When all else fails, try laughing! – Key West Peary Court end run and homeless shelter lawsuit fizzle, plus U.S. national politics slaughterhouse

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City Commissioner Sam Kaufman, below, also my friend and my lawyer, emailed yesterday re the previous night’s city commission meeting:

Sam Kaufman candidate 2

I like the humorous Sloan that I know. Your comments last night by the way were fantastic and spot on!!



I replied:

Hi, Sam –

From the looks on the mayor and several commissioners’ faces during my citizen comments on Peary Court, which I just now watched in the city’s video replay, they saw no humor whatsoever in what I told them.

They, and the land and housing authority reps, and the city attorney sure danced like cats on a hot tin roof as you kept trying to get a straight answer out of them: Had the Land Authority ever partnered with a private entity before?

The vote in favor defied all logic, unless it was rigged. I bet even Donald Trump would have voted against it.

Have heart and good cheer, Sam. You only have 3 1/2 years left to serve out your full term.

Maybe I need to rethink my campaign slogan this year. Er, what slogan? What campaign? Take the g out of slogan, what do you get?

How about, “Affordable housing for the poor hard working stiffs, instead of for the rich?”


Below, Peary Court duplex apartment complex, renting out for $2400 a month, plus utilities.

Peary Court 2

A Facebook response to my report on the Peary Court vote in yesterday’s Republican values: I learned during last night’s Key West city commission meeting that we must save housing for the rich, otherwise they will take it from the poor, while earlier in the day I watched a young black female Birmingham, Alabama native explain in a Donald Trump for president YouTube commercial why she worships him – plus the Loon Party ticket post at goodmorningkeywest.com:

Ben Anders Sloan, no one could possibly, in their wildest dreams, claim that Lopez is a Republican. Weekley has been a registered Democrat since 1976. Payne isn’t registered to vote (according to FLVoters.com). Cates is the only registered Republican.

Romero, who voted against, is a Republican.

Wardlow, who voted against, is a Republican.

Kaufman, who voted against, is a Democrat.

How can you claim “Republican Values” when more Democrats voted for than against?

Registered Voters in the State of Florida, U.S.A.


I replied:

Sloan Bashinsky Ben, how any of them on the city commission are registered to vote had nothing to do with my post today. I sat there and listened to 4 of them, and a Realtor who lives in Peary Court, explain how they had to take care of the middle income people’s housing (Peary Court), to protect the poor people’s housing. Manny Costillo said it too, via they need middle income in housing authority housing to subsidize poor people in there – his comments made sense; of course, but that is not what is going on at Peary Court. Or, you could say, the title of today’s post was tongue-in-cheek, but what they did last night was, well, just what you’d expect from Republicans. I’m not a Democrat, by the way. Belong to no political party, and there is no one running for president I like.

Colby Fisher, below, of Key West, emailed me yesterday, re the court settlement agreement under which the City of Key West was supposed to move its homeless shelter, known as KOTS, from the sheriff’s land on Stock Island, the next key above Key West, to some place else.

Colby Fisher


If you way want to stir the pot with the KOTS relocation, I own a boat slip at the Sunset marina and paid into their lawsuit against the city so I have standing. You wrote that the city has shown bad faith by not being responsive for more than a year after the deadline to the conditions of the settlement. If nothing else, I should be able to recover the money I paid (via the condo association) towards their action.

If you would write up the papers, I’ll file them, and we could bring some attention to the KOTS relocation issue again.


Below is an aerial photo of the situation. Far bottom left is the city’s now abandoned landfill, locally known as Mt. Trashmore. Just to its right are the condominiums and marina which sued the city. Just to the right of that is the land Colby will say further into this email chain is owned by local attorney Bart Smith, who is representing the plaintiffs. Just to the right of that are the sheriff’s headquarters and jail. I do not see KOTS in this photo. It’s between the lower sheriff building and the lower end of the marina.

sheriff land and mt. trahsmore

The sheriff’s complex, below, one the lower left side of which, not showing in the photo, is KOTS

Monroe County Sheriff Complex

KOTS, below, from the sheriff’s angle; beyond is the land, marina and condominiums of which Colby wrote to me

KOTS Sheriff's view

I replied to Colby:

Morning, Colby –

If I draw up those papers for you to sign and file, I just might be prosecuted for practicing law in Florida without a license. I believe the condo association is represented by legal counsel, Barton Smith. If so, he’s the proper lawyer to petition the court to rule the city has not acted in good faith, has breached the settlement agreement, and they city has to close KOTS in a short period of time. The condo association will have to instruct him to do that. I’m wondering why the condo association has not already done that?


