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Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, and life-long environmental activist, replied to yesterday’s global warming, rising seas, hurricanes, falling tree limbs, space ships, rainbow alchemy and other phenomena in the Florida Keys and beyond post at

Sloan: You get much pleasure out of social interaction and gain information—-some insightful: From that little house on Little Torch it is a long way to Harpoon Harry’s; Right now a Henry David Thoreau existence is not your cup of tea or a bowl of veggie soup. Dreaming is your drama at this time of your life.. Of Course all this my opinion.

Factual: —-: are the long, deep cores office extracted from glaciers going back thousands of years trapped inside are pockets of atmosphere and the CO2 can be measured and compared to now. Guess what CO2 is disastrously higher now from exact measurements and comparisons.

Cutting down trees is a little added message here—-we are long past that time when we can cut with impunity. Cruise ship silt and garbage killing plankton that absorb CO2 another step toward increasing global climate change………Have an exhilarating Sunday—–Jerry
(future generations will pay “dearly” for our damaging the natural environment)

I replied:

Hi, Jerry –

If I’d had the mean$$$ when I lived on Little Torch, I actually called my place Walden, I probably would have built that home which depended on Mother Nature to power it and provide it will water. It might have been a lovely project, as opposed to the dark night of the soul I endured when I lived there the second time, March 2010-August 2013.

I don’t think you understand my dream process. It is as interactive in spirit ways as my verbal interactions with you, at Harpoon Harry’s and elsewhere when I’m “awake”.. Dream time is just as informative and insightful a human conversations, and often brings more insights to human conversations and activity.

Humanity, to which I belong, has indeed ravaged this planet and the price paid by our human descendants probably will be dear. I wrote to someone today that drastically decreasing the human population would help the planet. I did not write that I don’t know too many people who are willing to lead that charge to help the planet.

Many times have I laughed when people living in the Keys said they are environmentalists and want to go green and protect the environment. If they truly meant that, I often said, they would move out of the Keys altogether, and live somewhere less environmentally fragile, where they would have a lot less adverse environmental impact, perhaps.

People are the invasive species down here. But for people living in the Keys, there would be no, hmmm, iguanas living here, no cruise ships calling here, no mostly dead coral reef, no ocean infested with flesh eating bacterial and other pathogens, a fish population that rivals any other ocean fish habitat on this planet.

That’s what I wanted to publish today, but I was warned in several different ways, including someone else’s dream, to chill today, serve cooked refrigerated vegetables and milk. So that’s what I called myself serving in what I published today.

So far, today’s exhiliration is feeling like somebody is slicing my intestines with razor blades, which tell’s me really awful stuff is in the air, and it’s being run through me like I’m a convenient spirit shit processing plant. Some of the garbage might be mine, some of it probably isn’t. I get it all anyway.

Time to try to take a nap, recharge, if possible. Too early in the day, and too hot, to go to White Street Pier for that.


Jerry wrote:

Sloan: at the moment you are having a difficult time: you know you write well and I comprehend most of what you convey. Moods change Sloan—-Walden for the future–Perhaps–you are still young compared to me–all is possible–who knows.
There is an authenticity to what Thoreau wrote and compared to our artificial—virtual reality excrement —Walden will hold up—I read a few lines a day –among other good stuff–(to survive.)…

The EPA has extended Public input on the Pebble Mine –open pit obscenity—Bristol Bay (Bering Sea)-will wipe out great beauty and half of all the Salmon on this planet.–

If you could write strongly against this ultra-horrific project to the EPA or especially in your Blog–I have been there with Donna —it is Bristol Bay ( 30 rivers ) absolutely magnificent and vital –destruction is such a nightmare–beyond Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen describe …

NO PEBBLE MINE IN ALASKA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!——today–I swam at first light

it was beautiful, —good luck today—!! Jerry


On Monday, September 8, 2014 11:47 PM, Site Administrator <> wrote:

Thank you for supporting the Bristol Bay Fishery.
Your message has been sent to the following decision makers:
EPA Administrator

