The difference between running for public office and being sent to jail is?

Todd Germango directly to jail

In one of my dreams last night, a friendly Todd German, above, told me he might have to be in jail for 5 months. Todd is a very good friend. He has his hands in many Key West things, including he is Chairman of Hometown PAC, which hosts rallies and forums for candidates for public office. Yesterday, he forwarded this email blast:

From: <>
Date: June 28, 2016 at 9:16:31 AM CDT
To: “Sheldon Davidson 16” <>
Subject: Please go to the Hometown Key West You Tube Channel to view the recording of the “Meet the Candidates” Rally
 “Every election is determined by the people who show up.” 
Larry J. Sabato, Pendulum Swing                           
The “Meet the Candidates” event at TSKW

NOTE: The recording of the June 24, 2016, “Meet the Candidates” at The Studios of Key West is available for viewing on the Hometown Key West YouTube channel. Please click the You Tube icon on the Hometown website Home page ( or go directly to You Tube. 
Or, you can click on the link below to take you directly to the You Tube video:  

                                                     JOIN HOMETOWN
There was no charge for the June 24 event. We would appreciate, however, your consideration about becoming a 2016 member, if you have not already done so. 
You can join this year by using your credit card through PayPal: Just Click on the “JOIN HOMETOWN” icon on the Home Page at
Or, simply send Hometown! your name, address, telephone number and email address with your check for your 2016 membership dues.
$40-Individual Membership
$55-Household Membership
or you can have a $100 membership and be listed as a Member Friend,
or you can have a $500 membership and be listed as a Member Benefactor,
or you can have a $1000 membership and be listed as a Political Maven Member.
Please mail your membership info and check to:
Hometown! Key West 
P.O. Box 5321
Key West, FL, 33045-5321

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Hometown!’s ” Meet the Candidates” at The Studios of Key West. Speakers / Candidates in order: Utility Boar

I view the angels who boss me around and spank me when I displease them, having me run for a public office in the Florida Keys, as me being sent to jail. Since filing as a write-in mayor candidate put me on the November ballot regardless of how the city mayor’s primary goes in August, that’s 5 months I’m in jail. My own inmate dog and pony show at Hometown’s rally starts with Todd German introducing me at the 43:57 mark in the video. Right, my dog and pony is nothing like any of the other candidates for mayor, nor for any elected office. But I didn’t say nuttin’ ’bout no angels – well, not directly.

go directly to jail

Still on the local jail scene, this beauty from the Keynoter (, my typically off the wall uninvited thoughts in bold italics:

solar powered schoolsolar powered Archimedes

Key West leaders turn endorse Amendment 4 on August ballot

tax breaks to commercial property owners for going solar It would give

Utility industry has its own amendment on the November ballot


Key West city leaders are expected to endorse the pro-solar energy Amendment 4 to the state Constitution.

That’s on the Aug. 30 ballot. The utility industry continues to cloud the political climate with its own measure aimed at protecting its interests that’s on the November ballot.

Amendment 4 would offer a tax exemption to commercial property owners who install renewable energy devices in a state that already allows the tax break for residential solar power systems. Since it’s a proposed amendment to Florida’s Constitution, Amendment 4 requires 60 percent of the vote on Aug. 30 to pass.

If it passes, the tax exemption would begin Jan. 1, 2018, and continue for 20 years, reducing the cost of solar up to 5 cents per kilowatt hour, according to a proposal by Key West’s sustainability coordinator, Alison Higgins.

At the same time, Higgins is asking the city to take a stand against Amendment 1, the utility-backed measure to maintain the status quo in how solar is regulated. Amendment 1 supporters say it will protect consumers from fraud but Higgins is among those who say it’s misleading.

“It just strengthens bad rules we already have,” Higgins said of Amendment 1, largely funded by Florida Power and Light Company and Duke Energy. “We’re saying, ‘No in November.’ ”

Dang, Allison, Gwen, you two were doing so good! But why not spit it out all the way and say the companies producing Florida’s, and the Florida Keys’, electricity are using fossil and nuclear fuels to make that electricity, and they make more money making that electricity that way, than they will make if, for example, every home and business building in Florida and the Florida Keys uses solar arrays to produce electricity for themselves, when the sun is out, and sell what electricity they don’t use, which they produce, to their local power company, from whom they buy electricity when they are not producing it for themselves?


And why not say our very own Keys Energy’s slogan above is a joke, a publicity stunt, and Keys Energy needs to turn it into a reality?

Tom Milone

And why not say there is only one local Utility Board candidate, Tom Milone, above, who is pushing for Keys Energy to live by its up until now joke publicity stunt?

