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There is a the pro-grid homeowners on No Name Key slaughtered themselves, and that’s who they really ought to sue  post at, which you should be able to reach today by clicking on either link, and at anytime by clicking on the first link.

Meanwhile …

voodoo doll

Monroe County School Board Chairman Andy Griffiths came to me in a dream earlier this morning and told me to publish what passed between School Board member Robin Smith-Martin and me after he replied to yesterday’s  standing in front of bulldozers and other aggressive ways to protect the environment and prevent climate change – Florida Keys and way beyond  post …

Robin Smith-MartinRobin Smith-Martin

Subject: Re: standing before bulldozers and other aggressive ways to protect … From: Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2013 11:34:46 -0500 To:

Sloan, you are one funny-ass Mofo, and generally fucked-up for the most part. Sadly . . . you’ve hit the bullseye in this post. Might as well smile and keep trying along the way to becoming worm food.

Apologies for the profanity, folks, but it came from the heart.

Rob Smith-Martin

Board Member

Monroe County School Board


I wrote back:

Gosh, Robin, the same angels who put me up to publishing stuff online and saying things at School Board and other government meetings in the Keys, which cause you to say I am generally fucked up for the most part, along with a shaman friend of Erika Biddle, that would be Jonathan Horwitz, Vietnam vet now living in Scandinavia, egged me on in dreams throughout last night to put this funny-ass Mofo bulls-eye up today, and to leave off pounding the School Board into worm food again today, for which I had plenty of ammo after several rounds of emails with that other generally fucked up person who seldom hits the bulls-eye, who would be Larry Murray.

What ain’t gonna be a funny-ass Mofo bulls-eye is the karma you and the other School Board members and Superintendent Mark Porter have earned yourselves, and perhaps your spouses and children and grandchildren, too (sins of the fathers analogy), for the zero-minus effort the lot of you school officials put into finding out what happened at Key West High School leading up to Matthew Gilleran leaving school and going home and posting a farewell for good to his Facebook friends and shooting himself in the head, which I believe you were quoted in The Citizen as blaming on too free access to guns in the home. That, Robin, was seriously fucked up on your part, as has been how you and the other School Board members and Porter have not dealt with what went on at KWHS leading up to Matthew’s suicide.

Karma is really peculiar Robin, there is no way to know how it will play out, and often it is very hard, or impossible, to connect the dots. If I were you, I would find out what happened at KWHS leading up to Matthew’s suicide, and I would report it in the sunshine at a School Board meeting.



When my profanity comes from the heart, or from wherever, the School District’s server bounces it back to me. I wondered if Robin’s profanity would get a special pass if I used the above in a post and sailed it toward the School District’s server?

Robin replied to me:

We are engaging the business guild, asking for their leadership and resources (human and otherwise) to take a close look at student/staff respect for human dignity on a daily basis, within our purview. Active management of human nature is . . . often futile. But Key West has led the way in the past. This effort requires full community support and open minds. So, Sloan, don’t sabotage the effort from the get-go with your usual micro-Management, paranoid accusations and search for your own personal ideal at the expense of an improved community.

Please keep the voodoo in the bottle until we really need it.


I replied to Robin:

Gosh almighty, Roben, your entire email is voodoo.

Again, you completely dodge you and the rest of the School Board and Superintendent Porter doing an investigation of the the voodoo that happened at Key West High School leading up to Matthew Gilleran going home and killing himself.

Now you say Superintendent Porter and the School Board are outsourcing to the Key West Business Guild what Superintendent Porter was hired, and the School Board were elected, to do. Yet, as you paint it, the Guild will not investigate the voodoo that happened at KWHS leading up to Matthew’s suicide. At least in bringing the predominantly gay Guild into it, to do “sensitivity training”, which has been tried before by other outfits, Superintendent Porter and the School Board acknowledge Matthew was gay and was harassed for it.

As you describe it, Robin, the School Board and Superintendent have not given the Business Guild the authority and power to get to the bottom of what happened at KWHS leading up to Matthew killing himself. Without that power and authority, and the will to get to the bottom of it, the Business Guild are patsies. Or fools.

They become yet another voodoo committee, like the School Board’s voodoo Audit & Finance Committee, and like the voodoo Fraud Hotline, all created to try to voodoo the public into believing the School Board/District were serious about straightening out the District, when nothing could have been further from the truth.

