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NajaArnaud Girard

I dropped by Naja and Araud Girard’s home this morning, they, above, publish Key West the Newspaper, www.thebluepaper.com, to tell them, if the KWPD can use confidential informers, then so can they and I. For example, yesterday I was told by one of my confidential informants that Randi Cohen Brown, recently resigned Executive Director of SHAL (Southern Assistance Homeless League), which manages KOTS, the City of Key West’s homeless shelter located on the sheriff’s property on Stock island, had regularly acquired prescription drugs from a KOTS client, while the client was staying at KOTS, and later.

Once again, I reminded Naja and Arnaud that they once told me nearly everyone they know in Key West is a drug addict. They did not mean booze, which also is a narcotic. Naja told me to check out the blue paper’s Facebook page, and reader comments under the

article , which reports what caused Sheriff Rick Ramsay to weigh in on what Trish Gibson had said at the recent ACLU forum on police behavior. And, for me to weigh in with Sloan stuff. So, I went to the Key West the Newpaper Facebook page and and found, and then put in some of my 2 cents worth at the bottom.

It may be worse than we thought! Was Assistant Public Defender Trish Gibson onto something when she said she thinks there is “selective enforcement” when it comes to drug-related arrests? … WHAT DO YOU THINK?

More frequent searches of Black residents predictably results in a greater probability of finding drugs and in more arrests. One Bahama Village resident explained: “By…
  • Paul Goodwin The blue paper should do some checking into the funneling of campaign contributions through Rick Ramsey’s x girlfriends bank account ?
  • Kate Balkun McDonnell I’d rather have them be selective in the known problem areas than searching tourists on duval. Might hate dealing with tourists but if you create a bad atmosphere tourist and their money will go away, bottom line is I want the PD to target problem areas so it doesn’t spread out to other parts of the area.
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  • Eric Nelski ^^^^ well said^^^^
  • Kenneth Klauss People who don’t live here and know first-hand about KWPD should shut their pieholes.
  • Gary Lee I got stopped a few years back when I was just driving my scooter through Bahama Village. It was only like 6pm but I was stopped because I was white in a known drug area and looked out of place.
  • Gary Lee I agree the KWPD should target problem areas and the community of those areas should do everything they can to assist the police in ridding their neighborhood of drug dealers. Only when that happens will they not have this problem. Walk down Elizabeth ST or William ST and you don’t have people asking you “hey what you need “. Go try that in any White section of Old Town and you will be arrested even faster. Why? Because the residents there don’t want that in their neighborhood and will call the police! I hate this race card victim mentality b.s.! Take responsibility in cleaning up your community. Be grateful for the KWPD because without them wasting everyone’s money cleaning up your neighborhood you would be living in a place like Miami Gardens with little kids being killed with stray bullets on an almost daily basis. SMH! I say this despite how messed up I think the KWPD may be.
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  • Gary Lee Oh and by the way this is coming from a White Man who’s been arrested for possession with intent to sell because I was stopped and had my vehicle searched and was in possession of my father’s medication which I picked up at the pharmacy for him. That’s the privilege I received for being a White Man.
  • Rennie Procher I don’t buy the selective enforcement bs. A few former and fellow employees (none of which were black) have been arrested for possession. Try going on the Sherrifs website and you will see for yourself.