Bristol BayBristol Bay

some of Bristol Bay’s watershed below

Bristol Bay watershed

I replied:

Hi again, Jerry – am happy to share your email, and the EPA reply you received, with my readers. The rape of Mother Nature is broad and deep, which not even the most severe (cold) weather inhibits. Perhaps the way I feel in my G.I. tract right now is how the planet feels from the mass raping. I did dream last night about going someplace today where there was snow and ice. And in the nap a bit ago, I dreamt of a long pass I threw, somewhat low it turned out, in a football game, being caught by a big strong receiver anyway, in preparation to him dunking it into a basketball net above him. A basketball net is always the feminine in my dreams, as is mother nature. Then, I had another long, fierce dream nailing it down even more, and then I was visiting with my father’s older brother’s wife, who, like her husband, never minced words, and she had encouraging words.

That dream I had of a true ecological home, true as best as I could come up with, short of living in a teepee somewhere, was the only dream I’d had in a long time. Dream in the looking forward to something sense. Perhaps it still slumbers out of my awareness, perhaps not. What I have now is just one rough assignment after another, the “Shanghaied” poem I published the other day comes to mind – yesterday I think I published it. I’m headed to Jack Flats to watch professional football and perhaps escape for a while. Your use of Poe and King to understate the rape made me laugh.


Jerry wrote:

Sloan —Glad you could laugh !!–analyzing your dreams would be a complex task—although some are quite clear. Hope you feel better –take care –Jerry

I replied:

Hi, Jerry – I had a nice dolphin [mahi mahi, not Flipper] Reuben sandwich at Jack Flats with a pickle slice and sweet potato fries, as I watched some pretty good pro football, then took a little walk, returned to Jack Flats and headed to the toilet and soon felt a great deal better. I knew yesterday, when my bowel suddenly purged, that something big and raunchy was coming in, but I had no clue what. My bowel suddenly purging always signals something big and raunchy coming in. The clue came when you brought Bristol Bay into your discussion.

I’m spirit-wired to engage lots of different things humanity does to screw up itself and the planet. I was grumbling for a while about being fed up with Key West’s politics, and now you bear this fine gift of pebbles from the Bearing Sea, even as a woman friend in Key West I have known for a while, I sometimes refer to as “Chickpea” because of her affection for the Sufi poet, Rumi, and his spiritual teacher, Shams. Rumi wrote a poem called “The Chickpea,” which is pretty well known in some western circles; probably very well known in Middle Eastern circles.

My woman friend bore greetings from Kali, and asked for my history, if any, with same. I suppose I might use what she sent, which was quite stimulating, and my replies, in tomorrow’s post at And the angel told him to stop hitting himself, stop hitting himself, but lo, the angel was hitting him with his own hands.

I told you my thoughts just a little while ago, outside the dome on White Street Pier, that if you could link me up with an Inuit shaman who speaks English fairly well, he and I probably would have ourselves an interesting conversation. Then I found myself wondering if any Bearing Sea area indigenous shamans are working on this pebble mine business? They, I would think, have the most at stake and the most standing to do the heavy spirit work.

I somewhat know a Conch fellow from Key Largo, who got abducted into shaman training and eventually moved to New Mexico and works with American Indian shamans out there. I wonder why he wasn’t hijacked into this Bearing pebble thing? Or at least into the Florida Keys environmental massacre?

What in the world is an Alabama white man born with a silver spoon in his mouth doing involved in this sort of stuff, which is every bit as real as a manatee or a coral reef or a tarpon or a green turtle. I leave the mermaid question unanswered, for now :-).


P.S. Also of late, I’ve been seeing TV ads from that nice BP company which tried to kill the Gulf of Mexico a few years back. They are touting a fiftyish sort of pretty brunette woman alleged to be their president in charge of BP’s Alaskan rape and plunder operation, but they don’t call it that, of course; they have sandwiched it in nice ecological mumbo jumbo (lying through the teeth propaganda), coming out of here sweet little forked-tongue mouth, the fork is cleverly hidden of course. She’s made to look like she’s up there in Alaska, all swaddled up in artic wear, blowing smoke as she speaks, like people do when they breathe or talk when the air is below freezing. I should have figured out just from those nice TV ads from Alaska that the angels were sticking that nice lady and her nice petro-chemical company inside of me to keep me extra warm and happy this winter. What a deal!

