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Bob DeanBob Dean, Chairman, Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority

In yesterday’s out of the blue, 2: various Key West usual and unusual suspects post at, I included blue paper founder/publisher Dennis Reeves Cooper’s WILL KEY HAVEN RESIDENT BOB DEAN REALLY VOTE IN THE KEY WEST ELECTIONS NEXT WEEK? HIS LAWYER SAYS HE WILL. THE STATE ATTORNEY SAYS HE SHOULDN’T article about the Bob Dean Voting Machine and reader comments thereto. I did not include the bio the blue paper put under Dennis’ article, nor what I wrote in response to the bio. Dreams in naps yesterday, and in my sleep last night, left no wiggle room for me to not include both in this post today, after I talked with blue paper co-publisher Naja Girard, who told me she would need former Key West Police Chief Gordon “Buz” Dillon to tell her what he told me, before she would publish what I wrote yesterday about Dennis and Buz. I don’t know how to reach Buz, and I told Arnaud and Naja that, and I might simply publish mine today at

Here’s Dennis’ bio:

By: Dennis Reeves Cooper

IN THE PHOTO: DENNIS REEVES COOPER PH.D AND BILL O’REILLY. Dr. Cooper founded Key West The Newspaper in 1994 and published the paper for 18 years, until he retired in 2012. In 2001, Key West Police Chief Buz Dillon had Cooper arrested and jailed, alleging that Cooper had violated an obscure state gag law when writing about a police investigation. The journalist-arrested story hit the national news and Bill O’reilly called and invited Cooper to appear on his show on Fox News. Dillon was also invited to appear, but refused the invitation. O’Reilly suggested that Dillon was “hiding under his desk.” The ACLU also called and offered to sue the City of Key West on Cooper’s behalf. Subsequently, the gag law was declared unconstitutional and the City settled out of court for $240,000. Also, the arrest was a factor in the creation of an independent police oversight board– the Citizen Review Board (CRB)– by Key West voters in November 2002. By that time, Buz Dillon had been unceremoniously fired.

Here’s my response:

I dreamed about Dennis Cooper’s article 3 nights ago, but did not understand the dream until I read the bio on Dennis under his article. Dennis did not report, or share with the news media, what I was told by Chief of Police Gordon “Buz” Dillon, when he was fired by City Manager Julio Avael. Nor did Dennis report, or share with the media, that he let local judge Wayne Miller, who signed the arrest warrant, get clean away. What Buz told me was: he and Dennis Cooper were buddies, resulting from Buz becoming dissatisfied with how the Key West Citizen and the Keynoter, the 2 major local newspapers, were reporting cop shop stories. So Buz started feeding cop shop stories to Dennis “under the table”, and they were having a good time until Dennis wrote about an Internal Affairs investigation Buz had not fed to Dennis. Buz told me what Dennis published compromised the IA investigation – I think Dennis was the one who had filed the IA complaint? Buz told me he lost his cool, blew it, when he had Dennis arrested and jailed. Yet, as I later learned, Buz could not have gotten the warrant for Dennis’ arrest issued, if Judge Miller had not signed it, but nary a peep about Judge Miller did Dennis ever make in protest.

I already had observed and later would observe other times when Dennis did not tell all in cop shop cases he reported, in which he was personally involved. Such as, he got drunk, ran his car into a tree on city property next to a sidewalk, and drove away and got home before the cops arrived, and since they didn’t see him driving the car, they could not charge him with D.U.I. Such as, when Dennis later was arrested for D.U.I. and instead of manning up that he was over the limit, Dennis argued the cop was lying in wait for Dennis, and the cop made stuff up, which probably was true, but Dennis was drinking and then he drove his car, and the jury found him guilty and Judge Miller, who presided over the trial, put Dennis on probation, with conditions. After some time had passed, Judge ended the probation based solely, it appeared in the court file, on a letter from Dennis to Judge Miller, saying Dennis had complied with all the terms of his probation. Nothing was in that file from Dennis’ probation officer, nor from the State Attorney Office, agreeing or objecting to Dennis’s request to have his probation lifted.