Bart SmithBarton Smith

Colby wrote:

Woops. I didn’t think of the practicing law issue.

Bart doesn’t want to cause problems now because his property on the jail side is in the process of applying for building permits for 50+ condos, and he doesn’t want to take any chances at delay or denial.

I replied:

Bart himself has property on the jail side? Where?

Colby wrote:

He owns most of those slips plus all of the buildings between the water and the jail. He also owns the bay bottom between the marina, past the jail and to the power squadron

I replied:

He owns all of that, or he and his parents, or his parents? Regardless, I doubt he ethically can let his own and/or his family’s financial interest interfere with representing your condo association and the marina. Maybe, though, this explains why the city doesn’t seem to be in hurry to relocate  KOTS. If I were living in those condos and  Bart was representing me via the condo association or the marina, I’d be making him really uncomfortable about sitting on KOTS still being there.

Colby wrote:


You are much more trusting than I am. I don’t think it is a coincidence that Smith took a lot of money from the Sunset Homeowners Association (on the garbage mountain side of the harbor) to represent them against the city, and in the process he pressed on and on about how KOTS was reducing the property values of those homeowners. At the same time, he (or his family, I’m not sure) was able to come in and buy all the holdings of the other association (on the jail side of the harbor) for pennies on the dollar. Now, the KOTS decision has been quietly placed on the city back burner while Smith is working on building over 50 new condos on the jail side.

By the way, Smith was smart to hire Barry Gibson as his liaison on all of this. Barry is the go between for Smith and the city.


I replied:

I am not trusting in this situation. It hasn’t been adding up that Bart and/or his clients are letting the city slide in the KOTS lawsuit after the city keeps doing nothing to relocate KOTS. You have provided what looks to me the reason why.

At one time, Bart was sharing office space in the same law firm where Jim Hendrick worked. I figured Hendrick was tutoring Bart, as were perhaps some of the other lawyers using that law firm, one was Robert Cintron. Hugh Morgan was who actually owned the building, I think; they were not law partners, each had his own private practice, then Hendrick was convicted and disbarred, but he kept his office there for quite a while before moving it into his home.

Bart got into something involving David Wolkowsky and his offshore Island where he has a nice estate and home, before the county commission, in which Hendrick was principally advising Wolkowsky. Bart represented to the county commission that he was representing Wolkowsky. On being asked about that, Wolkowsky said he knew nothing of Bart Smith representing him. The blue paper covered that one and Hendrick wrote in a comment under the blue paper article, tearing it up, and I copied something straight out of Hendrick’s own pen and sent it to the blue paper, which directly contradicted what Hendrick had written to the blue paper. Hendrick was using Wolkowsky and his island to try persuade the county commission, in a sneaky way, to reclassify all offshore islands in a way that would benefit the Bernsteins’ hope to develop Wisteria Island. I knew then to be really extra cautious thereafter with Bart Smith, given who he then was running with.

What you are describing re Bart Smith and the KOTS lawsuit, if true, is a gross conflict of interest, blatant malpractice, and, for all I know, might be illegal.

This is the first I’ve heard of Barry Gibson’s involvement. Maybe a week ago, during a nighttime dream, I was talking with Barry and he turned into a werewolf.

P.S. from me to Colby:

One other thing, do you know whether or not the plaintiff(s) in the KOTS lawsuit gave Bart Smith permission to represent his and/or his and/or his family’s separate interests which conflicted with the plaintiff(s) interests in the lawsuit? If such permission was given by the plaintiff(s), then the conflict of interest was waived and forget what all I wrote earlier about Bart doing anything wrong by not pursuing the KOTS lawsuit settlement agreement. Either way, though, it seems you have told me why KOTS is still operating at its present location.