Jerry wrote:

Sloan: good meal at Jack Flats and bowels straighten out — sounds like a prescription for feeling prodigiously better
Yes , they have Indians of all kinds of preternatural powers working on this.
You know why they are going to want to dig the biggest open pit mine on the planet –for the insides of electronic devices;
Copper and Molybdenum and gold for Kindles and smart phones and all other technological necessities —-save a tree –which can grow and plunder the earth –they haven’t told the citizenry about that –who never wonder what is inside their Kindle which is about as necessary as a human tail or appendix.
That spot– the pebble mine may be the “single most sensitive spot” on this planet for sheer destructiveness—–(-INSANITY) –northern Dynasty mine corps.
Anglo—America n pulled out–this is probably owned by the Japanese who don’t seem to give a damn about anything that could be damaging–
George W. gave them permission to drill exploratory shafts on land that was under guardianship —not available for commercial exploitation.—there are a lot more details —but you are feeling better you don’t have to know them.
have a rewarding evening—Jerry….

I replied:

Thanks, Jerry, for the overview. I don’t need to know details to pick up on it in my guts and liver and cerebral spinal fluid and soul – if the angels want it in me, then it’s in me. Apparently, they feel something about me is needed in the pebble situation, which thrills me not. Glad to hear natives are on it. They are at ground zero, physically. I had no clue what was eating me, until you told me about those pebbles. Been working on other toxic pebbles since last writing to you. Perhaps I need to look for a good slingshot. Ciao. Sloan

Jerry wrote:

Sloan—Thanks for picking up on the horrific disaster brewing at BRISTOL BAY ALASKA—–I have felt it as a burden to do as much as possible —with the EPA—-clean water act.; “pebble mine” affects and infects all my systems –even my toenails curl and shred—–(-may the angels be kind to you tonight )—Jerry

I replied in the wee hours this morning:

Morning, Jerry – the angels showed me in a dream a bit ago that offering ice cream samples isn’t getting people interested in what I’m really offering.

Before turning in last night, I googled Bristol Bay Pebble Mine and found a fairly recent article, the EPA intervened and objected, and the major corporate raper and pillager pulled out and left behind several hundred million in losses. The smaller corporate raper and pillager says it’s still pursuing the pebble mine, and, along with lots of Alaskans, is howling that the EPA should have stayed out of it, Alaskans should be able to make this decision on their own. I hope the indigenous people up there are not in that “states rights” camp. If I were them, I’d be darn glad the EPA intervened, and I’d be praying the EPA stays intervened. Here’s a link to that article:

Jerry wrote:

Sloan: thanks for your interest and consideration—–the article hardly scratches the surface —22 years in Alaska I can tell –all this propaganda of jobs and wealth is totally false —lying —an earthen dam proposed —-the same that collapsed in Florida killing 3000 people twice around Lake Okeechobee in the 1920’s —proposed here.
This over a known earth quake fault –right on top of it. Our lake is only allowed to fill partially —because of fear of collapse –hence our water shortages largely on that basis; not enough to replenish the FL. aquifer —-state wide shortages even with lots of rain.

The company aligned with Northern Dynasty its dam in British Columbia just collapsed 2 weeks ago killing millions of Salmon –not in the main media ——extraction of pebble minerals requires unlimited amts of water laced heavily with Sodium Cyanide and Arsenic and 200 other mainly toxic chemicals —which even if by a miracle the dam stays in place for perpetuity —the groundwater will leak into the Bering sea as Bristol Bay is a shallow arm of the Bering sea –it will leak the first day due to the geo=physical nature of that area –wet wet wet — I was there. Already 17 other mining companies have applications to start preliminaries if Pebble is approved.

