hope, change, and horse manure

First today, I was copied yesterday with an unexpected email. For this report, I redacted the Plaintiff’s first name, to  keep my website host happy.

From: Law Office <lawoffice@robertafinelaw.com>
Sent: Friday, January 20, 2017 6:47:56 PM
To: Judge Bonnie Helms (Raquel.Galvan@keyscourts.net)
Cc: sloanbashinsky@outlook.com; sloanbashinsky@yahoo.com
Subject: XXXXX Haney v. Sloan Y. Bashinky, Jr. Case No. 2017-CA-1-K Stipulated Motion to Withdraw and Proposed Order

Dear Raquel:

Please be advised that we filed our Entry of Appearance on January 17, 2017 and a Stipulated Motion to Withdraw today. Attached please find our Stipulated Motion to Withdraw and proposed order for Judge Helms’ review and consideration.

We would respectfully request that this Court enter the Order without the necessity of a hearing. Our firm has not filed any pleadings other than the Entry of Appearance and the Motion to Withdraw. On January 19, 2017, the Plaintiff filed a pleading on her own behalf.

I have copied the Defendant on this email as he is currently representing himself.

We thank the Court for its time and consideration.


Jen Cabot, FRP

Roberta S. Fine, Esq.

Julie D. Leckart, Esq.

Jenipher S. Cabot, FR Paralegal

Tori E. Pichardo, Legal Assistant

Law Offices of Roberta S. Fine, P.A.
1075 Duval St. Suite C-14
Key West, Florida  33040
Phone No.: (305) 294-0128
Facsimile:  (305) 294-0087


Please consider the environment before printing this email.

I replied this morning with this email, again redacting the Plaintiff’s first name from this report, to keep my website host happy:

From: Sloan Bashinsky
Sent: Saturday, January 21, 2017 11:08 AM
To: Law Office; Judge Bonnie Helms (Raquel.Galvan@keyscourts.net); JUDITH HANEY
Cc: sloanbashinsky@yahoo.com; sloanbash@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: XXXXX Haney v. Sloan Y. Bashinky, Jr. Case No. 2017-CA-1-K Stipulated Motion to Withdraw and Proposed Order


In a past life, I, Defendant Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Jr., practiced law in Birmingham, Alabama. I am new to e-filing. I do not see in my email accounts any notice of Roberta Fine’s law firm entering an appearance in this case. Perhaps that notice was sent to me U.S. mail, at my post office box?

I see in my email accounts, starting January 17, that Roberta Fine’s law firm was being copied with e-filings made by Plaintiff Haney. If I counted correctly, I found 3 e-filed pleadings by Plaintiff Haney after after January 17, the date the Fine law firm’s email tells the Court it had entered an appearance for Plaintiff Haney, and before I was apprised of the Roberta Fine law firm motion to withdraw.

One of those e-filed pleadings by Plaintiff Haney’s, January 20, yesterday, is a motion to strike the Amicus Brief filed by Rick Boettger, on his own motion. This morning, I received another e-filing from Plaintiff Haney, containing a motion to strike Boettger’s Amicus Brief. One of Haney’s grounds for her motion to strike is she has not yet received the Amicus Brief from Boettger, which he states in his Certificate of Service was sent to Haney by U.S. Post Office mail.

In the annals of American Jurisprudence, Amicus interventions into court cases have been welcomed and respected. I can’t say I ever heard of an objection being made to an amicus filing in a court case. Nor have I ever heard of an Amicus pleading being dismissed on motion to strike.

A book I once wrote, KILL ALL THE LAWYERS?, A Client’s Guide to Hiring, Firing, Using and Suing Lawyers, published by the Prentice-Hall Division of Simon & Shuster, included a chapter entitled, “Don’t Kill Your Lawyer!” That chapter was about clients who sabotaged their own cases and their lawyers’ attempts to represent them.

I do not oppose the Roberta Fine law firm’s motion to withdraw from representing Plaintiff Haney.