This is not to in anywise argue Dennis did not do good things when he published the blue paper. Dennis wrote and published lots of cop shop articles, which needed to be published. And, arising from Dennis’ arrest by Buz and Judge Miller, a petition drive, spearheaded by Dennis and the blue paper in the fall of 2002, put the Key West Citizen’s (Police) Review Board on a referendum and, despite strenuous opposition from city hall, KWPD and the police benevolent union, the referendum was overwhelmingly passed by the voters. I participated in the petition drive and trying to get the referendum passed, and that’s how and when I met Dennis. After the referendum passed and a CRB committee had formed and was hashing out how to do the CRB, I told Dennis during a committee meeting, because of my own personal beef against the local police, I had a conflict of interest and I was not going to participate further in the formation of the CRB. I told Dennis he had done a good job getting the CRB referendum passed, and I recommended he also not participate further in the CRB, since he, too, had a personal beef with the local police and the same conflict of interest I had. I got out of my chair and left the meeting, with Dennis in hot pursuit, giving me hell. He blasted me in the next blue paper issue, without any reference to what I’d said in the committee meeting to him, about him following my lead, and why. I emailed him that I’d like to submit a “fair response”, telling it all, for Dennis to publish verbatim, and if he did not go along, I would publish it to my big email contacts list. I heard nothing from Dennis. I wrote up what really had happened, riding on the theme that Dennis claimed in the blue paper that it was where journalism was a “contact sport” – except when Dennis himself was involved personally, and I sent it to my email contact list in an email blast, and then was warmly thanked by the city attorney, Buz Dillon, and other city officials.

Short version of longer story, which ended with me knocking on Dennis’s office door one morning in 2003, at the suggestion of a mutual friend, whom I had told it was a really bad idea, it would not work, to talk with Dennis about supporting my campaign for mayor of Key West that year. Dennis came to the door, saw who was there, said, “You fuck! Get the hell out of here! I’m calling the police!” However, in his article about Bob Dean, Dennis is spot on, in my opinion, although I wish he had called for the prosecution I recommended in my reader comment, reproduced just below:

Thank you, Dennis; you wrote:

“several years ago, when questions about Dean’s Key West residency were first being asked, the Supervisor of Elections Office asked Dean to confirm his home address. He reportedly responded with the Bahama Street address– and the Elections Office took him at his word. Dean apparently took that as an “okay” to vote in Key West.’

This, as you know, is a bizarre but perhaps typical “bubba” argument: that Dean was led, or misled, by the Supervisor of Elections Office into thinking, or believing, that it was legal, or okay, for him to vote in Key West. It is bizarre, because Dean lied to the Supervisor of Elections office about where he then lived. The lie was fraud. He knew it was fraud. He knew he had misled the Supervisor of Elections Office. And now he is claiming the Supervisor of Elections Office caused him to believe it was legal, or okay, for him to vote in Key West.

This former practicing attorney says, if the Key West Canvassing Board buys that argument, then it becomes part of the fraud and its decision to let Dean vote in Key West this year should be ignored by the State Attorney Office, which then should prosecute Dean for voter fraud this year and prior years, and prosecute the Canvassing Board members as accomplices to the fraud this year.

Recent Facebook stuff, which caught my fancy:

Better up your Insurance on all your worldly possessions ?….Sloan “…..I forecast a direct hit on Key west……Wiping out the Jail and all the other high class hotels on the Island

Victor Clarke's photo.

News Feed

HOMELAND security officials in the United States today issued a yellow warning, after a drawing by a Muslim child depicting some sort of monsterous over-sized…

HOMELAND security officials in the United States today issued a yellow warning, after a drawing by a Muslim child depicting some sort of monsterous over-sized woman was intercepted by elementary school teachers in Phoenix, Arizona.

Saiid Ahmadi, 4, drew the picture during colouring hour and showed it to his teacher Annabel Harrison, who quickly became wary of what might be meant by the chilling image.

“It was a woman, but much larger than any other woman. Huge, perhaps skyscraper sized,” sobbed Harrison, a white.

“Given Saiid’s background, which I’m assuming is based in the Middle East, I felt it necessary to raise the alarm. I kept Saiid talking while a colleague called the FBI”.

The toddler, from Phoenix, Arizona, was detained for 24-hours as experts in terrorism grilled him to find the meaning of the drawing.

“First off, stop calling him a toddler. That in there is a man,” said Special Agent Mike Long, who headed up the investigation.

“That is a man who presented a clear danger to the security of those around him when he drew a picture depicting a woman with the ability to destroy us all. Where did he get the idea to draw that? Has he seen plans for this giant woman? Does she already exist? Is she about to be set loose in a major city? We need to know, now”.

Saiid’s family home has also been raided by special forces, with reports coming in that they have found a fridge covered in similarly sinister images.


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Jennifer Colwell ·

He is a remarkably good artist for a 4 year old. I think he is just the front toddler and that the rest of the class is part of the terrorist cell. He was probably radicalised online. I have always said that letting 6 month old babies go on facebook would end in tears.

