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Jesus wept


I felt close to death much of yesterday, related to the Dennis Ward part of yesterday’s down the seldom traveled road again and other Florida Keys karma tales post. I had to take three naps, so heavy was the load. During the third nap, I had this dream:

I am speaking to a woman in Key West, with whom I had to be very rough some years ago, after I offered her something, as per orders I had received from the angels, something of this world really important to her and to me, but she really messed up accepting the delivery and I had to retract it, as per further orders I had received from the angels.

Beside her in the dream is Dennis Ward, watching and listening on with what seems to be interest and approval.

I tell the woman, when I write into another person, unless it’s telling someone how to go to the post office, or something like that, I write into something enormous, and mysterious, and mixed up, needing direction. Dennis nods agreement.
I awoke, and after a time of recovering from the grog that always follows coming back to this dimension, I had a sense of the meaning of the dream.
At the level of soul, Dennis understands why I withdrew my strong support, which I had given to him in 2008 in the State Attorney race.
I then found myself thinking, what Dennis needs to do during his remaining time in office is whatever he can to clear up the karma sketched in yesterday’s post.
By then, I was feeling like I might live after all.
My dreams last night were all over everywhere, there was no happy solution, although in one dream where Dennis and I were together, he and I were friendly.
It occurred to me last night, now that it is all over the Keys who got Catherine Vogel elected, the Key West conchs, that might create a voter backlash in the rest of the Keys, which will return Mark Kohl to the office he lost to Dennis in 2008.
In a somewhat parallel universe yesterday, back and forth with Jerry Wickey of Key West, starting with this from him:

“Accounts of angels, miracles and other supernatural experiences which punctuate written human history are the product of advanced alien technology. Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Four times now this month, this hypothesis was suggested to me. By three different people and a movie -“Knowing” with Nicholas Cage. In that case, the author of the movie must have felt the subject worth pursuit.

Some time before the year 2060, the specious nature of this hypothesis will become common knowledge and its fallacy will become widely accepted.

How could I possibly make such a statement?

“It is elementary, my dear Watson… elementary… observe…”

My prediction above is not a “gut feeling.” Gut feelings arise in an instant with out thinking. Thinking about a subject requires time and deliberation. If you want to know how I can responsibly make such a precise prediction about human knowledge, you’ll have to forgo any nascent gut feelings that may be formulating in your mind right now and think it through step by step.

As with any knowledge of consequence, it does not come easily. Though I welcome any who disagree to a Socratic discussion of why this is true, the “why” itself is too complex to put in an email. Instead I explain how it is I know that I can know that the “why” must be true.


Then followed a longish discourse my feeble mind, and my guts, and my heart and my soul were not up to following. If you want to see it, contact:

I replied:

Depends on which human definition of alien you use.

Jerry replied:

Do you make a distinction between biological creatures which are constrained by the laws of physics and spirit creatures which are completely unfettered by any laws of physics?

Or do you see spirit creatures as also bound to the laws of physics?

I define “aliens” as biological creatures which are beholden to the laws of physics And chemistry just like you and I.

I replied:
Yes, I make that distinction. However, there are different levels of physics than are known or imagined in this world, Horatio, and not everything that could be attributed to aliens by your definition is attributed to them actually, as they well know.

Here’s something I wrote this morning after seeing what you had published:

Once upon a time, I lived in Boulder, Colorado, widely known for wing nuts.

One warm April morning, or maybe it was early afternoon, maybe around 1993, I was sitting on the patio with my wife, her maybe ten-year-old-son and a friend of ours who, like my wife, was a licensed clinical social worker. My son was a pretty normal kid who sometimes had mystical experiences. I was not in the least normal anymore, because I had mystical experiences about all the time. My wife looked normal, but she had mystical experiences about half the time. Our friend had never had a mystical experience, as far as he or we knew.

Anyway, we were out there on the patio talking about this and that, none of which I remember, when I chanced, if you still believe in chance, I had gotten over that some years before, to look up and I saw a space ship parked beside a cloud maybe two or three miles up. Not a big cloud, and the space ship was a good bit smaller than the cloud. It was white and disk-shaped, but no bubbles on top or bottom.

So alerted to the visitor, I told the others what I was looking at and asked them to join me in looking at it. For my efforts I heard, “Yeah, Sloan!” “Right, Sloan!” “Good luck, Sloan!”

A bit astounded that two adults with masters degrees and a seriously curious young boy responded in that way, I said, “I mean it, I’m looking at a space ship parked beside a cloud. Look up and see for yourself.”

More of the same from them.

Then, the ship zipped behind the cloud, moving in a way that defied human air ship and space ship flying ability. I announced that, and got more of the same.

Then, the cloud started stretching across the sky, like a jet leaving a vapor trail, only a good bit wider. I announced that to the others and urged them to look up and see for themselves. I got more of the same.

So, I watched the cloud stretch across the sky until it stopped stretching near the horizon line, maybe that took thirty seconds.

That night, the boy came to me privately and asked if I had really seen a space ship? I asked him if he had ever known me to make something like that up, we often talked about experiences scientists and human beings would not acknowledge. He said no.