Colby wrote:

I’m not familiar enough with the terms of the suit or the settlement to be quoted as an expert. I could get a copy of it and pass that along to you.

According to the Property Appraiser site, Sunset Marina LLC bought the property there in May 2013 for $2,200,000. It includes 71 acres of bay bottom and 118,918.80sq. ft. of land and a couple buildings.

I suppose you could do a search at the clerk website to see who owns Sunset Marina LLC.

Colby wrote:

As you can see from the attached screenshot, Bart Smith owns Sunset Marina LLC…which owns the property and bay bottom we have been discussing.

I’m not familiar enough with the terms of the suit or the settlement to be quoted as an expert. I could get a copy of it and pass that along to you.

Bart Smith Sunset M

I replied:

Thanks –

As I recall, the city had period of time in which to make a good faith effort to relocate KOTS. I have seen nothing but talk since then at city commission meetings, and now they are not even talking about it, and it seems you have showed me why.

I have no standing in the litigation, so all I can do is yap about it.

Again, if Bart Smith got his conflict waived by the plaintiff’s, I don’t think he did anything unethical.

On the U.S. president race, Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, retired, Key West area, wrote to me:


if you did your research—-which I understand it takes too much time—

the organization that gave out statistics —one of them that gave Hillary

95% for truthfulness——and honesty—–won a Pulitzer because of its

fact finding–objectivity and Independence–

the NY times and Washington Post fact-finding both were in Agreement—-Bernie scored 46%  and Trump less than 5%  —///////////-(untruthfulness pinned on Hillary appears to be a total Ho-supported by radical republicans and spread thro FOX–the propaganda machine)—–I am giving you the facts –truth —you can of course reject —which puts you –at least –marginally irrational—

of course do what you want and your heart desires —I have a new 900 page book that supports all of this also—-written by an esteemed professor—highly respected—-that is it..for now.

I replied:

Jerry, trying to determine the truthfulness of a politician sometime can be like trying to determine if there are alien bases on the dark side of Pluto. There is an old saying that comes to mind: “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

Below are links to a few of even more articles that came right up when I googled “Hillary Truth Index”. I read each article. The first article, from the NY Times, has Hillary and Bernie tied at not telling the truth a mere 28 percent of the time, far lower fibbing index than a number of other prominent politicians. Interestingly, Barack Obama scored slightly better, 26 percent, and Bill Clinton scored best of all, 24 percent. (Trump scored worst.)

From what I have observed of political rants, propaganda, comments on Facebook, Republican and Tea Party posters are far more prone to spin the truth than Democrat posters, but Democrat posters seem just as lacking in objectivity about their candidates as Republican and Tea Party posters are about their candidates.

I don’t just look at statistics, which are easily spun, nor just at what other people say or write about candidates. I look directly at the candidates themselves, what they have said or written, how they come across in videos/TV. I look into their body language, their eyes, their souls, and into the blank spaces. I read them like I’m reading a book. And I have angels giving me their read, too.

I just now saw online that John Kasich suspended his campaign, leaving Donald Trump with no current Republican opposition. I suppose the Republican Party is in anaphylactic shock, looking skyward, asking God why He has abandoned them? Maybe they should be looking in the mirror when they ask that question.

Unless Hillary is indicted, it seems it will be her against the Donald. The world must be really looking forward to watching America at least through the November general election.


All Politicians Lie. Some Lie More Than Others. – The New York Times


The New York Times

Dec 11, 2015 – Donald J. Trump’s record on truth and accuracy is astonishingly poor. … In the Democratic race, Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are evenly matched at 28 percent (based on 43 checks of …. Site Index Navigation …

Truth Squad: Hillary Clinton fouls Bernie Sanders on auto bailout …


Michigan Live

Mar 8, 2016 – After the mudbath of the Republican debate in Detroit a few days previous, the face-off between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in a …

The truth about Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street speeches – Apr. 20, 2016



Apr 20, 2016 – Just two months after leaving the State Department, Hillary Clinton began a short but very lucrative speaking career to banks, securities firms, trade associations, and three times, Goldman Sachs. … It was structured as a conversation between Clinton and Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd …

Reporter Asks Hillary Clinton if She’s ‘Always Told the Truth’ — See …



Feb 18, 2016 – It got just a little awkward Thursday night when CBS Evening News host Scott Pelley confronted Democratic presidential candidate Hillary …

Hillary Clinton campaign chair: ‘The American people can handle the …



Apr 7, 2016 – Clinton campaign chair: ‘The American people can handle the truth‘ on UFOs … Could we learn more about Area 51 from Hillary Clinton?