Judge Helms:

I, the Defendant in this lawsuit, offer all of Plaintiff Haney’s many, voluminous and conflicting pleadings in this case, and the Roberta Fine law firm’s motion to withdraw, and its email to Your Honor, and this my reply email to ALL, as proof Plaintiff Haney deceived and abused her own legal counsel  and this Court; as proof Plaintiff Haney misrepresented to this Court and her own legal counsel that she has a good reputation; and as proof Plaintiff Haney is a deceitful, vexatious, out-of-control litigator.

I, the Defendant in this lawsuit, therefore invite Your Honor to, ex mero motu, rule Plaintiff Haney’s compliant and amended complaints are frivolous, deceitful, vexatious and/or without merit, and are dismissed with prejudice to Plaintiff Haney, with all costs of this proceeding taxed to Plaintiff Haney.

Respectfully submitted,

Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Defendant

P.O. Box 2681

Key West, Florida

(305) 407-4285



The Rpberta Fine law firm and Plaintiff Haney are co-recipients of this email, which constitutes service on them.

Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Jr.

This came back from Plaintiff Haney:

From: XXXXX HANEY <XXXXXhaney@windstream.net>
Sent: Saturday, January 21, 2017 11:25:35 AM
To: ‘Sloan Bashinsky’
Cc: raquel.galvan@keyscourts.net

Mr. Bashinsky,

This case is within the jurisdiction of the court and you are not to contact me again via any means whatsoever.

If you contact me again via email, phone calls, or in person I will seek a warrant for your arrest in Key West for harassment without further notice.


I replied:

From: Sloan Bashinsky
Sent: Saturday, January 21, 2017 1:23 PM
Cc: raquel.galvan@keyscourts.net; lawoffice@robertafinelaw.com

Judge Helms,

Please add this email from Plaintiff Haney to the pile of reasons she has created to give you grounds to, ex mero motu, dismiss all of her pleadings, with prejudice, and tax all costs of this proceeding against her.

As a matter of law, I was required to copy Plaintiff Haney, as a party to the lawsuit she herself filed in this Court, with my reply to the email to Your Honor from Roberta Fine’s law firm, announcing that law firm’s motion to with draw as counsel for Plaintiff Haney. If I had not copied Plaintiff Haney with my reply, my reply would have been ex parte, in violation of the Rules of Civil Procedure and the Canons of Ethics.

This is much the same threat Haney made against me when I was in Birmingham, to try to extort me to abandon the contract she had made with me. This is much the same threat Haney later made in her email to me, after I had returned to Key West, notifying me she had sued me in this Court and a professional process server would serve the complaint on me in Key West.

This is much the same kind of behavior the city attorney and chief of police of Leeds, Alabama, near Birmingham, separately, by telephone, told me Haney routinely practices in that city and in nearby Birmingham.

I am required by law to copy Plaintiff Haney with correspondence to the Court, which is part of the lawsuit Haney filed against me. It is extortion for Plaintiff to threaten me with being arrested by  Key West law enforcement, or by any law enforcement, if I continue copying her in this lawsuit with what I am required by law to copy to her.

Given Plaintiff Haney’s threat to sick Key West law enforcement on me, I now ask you, Judge Helms, to issue an injunction immediately, ordering Plaintiff Haney, who is within this Court’s jurisdiction, because she filed her lawsuit against me in this Court, to stand down, to cease and desist making such threats, or be held in contempt of this Court and subject to being extradited and jailed in the Monroe County Detention Center, on Stock Island, just above Key West.

Respectively submitted,

Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Jr., Defendant

P.O. Box 2681

Key West, Florida 33045

(305) 407-4285

sloanbashinsky@outlook.com, sloanbashinsky@yahoo.com

Plaintiff Haney and the Roberta Fine law firm are co-recipients of this email, which constitutes service of this email on them

Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Jr.

