journalism as a contact sport: Deutche Bank alert / Green Party Candidate Dr. Liz Stein mobbed by Bernie fans at DNC / Dennis Reeves Cooper slams our state attorney Catherine Vogel

Paul RevereSt. Paul Revere shouted a Deutsche Bank alert before the dawn’s early light:

Hi Sloan,

know this is Completely off subject from your day’s column, but, anyway… in a spare moment, try googling:

1 – Deutsche Bank Collapse, and

2 – Italian Bank Collapse.

See, depending on the source, Deutsche Bank has a room somewhere that contains stacks of paper “nominally valued” at 10 to 20 times the entire GNP of Germany itself. Much of this paper is apparently questionable at best. The chickens are now coming home to roost, it seems. This is the same Euro economic powerhouse that has been taking so much press-flack for not helping poor Greece.

The Italians, with the 8th largest economy in the world, are really in trouble.

Even if you don’t have the time or the inclination to wade into this crap – which is what it is – take a quick glance at the two Google pages, anyway. Just scan the first 10 to 20 entries. They speak for themselves.

If nothing else, the condition of these big Euro banks, today will give you a temporary distraction from more immediate island problems. Just a heads-up.

This morning’s German and Italian bank positions are like the front face of a European Tsunami that’s headed this way. This distant stuff will affect All of us soon. The only question is: “How painfully and for how long.

Just a bit of sunshine for you pre dawn consideration.


I replied:

Morning bearer of glad tidings and good cheer –

I bet President Trump won’t be able to build no wall to shield America from such a tsunami as that.

Might lead off today’s howlings with yours and this below about the donkey’s behind quarters, before wallowing ever deeper in local trashing & mucking, could be pluralized trashings & muckings. 

Today’s Key West Citizen syndicated editorial cartoon on Hillary’s and the unfaithful donkey’s marriage is priceless.

Hillary's wedding

Jill SteinGreen Party president candidate Dr. Jill Stein

Jill Stein: DNC sabotaged Bernie Sanders

Fox News Video? – 2 days ago

Bryan Llenas and Green Party candidate for President, Jill Stein, discuss the …

Jill Stein was there, swarmed by Sanders supporters, this FOX interview of her presents her report of what went down; even if you don’t like Jill, or her party, you should watch the Fox interview to get a view of the Democratic National Convention you will not get from Hillary or Bernie.

Yeah, probably Fox did the interview to try to make it easier for Trump in November; even so, the Democrats did it to themselves, just as the Republicans did it to themselves by nominating Trump.

St. Paul replied:

RE: Jill Stein and DNC

It’s a Short list of the DNC e mail hacks.


Cathy VogelTeaser for the dump State Attorney Catherine Vogel lead article in today’s every Friday online Key West the Newspaper (, followed by a comment I submitted; there are several other reader comments under Dennis Reeves Cooper’s excellent article; click on the link below to see it all:

Dennis Reeves Cooper, Ph.D

Dennis Reeves Cooper, Ph.D


Commentary by Dennis Reeves Cooper…….

Election Day this year is November 8. That may seem like a long time away, but it’s not too early to remind you that State Attorney Catherine Vogel– in my opinion the most corrupt state attorney in recent memory– is up for reelection. It’s not too early to remind voters of her on-purpose incompetence in “prosecuting” the Key West police officers who allegedly murdered 62-year-old Charles Eimers on the beach here on Thanksgiving Day 2013. And it’s not too early to remind voters that she refused to prosecute another Key West cop after his 10-year-old step-daughter told investigators from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) that he repeatedly fondled her breasts and forced her to put her hand on his penis.

The Eimers case: The retired auto worker from Michigan had allegedly left the scene of a traffic stop on North Roosevelt Boulevard and several police officers had participated in a “slow speed chase,” following him through town. When he ran out of road at the southern end of Duval Street, a tourist’s video showed what happened next. More than a dozen officers, some with guns drawn, approached the car and ordered Eimers to exit the vehicle and lie face-down on the beach. The video showed that Eimers complied immediately. He did not resist in any way. Then, several officers piled on top of him. A witness said that the cops were holding Eimers’ face in the sand. By the time the cops got off his back, he had lost consciousness. After a week on life support in the hospital, he was declared dead.Continue reading »

Responses to “Voters Have the Opportunity to Remove State Attorney Catherine Vogel From Office in November”

  1. Sloan Bashinsky says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Vogel has two opponents, former State Attorney Dennis Ward, whom Vogel defeated in the 2012 race, and a Libertarian candidate, who, from his PR online, practices law in a mid-western state and the Florida Keys. Ward is Vogel’s only real opponent, in this former practicing attorney’s opinion.