I said the whole event was arranged for him and he had missed it because he didn’t want to deal with what his mother and our friend would say to him if he looked up and saw what I saw and told them he saw it. He said yes. I said I bet he would look up if it happened again. He agreed.

Far as I know, it never happened again. Maybe he will get another chance, maybe he won’t.

Writing and ruminating on that memory leaves me wondering if the beings in that space ship, or other aliens, or angels, which are a bit different, might be interested in using some of their technology to tweak the brains of American politicians, elected, wannabe elected, as a demonstration to the rest of Americans and the world.

The tweaking would cause the politicians to start behaving entirely differently, not like politicians for starts, not even like human beings for later starts, but like aliens, or maybe even like angels. More than just a demonstration, it would be an experiment to see how the rest of the Americans, and the rest of the world’s people, would respond.

Would the response be defensive, round them all up and put them somewhere the key is thrown away after all the mind-bending drugs are injected?

Would the response be simply shoot and kill them on sight?

Would the response be a curious wanting to know more, but basically not really wanting to know more and instead locking them up and shooting and killing them on sight?

Would the response be the birth of one or more, maybe hundreds of more, new religions, which start vying for top dog using whatever means available to exterminate the heads of the other new religions and all of their lemmings?

Would the response be a general understanding and acceptance that each of these politicians are smitten with something from above because they all seem to be saying pretty much the same thing and it sort of sounds like what Jesus said in the Gospels, which hardly anybody ever took to heart down over the ages?

Would American Christians claim it is the Second Coming and they are the Elect who will be transported to heaven and all others will roast in hell forever?

Would the American Jews and Muslims and Buddhists and New Agers and Pagans and Arcane-ers and so forth feel left behind or pissed off and retaliate in some way?

The more I write about this, the more I am thinking my idea for many years that the way to turn things around in America pronto is for a space ship to land on the White House lawn and the aliens come out of it and try to gain an audience with the President might not be such a good idea for the aliens, if they want to keep breathing or whatever it is they do to stay alive.

But then, maybe their concern is the mass psychosis that will befall most Americans upon the evening TV news showing the event to Americans. The rest of the world’s humans might go around the bend, too.

I am pretty sure, if my wife and her and my clinical social worker friend had looked up and seen that space ship, they would have needed months, if not years, of therapy before they were convinced they had imagined what they had looked up and seen – that, or I had put a spell on them.

Alas, if I had known how to put a spell on them, I would have spelled them to look up at that space ship.

Sloan Bashinsky

Later today, I experienced a different technology.
I was fried burnt this morning from inside spirit work related to today’s and previous posts on the State Attorney primary. So after two naps by 1:30 p.m. today, still feeling half dead, I drove up to Good Foods Conspiracy to have lunch and chill. From there, I wandered up to the Winn-Dixie shopping center to find a trash can to dump my smoothie cup. Pulling into the parking lot, I saw the county library was open. I had thought the libraries were closed on Mondays, and was glad to see this one open because I was out of novels to read and had been grouching about that. I learned inside that the libraries had started last January being open on Monday again. I quickly found two sci-fi novels, which looked somewhat interesting, one especially, about a being from Earth long before it was called that, who had been on a long tour of the Galaxy and was in his/her final moments, trying to tell his/her story before he/she expired, according to th flap jacket teaser. I then drove over to Centennial Bank to get some cash from the ATM, and headed home, found your email, answered it. Then, I added this story about another kind of technology, which nudged me to the library under guise of my finding a trash can to dump the smoothie cup and also to go by the bank. Technology I attribute to angels – telepathy, sort of. Ain’t no telling what all technology the angels have, but I don’t imagine human beings will ever figure out much of it while they are still human beings. I imagine spacefaring aliens, by the standard definition, figured out a little more angel technology than humans did, but probably not anywhere close to much of it. I suppose they figured out, though, that aliens come in lots of different wrappers, and lots of them don’t even let on they are sentient, although angels know. Might be, human beings’ grasp of the whole of it is like maybe one grain of sand out of all the grains of sand on this planet. Maybe not even that much.
Jerry replied:
“You made man a little lower than the angels, but crowned him with glory and honor. You made him ruler over all your creation ; you put everything under his feet.. . . It is not to angels that he has subjected the world to come, about which we are speaking.”

— The Psalmist also Jesus also Paul all three said this

I replied:
The Psalmist was David, according to a Gideon King James version of the Bible given to me perhaps a year ago by a fellow on Big Pine Key, who spends much of his time trying to link dots in the Bible with dots in science, and vice versa, somewhat like you do, but somewhat differently. Similarly, neither of you seem to express any direct experience with anything beyond the first dimension, although you correctly intuit that aliens, that is extraterrestrials, exist.

Some years ago, the angels paired me with an Ohio woman, who was about to become seriously multidimensional. Already, she was intuitive, but what she became was far beyond that, in a very short period of time, which I witnessed.

At one point, she said she was told by Archangel Michael that she and I were being taught to live like angels live. She was told angels do what is before them to do until they get an indication from higher up, where higher up was they did not say, to do something new, and they do it automatically, obediently, without questioning it. Already, I was living like that for maybe eight years before she and I were paired up. It’s the only way I know to live now, perhaps because the other way doesn’t work for me anymore. The other way was retired, or destroyed.