  • Philip Kircher I don’t get it. The people arrested were commiting crimes. Is the author suggesting that the police let more go because of race quotas? How about not commiting crimes in the first place? Why does this author and publication consistantly abandon the idea of personal responsibility and instead focus on police doing what we as tax payers pay them to do?
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  • Gary Lee Are there any public housing areas in the entire Keys that are majority White that we can compare arrest with? I have my own question of statistics maybe the author would be interested in publishing? How about the percentage of low-income Whites in the Keys and the percentage of Whites that are currently living in public housing? Why are all these public housing developments majority Black when they make up so little of the population in Monroe? That’s really what I’d like to know. Discrimation ?
  • Bob Galaher Ok idiots…..just look at the Monroe county web site for recent arrests and see how racist it is…..Just in the first 4 pages there are only 3 black men….the rest are Caucasian and Latino….a very unprofessional statement being made by the woman who wants to run the public defenders office….
    • Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) Recall that Trish Gibson spoke only about drug-related crimes and gave an example of how confidential informants are used to combat drug crime uniquely in Bahama Village. The other statement she made was about her drug-related case load which, at the time, was comprised of only Blacks. This discussion is about drug-related crime only. Our article provides a LINK and analysis of a document provided by the MC Sheriff that shows ALL arrests by KWPD from Jan 1, 2014 – April 22, 2015. Drug related arrests only were taken from the list in the analysis. Looking at mug shots for this week does not enlighten us on this issue – as it shows ALL arrests, for any type of crime, for ALL law enforcement agencies in Monroe County. Thanks to you all for your participation in this discussion.
  • Paul Goodwin The nobility of current policy using law enforcement against the impoverished, while white collar criminals evade consequences through political affiliation/relation as crimes involving looting the public are less obvious and offensive than vice. instances of the Kings guard in blue committing murder as a sanctioned event by those in the governance of Key West . There’s you’re f..king privileged class
  • RL Saunders Trish is brave.
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  • Walter Yarbrough I personally know of a couple of white conch kids with multiple drug arrests who were out of jail in hours, and I don’t mean a bit of weed. Doesn’t seem to work like that in Bahama Village.
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  • Voluntary Vic More people have died as a result of the ‘War on Drugs’ than from the drugs themselves. Legalize everything, and take responsibility for yourself, and accept the consequences of your actions. Then the police can focus on the real criminals.
  • Chip L Powell Yes….It is selective…..the BLACK drug dealer pull out the race card, and walk away. Look at the website, more White people, and Hispanics on there, than there are blacks.
    • Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) Thank you for being a part of this discussion. Unfortunately looking at recent mug shots on the Sheriff’s website will not enlighten us on this subject. We are only looking at drug-related crime and only at KWPD arrests. The Sheriff’s website shows ALL arrests by ALL law enforcement agencies. We spent two days pouring over every KWPD arrest for a 15.5 month period and we pulled out those that were drug-related. Then we counted how many were black, white, hispanic and looked at population numbers. What we found is that when it comes to drug related crimes Blacks have a 6 times greater likelihood of being arrested (than Whites). This either means that Blacks commit much more drug related crime or that Enforcement is directed more aggressively towards Blacks…. Every criminal justice professional on the panel at the ACLU meeting, including the Chief, agreed that Whites are just as involved in illegal drugs as Blacks… Another issue brought out in the article is the enforcement tactics used in the Black community: illegal public strip searches of Black men (no examples of doing so to Whites) , holding Black children at gunpoint- elementary school children (no examples of holding White children at gunpoint).
  • Gary Lee My solution is simple. They need more diversity in Bahama Village and Porter Place and all the other public housing developments where the majority of these arrest and strip searches and so on take place. Let some Whites move into these places and according to the author all the police will magically disappear. Problem solved.
  • Gary Lee Why don’t you write an article about all the homeless who are majority white that get harrassed and arrested and rights violated on a daily basis? Why are police targeting white homeless people? Why are there more white homeless arrest? Is it because there are more whites who are homeless?
  • Gary Lee Are whites that much better at selling drugs that it goes undetected? That’s pretty much what you’re saying. Well if that’s what you’re insinuating then you’re without a doubt a bigoted racist and should be ashamed to call yourself a “journalist”.
  • Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) Gary Lee who was so outraged at the treatment by KWPD of a White man who died in- custody after an arrest on South Beach that his comments here on Facebook were so full of profanity against KWPD and all police that a good percentage of them had to be removed from Facebook – the same Gary Lee that just can’t find anything at all wrong when KWPD officers illegally strip search Blacks or interrogate a little eleven- year old black girl home alone at gunpoint. Hmmm… who appears to be the bigoted racist in the room?
  • Gary Lee Where in any of my comments did I say I didn’t find anything wrong? I have given my opinions just the same as you have. My opinions always seem to collect the most “likes” as well. I have asked some valid questions that you wisely choose yo ignore because that would ruin your argument of the KWPD attack on Blacks.
  • Gary Lee You want to compare apples and oranges go ahead. You’re the one’s losing credibility.
  • Chip L Powell The best thing for KWPD to do, is just stay in their cars, and not do anything, because SOMEONE will complain, no matter what. And according to the blue paper, we should investigate the entire Department. Hell, why not fire every single police officer in the city, while we are at it. That way we can just start over.
  • Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) Gary, Your requests for us to do stories on other issues are valid (in fact looking into the Housing Authority has long been on our list and we already have some content for a future documentary on the homeless) but it is somewhat offpoint. You chose to ignore the alleged wrongs – public strip search and gunpoint interrogation of elementary school child and instead to focus anger at our reporting on statements of public officials and verification of statistics. Why would you be upset that we would report on the topic – brought up by public officials – about racial bias in policing in Key West and why would you not even mention those alleged wrongs? It seems as though you have A double standard when it comes to oversight of alleged KWPD mistreatment of suspects – Depending on the race of the “victim.” Of course, i could be misunderstanding.
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  • Gary Lee KWPD may be all kinds of messed up but it’s clear to me and a lot of your readers that they’re not out there intentionally targeting blacks. Step outside of your glass house in the White Section of KW.
  • Chip L Powell We are sick and tired of the race baiting, Every time a black person is questioned by the police, these days, SOMEONE throws the race card, and says something is wrong.Then all you can focus on, is that an 11 year old girl was questioned at gun point, as I have stated before, an 11 year old can kill you just as fast as a 40 year old, so YES! if I am in a high drug traffic area, in a house I’m not familiar with, around an individual I don’t know, I have my weapon at the ready just in case, It when you let your guard down, that you can wind up dead. But HEY their just cops right, who cares if they are killed.they are all jack booted thugs anyway. as long as we don’t offend any one.
    • Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) Chip, You would “have your weapon at the ready” – but would you have it pointed at the head of a little girl? What if you came home to find your daughter surrounded by police officers with one holding a gun to her head? What do you think that does to the little girl? How will she feel about police in the future? What will she tell her children about law enforcement? Would you not demand an investigation? You seem to be saying that this is such a tiny little thing that it is absurd to demand an investigation. That administrative oversight in this instance would be a waste of taxpayer dollar. I have a hard time comprehending that logic. If it were my daughter I would NOT feel as though it were a tiny little issue… How about you? What if it were your daughter?
  • Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) Gary, We reported on the numbers – after painstakingly verifying them. You may believe there is such disproportion simply because Blacks are more likely to be criminals. We’re not telling you why the numbers are what they are. (Other than Trish Gibson’s point that CI’s are only sent to BV) … And you still have not addressed the illegal public strip searches of BLACK men (not White men) or the alleged interrogation at gunpoint of an eleven year old BLACK girl (not white girl). Why are you OK with that? Where is your outrage at police tactics that was so close to the surface that you couldn’t keep yourself from repeatedly using the F word when they were accused of mistreating Charles Eimers? (They do deny they mistreated Charles Eimers by the way.) Is it OK to illegally strip search Black men in public and interrogate Black elementary school children at gunpoint? Should those instances of illegal and highly questionable behaviour be addressed? Or is it OK and not worth mentioning because they are Black?
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  • Gary Lee How do you know it’s never happened to a white man or a young white child? You people are starting to sound like the honorable Rev. Al Sharpton lmao. Wake up
  • Gary Lee When you step outside your Glass House in the Whitest section of KW spend some time in the Bahama Village and other known public housing developments that are for some strange reason majority black and maybe you too will be Strip Searched. Then just maybe you can grasp the simple fact that the KWPD will do that to anyone. They target homeless areas and drug areas. Problem areas. Whoever is suspicious in those areas is going to deal with KWPD and doesn’t matter if they’re white,black,brown,tan,red,etc.
