just in the skunk men and women.
A man, or a woman, with a healthy internal feminine would not have laid down and rolled over after learning Matthew Gilleran left school one Friday afternoon and went home and posted a farewell for good to his friends on Facebook and shot himself in the head. A man, or a woman, with a healthy internal feminine, upon learning of that, and hearing of widespread talk of Matthew being harassed at Key West High School, and of his probably being gay, would have left no stone unturned getting to the bottom of that.
Meaning, it ain’t not having balls that caused Robin and his fellow high-level skunks to lie down and roll over. It was not having a pussy ...


The rest of what I wrote to Larry, which was the fun high point of my day yesterday, was censored by the angels in dreams last night.

Meanwhile …
Bullying is a direct result of low ESTROGEN.
The American education model, which teaches mostly to the intellect, instead of to the whole child, is testosterone-driven. It is child abuse. It causes all sorts of soul damage in students. It fosters bullying and other forms of mental illness and destructive behavior.
What Florida Keys schools need is a very large dose of ESTROGEN.
Lots of luck, in T-Rexterone Nation.

Meanwhile …

A sure-fire way for kids to put a stop to being bullied at school, or anywhere, is for them to get some wild skunk piss and put it in a spray bottle and squirt the T-rex(es) in the face with it at the earliest opportunity.

Maybe a sure-fire way to get this post through the School District’s server is to only email a link for it to the high-level skunks.
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