    Ward himself started out as a policeman in the Miami Beach Police Department. It was my observation when he was state attorney that Ward was not inclined to prosecute law enforcement officers who broke the law. I don’t know how Ward would have handled the Charles Eimers case. He needs to be asked that at candidate forums.

    The KWPD officer recorded as saying he came down on Charles Eimers like a fucking bomb was Gary Lee Lovette, still on the force. He was suspended 5 days, not for anything he did to Eimers, but for embellishing, exaggerating, boasting about it.

    That’s how it was presented to the grand jury, as well. I heard that directly from someone who had been on the grand jury.

    Of course, a federal court jury would have heard the recording and made its own decision. The city and its liability insurance carrier knew that, and that the jury might come back with a much larger verdict than the city’s $1,000,000 coverage, and that’s why the case was settled: the insurance carrier was only going to have to pay $1,000,000, and the city would have to pay damages over $1,000,000.

    Also, there was a second bystander video, which the plaintiff lawyers representing the Eimers family found after the grand jury had returned a no bill (refusal to indict). That video plainly showed Eimers face covered with sand, in his nose, eye lids. His eyes were closed. He looked dead. He was dead. They revived his body mechanically. He never came back. So finally his family told them to take him off life support.

    However, there’s another story: the family was delayed being notified. Eimer’s corpse was sent to a mortuary to be cremated. But something happened, his corpse was not cremated. Divine Intervention? Eimers had told the cop who made the traffic stop, that he had come here to do God’s work.

    Indeed. From the grave, so to speak, Charles Eimers showed KWPD, Catherine Vogel, Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the FBI true blue.

    All of which might not even have happened, if the cop who made the traffic stop had not thought Charles Eimers was homeless, because he appeared to be living in his PT Cruiser. In fact, he had only just reached Key West from Ohio, where he had lived and worked until he retired. He was thinking of moving to Key West. At worst, he was a tourist who got mixed up on the easy to get mixed up under total reconstruction North Roosevelt Blvd.

    But, why did Eimers drive off from the traffic stop without his driver’s licence, which the cop had with him in his police cruiser, running the license through the police department’s computer? I don’t suppose we’ll ever know the answer to that question.

    During citizen comments at a city commission meeting, I told Mayor Cates and the city commissioners their police had murdered Charles Eimers, because they believed he was homeless. Commissioners Mark Rossi went ballistic. I thought he was going to leap over the dais at me. Then Commissioner Tony Yaniz followed Rossi’ lead.

    At a later commission meeting, when approving the $900,000 settlement with Charles Eimer’s family was before the mayor and commissioners, I told them to reject the settlement offer. They had maintained long and loud all along that their police had done nothing wrong. So settling was selling out their own police officers. Go to trial in federal court, I said. Prove there that your police did nothing wrong. You owe that to them. The vote was 7-0 to approve the $900,000 settlement.

    All along I maintained that everyone was looking in the wrong direction to point their finger. All along I maintained they should be pointing their finger at the mayor and city commissioners, because they were backing their police all the way. They were not getting onto their city manager, for whom their police chief worked and answered to. They were where the buck stopped. Mayor Cates and the then six city commissioners.

    Sloan Bashinsky, write-in mayor candidate, Nov 4 ballot

Charles Eimers memorium

Naja and ArnaudArnaud Girard, co-publisher with wife Naja of the blue paper, produced a string of “cartoons” on the killing of Charles Eimers by KWPD:

Charles Eimer's take downCharles Eimers smotheredEimers witness imtimidationEimers police investigating selfEimers Mr. and Mrs. SmithEimers one human

Sloan Zach 2

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