THE BERING SEA PROVIDES PROTEIN-GO INTO PUBLIX OR WINN DIXIE –ALL THE FISH STICKS 99.9 % POLLOCK FROM THE BERING SEA; all wiped out —-will be gone –also crabs and other fish –Halibut , Sable fish and Salmon and Plankton to absorb CO2—reduced to rubble. The largest remaining reserve of fresh water willl be scraped–Lake Illiamna–our largest reserve in North America –I checked with friends today still drinkable pure; all will be wiped out—-80 miles long 1000 feet deep in parts Gone –supplies 30 rivers and famous Brooks falls.

I could go on —–have a good day hopefully —to you –Jerry …It is a total disaster –many Alaskas are are not literate. — I have been there and know them.$$$$$ to politicians –bribes.!!!!!—-Jerry

I replied:

I found myself thinking after last writing to you that the EPA might or might not turn out to be the white knight, so to speak. Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection has not impressed me (understatement). Nor has the Federal Marine Sanctuary in the Keys. Nor has the Monroe County Government, nor Key West. When it’s big money vs. Mother Nature, she don’t seem to be the favored contender.

On an entirely different front, perhaps with much the same underlying current, a Key West amiga wrote to me the day before yesterday on Facebook”, I added the Kali pic:



what is your experience with kali?
this popped onto my radar …

Goddess Kali is the great feminine purifier.

When you have prayed for assistance from the Divine; when you have asked the Universe for greater things to manifest; when you have stated that you are ready for the love of your life; when you are clear that you are open to true abundance and wealth; when you are brave enough to show the world your truth, your love, and your light – do not be surprised when suddenly many elements begin to fall away.

It is frequently Kali who enters the lives of those who have offered supplications and sacred requests to be in the flow of Higher Living.The “Dark Goddess” does not pussy-foot around and she will remove from you all that is not serving the unimpeded flow of your spiritual essence.

That means that if you are serious about serving God – and therefore being elevated to a position of giving and being a recipient of more Good that you can possibly imagine – everything that is blocking that channel will be shed.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that what dissolves or disappears will never return – although it might mean that. What Kali does with her fierce and ferociously loving energy is strip you of everything that is masking the real light of your Heart.

Dysfunction and toxicity will be cleared and cleansed. Ways in which you habitually harm yourself or self-sabotage will be put under the spotlight. Defences and barriers to receiving the love that you are worthy of will be broken down.

When Kali responds to your Call to the Divine for change in your life, you had better be ready to have the Truth shoved under your nose. Yes, your ego will plead and complain.

“What, I have to speak the truth about my unhealthy relationship?

What, I have to get honest with myself about why I am going to a job I detest?

What, I have to come out of denial about how I keep myself a victim and suppress my true creative power?

What, I have to make changes in my life that I have been resisting for years?”

Yes, once you call in the Divine to ‘change’ your life for the better, the Divine will get to work immediately for you. And if Kali is the Divine Emissary who is sent to you – be prepared for the fact that everything is about to shift.

Reading this message is a sign that Kali is working in some form around you and your circumstances right now. You know deep inside what She is doing. You know in your heart what needs to change. And you know that you cannot resist it because it is the Call of your Soul that led you to Kali and her fierce roar of transformational light.

Kali never, ever apologises for ripping up the agenda and getting right to the core of what is going on in order to burn falsehoods, deceits, denials and shams right to the ground.

Nothing but the pure, fiery truth of sacred wholeness interests Kali, and she has the power to reveal your own Divine Magnificence to you like no other spiritual guide.

Be glad if Kali is entering your aura, as it is a sign that your Spirit is ready for profound changes and deep revelations.

Kali is the mistress of the unknown and the keeper of all the cosmic secrets. You will have no choice but to allow her full ingress into your life because she is only sent to those who can handle her, and are spiritually ready to experience purification, rebirth and renewal on massive scales.