P.S. to Jerry today:

Interesting syndicated article in the sports section of today’s Key West Citizen (www.keysnews.com). In Mexico, Oscar De La Hoya, retired professional boxer of note and popular singer, is revered. Maybe that’s why Trump invited himself to play with De La Hoya’s golf group.

De La Hoya says Trump cheated during round

BY TIM DAHLBERG The Associated Press

LAS VEGAS — Of all the things Donald Trump has been called on the campaign trail, this one might sting the most: golf cheat. Oscar De La Hoya says that’s what he saw on the links when Trump joined up with his group at Trump National Golf Club in Los Angeles two years ago. Trump, he said, cheated not once but twice in the space of two holes. “Yes, I caught him,” De La Hoya said. “It was unbelievable. But I guess it was his course, so it was his rules.” De La Hoya said he and his group were teeing off on the first hole when Trump, an avid golfer who owns several courses, asked if he could join them. “Of course, this is your golf course,” De La Hoya said he told him. The former boxing champion said Trump hit his first ball into the water, hit a second out of bounds, then a third into the water again. His fourth ball then went into the bushes. “Donald, what he does is he tees off first so we go off to our balls and what do we see but Donald Trump right in the middle of the fairway,” De La Hoya said. “He said, ‘Hey look, I found my first ball.’” On the next hole, a par-3, De La Hoya said Trump hit into some bushes and again went ahead of the other players in his cart. When the rest of the group got to the green, he said Trump’s ball was 3 feet from the hole. “And by the way I’m picking it up,” De La Hoya quoted Trump as saying. “It’s a gimme.” That De La Hoya waited so long to talk about Trump’s golf game might have something to do with the fight he’s promoting Saturday night at the MGM Grand. It matches a Muslim and a Mexican in Amir Khan and Canelo Alvarez, and there are tickets to sell. De La Hoya, a son of Mexican immigrants, said he has reserved two of them at ringside for Trump, a big boxing fan, but so far they have been unclaimed. It’s not the first time Trump’s name has been used in connection with a fight. Last month, promoter Bob Arum pushed the “Anti-Trump” undercard of Mexican fighters for the Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley fight. De La Hoya believes Trump’s behavior on the golf course is reflective of his true self. “It shows something about his character,” he said. “Golf is a gentleman’s sport. You don’t lie about your score, you don’t lie about moving your ball. It goes to show what we’re dealing with.”

Here’s a link to one of several Hillary Clinton email controversy articles:

U.S. judge orders discovery to go forward over Clinton’s private email …


The Washington Post

Feb 23, 2016 – You’re all set! …. “While Mrs. Clinton’s testimony may not be required initially, it may happen that her testimony is necessary for the Court to resolve the legal issues … [State Department says Hillary Clinton’s email correspondence … a congressional subpoena and media requests for emails related to scores …

Jerry wrote this morning:

interesting –you did a lot of work–congrats-

I will go with Nicholas Kristof –see his editorial

April 24th   2016  SUNDAY NY times

in my opinion the Clintons are most concerned

with the welfare of the USA by far–the others are

delusional or clowns or just dumb…!!

I replied:

Actually, it took about 30 minutes to find those articles and read them. Regardless of what people say for Hillary, she still doesn’t look to me like a real person; in touch with herself, aware of how she comes across to others, introspective, self-critical. And, she seems to be getting no input from what she might call God. I can’t vote for her, even though I wrote in yesterday’s post, or maybe it the day before’s, that Lucifer likes Trump best of all the candidates. Given a choice between the two of them, I either will write on my ballot, NONE OF THE ABOVE, or my own name.

Sloan Zach 2


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