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More Key West chain of title intrigue spawned by yesterday’s Key West past-life regression, mostly post:
Email from me to Naja Girard yesterday morning:
Morning, Naja – Look over this chain of emails from this morning, might help to scroll to the bottom and read them up the line, although reading the last one on top will give you the gist of why I forwarded this to you :-) . Sloan
RE: Sunset Key title
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 11:24:29 -0500 ?
Hi again, Nick. In a nap just now over, I had several dreams indicating that you are onto something in your query re title to Sunset Key. Perhaps also title to the other properties I named. Will raise the questions in tomorrow’s post, and will alert Naja Girard, whom the angels kept bugging me to bug to keep digging into the title of Wisteria Island, which she did and finally found something that convinced the Feds that they still owned Wisteria. If something else comes to me from the “air traffic controllers” in the meantime, I’ll let you know. Sloan
To: andersonic@
Subject: RE: Sunset Key title
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 09:46:30 -0500
Well, maybe somebody (you, for example) who lives in Key West should bring a lawsuit in Key West’s Federal Court to challenge the title to Sunset Key, Truman Annex (where you live), Truman Waterfront, Ft. Zachary Taylor State Park and Peary Court, to the extent any of the aforementioned were not deeded out of the US by GSA. I have some magik markers you can use to paint big bulls-eyes on your front and back. :-) I’m growing one tomato plant up here, it has lots of green tomatoes on it and something up here likes gnawing nice size holes in said green tomatoes. Tomatoes grow well down here this time of year, can grow them in containers on decks with plenty of sun. Nights too hot in summer down here for tomato plants to make fruit.
Subject: RE: Sunset Key title
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 07:42:52 -0600
Dear Sloan, lacking a specfic congressional action, the only U.S government agency which can sell surplus U.S. owned property to the Public is the GSA. (transfers to other government agencies are seperate), I would like to grow toma-toes !!!
Nick Anderson
To: andersonic@
Subject:RE: Sunset Key title Date:
Thu, 27 Dec 2012 08:25:54 -0500
Probably not, if, as I understand it, the Navy deeded Tank Island (now Sunset Key) to Pritam Singh, who then sold it to the Walshes. Likewise, the Navy deeded Truman Annex to Pritam, and then Truman Waterfront to Key West, and before that the Navy deeded the land now Ft. Zachary Taylor State Park to the State of Florida. What the Bernstein’s lack is a similar deed from the Navy, or from another U.S. agency. All the Bernsteins have is chain of title going back to a trustees deed from the State of Florida to State Legislator Papy, in the face of the Navy Dockmaster in Washington D.C.’s letter saying the U.S. owned Wisteria Island, of which Papy was advised by the State of Florida before he accepted the trustees deed and paid for it. The Bernsteins’ title to Wisteria is only as good as Papy’s title to the island, given adverse possession does not lie against the U.S. That’s what is being decided in the action to quiet title the Bernsteins filed in Federal Court – who owns Wisteria Island?
From: andersonic@
Subject: RE: Key West past-life regression, mostly
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 07:13:29 -0600
Dear Sloan,
The Question remains. If Wisteria Is, is owned by the Government of the United States, is not the ownership of sundset Key also in doubt?
Nicholas Anderson
Key West Florida 33040
Erika Biddle hi Sloan we are now in Cartagena… different climate from 64 to 94 within 1 hour flight yesterday I was quoting something I read. It wasn’t me who experienced the pain… I wonder if Ms. Virtue will answer your e-mail
Sloan Bashinsky I received back from D. Virtue an email touting her books, workshops, etc. Not responsive to what I sent to her. Can’t say I was surprised.
Erika Biddle it’s a whole industry out there. I never relate to anyone who hawks their “gifts”. However, it was still cool listening into the conversation about people discussing hearing “angel voices” and dropping names
Sloan Bashinsky I was taught not to charge money for trying to help people with what I was taught how to do, perhaps the only exception, perhaps, is books I wrote which were published, I could take royalties on the books. Virtue’s photo on her website looked pretty staged and vampish to me. I still wonder if she took Virtue as a last name to promote herself.