Thank you Kali Ma, for revealing to us your unabashed, unashamed and infinite feminine sacred power, and for showing us that we possess the exact same frequency inside of us.


I didn’t see Chickpea’s message until after I had published yesterday’s post at I then replied to Chickpea in stages, as more thoughts kept coming to me. I supplied the Hindu art version of Kali.

Sloan Bashinsky

I dreamed in a nap yesterday of you sort of coming on to me and I laughed and tossed you sort of like a Judo throw, maybe I kicked your fanny and you were tossed sort of like a Judo throw – it was light-hearted, you were not mad at me. And only just now I see this Kali thing from you, oh how well the author put it. Probably a good thing I’m only just now seeing it, because I was TOLD to be subdued in my post today at, just now up.

Back in maybe October 2002, my 7th, and last, wife, so far, came to me in a dream and said, “Sloan, you married Kali!” After that, a number of soul drawings of Kali fell out of me. In my drawings, she looked nothing like the Hindu artistic renditions of Kali. He was anglo. Sometimes blond, sometimes red-head, but in my dreams, she was red-head. Here’s the only soul drawing I now have of Kali, which probably was done in 2007, after I moved from Little Torch Key back to Key West, the first time. You might have to click on the pic to enlarge it, so you can read what I wrote on the drawing. I have to say, she’s been having her way with and in me since then, and maybe even before – she’s beyond human imagination, I’ve often said she is like a female Jesus.

Welcome home, Kali

Sloan Bashinsky

There probably is a back story to my having been told I had married Kali.

During the night of 9/8-9/2001, I was asked in my sleep, by a familiar voice, if I would make a prayer for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity? I awoke, wondered what was coming down, said, “I ask for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity”. I told my fairly new girlfriend about the dream, the girlfriend would would become my 7th wife. On 9/11, we had planned to hike in a state park with her pooch for a couple of hours. i had no car, and when she picked me up that morning, she told me what had happened earlier that morning in New York City and Washington, D.C. She said the Divine Intervention prayer request was about that. I said, yes. Believe it or not, we were not bonkers about the attack. To the contrary, we were cocooned in a state of grace. Our concern was America would retaliate, which we knew was the worst possible response. We really hoped America would find a different way respond, a way Jesus and the angels might be okay with. She’d been talking with and hearing from angels since she was a little girl.

Well, one night to the year after I was asked to make that prayer for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity, I was asked by the same voice in my sleep to make the same prayer. This time, I made the prayer in my sleep, as in a dream: “I ask for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity,” but I added to the prayer, “and let it begin in me!” Yoweeeeee!!! I thought I had been put through the flames and laundry mat already, lots of times. Yoweeeeee!!! About a month later, that same nice lady, whose name is Patricia, came to me and told in my sleep that I had married Kali!

Now I might should not be surprised you got introduced to Kali in the way you did, given one of our recent conversations when you told me you had discovered a hydra in you and you were cutting off its lovely heads one at a time, but they were growing back, or were endless, and you were wanting to get to the root of the hydra and deal with that, and I said you are the root, the heads are growing out of you. I might should also have said, and if you try to kill the hydra you will die, because it is a part of you which you cannot live without, and the idea is to transmute it, but how? Well, that might be Kali’s domain, to put it lightly . I can’t imagine any person I ever knew, including me, knows how to transmute something like that in self; big time help is needed. Kali is big time help; I have written a few times that not even Shiva messes with Kali.

Sloan Bashinsky

I imagine if Kali took a shine to every human being, humanity fast would become a different species. I don’t imagine all that many individuals survive it physically, nor mentally. The planet itself might benefit greatly. But what Kali and her confederates, some of whom have been on my case for some time, and I kinda imagine they turned Kali loose on me, or she told them she was turning herself lose on me. whether they liked it or not, have in mind, I have not the slightest clue.