Plaintiff Haney also emailed me:

From: XXXXX HANEY <XXXXXhaney@windstream.net>
Sent: Saturday, January 21, 2017 12:25 PM
To: ‘Sloan Bashinsky’
Cc: raquel.galvan@keyscourts.net

Mr. Bashinsky,

To be clear, you are to confine your communication with me to the Florida Court e-filing system. The system will automatically serve me.

Under no circumstances are you to email me directly about this case. Your email addresses have been blocked from my server and if you attempt to email me in the future, the server will not accept it.

You and the court will be noticed in advance of my discovery propounded upon you and you will be notified via certified mail to your Key West post office box. If you object to my discovery, you must e-file your objections.

You may mail me notices and pleadings via the U.S. Postal Service to PO Box 380911, Birmingham, AL 35238.

This is the last time I will communicate with you via email and you are never again to communicate with me via any means whatsoever outside of the confines of the jurisdiction of the Monroe County Circuit Court.


I replied to ALL:

From: Sloan Bashinsky
Sent: Saturday, January 21, 2017 1:36 PM
Cc: raquel.galvan@keyscourts.net; lawoffice@robertafinelaw.com

Judge Helms,

I also received this 2nd email from Plaintiff Haney.

I am fine just using e-filing. It was Plaintiff’s legal counsel who chose to communicate with you and me via email.

I had no problem with that. It seemed proper and expedient.


Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Defendant

P.O. Box 2681

Key West, Florida 33040

(305) 407-4285


As required by the Rules of Civil Procedure, Plaintiff Haney and the Roberta Fine law firm are copied with this email

Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Jr.


I swan, I thought when I read the Roberta Fine law firm’s email last night, I might get a rest. Ha!

Just as I was settling in to read more in a pretty darn rugged and interesting Jack Higgins foreign intrigue novel, my every unpredictable G.I. tract started acting up, then it got even more disagreeable, like it had been tied in a big square knot and pulled really tight.

So, I popped 2 ibuprofen.

Then, the croup I have been fighting came back in wild coughing fits, causing me to gasp for breath a times.

Great. Just great. Thank you angels. What have I done to deserve this?

Turned in about 10:30 p.m., wide awake, feeling like I was in a furnace.

Kept coughing.

Ibuprofen helped my gut a bit, though. Glad for that.

Had the dickens of a time getting to sleep.

Great. Thanks heaps. What have I done to deserve this?

To the angels that was directed, as earlier.

No answer.

Finally, I fell asleep, then began bizarre dreams, of my being on a golf course with a 4-iron, the only club I was using, trying to hit one golf ball after another, or at least swing like I was hitting balls, but all of my swings were too shallow, I was not taking any divots. Hard as I kept trying, I was not taking an divots. It was driving me nuts. But I no longer was coughing.

In my dream code, the number 4 represents politics. Always. So, I knew I was taking a lot of too shallow swings in political stuff I was engaging in my waking life. Or was dodging altogether. Perhaps due to being preoccupied with being sued by Haney, grieving the loss of a woman I really love, being too poor to alleviate my distress by spending money of things to entertain me, and the croup hanging on.

Then, an old college fraternity brother came to me in a dream. He was our Number 2 my senior year. That is, our Vice-President. In a roundabout way, I had introduced him to his wife, with whom he still is happily married, as far as I know. They live now in Alexandria, Virgina, just outside Washington, D.C.

In the dream, He kept trying to help me see something I was dodging. But that? I asked him about his wife? She showed up. Didn’t seem she was what it was about. If she had been, it would have been about the woman I’m grieving. Our college fraternity creed was, Dieu et les dames (God and the women). It was a Grail Knight mystical thing, although when we were in college, we mostly were heathens.

Many years ago, when I visited my old dear friend in Alexandria, his wife and I took a day and she drove us into Washington, D.C. We went to the Vietnam War Memorial, where I found the names of 2 of my and her husband’s fraternity brothers, who had died in Vietnam, for nothing, was how I by then saw it at the Wall.