Doreen Virtue | official Angel Therapy Web site

Erika Biddle my battery needs juice again soon. I need to recharge my computer…Virtue or not she looks like a movie star. I understand she lives in Hawaii…

Sloan Bashinsky She reminds me of some people I ran across when I lived in Santa Fe and Boulder, starting 26 years ago. Charlatan came to mind earlier today.
Erika Biddle talk to you soon again until then XOE
Sloan Bashinsky safe trip
Erika Biddle thank you off to the computer juice bar
Sloan Bashinsky your friend, Jonathan H. hawks his gifts online, I have seen him do it several times
Erika Biddle So what? If I would judge and dismiss everybody that does things that I don’t necessarily agree with I would be a just ending up as a self righteous lonely person…I  try not to judge. I just laugh and go on with my own mostly agnostic Philosophy: life is service…find your own truth and follow the Golden Rule…now my phone needs juice too. Good night XOE
Hmmm, maybe somebody else name Erika Biddle messaged this:
Erika Biddle it’s a whole industry out there. I never relate to anyone who hawks their “gifts”.
Elsewhere on Facebook:
Benton Coons’ and my mutual old friend from Boulder messaged Benton and me:
Willow Arthur listening to you two, back & forth, makes my day & transports me in time to Pearl St Mall.

Sloan Bashinsky Glad for you, but can’t say it makes my day. Benton, I just this morning saw your comments at, and replied to same and to Metatron there.
It was Willow who tried to take me into past life regressions, and we ended up with wolves and eagles and lions instead, as mentioned in yesterday’s Christmas hangover: batshit crazy shaman school, Florida Keys and beyond  post.
Benton’s comments at re the Christmas Day 2012, just another day on the hard rock pile for this crazy person post:
Well Ol Dude…. My angels told me to come and read today….. Since your Angels seem really reluctant to quit chewing on you… well mine our challenging ours to a wrestling match. the Ol ol guy Metatron alone thinks he will have your guys down on there knees weeping with Just a song…. If my angels win the match…. Though ~ I don’t think I will need to bring in any tag team guys after my bestest of pals, and long time ol friend Metatron sings y’all a song… Your guys gotta quit beatin’ the shit outta You year after year……. Metatron says he would be more than glad to take you out to a nice dance club afterwords and shake some tail. Now I can’t say I know who your talking too… but the ol “prince of the continence” is saying that they all need to chill the Hell out. and he tells me he uses the word Hell on purpose…… DING DING … This Shytes On !! far as I can tell your guys have no choice but to be listening to the ol’ guy. BOOM SHIVA Sloan stick around…. Find More Love For Sloan with in. Yup…..:-) should read … challenging yours ) at any point that you would like to hear my story of my trip to the “hornets nest” and how it has come about and why I am going ….. please feel free…. It may help you to release the judgements and nonsensical reasons that you seem to believe I am going.
I replied:
Hi, Benton. You are welcome to tell me your story anytime you wish. I figure your trip to Kurdistan was arranged by angels, that you are supposed to go over there. I told you I doubt you really know why you are going over there and that will come to light after you are there, perhaps for a while. You said you agreed, you might not really know why. Tell Metatron to take his suggestion to take over my travel itinerary up with God, and if God wants Metatron to be my travel agent, then so be it. As I keep telling you, God’s will, not mine, be done. That’s the only safe prayer, or approach, I know. And since it’s Jesus, Archangel Michael and Melchizedek who have been my travel agents since before I met you, and since I know of Metatron only by having heard that name a few times, I am leaving it in God’s hands, and not in your or Metatron’s hands. I imagine any Sufi would do the same. Speaking of which, another Rumi poem came to me yesterday after I last wrote to you on Facebook:
What you call love
is but subtle degrees of domination.
Love is like the moon in the window,
It’s just there.
I googled Metatron very early this morning and found this at Wikipedia:
Metatron (Hebrew ??????) or Mattatron (a differentiation of Metatron[1]) is an archangel in Judaism. According to Jewish medieval apocrypha, he is Enoch, ancestor of Noah, transformed into an angel. There are no references to Metatron as an angel in the Jewish Tanakh or Christian scriptures (New and Old Testament); however, Genesis 5:24 is often cited as evidence of Enoch’s ascension into an angel – “Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.” Although he is mentioned in a few brief passages in the Talmud, Metatron appears primarily in medieval Jewish mystical texts and other post-scriptural esoteric and occult sources, such as the Books of Enoch – 1 Enoch, 2 Enoch, and 3 Enoch. In Rabbinic tradition, he is the highest of the angels and serves as the celestial scribe.[2]
I hope for Benton’s sake that when he arrives in Kurdistan, he doesn’t start preaching the Jews’ Metatron to Muslims. And, I hope Benton doesn’t tell them he is a Sufi, or a shaman sex healer, both of which he has claimed on Facebook. Muslims take a very dim view of womanizers of Muslim women, and of Muslim women who are with womanizers; there is no telling what kind of quirky mischief the Sufis might visit on Benton, who will find out for himself, if he doesn’t have his ears and eyes wide shut, that mainstream Islam is similar to Christendom, America and Israel, which Benton has criticised.
Adding to another peachy day in Paradise today are three front page articles in The Key West Citizen – One article covers the Key West charter high school principal, mother of three children between 1 and 13, shooting herself dead, on purpose, at a shooting range in south Florida. The article says the principal left a suicide note, but no details of the note were provided. I bet she won’t like where she is now, and God help her children and their father, and the students in that charter high school. The other two articles cover a retired Coast Guard commander in Marathon hiring a Federal snitch, who was wired, to kill a Marathon real estate developer for $20,000 in cocaine. No motive as yet known, according to the articles. I sometimes wonder why somebody hasn’t paid a hit man to kill me. Maybe because I want it to happen. It’s been a long time since I felt this bad, which started Christmas day. I find myself thinking, if I had interviewed that principal for that job, I would have been told by the angels that there was something wrong and not to hire her.
Also adding to another peachy day in Paradise yesterday:

Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 17:28:55 +0000



Subject: This is yours, Sloan


Sloan – Because of you, I’ll be taking the oath of office again on January 21st. You were part of the inauguration four years ago, and I hope you’ll get involved in inaugural activities over the next few weeks — whether that’s in Washington, D.C., or wherever you call home. As we make plans, we want to make sure the people who made this inauguration possible are the first to know what’s happening — but to do that I’ll need your help. Take a minute now to make sure your family and friends join you in being a part of this inauguration. I’m honored each and every day to be your president, and I will never forget how I got here. I’m so grateful for everything you’ve done. Let’s also remember why we’re here: we’ve got more work to do. And we’re going to begin this next chapter in the American story together. Invite others to join us here: Thanks, Barack

Paid for by the Presidential Inaugural Committee 2013

This email was sent to:



Before Barack secured the Democratic Nomination in 2008, I was strongly moved to contribute $2,300 to his campaign. Shortly thereafter, I realized it was the angels’ trickery, a way for them to get me into Barack’s psyche. After which, I was told in my sleep that he had the potential to be the Anti-Christ, which proved out when he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for continuing George W. Bush’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. After which, I barely had a bowel movement for a month, which resolved when very rough poetry burst out of me about what Barack had done. About all of that I wrote and published a few times, and about my futile efforts to get the $2,300 back, and about my letters to Barack’s people and to him, which he did not answer. Today, I apologize for getting him elected, if I’m to believe the email somebody sent for him to me, while America goes down the tubes.

After I put all of that together very early this morning, this came up on my Facebook page:
When I was in Kakadoo (northern Australia) in 1995, an aborgine man and woman, who said they were real people, came to me out of dream time and we had a brief telepathic conversation in the midst of several white Australians who saw and heard none of it. I can understand why today’s aborigines might take offense over Morgan’s description of the tribe, given it was seriously evolved in the soul sense. I can understand why today’s white Australians might take offense for the same reason. I figured when I read Mutant Message in the early 1990s, that Morgan might have taken some poetic license, but the story rang true to me nonetheless, in the soul sense. I did not care for her second book, which I felt missed the point of the first book and was opportunistic. I wonder sometimes if she went back to her old ways after coming back to the States and gaining fame and fortune? I never conversed with her, so I can answer my own question. Sloan Bashinsky, Little Torch Key, Florida

I replied to Bennelong very early this morning:
  • Sloan Bashinsky Perhaps people who do not know dream time and the spirit world are psychotic. Perhaps what really upset some, perhaps many Australian Aborigines, was Marlo raised what all Australian Aborigines were capable of before white people came to Australia. Maybe what Australian Aborigines need is a “revival” of what their ancestors were. Maybe they would be accused of being or even feel they were psychotic if that happened. :-)
After making that reply, I went back to bed and something came over me and I dozed off and had a lot of dreams which seemed to come from a different place; dreams which seemed to portend change for me and for some other people, but not for all people. I wonder if that was Metatron’s influence, or the real people’s influence, or my familiar angels’ influence, or a combination of any or all of the above? That’s all I feel okay saying about it right now.

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