Sloan Bashinsky

There might be a little more back story behind Kali. In the late fall of 2012, I was asked to make a prayer for a Divine Intervention of the feminine into America. This came to me telepathically, not when I was asleep. It kept coming to me, so I asked for a Divine Intervention of the feminine into America. Maybe that’s Kali, would that be interesting! Especially, if she went to work on national, state and local government American leaders, and on American corporate leaders, and on American religious leaders (all ministers). Without breaking sweat, Kali could turn every last one of them upside down and inside out, in ways designed just for each of them, or collectively, which would get their undivided attention. They would know it was something not of this world. They might not know what it is, they might try to rid themselves of it with booze and/or other drugs, security guards, mediums, exorcists, ninjas, ministers, church-going, psychiatric counseling, seances, ghosts busters, and even shamans, one would hope the would try shamans, who, if they were worth their salt, would say there was nothing that could be done, the Spirit World was in charge and it was all over but the shouting and changing, or being broken down to molecular smithereens trying to resist it, prelude to reconstruction and resurrection from the dead, so to speak.

Maybe Kali has inserted herself into the situation described in Naja and Arnaud Girard’s MONROE COUNTY’S SECRET ROAD-MAP TO RE-SEGREGATION article in the current edition of Key West the Newspaper –

school bus toonMartin Luther King

I had a nap dream yesterday afternoon, in which a woman handed me a note written in French. On waking, I figured the note written in French was about Naja and Arnaud Girard, Arnaud is French, and I sometimes refer to Naja as “a French woman”, and their re-segregation article.

Later yesterday, while I was out on White Street Pier using the “rainbow alchemy ritual” described yesterday’s global warming, rising seas, hurricanes, falling tree limbs, space ships, rainbow alchemy and other phenomena in the Florida Keys and beyond post at, on my concern about how awful I felt physically, I had a vision of the black woman who had raised me as her own. Behind the scenes, she became a leader in the civil rights movement in Birmingham, during the time of the troubles, as it was then called. She spent her days off from working for my white family, going into black churches in the Birmingham, Alabama area, counseling blacks to be kind to and patient with their white brothers and sisters.

All of which above directed me to look again at reader comments under Naja and Arnaud’s MONROE COUNTY’S SECRET ROAD-MAP TO RE-SEGREGATION article. I saw someone had taken me to task over my second comment under the article. To put my reply to that critic into full context, I feel my first comment to the article also should be included here today:

Sloan Bashinsky SEPTEMBER 26, 2014 AT 11:40 AM
Racial discrimination in the city of one human family schools! Surely you jest! Surely this is just another irresponsible blue paper conspiracy theory being launched! Surely!

When I ran for the Lower Keys School Board seat in 2012, I said many times that every school in the Keys should vote itself to be a charter school, and divorce itself from the insane asylum – the school board and school district administration at Trumbo Point. I did not have in mind back then solving the racial segregation problem with that approach, but it might work for that problem, too.

One of the school board members in that particular race lived up the Keys, maybe Big Pine Key, maybe Summerland Key. Can’t recall his name, but I think I recall he was backed by the local Republican Party, even though it was a non-partisan race. I bet Larry Murray can recall the fellow’s name.

Anyway, I think I recall that school board candidate had two kids attending Poinciana. I asked him why he was sending them there, instead of to Sugarloaf School, which was in the school district district where he lived? He said it was more convenient for him and his wife to sent their children to Poinciana, because they both worked in Key West. I imagine he knew he had not convinced me.

When School Board member John Dick told Hometown PAC panelist Naja Girard at the candidate forum in the Tennessee Williams Theater lobby that he didn’t know Bahama Village kids were being bused to Gerald Adams, around 3 Key West schools, and he didn’t know no school buses were delivering children to Poinciana, I nearly fell out of my chair, and said to the person sitting next to me, how could a 2-term school board member not know that? He had to know it.

I don’t recall now, in their nuclear attack, did Naja and Arnaud mention that the school board is all white men? Does that kinda remind me of the all white men who rant the first American government and okay’d the continuation of the view that all men were created equal, unless they were not white men. Women got no mention of being equal, either. Nor did indigenous Americans.