We went to different historical government buildings. I saw the Declaration of Independence, under glass, and the U.S. Constitution, under glass. We bumped into U.S. Congressman Daniel Patrick Moynihan in an elevator, and I told him to keep raising hell in Congress. I forget now what he was raising hell about back then, but he needed to be doing it. We went to the U.S. Supreme Court, and I told my friend’s wife that I felt like all of those great Justices in the past were staring down at me, as if asking me if I was going to do what I needed to do?

My friend was our Number 2, in our fraternity. In my dream and spirit code, 2 is Jesus. Always.

I figured my dear old friends are in lethal shock over Donald Trump being sworn in yesterday.

Sippin’ Internet Café, where I publish most mornings to my websites, had the inauguration and swearing in on its big screen TV yesterday. I was barely able to bring myself to watch even some of it.

When Trump gave his inaugural address, I asked the entire coffee shop, if Trump was speaking from the cuff, or reading from a teleprompter? Someone in Sippin’ came over and showed me a text from his son, who, believe it or not, was operating the teleprompter from which Trump was reading his speech.

I thought, did not dare say, no way, if I were giving that inaugural, I would not be reading it from a monitor. I might have a few notes written down, points I wanted to be sure I covered, but no way I read it. And no way I let anyone else write it. Every word of it would be my words.

While the speech was going on, I told someone at Sippin’. Now Trump is moving from Sho Biz to Reality. Now we will see how he does with reality.

Later yesterday, I told a friend, who had happened by Sippin’, that, last year, I was writing ongoing about the run up to the November general election, but when Trump won, I totally disconnected from US politics. Like, an electric plug was pulled out of the wall socket.

I said, President Obama could have been a great president, but that would have required him to be unpopular, make a lot of people mad. I did not elaborate. I really didn’t care anymore, it seemed.

What would have made President Obama a great president would have been, after he was sworn in in 2008, he announced the pronto pulling of all US Military personnel out of Afghanistan, Iraq and the entire Middle East, and the cessation of all US Government aid to Israel.

A one-term president he would have been. If he was not killed.

But he wanted to be a 2-term president.

He accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, while still waging George W. Bush’s 2 white man’s wars for profits. I almost did not shit during the month after President Obama did that. Only when violent poetry burst out of me over what he had done, did my bowel unlock.

I received this in email yesterday, from a member of the Key West Poetry Guild.

I wanted to write back, why did you poets not scream protest poetry at President Obama for accepting the Nobel Peace Prize while waging George W. Bush’s wars?

I wanted to write back to the poets against Trump, I can’t stand Trump, but at least he had the balls to say during his campaign that George W. Bush had lied about Iraq. But I didn’t write back. I was disconnected from the wall electrical outlet. Or, I was preoccupied. Or, I just didn’t give a shit in that moment. Or, I was tired of trying bring about hope, change.

I told someone the day before yesterday, the Democrats could have run anyone but Hillary Clinton, and they would have beaten Trump.

I said, Hillary is not a real person. She is a shapeshifter. She is what everyone wants her to be. She has multiple personality disorder.

I said, Wikileaks gave Trump the election, by publishing all of Hillary’s emails. Trump did not win. The Democrats lost, by running Hillary. Bernie Sanders would have beaten Trump easily, I said.

I said, once upon a time, America’s Secretary of Defense under Presidents Johnson and Nixon, Robert McNamara, published his Vietnam apology, IN RETROSPECT. A friend living in New York City called me all excited about it. Wasn’t that great? I replied, McNamara really did need to publicly confess that he had been the architect of a horrible war. But the son of a bitch did his apology for money. Big bucks. National media and speaker tour fees. Instead, he should have given every penny he was paid for that book to the Vietnam combat veterans and their families. But that was not the American capitalist way. The American capitalist way was for McNamara make a mint off of his apology.