Thomas Dolan ·

I would love to show this to some of our less “enlightened ” friends in the USA….They just would’nt get it

David Moran

(a) They wouldn’t relise its satire and (b)They’d 100% approve of the arrest wink emoticon
Like · Reply · 12 · 1 October 2015 09:08

Sonia Murray

oh, hi. i’m in the usa. i get it. it’s funny, hahahaha. see? we have a sense of humour too. jerks.
Like · Reply · 31 · 1 October 2015 10:35

Joshua Bakker ·

Sonia Murray yeah but a huge portion of your country’s population simply wouldn’t understand the humour in it(which is quite different to completely lacking a sense of humour). furthermore, the USA is the same country that recently arrested a boy(spoiler alert:he was muslim) for bringing in a clock he made as part of science experiment under the suspicion that it was a bomb, despite the fact that his SCIENCE teacher should have known the difference between a bomb and a clock.
Like · Reply · 6 · 1 October 2015 10:49

Mike Mc Mahon ·

ye are really in top form today

Maggie McMenamin ·

don’t worry…some of us Yanks totally get it

Jennifer Colwell ·

That’s good… I knew there were some of you out there… anything satirical I write about Americans excludes all of you and I am sure there are more than I think. I hope you speak up more.
Like · Reply · 3 · 1 October 2015 10:33

Kim Hillier ·

This woman appears to be gender challenged. This is propaganda for same sex marriage and gender diversity. Even worse than terrorism and facebook combined.

Brendan Lawlor ·

Great deadpan ( I hope) – it’s actually almost verbatim the views of numerous right-wing commentators (in both US and AU, though thankfully the vile Tony Abbott is no longer relevant)
Like · Reply · 1 · 16 hrs

Kim Hillier ·

Brendan Lawlor well what would you rather face? A sword wielding death cultist or a menopausal feminist separtist lesbian activitist with a placard? No brainer. Both of them.
Like · Reply · 16 hrs

Peter Kirchoff

Somebody PLEASE say it never happened. Give me a break@

Sally McKelvy

It never happened…this is a satire page….r u lost?
Like · Reply · 3 · 1 October 2015 15:30

Karen Young ·

Like · Reply · 1 October 2015 21:17

Bruce Niedt ·

Well, this Yank thought it was hilarious. Do you know The Onion? This is exactly the kind of satire they post, and you’re right, some of my fellow Americans don’t recognize satire if it bites them on the bum.

Sloan Bashinsky ·

So, maybe the toddler, not yet entirely cut off from the angelic realm by programmed adult thinking and beliefs, actually had a spirit vision indicating a world wide, starting in the Testerone Capital, er, Capitol, of the pale faces, which is Uncle Sam’s homeland, invasion of the Divine Feminine, which, presently, and for a very long time, has been sorely lacking in so-called “Western Civilization,” and she ain’t doing all that much catting around elsewhere on this planet, either.

Zaheer Musaa ·

The tree and flower are of same size may be he is planning for Miniature Trees or Gaint Flower…..!!!!

Janice D. Soderling

Obviously everyone who “got it” belongs to the enlightened with a sense of humor and an awareness of current events so there is no need for anyone in this category to feel insulted.

Leighanna Rose Walsh ·

All I wanna do, is see you turn into, a Giant woman…

Gerard Brennan ·

Turkeys! It’s an isometric projection of a normal sized person. Somebody needs an education at the CIA.

Kimberley Weldon ·

This is the most ridiculous, stupid overreaction of all time. I am utterly disgusted. Are you telling me that this doesn’t happen in the UK? wink emoticon

Jim Millman ·

The Prevent strategy in the UK comes pretty close to making this a reality. So no-one in the UK (can’t speak for the RoI) should be too smug.

Brian Conlin

It’s the USA.I can believe any scardy cat thing they get up to.

Marsha Waren

Great satire! Makes its point well – turn off the knee-jerk xenophobic panic and turn on your brains.

Alison Dunkley ·

This is so utterly ridiculous that it has to be fake. If not, then perhaps the big person in the drawing is his teacher…..little kids tend to see people they like and look up to as larger than life. I think this is a scam.

Yeah, it’s those pesky children on welfare that are taking your hard earned dollars. Yeah. Right, y’moron.

  • Comments
    • John Friday

      John Friday And of course it’s the food stamp program, that makes up about one line on the book in this picture, that’s really busting our budget…

      Like · Reply · 3 · 21 hrs
    • Will Waag

      Will Waag The difference is that the Constitution makes the Federal Government responsible for defending the country militarily… Show me the part of the Constitution that allows the Federal government the power to steal from my family and give the fruits of my labor to someone else who DIDN’T work for it…

      (Grinning, running & ducking – very, very fast)

      Like · Reply · 1 · 20 hrs
    • Will Waag

      Will Waag (And don’t make me unleash the awesome power of Microsoft PowerPoint on you! I can make pretty pictures TOO!)

      Like · Reply · 1 · 20 hrs
    • Sloan Bashinsky

      Sloan Bashinsky so can anyone

      Devil or Angel
      Like · Reply · 1 ·


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