I swan, if this conspiratorial article don’t kind of remind me of what I saw plenty of when I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, and even later, after the Christian and other private academies sprung up. If it wasn’t for black athlete stars tending to shine far brighter than most white athletes, private schools might have taken over Alabama. But even private schools had to deal with the reality that white men, in the main, really didn’t jump, or run, or block, or score points nearly as well as black men.

Maybe a way for the black people of Key West, where most all of this school racial segregation problem lies, to turn this thing upside down and inside out, is black school children boycott city school athletics programs, starting, hmmm, right now. Yep. Go on strike.

Let’s see how long it takes from right now for the Anglo and Hispanic mothers and fathers, who view school sports as next to Godliness, to have the kind of prayer meetings with Jesus, and the school board members and school district superintendent and administrators and school principals, to get the black and white saltshaker situation straightened out like, hmmm, pronto.

I suppose it’s happened, but when I lived on the street in Key West, I never saw or heard of a homeless person bothering, threatening or injuring a child. Homeless people seemed quite respectful of children. That’s still my impression.

Gerald Adams lower school is a few blocks down College Road from the Easter Seals property. Next door to the Easter Seals property is Bayshore Manor, a county assisted living facility. Next to Bayshore is the city’s botanical garden and tropical forest.

It’s looking like the golf course community will follow through on its longstanding promise to sue the city if it attempts to locate a new homeless shelter at the Easter Seals property. The same lawyer representing the golf course community filed the suit for the marina across from KOTS, which led to the city agreeing to move KOTS some place else. The second lawsuit will take a while to play out. The city has a time certain to relocate KOTS under the settlement agreement with the marina. The city waited too long to decide where to locate KOTS. The Oct. 7 city commission meeting might be interesting on the where to locate the new homeless shelter agenda item.

As for this blue paper article, it looks to me its thrust is there is active racial segregation Key West schools. That, for me, is what the school board and the superintendent need to deal with, and be brought to task about.

In the recent primary election, I voted for Warren Leamard, who is black, because, after observing him at several candidate events, and also talking with him one on one, I felt he was the best qualified candidate. Yet he came in last in the 3-way race against Stuart Kessler and John Highsmith, who are whitle. Highsmith is a Conch. Kessler is an “immigrant”, who had served many terms on a school board in another state and had served on the school board’s Audit & Finance Committee.

I felt, of the three candidates, Leamard understood that what’s important is having happy competent teachers and teaching children what they need to know to get along in life. Leamard appeared to understand the need for far more vocational training, as opposed to so much emphasis on standardized testing and college prep curriculum.

I voted for Catherine Bosworth against 2-term incumbent John Dick, because Bosworth had a teaching background, which Dick does not have, Bosworth is a woman, the school board was all male, and still is, and because Dick left me feeling he had not been straight with Naja Girard after she pinned him down about busing black students around city schools out to Gerald Adams and Poinciana not having school buses at all. That just didn’t pass my smell test.

I voted for incumbent Ron Martin, because he had been principal of Coral Shores High School, which has a great deal more vocational training than the other two high schools, and because he could care less how Keys schools rank in the state. He’s focused on trying to educate children and prepare them for life, is my take on him.

As I wrote in my first comment to this article, I ran for the school board in 2012. The seat now held by Ed Davidson, who prevailed in that 6-candidate race. I learned a heap about the school district by attending school board and audit & finance committee meetings, and who to hire for the new superintendent meetings, and by talking with school district employees privately, which usually meant getting lots of earfuls, and by talking with parents, which usually meant getting lots more earfuls, and by attending candidate forums and hearing what the other candidates said, and what citizens in the audiences said, lots more earfuls.

My impression is the school board and the school administration are slow to change and do not care for outside pressure, and while I hope they are prompted by the blue paper article to deal with what appears to be active perpetration of racial discrimination in Key West schools, I probably will not be holding my breath.