I was not upset to learn Trump somehow signed a new law yesterday, which allowed him to appoint a recently retired U.S. Marine Corps general as his Secretary of Defense. Normally, the Secretary of Defense has to be years out of military service, to insure civilian control over the military. I have long thought the Secretary of Defense should have served in the US Military, and not on that, but in fierce combat. We need in that job someone who actually knows the horrors of war, which Robert McNamara did not know. Which Barack Obama did not know. Which George W. Bush did not know. Which Donald Trump does not know. General

Dwight D. Eisenhower knew the horrors of war, when he was elected US President. Ike knew a war with the Soviet Union would be terrible. Ike knew the home threat was the US military-industrial complex, and before he left office at the end of his second term, he told Americans to be beware of that complex.

I was not in a good mood yesterday.

For a lot of reasons.

But I was not dealing with it. I was trying to stay one step ahead of the nice lady in Birmingham, who had been trying to do me in.

So, what kind of president will Donald Trump make? Damn if I know. It will be interesting to see how he deals with Reality.

And, will he continue being a sexual predator?

A bully?

A welcher of debts that put poor hardworking stiffs on the unemployment rolls?

Will he make his daughter stop having her clothing company’s products made overseas?

Will he get anything accomplished? I have no clue.

But I expect Trump will do whatever he can to get Russia and Vladimir Putin to join America in ganging up on Islam. With Russia’s oil and natural gas backing up what oil and natural gas America can produce within its own borders, America can tell the Saudis and the Middle East to go to hell. America can destroy the Saudi and Middle Eastern oilfields and pipelines and refineries. Then, where will Islam get its money to finance World War III against the non-Islam world? Where will Islam get fuel for its military vehicles?

It won’t surprise me if Trump tells Saudi Arabia, and Islam, if Islam does not stop its war against the rest of the world, it can kiss its holy places in Saudi Arabia adios. A few small dirty nuclear bombs will take care of that for several human lifetimes. Plenty of time for millions of Muslim men to grow up and old and die and go to paradise and then write back that there were no virgins, not even one, waiting on them there. It was a bait and switch, all those virgins they were promised. Instead, they are all living in trailer parks with Christians, Catholics, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Pagans, Wiccans, Taoists, Shintoists, Confucionists, Mormons, New Agers, Communists, Atheists, etc., etc.

Bad news for all the Christians, Catholics and Mormons, too.

I suppose President Obama and Michelle will start writing their memoires, and go the speaker’s tours, and be on TV shows, and make out like Hillary and Bill did after they left the White House.

I suppose the Democrats will spend the next several years blaming the Russians for Trump beating Hillary.

Maybe the Republicans will end up wondering why they didn’t suck it up and run anyone but Trump in 2016?

Maybe illegal Americans will not all be deported. God help America’s economy, if that happens.

But then, what do I know? I’m a raving lunatic. Many people will testify to that with their right hands on stacks of Bibles.

Down here in the Florida Keys, there is an article in today’s Key West Citizen (keysnews.com) about the County Commission still pretending it can, or will, or might, do something about the around 500 polluted canals in the Florida Keys. Polluted because the canals were dug way too deep, and/or way too long, and/or way too windy (crooked), for normal tidal flows to keep the water in the canals fresh and vibrant.

The county commissioners’ handwringing is all horseshit. There is only one way to fix canals dug too deep, too long, too windy. Fill them in and plant drought-resistant grass and shrubs on top of the fill. Never will the county commissioners admit that. Forget the county commissioners even talking about doing it.

Oh, did you ever hear that the US government gave Pritam Singh much the same free pass on importing young, pretty East European women, as it gave Donald Trump?

Here’s a link to Key West the Newspaper’s recent article on the latest Pritam Singh fast one.


Open the link. Read the article and the reader comments. And then good luck anything being done about it.

Maybe since tomorrow is Sunday, the Devil might get more direct due in tomorrow’s ravings at my websites.

Meanwhile, I have to do laundry sometime today, and try to find time for a nap somewhere, to catch up on the sleep I did not get much of last night, so I could bring you all of this good cheer today.


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