What you quoted from the Bible applies not just to human beings on this planet, but also to sentient “plasma” beings throughout the creation, who are below the angel level. I use plasma somewhat in slang, to indicate beings who are “biological” and not just “spirit”, although I imagine in God’s science everything was created from something which was plasma in some way. Otherwise, how could humans be made in God’s image, if there was not some kind of like plasma in both?

Before laying down to start reading the sci-fi novel about the being who had started out human on Earth long before it was called that, I found myself thinking about the shamanic process, which I live 24-7, 365, is technology human science may never recognize, even though human beings have recognized it for a very long time.

I thought, the aborigine tribes all had a shaman and a shaman apprentice in training. The tribe members all knew the shaman and the apprentice, and treated them differently than the rest of the tribe members. But modern “tribes” have lost that recognition and appreciation, although shamans still exist among them.

Marlo Morgan wrote a book, Mutant Message Down Under, about an aborigine tribe in the Australian outback, who all were shamans. I met a man and a woman from that tribe when I was in Australia in the fall of 1995. They came to me out of dream time, at night, when I was with several younger white Australians. Only I saw the two. Only I heard the two.

I asked them what I had that they wanted? I asked telepathically. They laughed, said they were Real People, what could I possibly have that they would want? I was mortified, they saw I was mortified. I asked why they had come? They said they came to welcome me into their tribe. I wept. If I had known what lay ahead of me, I would have wept lots more. Might have jumped off a bridge, too.

Jerry, what I am writing here is science. Soul science. Yet today’s science ignores the soul. Today’s science ignores shamans, or acknowledges them with pejorative labels. Today’ religions treat shamans the same as today’s science treats them. Alas, but for shamans, the human species would be cut off from what is beyond the physical, beyond the biological.
Without shamans, Earth human tribes would have no link to angels, nor to what is beyond angels, including God, for want of a better word to describe what not even angels can fathom, much less describe. Shamans are like electrical transformers through whom spiritual “electricity” passes and is weakened so that human beings can receive it without exploding. Shamans go through horrible experiences being made able to be transformers.

Quite a few times I have initiated this sort of discussion with the devout Christian who gave me the Gideon King James version Bible, and always the discussion has gone nowhere. The fellow simply cannot, or will not, take in what I tell him about my experiences, which are every bit as real as my fingers striking the keyboard to write this to you.

The dots he seeks to link between human science, which he studies very hard, and the Bible, which he studies just as hard, mean little to me. I live in what he seeks to prove intellectually. I live in it physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, all the time. There is no separation. There are no dots to connect, in the sense he is trying to connect the dots.

Jesus felt terribly alien. He was alien. But he was not what I call an extraterrestrial. He was beyond that a ways. And he knew it. If extraterrestrials were important to human souls, if extraterrestrial sciences were important, Jesus would have taught that instead of the science he taught, science of the soul, which the religion that hijacked his name has twisted beyond recognition and turned into superstition.


Jerry replied:
You struggle with semantics.I understand what you are trying very hard to describe, what most simply make fun of you for saying, because they simply choose to ignore the unfamiliar.

The most important part of the quote I sent was not about the relationship between angels and mankind, nor shamen, but that the world shall not continue as it is forever.

“the world to come, about which we speak”

That coming world is better than the current.And mankind is not the one in control bringing about this new way.The current world has a purpose. Every horrible deed committed is needful to teach the select of mankind to be worthy of leadership. Mankind is younger than most think.”An old man is like an infant of seven days”

In the coming world, the rest of mankind will be led by those who learned.Then we shall be introduced to other biological creatures, aliens.And learn to lead them as well.

The process of the gestation of a child of God takes billions of years and requires a complex universe full of biological life to accomplish. All life is not sacred. The portion appointed to most living things, including many people and aliens, is of this life and nothing more. There is no return from, no voice for them after the grave. Their purpose is to teach the young children of God.

You have difficulty discerning useful information from useless information.That is something in which I can help.

I am speaking to a woman in Key West, with whom I had to be very rough some years ago, after I offered her something, as per orders I had received from the angels, something of this world really important to her and to me, but she really messed up accepting the delivery and I had to retract it, as per further orders I had received from the angels.

I tell the woman, when I write into another person, unless it’s telling someone how to go to the post office, or something like that, I write into something enormous, and mysterious, and mixed up, needing direction.
Everyone Jesus encountered was mixed up. He tried to help them get un-mixed up. He trained me. He continues to train me. As do others in his circle.
All life is sacred, has a divine purpose. Every sentient being in the Creation is a child of God. Every last one of them, including Lucifer, a strain of which exists in all sentient beings as part of their own spiritual development. Jesus knew that very well. That is what the three temptations were about. After which, is was said, the devil left Jesus to return at a more opportune time …
Jesus was a shaman, and more … an eternal being, high priest in the Eternal Order Melchizedek, according to the Letter to the Hebrews …
Sloan Bashinsky

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