And why not say, historically, the City of Key West has been in cahoots with Keys Energy, and vice versa, in not taking the city into the solar age, and, in fact, that dynamic duo have done all they can to prevent it, including it being illegal in Key West to put solar panels on roofs of homes and business buildings, and in yards, because that don’t jive with Key West’s architecture and fossil image?

And why not say, gee whiz, city government and its captured electric company, Key West is at the very tip end of this here asteroid belt, and of all cities in Florida, and in America, it ought to be doing all it can to use FREE sunlight to make electricity.

And, gee whiz, since you are going to talk about the Key West Advisory Sustainability Board down below, why not say we should be reusing every drop of water the city gets from Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority, which makes drinking water on the mainland, pumped out of depleting freshwater aquifers, and made in a desalination plant, and then pumped, using fossil fuel- and nuclear power-made electricity all the way down to Key West?

And why not say, gee whiz, why come we got rid off all of our aquifer systems, which collected FREE rainwater, which at the very least could be used to irrigate our desert island, instead of using water made on the mainland  with electricity produced by fossil fuels and nuclear power, then pumped all the way down here?

And why not say, gee whiz, what are we thinking, selling that  precious manufactured drinking water pumped all the way down here to sea-killing cruise ships docked in Key West?

cruise ship butt

Key West’s Sustainability Advisory Board will take up the amendments at its 5:30 p.m. meeting Thursday at Old City Hall, 510 Greene, where it’s expected to win approval and then go forward to the City Commission.

Monroe County commissioners have already endorsed Amendment 4, as did their counterparts in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, along with the Christian Coalition and the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

In Florida, a couple of cents per kilowatt hour can make or break the financial feasibility of turning solar, according to the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, which is promoting Amendment 4 as a way for the Sunshine State to step up solar energy efforts.

Florida has 9 million energy customers and a mere 8,500 rooftop solar systems, the nonprofit says, while a smaller population in New Jersey has more than 43,000 rooftop systems.

Daffy DuckBugs Bunnydunce

As far as we know, Key West has no rooftop solar systems.

Gwen Filosa: @KeyWestGwen on Twitter

go directly to jail

Moving laterally in the land of make believe, from today’s Key West Citizen (


Knight Pier honors generous visionary


Key West Citizen

Every one of the celebrants who gathered at Knight Pier on Wednesday morning could have shared a story and recalled a memory of the pier’s new namesake.

“And we’d be here all week,” City Commissioner Margaret Romero said when it was her turn to speak during the brief ceremony to rename the pier, unveil the honorary plaque and pay tribute to 99-year-old Edward B. Knight.

“I thank you all for this and I hope you live as long as you’d like in this town that we love,” Knight said in a voice that at nearly 100 years old could still be heard without a microphone. “I could give you a timeline to shoot for if you want,” Knight said laughing.

The 99-year-old Realtor, businessman, visionary, Boy Scout, scouting supporter, historic preservationist, creative capitalist and World War II pilot smiled warmly as each city commissioner shared a story and thanked Knight for his leadership, vision and generosity throughout more than 75 years on the island.

“And we’d be remiss if we didn’t also thank the woman he’s always called ‘Miss Wow, Joan Thompson Knight, who lured this man to our island and kept him here all these years,” Romero said of Knight’s beloved late wife, Joan Thompson Knight, who died in August 2000.

Mayor Craig Cates, who led the charge to rename the White Street Pier the Edward B. Knight Pier, told the audience how Knight had helped him and his wife open their first auto parts business on the boulevard, where Knight was their landlord. “He wanted to see us succeed and he offered us a year of free rent to help us get started,” Cates said. “Who does that? Especially these days? But Mr. Knight did it, and we’ll always be grateful.”

Knight has been a quiet and charitable supporter of more organizations than he can count for more years than most have been alive. He doesn’t issue a press release with every donation and he doesn’t expect to see his photo in the paper with every check he signs. But there have been plenty and on Wednesday morning, the town said thank you.

“May this pier stand forever as a reminder of the overwhelming kindness, philanthropic support and acts of generosity bestowed upon the city and citizens of Key West by Mr. Knight,” states the new plaque on Knight Pier. “May this landmark serve as a tribute to his selfless efforts and as a token of gratitude for his visionary leadership and commitment to historic preservation, vital to making Key West the thriving and prosperous city it is today.”

You noticed, of course, the gala thank you Mr. Knight ceremony occurred in early the morning, before the furnace was going good. Here’s the text of the letter to the editor I submitted last Sunday to the Key West Citizen, re its editorial that same day lamenting the bitter sweet award to Mr. Knight of a pier the city had turned into a furnace during hot sunny days – further indication the city government has no clue what solar energy is.