His name is Bobby Highsmith, not John. And if you paid attention at the forums, you would know that he is also a proponent of more vocational training, and he is opposed to the emphasis on standardized testing. Part of Highsmith’s campaign slogan, “High Morale,” is a direct acknowledgement that there needs to be higher morale across the board in the school district, among students, teachers, support staff, etc. Bobby’s children attend Poinciana (because he lives in that district) and Key West High School, so he is quite aware of the High Stakes and High Standards (the rest of his slogan) necessary for all children in this district to be properly educated and ready to face the workforce, or college, whichever they choose, after graduation. The stakes are too high for the district to fail even one child. Sounds to me like you simply voted against the white Conch.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2014 AT 8:36 PM
My apology for Highsmith first name blunder. Am glad you brought out Bobby’s deep association with Poinciana, which leaves him deeply familiar with its racial makeup and no school bus service. Being a white KW Conch and local practicing attorney, and deeply engaged in Key West society and charitable causes, Bobby also knows of the busing of black Bahama Village kids around Poinciana and other “inner city” schools, out to Mt. Trashmore Elementary (Gerald Adams). Yet, I can’t say I recall Bobby saying anything about that at candidate events I attended this year. Not even after Naja Girard nailed 2-term school board incumbent John Dick about Gerald Adams and Poinciana, did Bobby later say at that candidate forum, oh wow, that busing around and no buses going to Poinciana and it being a white school ain’t right and I’ve been hollering about that for years, but nobody was listening to me, but if you elect me, I’m going to do all I can to get that all straightened out.

I bet Bobby also knows all about what Naja and Arnaud wrote about how segregation goes on in Key West High School, too, and I bet he’s been trying to get that stopped all along, too, and nobody was listening, and now he’s going to get it stopped.

The word was out from the get go in that race, after school board member Robin Smith-Martin announced he would not seek reelection, that Bobby Highsmith was the Conchs’ candidate, as part of the Conchs’ effort to take back control of their various local governments.
I don’t know Bobby from Adam. He struck me as a nice fellow at candidate forums. He did not strike me, however, as someone who would, like Ron Martin did at the above mentioned candidate forum, say he could care less how Florida Keys schools rank against state schools on standardized test results.
Bobby did not strike me as being committed to having students either career or college ready upon graduation from high school – that is the stated goal of this school district; or it was the stated goal when I ran for school board in 2012 and rammed that stated goal down the school board and school administration’s throats, for ignoring that stated goal probably from the day it was formally adopted as a political PR stunt.
If Bobby was committed to more vocational training, he would have been hollering about that long before he ever even thought of running for school board. Just like, if he was concerned about racial segregation, he would have been hollering about that, as a concerned parent, long before he ever thought to run for school board.
I still say, if the black athletes in Keys schools all go on strike, refuse to play until racial segregation in Key West schools is resolved, that is the the best, and perhaps the only, way to get it “fixed”. I don’t see that happening, though.
Naja told me maybe ten days before this article was published that a black man living in Bahama Village, with teaching experience, who had given up trying to get hired by the school district as a teacher, said the police and city government have, over the years, taken all the spine out of Bahama Village, so it will not resist, so it will not cause trouble, so it will be docile. Or words to that effect, Arnaud was present when Naja told me that, in their home.

There also was this reader comment, to which I replied yesterday:

Why is this obvious segregation ploy not reported to the FEDERAL AUTHORITIES???
We all know the Fed is not perfect but when it comes to segregation they will call it like they see it and make the city, county and state comply, comply, comply!!! This is a disgusting case of outright segregation!!! We do not have to be rocket scientists to see this! FIX IT, KEY WEST, AND MONROE COUNTY AND FLORIDA!!! fix it NOW!!!

SEPTEMBER 28, 2014 AT 8:42 PM
Pedrosan, perhaps you report this to the FEDERAL AUTHORITIES. If you live in Key West, or anywhere in the Florida Keys, you have social and legal standing to report it. But you might have to provide the FEDS with your legal name and address, etc.


I didn’t go through last night, or wake up this morning, feeling like my guts were being sliced up by razor blades.

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