You are right, Robin, it is not easy to manage human behavior, which you and the other voodoo Board members and your voodoo Superintendent have proven in spades by utterly refusing to bend to any outside pressure to investigate the voodoo at KWHS leading up to Matthew Gilleran’s suicide. What can be done, however, is the voodoo student practitioners in KWHS can be apprehended and dealt with commensurate with their voodoo.

Ditto for KWHS voodoo Principal Amber Bosco, whom the voodoo Superintendent should have put on administrative leave as soon as it became obvious Bosco was not to be trusted to get to the bottom of it. Too bad the voodoo Superintendent and the voodoo School Board cannot be put on administrative leave because it is obvious they cannot be trusted to get to the bottom of the voodoo goings on in KWHS.

Robin, if you think this community will be improved by sweeping under the rug the voodoo at KWHS school leading up to Matthew Gilleran’s suicide, you are seriously fucked up. Ditto for the other School Board members and Superintendent Porter, and for anyone else who shares your perspective.

The one kudo I can give you, Robin, is for saying fuck in your first email to me. It’s the only bright moment I’ve had in my dealings with the blackboard jungle voodoo leading up to and following Matthew Gilleran killing himself.



The School District server bounced that email back:

From: Subject: Delivery Notification – RE: standing before bulldozers and other aggressive ways to protect … Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2013 14:40:41 -0700 To:

The message or an attachment did not reach the intended recipient(s).

Subject: RE: standing before bulldozers and other aggressive ways to protect …



Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2013 14:40:41 -0700

Reason: content policy violation

Action: deny

If you feel that you have received this message in error, please contact the MCSD IT Department at (305) 293-1400 Ext 53314.


At 4:45 p.m. yesterday, I called the 293 number and entered the 533 extension number and got an IT woman’s voicemail and left no message.

Then, I emailed this to Robin:


Robin –

I sent a reply to your last, using the same F word you had used, which the School District server had okay’d coming my way. However, the SD server sent me a notice that mine back to you was blocked for content. I called the SD IT phone number provided and entered the provided extension number at 4:45 p.m., maybe 10 minutes after replying to you. I recieved an IT woman’s voicemail and left no message. Perhaps you can get IT to liberate my reply to you, so you can read it. Or, if this all becomes part of tomorrow’s post at and, you can go there to see what I wrote back to you. I sort of doubt you will find it very funny. Right now, a working title is “Flordia Keys blackboard jungle voodoo practices and beliefs”.



I meant to write “Key West blackboard jungle”, but I suppose either voodoo appellation will do.



Robin replied to me:

Why so loathsome, Sloan. When I comment on your point well-taken, you attack like a vicious dog. I suppose I should not converse with you? You seem past the point of mutual respect. Rob


To which I replied:

Hi again, Robin – Here’s how you led off this morning, in case you forgot: Sloan, you are one funny-ass Mofo, and generally fucked-up for the most part. The first clause seemed well-taken, the second clause however …

It is hard for me not to loathe people running the School District, who behaved the way you and they behaved after learning of Matthew Gilleran’s suicide. I can tell you for a fact, Robin, that people you know have told me just how very upset they are with the School Board and Superintendent Porter over the way they responded to Matthew’s suicide.



I imagine some, perhaps many, people will get hung up on Robin using the F word in his first email to me. However, I imagine it’s the lack of a real investigation by Robin and the rest of the School Board and Superintendent Porter, which really bothers God. These people are stewards. They are entrusted with childlren’s care and welfare. Their responsibility is huge compared to, say, my responsibility, inasmuch as they, not I, got elected to the School Board and/or hired as Superintendent of Schools.

I should not have had to write one word about their response to Matthew Gilleran’s suicide. They should have been all over it, inside of Key West High School the following Monday. Finally, one of them writes to me about something else. I let that opportunity slide by? Not hardly. Nor would the angels have let me let it slide by.

As it turned out, Andy Griffiths didn’t let me let it slide by either, which is ironic, given The Griffiths Rule for the School District: Praise in public, criticize in private.

Sloan Bashinsky, 2012 School Board candidate, who was not so crazy and fucked up that he couldn’t see the School District is terminally, dysfunctionally insane, and only a crazy person, ego maniac and/or crook would actually want the job.

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