The White Street Pier editorial I would have written

As a fairly frequent user of White Street Pier, I can say the surface of the pier did not need redoing.

It never occurred to the city that resurfacing with black asphalt would make the pier a day time furnace during the hot months?

Who, in the city government, made the decision to repave with asphalt? Who above that person approved using asphalt? The citizens are entitled to know.

Why change the pier’s name? City maps tourists rely on show where White Street is. Logically, White Street Pier was at the end of White Street. Now, there is no White Street Pier.

Why the modern flurry in city hall to name days, weeks, months, places after this or that movement, organization or person? What a legacy for Ed Knight. White Street Furnace. Whose idea was it to rename the pier after him? The citizens are entitled to know.

Why come you left out the elephant in the living room in your editorial? Until maybe ten years ago, White Street Pier was open all night. Fishermen fished there at night, until morning. Gatherings were held out there into the wee hours. Then the 11 p.m. closing curfew was imposed. Right. Because a few homeless people slept out there at night.

Do ya think maybe the black asphalt is karma?

If I were Ed Knight, I would ask the city to take my name off of the pier. I want nothing to do with it.

Sloan Bashinsky, Key West,

full disclosure: mayor candidate, but I would have the same view anyway

(Today would have been a good day for the Citizen to publish my letter, given the Citizen’s own glowing article today, but it must not have been a good day. I wonder if any day will be a good day to for the Citizen to publish my letter? Kinda tongue in cheek.)

Moving to the “big screen” –

Kari at Ft. ZachIslam symbol

When Kari Dangler called me this morning, she said all night last night she was stewing over what drives people to blow themselves up to kill other people. Why?

Because they are brainwashed into believing God wants them to do it, and they will receive wonderful rewards in heaven.

But that’s crazy!

Yep, but that’s how they view it.

But, why?

I already told you. But there’s more. They believe God wants everyone to be Muslim, and those who don’t come willingly should be killed.

But why?

I just told you why. And, there’s this: many of them are miserable, don’t like their lives, so this is a glorious way to check out.

The problem for everybody else is these fanatics are not afraid to die. In fact, they look forward to it, believing they are going to paradise. That makes them a very different enemy than anything Americans have faced in the past (unless they were on US Navy ships toward the end of World War II, and were attacked by Japanese suicide bomber pilots – kamikaze, which means divine wind in Japanese).

I told Kari, just yesterday, I told Sancho Panza in New York City that America’s Muslims, and Saudi Arabia, and Muslims everywhere, really screwed up by not denouncing the Muslim fanatics; for by not doing that, they allied with the fanatics, joined them.

But if they denounce the fanatics, the fanatics will kill them!

Yep, or try. But in not denouncing their fanatic kin, they really do endorse them. They cannot have it both ways, and all this politically correct we can’t be mean to our Muslims in America crap being said is bull shit. Our Muslims here should be raising hell about what Muslim fanatics are doing. Non-Muslim Americans should be raising hell that American Muslims are not raising hell about what Muslim fanatics are doing. America has many sins, but this sin is the Muslims’, and they need to denounce it.

Here’s Sancho Panza’s juicy offering yesterday:

Sancho Panza

A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher!  Oink


I replied:

I kept wondering when her disguise would fade and she would be a man.

I think she’s right about meaning of Britain voting to leave EU mirrors what Trump is tapping into in America, and what might happen elsewhere in Europe.

Obama fucked up big time by not calling on American Muslims to cry out against Muslim extremism against America, and everywhere else. Don’t pass my smell test that he did not do that, nor that American Muslims did not do it. The Republicans and Trump also should have called out American Muslims to do that. As should have Hillary, and Bernie. As should the Libertarian duo, Johnson & Weld. More disturbing, American Muslims did not already do it on their own, led by their own clergy, en masse.

I’m not excusing America’s many atrocities, but American Muslims really messed up by laying low.

If Trump gets elected, and I were running Saudi Arabia, I’d be terrified Trump is going to turn my country, Islam’s Holy Land, into a wasteland. But I might be more terrified what my radical Islam allies (al Qaeda, ISIS, HAMAS, etc.), will do, if I don’t stand pat with them, pretending, of course, I’m not the slime ball I really am.

No doubt, Trump’s gotta love Judge Jeanine’s video. For which he paid zip. Viral, anyone?

I wish Kari could see the video. Maybe I’ll haul my laptop to Taco Bell and get on their Wi-Fi and she can watch it.

Sloan Zach 2


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