  • Gary Lee It’s not okay to illegally strip search any man in public or hold any child at gunpoint regardless of color. Stop making it about a Black man or a Black child. It’s a man and a child. Makes no difference what color they are. You’re intentionally race baiting which just divides people and turns them against each other when we should all be united in the fight for transparency and accountability from the KWPD.
  • Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) Gary, obviously you believe we are not seeing something that is evident to you – and thanks for trying to talk this out. if and when we find evidence that such things are being done to Whites we will report on them. The reason I pointed out to you thSee More
  • Gary Lee Well me and you are very different ages and have very different appearances. You can say I’m racist all you want but I know for a fact the KWPD will mess with anyone in that area. There just happens to be more blacks.
  • Gary Lee You should also go after whoever’s in charge of the Housing Authority for being racist. Let some poor whites into BV public housing and let’s see what happens.
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  • Sloan Bashinsky Well, Gary Lee, this is one white man who would love to get a cheap housing authority apartment, and I applied for just that in senior housing and was told the wait list was 2-5 years. Today, I applied for the Section 8 lottery reported in the Citizen the other day, being run by the Housing Authority. Unfortunately, Gary Lee, those white cops strip searched that black man in broad day light, before a horde of black people watching on, because that man was black, and those white cops figured they could get away with it, in their deep dark secret closets, they are KKK types. There was no reason for them to do that strip search in public, in plain view, before that black crowd. They did it because they got off on it. And, thanks to a bystander with a cell phone camera, they got caught, just like happened in the Charles Eimers case, thanks to a cell phone video the cops did not know about when they did their deeds, and then lied about what they did, which the cell phone video revealed. I’m going to make a second comment, which I made already under this article at the blue paper.
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  • Sloan Bashinsky It seemed to me Sheriff Rick Ramsay did not get what Public Defender Trish Gibson said, which was about her own public defender case load. Her case load is not statistics, but is facts. Trish said she had no powder (cocaine) drug cases made on Duval Street. She had no confidential informant cases made on Duval Street. She said her cases are crack cases, in Bahama Village. Her confidential informant cases are in Bahama Village. I did not know Rick Ramsay had any deputies making drug busts in Bahama Village. Does he? I thought that was KWPD. What the blue paper, and, it seems, everyone keeps dodging, is Duval Street is a massive drug trafficking corridor, and it is encouraged by the city. Booze sales and open containers are encouraged for all but homeless people. Cocaine arrests are not made on Duval, are they? I have published a number of times that a stripper told me young KW cops providing nighttime security for Duval clubs are trafficking drugs in those clubs. The only person, so far, to challenge me on that, ironically, was Naja Girard. I am convinced it’s happening. The point I’m making, again. Narcotics, including booze and street and prescription drugs, are what drives Key West’s economy. And if KWPD is making narcotics busts only in Bahama Village, yes, that is facts, not statistics, and it is racial discrimination, if Whites are not being arrested in those busts.
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  • Sloan Bashinsky P.S. to Gary Lee. if you are the Gary Lee I personally know somewhat, through Paul Goodwin —- not police officer Gary Lee Lovette, who led the charge to kill Charles Eimers, and then boasted about it — I hold no resentment toward blacks living in public housing in Key West, even if, say, they are the majority of tenants in that housing. Historically, blacks have been the poorest segment of any place where I have lived, except New Mexico, where Native Americans were the poorest, generally. It stands to reason, therefore, blacks will predominate public housing in Key West. Maybe your ire has some foundation in stuff having nothing to do with anything the blue paper published, to which you commented. Maybe something from the past left you angry about how things are going, how your life is going. I don’t know, but I often encounter people who are furious about something, rant about it, when it’s something else, or somethings else, which really bothers them. A few of those people contribute articles to the blue paper, or submit comments under blue paper articles.
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  • Sloan Bashinsky Hands down, Trish Gibson would have won my vote, if, at the recent ACLU forum, she had named the KWPD cops she and the state attorney office and the local judges know lie in cases they make. After the ACLU meeting, I got onto Trish not naming those cops, after Naja Girard, from the audience, said, at the only other ACLU meeting she had attended in Key West, it was generally discussed that there are KW cops known to lie in their cases, and these cops are known to local judges, the state attorney and the public defender.



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